Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 15

It’s here, folks – Week 15: Conference Championships. All these games matter. All these teams get a bowl game, winners get a good bowl game, some go to the national championship playoffs. With Alabama out of the playoff picture, who will win it all? Make your guesses by Friday, 8:00PM EST. That’s when the PAC12 Championship starts.

PAC12 – #5 Utah vs #13 Oregon (Friday 8PM EST)

Big 12 – #7 Baylor vs #6 Oklahoma

Sunbelt – Louisiana @ #21 Appalachian State

MAC – Miami, Ohio vs Central Michigan

C-USA – Alabama-Birmingham @ Florida Atlantic

AAC – #20 Cincinnati @ #17 Memphis

SEC – #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

Mt. West – Hawai’i @ #19 Boise State

ACC – #23 Virginia vs #3 Clemson

Big Ten – Tie Breaker: guess the winner and the final score – #1 Ohio State vs #8 Wisconsin

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 14

It’s RIVALRY WEEK. All these games are big rivalries, some new, most are old. Some date back 100+ years. My team, Arizona, plays in the 93rd Territorial Cup game, proclaimed by the NCAA in 2001 as “the oldest trophy for a rivalry game in America”, dating back to 1899!

Territorial Cup History is here.

Too bad my Wildcats aren’t having a great year, but then, neither are the Sun Imps. We’ll see.

But since the Iron Bowl is also this week, I decided to make it the tie breaker.

Anyway, get your guesses in before the turkey dinner makes you forget, since the first game is NOON Friday EST.

  1. Texas Tech @ Texas

  2. Iowa @ Nebraska

  3. South Florida @ Central Florida

  4. Ohio State @ Michigan

  5. Wisconsin @ Minnesota

  6. Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

  7. Arizona @ Arizona State

  8. Missouri @ Arkansas

  9. Indiana @ Purdue

10. Tie Breaker: guess winner and final score: Alabama @ Auburn

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 13

It’s week 13. Almost the last week of college football. Almost your last chance to win. Janice won last week, but never posted her choice. So I figured she’s from Georgia, and picked Georgia Southern last time she won, so we’ll have it this time as well.

Have at it! Pick before NOON EST Saturday. And don’t be superstitious about the number this week.

  1. #9 Penn State @ #2 Ohio State

  2. #22 Oklahoma State @ West Virginia

  3. Kansas @ Iowa State

  4. #19 Texas @ #13 Baylor

  5. SMU @ #23 Navy

  6. Nebraska @ Maryland

  7. UCLA @ USC

  8. California @ Stanford

  9. Pillow Fight: UTEP @ New Mexico State (both 1-9)

10. Tie Breaker – pick winner and final score: Georgia Southern @ Arkansas State

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 12

Twelve. One dozen. Ten plus two. Twelve months in the year. Twelve tribes of Israel. Twelve apostles.

One of my favorite numbers is twelve. So this must be my favorite week of college football, no? Actually, week 14 is. That’s when most of the rivalry games are. So here are your ten choices for week 12. I (Peter) won last week and was going to choose the Arizona game as the tie breaker, but since the Wildcats are on the road against a Top 10 team, and are likely to be blown out, I decided to go with a game closer to where I live, and one that has importance for the two teams.

Make you picks by Saturday, NOON EST.

  1. Michigan State @ #14  Michigan

  2. Syracuse @ Duke

  3. VMI @ Army

  4. TCU @ Texas Tech

  5. #21 Navy @ # 16 Notre Dame

  6. #5 Georgia @ #13 Auburn

  7. South Carolina @ Texas A&M

  8. #10 Oklahoma @ # 12 Baylor

  9. Stanford @ Washington State

10. Tie Breaker: pick the winner and the final score:  #7 Minnesota @ #23 Iowa

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 11

Okay, sports fans. It’s coming down to the wire. Only a few weeks left until the end of the 2019 College Football season. On the field it’s been wild. But here it’s been fairly even. Everyone has won at least once. Last week there turned out to be a tie, after Kevin found an error in my figuring. I had one score correct, but highlighted the losing team on my spreadsheet. My bad. So, even though both Janice and I had the same number of wins, as well as the same tie breaker score, I gave it to her. So she picked this week’s tie breaker game, and I added a game from the FCS (that’s the smaller big schools that actually have a playoff system set up.) UNI is my alma mater for my MA.

So here are your choices, including two games that have National Championship contenders going head-to-head. Select your teams by Saturday @ NOON, EST. (I like that ‘S’, don’t you?)

  1. #5 Penn State @ #13 Minnesota

  2. Texas Tech @ West Virginia

  3. Florida State @ Boston College

  4. #1 LSU @ #2 Alabama

  5. #18 Iowa @ #16 Wisconsin

  6. USC @ Arizona State

  7. Tennessee @ Kentucky

  8. Wyoming @ #21 Boise State

  9. Indiana State @ Northern Iowa

  10. Tie Breaker – guess winner and final score: Georgia Tech @ Virginia

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 10

And here they are. Not a perfect 10, but ten college football games. Choose your favorite winners and win a chance to boast as well as pick the next tie breaker. AJ won last week, so he picked it this week. Get your guesses in by Friday @8PM EDT.

  1. Navy @ UConn

  2. Nebraska @ Purdue

  3. #8 Georgia @ #6 Florida

  4. Army @ Air Force

  5. Miami @ Florida State

  6. TCU @ Oklahoma State

  7. Oregon State @ Arizona

  8. #15 SMU @ #24 Memphis

  9. Pillow Fight: Akron (0-8) @ Bowling Green (2-6)

10. Tie Breaker (guess the winner and the score): Vanderbilt @ South Carolina

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 9

Another weekend of college football approaches. Who cares that the World Series is on, NCAA football is more exciting. And we have some exciting matchups here at PPPPP. Janice won last week, so she picked a local team (for her) in the tie breaker, against a team that doesn’t win very often. In fact they are 0-7. But don’t let that influence your guess. Just enter the contest before NOON EDT Saturday.

  1. #13 Wisconsin @#3 Ohio State

  2. San Jose State @ Army

  3. #9 Auburn @ #2 LSU

  4. Oklahoma State @ #23 Iowa State

  5. Syracuse @ Florida State

  6. Arizona @ Stanford

  7. Duke @ North Carolina

  8. Mizzou @ Kentucky

  9. Pillow Fight: UConn (1-5) @ UMass (1-6)

10. Tie Breaker: guess winner and final score: New Mexico State @ Georgia Southern

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 8

Hello, and welcome to another addition of the Pickled Pigskin Picks. My name is Peter L and I’m here to provide you with an opportunity for fame and glory. Okay, so boasting rights on a small blog is what you can gain by guessing the outcome of more college football games than a half-dozen other contenders, besides getting to choose which game is the tie breaker. Mumsee from Idaho was the latest winner, and she picked a doozie of a game, featuring two contenders for the PAC 12 title.

Pick your favorites by NOON EDT Saturday, the 19th of October, 2019, and you’ll be entered into the registry. Buena suerte, as they say south of the border.

  1. #9 Florida @ South Carolina

  2. Purdue @ #23 Iowa

  3. #14 Boise State @ BYU

  4.  South Florida @ Navy

  5. Florida State @ Wake Forest

  6. #17 Arizona State @ #13 Utah

  7. #16 Michigan @ #7 Penn State

  8. Air Force @ Hawai’i

  9. Pillow Fight: Rice (0-6) @ UTSA (2-4)

10. Tie Breaker: pick winner and final score: #12 Oregon @ #25 Washington

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 7

Seven- the number of perfection. Will it mean a perfect score this week? Four different people have gotten 9 correct, but the elusive 10 awaits us.  Have fun getting it this week, especially with the two big games on the list. Just get those guesses in by NOON EDT Saturday.

  1.  Red River Rivalry #6 Oklahoma vs #11 Texas

  2. Maryland @ Purdue

  3. Georgia Tech @ Duke

  4. #7 Florida @ #5 LSU

  5. Army @ Western Kentucky

  6. Ole Miss @ Mizzou

  7. #10 Penn State @ #17 Iowa

  8. Hawai’i @ #14 Boise State

  9. Navy @ Tulsa

10. Tie Breaker: Pick the winner & the final score: Washington @ Arizona

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 6

It’s time for another venture into the unknown. Week 6 brings us to the halfway point in the season. Once again, let’s see if the non-57ers can show us their acumen in prognosticating the outcome of 10 college football games. Some of these are going to be tricky, as there are two games involving top top teams in their conferences vying for that ultimate goal of being eligible for the “Final Four”, including Kevin‘s choice for the tie breaker. There are also two games involving teams trying to avoid being the worst in their conferences. As well, we have the first match-up of military schools vying for the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. So have at it, Pigskin Pickers. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

Pick your choices by NOON EDT Saturday.

  • TCU @ Iowa State

  • Tulane @ Army

  • #7 Auburn @ #10 Florida

  • Air Force @ Navy

  • Arizona @ Colorado

  • #25 Michigan State @ #4 Ohio State

  • Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss

  • #15 Washington @ Stanford

  • Pillow Fight: Texas-San Antonio @ Texas-El Paso (Both 1-3)

  • Tie Breaker: Pick winner and final score:#14 Iowa @ #19 Michigan