33 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-24-23

  1. Looks like folks aren’t buying the FBI and their propagandists at CBS’s spin.

    And why would they, when the facts say otherwise?

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    Yet another instance of CBS whitewashing the crimes of the left.

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  3. These are the many inconvenient facts about Epps that CBS never addressed, or acknowledged.

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  4. Siri, why does no one trust the media?

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  5. Weird, right?

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  6. This is what’s known as righteous anger.

    We need more of this.


    Extreme language and sexual nature!

    These are the books they’re pushing on kids.

    More from him….



  7. Like the man said, only one party is pushing this perversion and trying to normalize it. The Democrats.

    More election consequences.

    The US’s #1 export to the world, perversion.


  8. Meanwhile, business is booming for the Biden Crime Family.

    And the media stares at it’s feet.

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  9. Worse yet, he’s not wrong, he’s intentionally lying.

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  10. WSJ:

    ~ Tucker Carlson, the longtime Fox News prime-time host, is leaving the network, a network spokesperson said Monday. ~


  11. Hollywood Reporter:

    ~ In a shock announcement Monday, Fox News Media said that it would be parting ways with Tucker Carlson, the host of its 8 p.m. program Tucker Carlson Tonight. Carlson’s final show was on Friday.

    “Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” the company said in a statement.

    Fox says a rotating slate of guest hosts will fill in at 8 p.m. on a show now called Fox News Tonight until a replacement is found. ~


  12. Tucker has many options. He can always continue broadcasting from his home studio as many of his segments are created there anyway. The Fox platform is probably not as important as one would think. He could use YouTube and Rumble for snippets or monologues. In the end I would think this will affect Fox more than Tucker.

    I see Don Lemon is also out at CNN. And Dan Bongino announced last week he’s out at Fox also.

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  13. Tucker will land somewhere, Fox will survive (though this lawsuit and everything leading up to it via the embarrassing private texts did their brand no favors).

    Don Lemon was long coming. Now he and CNN are spatting over a tweet Lemon posted saying how stunned he was (but really, kind of no surprise with all the history there between him and the network).


  14. One take:


  15. Two characteristics of Bongino and Carlson: they speak truth to the powerful. It seems that those pulling the strings at Fox are being controlled by those with a globalist agenda.


  16. It will be interesting to see if Fox will belong mostly to the pro war faction now. They usually position themselves in the middle culturally, and in return, they get to own foreign policy. I expect the globalist agenda will emerge on top. We’ll see.


  17. Fox will be dead in the water to conservatives. Yeah they might survive but only on the hemstrings of liberals

    Just a day ago this lying bimbo said this on another lying bimbo’s show:

    “We have very real issues with what is permissible on air,” the Democratic representative said during an interview on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki that aired Sunday. “We saw that with Jan. 6 and we saw that in the lead up to Jan. 6 and how we navigate questions — not just a freedom of speech but also accountability for incitement of violence — this is the line that we have to really explore through law as well.”

    Psaki then asked if media organizations should be held accountable for their content if it incites violence.

    “I believe that when it comes to broadcast television, like Fox News, these are subject to federal law, federal regulation in terms of what’s allowed on air and what isn’t,” the congresswoman said. “When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence — very clearly incitement of violence. And that is the line that we have to be willing to contend with.

    They throw that garbage out there with absolutely nothing to cite as fact….and their followers believe it……

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  18. Why is an immediate stock crash “surprising?” Rather predictable, I’d say. It’s how markets react to sudden and unexpected “news.”

    Let’s see where it’s at in 6 months when today’s staff news is (really) old; the bigger question is the network’s course after this has all gone away and it charts a forward path, either more of the same or not.


    It feels like our big problem these days is truth in the national discourse — how do we discern it, acknowledging we all have some tilt or bias in what we would prefer to believe. We all have media outlets now that will confirm our own biases and it’s probably somewhat natural to just go there and trust those sites.

    Ferreting out the truth is not easy, and most of us have don’t have time or resources to do original research on these issues or stories, we don’t have access to interview original sources who would have first-hand knowedge or accounts. We want to trust the media to do that kind of work (and, for my preferences, without bias, but that in itself is so hard now to discern).

    (And can we skip ahead over the usual blast at the horrible media, few disagree that the media has gone off-track, a long time ago and continuing to do so now; but how do WE as Christians — who have such a fundamental commitment to Truth — deal with the situation as it is? How do we seek out truth in the public square, to the best we can? Do we listen to other voices?)

    And can we all admit that sources so often quoted here are also “The Media”? The problem is way bigger than MSM, which doesn’t seem to be something that’s understood yet.

    We have a real problem right now that could blow up the ’24 election even more than the one in ’20? How do we deal with this? Just go to our “regular sources” and not ask too many questions of them? Throw our hands up? Cheer in favor of just “blowing it all up,” no matter what the damage or consequences?

    I don’t have a great answer, I wish I did. I’m caught in the morass as much as everyone else. On some issues I simply have to be agnostic as I can’t discern — without a doubt or even with very little doubt — what is true (as in True) in some of these macro and micro battles we all are fighting so fiercely day after day.

    Often, we cannot know, as we are not given the supernatural ability to foresee all and any consequences.

    I don’t have hours to spend on scanning the media that’s out there. I try to look at some variety of sources and I am not as ready to “die on this (or that) hill!” as so many of the rest of you seem to be for some controversies. It amazes me how dug-in we have become in this country that now has 2 polar opposites basically screaming and shouting and cursing at one another.

    Many of the hot-button cultural issues still swirl, but now face an underlying and broader culture that has been pretty radically changed, whether we’ve noticed it or not, in the past 1-2 decades. Those battles may be lost, but only God knows.

    While continuing the good fight for persuasion on those issues, we also need to know that politically reversing some of that may be too late. But that’s not a new predicament for believers, of course.

    God remains in control, carrying out his sovereign will, and that still is our only *real* hope. Always has been and will be.

    I’d say all the secular confusion is a reminder, however, of why a reliable and trustworthy media is so important. And a diversity of voices as well.

    But right now in the culture, it feels all we have is a whirlwind and a cacophony all around us. Right, left, everyone shouting for our allegiance.

    Many of us have grown weary, and it’s interesting to see how the “non-partisan” ranks in party affiliation have exploded in the past few years, something that seems to be telling of our national mood? My guess is that a good number of those folks, including many who are young, feel politically homeless in this environment.

    Count some of us (quieter ones) here as among them.

    How will they/we vote?

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    Lord, have mercy.

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  19. Haven’t tried to confirm this & there was no original source linked, but from Drudge on ratings (O’Reilly outpaced Carlson? — though both were big channel draws, obviously)


    Again, take it with a grain of salt, unless there’s some original source confirming it. But if true, it was a little surprising to me.


  20. O’Reilly says his numbers were much higher, and maybe they were.

    I seriously doubt Murdock or Fox board members expected a $962m crash. A dip, maybe, but nowhere near this amount. O’Reilly said he’s heard the shareholders will be suing the board members over the $787m settlement with Dominion. That was last week. This new loss will just be fuel for the fire. Even if the stock stabilizes, you just don’t recoup that kind of sudden loss quickly—or at all perhaps.

    O’Reilly made the point that the big loser in this is the Republican party. The other networks carry water for the Democrats and the federal bureaucracy. Fox was very supportive of the Republican position. I think most likely the uni-party will be the beneficiary of the current state of affairs at Fox. Perhaps that was the point after all. We’ll have to wait and see.

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  21. DJ re Proverbs 21:1 I think about that verse often. It gives great comfort to know that the Lord holds the king’s heart in his hand, and he turns it whichever way he wills . He does not allow man to dictate the great moves of history—even if we elect the ‘wrong’ person. However, he does allow us our choices and often allows us the natural consequences, which may be more uncomfortable than it need have been had we made better choices. Scripture is replete with examples of poor choices and unpleasant, even deadly, consequences.

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