Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 3

The third time’s a charm, they say. If your name is not Kevin or Chas, and you’ve tried this twice this year, this is your “charm” attempt. So take a third of a minute (or an hour, if you need to) and pick the winners of the games below. Also, don’t forget to guess the final score of the tie breaker. Maybe your name will be placed next to Kevin and Chas’ names next week

And for the third time, other than the above mentioned name placement, there are no prizes involved!

Place your entries in this thread before NOON Eastern time Saturday.

 1. Pittsburgh @ #13 Penn State

  2. Air Force @ Colorado

  3. Stanford @ #17 Central Florida

  4. East Carolina @ Navy

  5. Army @ Texas-San Antonio

  6. #19 Iowa @ Iowa State

  7. Idaho @ Wyoming

  8. Texas Tech @ Arizona

  9. Portland State @ #22 Boise State

10.Tie Breaker (guess the winner and score): #2 Alabama @ South Carolina

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 2

And here it is, Week Numbah Two. (Think Howard Cosell’s voice, there.)

We did okay last week. Well, most of us broke the .500 mark, anyway. Let’s try again. Kevin won last time, so he picks the tie breaker. And he chose to cause some consternation by picking Army at 7th ranked Michigan. AJ’s team vs. Kevin’s.

So pick away, picklers. Just do so before 12 NOON Eastern time on Saturday, September 7th, 2019.

And a disclaimer, especially to the one who keeps thinking there’s a real prize involved (typed in very small font like the legal disclaimers in the outside world):

This poll is for entertainment purposes only and is not in any way connected to the NCAA, the Conferences, or Las Vegas bookies. Entering does not guarantee anything in return other than bragging rights. Just don’t take the bragging too far, since you know what the Bible says about it.

  1- West Virginia @ Mizzou

  2- Vanderbilt @ Purdue

  3- #12 Texas Tech @ # 1 Clemson

  4- #25 Nebraska @ Colorado

  5- BYU @ Tennessee

  6- #6 LSU @ #9 Texas

  7- Northern Arizona @ Arizona (Don’t laugh. My Wildcats lost to     Hawaii, so this one could be a challenge.)

  8- #23 Stanford @ USC

 9- Pillow Fight:  Coastal Carolina @ Kansas

10- Tie breaker: Pick winner and final score: Army @ #7 Michigan

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 1

And now, back by popular demand (not very, only Kevin and Chas so far) it’s the College Football guessing game where no one wins a prize, but all who try have fun participating. It’s the 2019 version of Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks (credit to whomever thought of that name).

Can last year’s overall winner (Chas with 82 correct picks) repeat?

Let’s get right down to it. Choose the winner of these ten games, as well as the score for the tie breaker. Enter your guesses before Friday, August 30th at 6:00pm Eastern Daylight Time. (Rankings are pre-season picks.)

  1. Northern Iowa @ #21 Iowa State

  2. South Carolina @ North Carolina

  3. Georgia State @ Tennessee

  4. Boise St @ Florida State

  5. Fresno State @ USC (the one in California)

  6. Ole Miss @ Memphis

  7. Virginia Tech @ Boston College

  8. Rice @ Army (Friday 8/30)

  9. #9 Notre Dame @ Louisville (Monday 9/2)

10. Tie Breaker (pick winner and score): #11 Oregon @ # 16 Auburn

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks “15 – Week 13

 It’s Thanksgiving Week. And since we all don’t want to spend the weekend worrying that we picked the turkey in a college football game, I’ll make this one a little easier. Most of these are easy pickings. Besides, it’s week 13 and there may be some here who are superstitious. Don’t want that bad luck effecting them. This is also Rivalry week, by the way. So a lot of the good teams are playing rivals that aren’t very good, but sometimes mediocre teams surprise their better rivals.  Maybe this wont be so easy after all.

(Rankings this week are based on the AP poll, since the new play off poll hasn’t come out yet. I’m sending this earlier on Tuesday than normal since we’re having company later and I don’t want to be rude.)

Enjoy! Just get the choices in by Friday morning at 12 noon EST, since the tie breaker game starts then. 

1. Western Michigan (6-5) @ #24 Toledo (9-1)
2. Oregon St (2-9) @ #18 Oregon (8-3)
3. #20 Washington State (8-3) @ Washington (5-6)
4. #3 Iowa (11-0) @ Nebraska (5-6) 
5. #8 Ohio State m(10-1) @ #12 Michigan (9-2)
6. #22 UCLA (8-3) @ USC (7-4)
7. #11 North Carolina (10-1) @ NC State (7-4)
8. #2 Alabama (10-1) @ Auburn (6-5)
9. #19 Ole Miss @ #23 Mississippi State (both 8-3)
10. Tie breaker: Miami (FL) (7-4) @ Pitt (8-3) pick winner and score.

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks “15-Week 12

It’s Week 12 in the Pigskin Picks. Most teams are down to their last chance to get a big bowl bid. Otherwise, it’s playing for pride only in a “No One Has Ever Heard of or Cares About It” Bowl. Do you know there are 40 bowl games now? And only four teams get a playoff bid. Money. That’s the reason. But I digress.

This week features games with teams that on paper are evenly matched, or nearly so. Some of these are rivalry games, some will decide which teams go to conference championship games. It should be a challenge for the teams on the filed. And a real challenge to us amateurs trying to pick winners. Have fun, folks!

And get those picks in by Friday @ 8:00 p.m. EST, as the first game is at that time.

  1. Cincinnati @ South Florida (both 6-4)

  2. Memphis @ Temple (both 8-2)

  3. #9 LSU (7-2) @ #25 Ole Miss (7-3)

  4. #18 Northwestern @ #21 Wisconsin (both 8-2)

  5. Tennessee (6-4) @ Mizzou (5-5)

  6. Arizona (6-5) @ Arizona State (5-5)

  7. #22 USC @ #23 Oregon (both 7-3)

  8. #6 Baylor (8-1) @ Oklahoma State (10-0)

  9. #15 TCU @ #12 Oklahoma (both 9-1)

  10. Tie Breaker: Pick winner and final score – #13 Michigan State (9-1) @ #3 Ohio State (10-0)

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks ’15-Week 11

Eleven. An odd number of double ones. Unbeaten. Not odd, but fewer teams have that record each week. Six left. Three or four games remain in the season. Here are ten of those games, but not many of these are unbeaten. Guess the winners and the score of the last one, which is unbeaten Baylor hosting once beaten Oklahoma. It’s the Big 12, which might make this game have an “unreasonable” score, according to Chas. He means that scores don’t go over 21 a lot. But this is the Big 12.

Rankings are the Playoff Rankings; team records are in parentheses. Choose by noon Saturday.

  1. Georgia (6-3) @ Auburn (5-4)

  2. North Carolina State (6-3) @ #16 Florida State (7-2)

  3. #2 Alabama (8-1) @ #17 Mississippi State (7-2)

  4. New Mexico (5-4) @ Boise State (7-2)

  5. #21 Memphis (8-1) @ #24 Houston (9-0)

  6. Nebraska (4-6) @ Rutgers (3-6)

  7. Oregon (6-3) @ #7 Stanford (8-1)

  8. Miami FL (6-3) @ #23 North Carolina (8-1)

  9. Pillow Fight: Texas-San Antonio (1-8) @ Charlotte (2-7)

  10. Tie breaker: Guess Winner and Final Score#12 Oklahoma (8-1) @ #6 Baylor (8-0)

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks “15-Week 10

The Hallowe’en scare is over. Most of us would rather forget that disastrous weekend when only Chas got more than half the games correct. Our scores resembled the Sun Belt Conference records – 8 of 11 teams are below .500 this year. No, we’ll forge on to bigger games. Chas chose an all-North Carolina tie breaker. A game to decide the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy with Army visiting Air Force, while Navy takes on undefeated Memphis. Several other Top 25 teams go against each other this week.  Oh, and there is a pillow fight. It’s a battle-for-the-bottom involving different colleges from Michigan and Ohio. So have fun! Just post before noon Saturday.

  1. Penn State @ Northwestern

  2. #17 Florida State @ #3 Clemson

  3. Army @ Air Force

  4. Navy @ #15 Memphis

  5. # 5 Texas Christian @ #12 Oklahoma State

  6. Auburn @ #25 Texas A&M

  7. #4 LSU @ #7 Alabama

  8. Arizona @USC

  9. Pillow Fight: Eastern Michigan @ Miami-Ohio (both 1-8)

  10. Tie Breaker: Duke @ #21 North Carolina (Guess the winner and the final score.)