30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-22-23

  1. Snow and below normal temperatures here. My friend is coming home from her winter in AZ. She will be freezing for quite a while.

    Yesterday’s music went well and the few people who come are, oh so, grateful. It is heartwarming to be so appreciated. Going takes so much time away from getting things done at home, but the appreciation makes one realize how worthwhile it is.

    Disappointed that my youngest two grands have come down with a cold, so will not be coming to visit us this weekend. Such is life.

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  2. Finally in Jerusalem
    My feet are still badly swollen
    Did you know that when you come here you switch your day and night. Dj would love it
    It is now almost time for dinner at 5:30

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  3. Not to hog the thread, but I guess our littles will be coming after all. They must be feeling better. Tomorrow we all will attend a 50th anniversary.

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  4. Good morning everyone! It’s a crisp sunny morning made all the greener by last nights rain. Music from the trees is wafting in from the open door.

    There has been a little drama from our feathered friends already this morning. A mockingbird decided to chase the crow away–twice. The crow is about 3 times his size. They were both on the telephone wire when the mockingbird dive bombed the crow and startled him into flight. I watched as the mockingbird escorted him away from the house, nagging into his ear all the way down the road. I don’t know what the mockingbird said, but it wasn’t effective, because 5 minutes later mister crow was on the ground below the feeder sipping a cool drink of rainwater. But then he went back to his perch on the telephone wire, which did not sit well with the mockingbird. The crow was not as easily dislodged this time, but eventually they took their argument into the woods behind the house. I wonder if that was a good idea. Hawks and owls and men with guns prowl there. Scores are settled there. Neither have re-emerged yet.

    Shortly after the crow incident, I was alarmed to see a squirrel climb up into Peachy. Peachy has a good number of fuzzy jumbo olive-sized nubs developing. I thought the squirrel was raiding our future peaches and ran toward the door to stop him. By the time I got there, I saw it was a false alarm: the squirrel was swinging like an acrobat upside down on a small secondary feeder which I had unwisely placed on a pole beside of Peachy. So I pulled up the pole and moved it about 15 feet away. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do to squirrel-proof Peachy, since I have a feeling they are also watching and waiting for ripened fruit.

    All the extra activity in our small yard this morning hasn’t stopped the general population. Cardinals, finches, a tufted titmouse and a woodpecker have all breakfasted and gone about their business. Even a young hummingbird has made an appearance at the window feeder, indicating it’s time to refresh the nectar. It’s definitely spring here.

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  5. So birds may also need a Just War primer?

    But all that may have qualified.

    Our former executive editor is a conservative/observant Jew whose daughter & her family now live in Israel (daughter is a Judaism theology student).

    So he and his wife frequently visit there and he keeps telling me how incredible Israel is with all the various religious sites that draw pilgrims of several faiths; when we talk about it, he often adds that it’s “sweet” to see the many Christians who come for tours there.

    Glad you’re having a good time, Jo.

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  6. Good snowy morning all! 19 degrees with a couple inches of snow..and it just keeps falling! Slushy/icy type of snow but the sun will not be making an appearance around here today.
    I will do the normal vacuuming/dusting and laundry. Read some then stitch.
    I am currently reading The Woman in White recommended by a friend of husband’s. Half way through it …

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  7. As painful as this is — because I love working from home — I think this piece probably could be right.


    Working From Home Is Less Healthy Than You Think
    March 14, 2023


    ~ … Despite incredible technological advances, the human body has basically required the same amount of movement for preventive health for more than 100,000 years. Unfortunately, technology and convenience often work against our health. With each technological victory, from the horse and buggy to the car, the airplane, the computer and now the smartphone, we move less. In today’s world, one can order meals, conduct relationships and even work while never taking a step. Studies of age-matched skeletons exhumed from before the Industrial Revolution — when people walked and moved more — show less knee arthritis than knees of today.

    The past three years have rapidly accelerated this trend. Data on step counts during the pandemic have shown a decrease in NEAT behavior (nonexercise activity thermogenesis), daily steps from everyday living. These aren’t steps from exercise; they are steps from walking to lunch, taking the stairs at work and walking to the subway or through the parking lot. While much attention is paid to exercise as a way of staving off aging and disease, NEAT behaviors are also linked to disease prevention. Background steps add up over days, weeks and months. Although daily exercise is part of a healthy movement profile, the NEAT activities are the coals that keep the metabolic fire warm.

    Right now, many of us aren’t getting enough. … ~

    Reminds me of what I heard about “at-home” PT vs going to a physical therapy gym for appointments — just going through the motions of getting up, out of the house, into a car, walking across a parking lot to get there, is all part of your physical therapy in itself. That “background” movement we all need and that contributes to our health.

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  8. Good morning, all, a beautiful sunshine day here. Dad and I have been out for two walks and a sit down for fifteen minutes. Warm and clear out.

    Son has been working on moving a compost pile and rebuilding the frame. Husband and daughter are helping with the VFW sausage feed in Kamiah.
    Son in law and grandchildren are off to breakfast there for lunch.
    I am scheduled to join a zoom baby shower for daughter with twins by daughter in law in Chicago.
    Son will attend grandpa while I am on line.

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  9. Mumsee, I’m glad your dad seems to be doing well. I took mine out for lunch and then on to the Goodwill for a little hunting. We had planned to go several places but he seemed tired and a little relieved to cut the outing short. Yesterday he said he felt a little feeble. He has never ever said such a thing before. He seems to be slowing down.

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  10. Debra, my dad has never ever been interested in eating out and can’t now as everything has to be soft. But he has enjoyed our outings with the brothers! It is good that God has gifted us with this extra time with our dads.

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  11. DJ, your comment about the birds needing a Just War primer made me laugh. I think they’d only be interested if the primer was embedded with peanuts. But then they might have something else to fight about in addition to territory.

    Re working from home– I know people who just can’t work any other way. Cyrus has worked entirely from home for the last 12 years. In that time he has met clients in person maybe half a dozen times. It does take a lot of discipline to do the work. And even more discipline to make a regular exercise routine. Cyrus was very good about it when Samster was alive. That little one had an internal clock that never missed a beat, and a persistence that would not be gainsaid. He kept the guys regularly exercised while I was at work through the week. It’s one reason I’m determined to get another as soon as possible.

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  12. We went to grandsons’ soccer games this morning. It snowed a little. It was so cold in the wind we sat in the car and watched from afar.

    Then drove an hour and a half to granddaughter’s game. It didn’t snow but the wind was still frigid, even though the temp was over40°

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  13. And peanuts may, indeed, qualify, claws down, as a Just War in those circles.

    It’s 83 here today, so strange getting this abrupt change from what’s been an unusually cold (for us) winter/early spring to being too-warm and fighting off the gnats and flies and mosquitos.

    I bought some insect repellant at the drug store today, I’ve managed to get 3 bites in the past 24 hours so something’s hovering.


    After 10 months (!) I showed up at the hair salon this morning with my long, feral hair. Regular stylist and I talked, decided to clip it to shoulder length (a little longer than we usually do, but I didn’t want a drastic change as my hair had become so long). She recut all the layers so I have my choppy, natural-curly locks back again. Also bought a couple of their “products.” And she gave me a little lesson on how to use a blowdryer diffuser which I recently bought but have never really used. (And I usually just air dry my hair, but sometimes nice to do a little something extra to it.)

    Her twins are now 7, I was joking in our text to make the long-overdue appointment that after so long, surely they were almost ready to be getting married by now?

    Stylist is so cute, she showed up today with her long braided (black) hair extensions and wearing a black T-shirt, black shorts and black high-top sneakers.

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  14. Standing desks are probably a good idea for people who work at home. Although I don’t work (a job), I have a standing laptop desk. I alternate throughout the day between that, sitting on the couch with my laptop on a Tablemate (like a tray table, but the legs curve so as to go under the couch, allowing the table to come closer to me), or doing stuff around the house.

    But I can’t stand still at my standing desk, because then my feet hurt. So I kind of dance/step/march from one foot to the other, back and forth.

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  15. We had standing desk setups at our last office. They’re not comfortable for very long, however, as Kizzie notes.

    I do try to get up at least every hour and take a walk through the house, the backyard, front porch.

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  16. What is it?

    It’s a pedestrian bridge over the Monocacy Creek in Monocacy Park, Bethlehem, Pa.

    I have some more pics for tomorrow.

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  17. Enjoying Jo’s Israel photos on FB.

    A local friend is maybe one step ahead of her in the same places. They’re posting the same photos and I keep looking for them in each other’s shots!

    Really fun and glorious to recall our trip.

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  18. Good Sunday afternoon from cool Atlanta where the wind keeps us chillin’.

    We had another wonderful sermon from our Hispanic pastor. He tells very heart-touching stories. Today he took us to a cold night with snow in New Mexico when he did not want to go out, but as a visiting evangelist, he was committed to go visit a Hispanic family who lived off the beaten path in a shack. He told the conversation in Spanish and translated it to English for those like me. His diligence in going out on that snowy night was paid back by God. The whole family accepted Jesus that evening. At first he did not believe it, but it was verified to be true.

    Feeling blessed. I made it to Sunday school despite my coffee pot being on the blink and an overflowing toilet (which never happens) just before time to leave.

    I had only last night listened to Pastor David Jeremiah’s sermon on Spiritual Warfare. Yep! It is a thing.

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  19. Pretty morning here albeit cold! Snow and rain moving in tomorrow and we are predicted to see a foot of wet heavy snow due to an upslope on Tuesday. Just hoping I can get Pip to her vet appointment before the snow starts!

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  20. It was 48 when I got up this morning. And a little male hummer with a beautiful red throat was sucking up the nectar as hard as he could. I hope he’s alright. I found a dead body under the nectar feeder one year. I don’t know if the cold was to blame or if it was the near constant sword fighting they engage in that took him out. I’m hoping for a healthy and peaceful season this time. More nectar, more prayer, less fighting. Maybe that Just War primer….. :–)

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  21. We had a lovely time catching up with nieces, nephews and siblings etc. at the 50th wedding anniversary. I knew they were married in the same year we were, so were a bit over 50. It is always nice to see people in another event besides a funeral. It does make you realize how fast time flies.

    It was at a pizza place banquet room, so it was easy to bring gluten-free pizza for our granddaughter. My brother was always big on pizza, even developing his own homemade recipes for it, so it was quite fitting. It was very casual as they always are.

    It was great to have my daughter and youngest two granddaughters up even though it was a whirlwind visit.

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