27 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-24-20

  1. Assaults two women by slashing them with a saw, crowd harasses cops and calls them racists for arresting him.

    Welcome to Portland.


    “Portland continues to sink into the abyss, as violent riots have swept the city for months now (see Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Leads Protests In Portland Wed. Night – Feds Didn’t Change Tactics). But the chaos doesn’t just come out at night. The city is also seeing a spike in other crimes, including violent ones. One was caught on video recently, with Andy Ngo reporting on the incident.

    The following video shows a man entering a laundromat and hitting a woman with a saw before leaving the scene. Viewer discretion is advised.”


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  2. Media Hails Wall Of Moms As Portland Heroes. Here’s Why They Are Not.


    “Major news outlets, like the Washington Post, are publishing pieces on the moms to pull at your heartstrings. Gee, they are just moms who want to protect children of color and work against racism. George Floyd cried out for his mom as he died. I’m not making light of that. I’m simply pointing out that it is one reason used as the last straw before some of them became active.

    Many of the mothers say they were summoned when George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis in May, cried out for his mother with his last breaths.

    “When you’re a mom you have this primal urge to protect kids, and not just your kids, all kids,” said Wall of Moms organizer Jennie Vinson, 43. “To see a grown man reaching out and calling for his mother — I think that was a transformational moment for so many of us. It’s like: What choice do we have but to do this?”

    Angie Noriega, 43, attended her first protest on Monday with a group of seven other mothers who piled into two minivans and drove downtown. Noriega, a health-care worker who has two black children, ages 3 and 7, said after weeks of avoiding attending protests in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, seeing the moms of Portland mobilize inspired her to get more involved.

    “It’s been such a struggle to balance being afraid, but wanting to do the right thing for my kids,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion. “I want to be a role model for them, someone they can be proud of. But I also want to make it home safely.”

    Before she left home, Noriega’s 7-year-old daughter begged her not to leave. She’s old enough to understand the risks of facing off with heavily armed police officers, Noriega said.

    “But we talked about that and I said, ‘Sometimes we have to be brave and do the right thing even when it feels scary,’ ” Noriega said.

    As Rachel Weishaar, 34, was preparing to leave her home on Tuesday, she said, her 3-year-old offered this wish for her mother’s safety: “Tell the police officers to be more gentle,” the girl said.

    So, Ms. Weishaar made a sign with the child’s quote and held it outside of Portland’s federal courthouse. Feel all warm and fuzzy yet? Well, don’t. While some of these women may have good intentions, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, many do not. Wait. No, I won’t. They know they are taking the side of the agitators. They are Antifa. Don’t let the bike helmet-wearing women fool you. They are Momtifa, if you will.”

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  3. Sending in the specialists.


    “Trump administration sending tactical border team to Seattle”

    “The Trump administration is sending a tactical border patrol team to Seattle, making good on President Trump’s pledge to use the full force of the federal government to protect federal property, The New York Times reports.

    The team being sent to Seattle is similar to the teams that have already been deployed to Portland to fortify federal property that has been damaged by protesters who have dominated the city’s downtown area since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the end of May.

    Formally the federal officers are known as a Special Response Team and operate under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), according to the Times.

    “The CBP team will be on standby in the area, should they be required,” the Federal Protective Service said regarding the federal squadron.

    A CBP spokesperson said that the team would only be used if the protests expected this weekend in Seattle escalate to a boiling point.

    Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) told the Times in an interview that she had spoken with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acting Secretary Chad Wolf earlier Thursday. Wolf told her that administration didn’t have plans to deploy a large force of agents to the city and wouldn’t do so without communicating with her first. Durkan said that she hadn’t been made aware of the incoming federal team, but noted that DHS could be making a distinction between active agents and those on standby. The mayor made it clear to Wolf that Seattle did not need the assistance of federal officers.

    “Any deployment here would, in my view, undermine public safety,” Durkan told the paper.”


    Sure Mayor, because the rioting, looting, and burning doesn’t…..

    Again, if these Dems did their job, the feds wouldn’t need to, but they won’t, so que sera, sera…..

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  4. It’s China, so they always get a pass from their comrades on the left. This gets the same treatment from the left as the Muslims in concentration camps in China. Silence.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!!!!!!!!


    “Women in Atwood’s Gilead — the fictional future America hijacked and overthrown by environmentalist Christian terrorists — are subject to either domestic servitude, sexual slavery, or death on the basis of their fertility, class, and past heresies. Men and women alike who violate any of Gilead’s rules — be it insufficient loyalty to the state, keeping a Quran, or in the case of the latter sex, read — are surgically maimed, tortured, or hoisted away in black vans to meet an all but certain death. The guiding goal of Gilead, other than to establish a perversion of a Christian state, is to reverse catastrophically falling birth rates due to unprecedented pollution and the uncontrolled effects of sexually transmitted diseases.

    What’s happening in China is the communist fundamentalist version of this — a racially charged version, wherein the Chinese Communist Party is campaigning for ethnic Han Chinese to have a baby boom, while engineering the racial cleansing of the predominately Muslim Uighur ethnic minority.

    Uighur women have it even worse than Gilead’s “Jezebels,” the fictional fallen women sterilized and raped by elite agents of the state. Unlike the Jezebels, who have the days mostly to themselves and live in a seedy Playboy Mansion-style prison, Uighurs live in de facto concentration camps where women are subject to sterilization and rape. CCP officials have attested to a state-sanctioned and funded program in which Han men are encouraged to rape Uighur women in the name of “promot[ing] ethnic unity,” and those not forced into formal arrangements are regularly gang-raped, according to refugees who have escaped the camps.

    Uighurs are forced to live against their Islamic beliefs — force-fed alcohol, pork, the atheistic dogma of the CCP, and nakedness. All the while, wall-to-wall digital and video surveillance ensures that one word uttered in a language other than Chinese or a gesture indicating any belief in Islam or fealty to Uighur culture is met with the same sort of silent, immediate, and unilateral disappearance and state executions that Muslims in Gilead face.

    Unlike Atwood’s relatively retro Gilead, where dissenters are still capable of subverting the state with clandestine in-person communications, the CCP’s technological surveillance of its citizenry is something right out of 1984. Even Han Chinese are subject to formalized “social credit” scores, and not one minute of interned Uighurs’ lives goes unsurveilled or recorded through glass walls and cameras.

    But the most unique parallel to Atwood’s novel is the CCP’s theft of children from their Uighur parents. As the state forcibly prevents new pregnancies from happening and aborts extant ones, Uighur children are torn from their parents just as Gilead’s children are stolen from their handmaid and Jezebel mothers and reassigned to the elites.

    If you ever wondered how so much of the world stayed silent as Hitler began to exterminate the Jews, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Every outlandish fear telegraphed by feminists and Muslim advocates opposing Israel is happening right now to Muslim women in China, and somehow, the most vocal self-described proponents of human rights are silent, if not actively complicit, in an escalating genocide.

    The NBA is happy to declare itself the moral paragon of civil rights when it comes to the rare police officer who murders a nonwhite man, but as China exterminates hundreds of thousands if not millions of them, it shuts up and dribbles in Beijing for blood-soaked Chinese cash. One million Muslims have been corralled into concentration camps, and yet the U.N. Human Rights Council reserves its ire for Israel. And Islamic governments like the one in the Palestinian territories turn a blind eye to their fellow Muslims’ tragedy, actively endorsing the Xinjiang genocide.”

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  5. The Trump tweet was hopefully a reel from a previous year — there’s no masks or social distancing. The pictures on the left side of the internet shows Trump cradle catching a baseball into his gut with two hand and still having difficulty. Its all when you take the picture.

    The trust in the police is irrevocably gone. Its time to start from the bottom up recreate a new police force. To restore public confidence, fire all police and then begin to restructure and rehire based on lengthy interviews — see Camden NJ.

    The Uyghur concentration camps have been well known for years. In all likelihood the cotton for Trump branded clothing if not the actual hats and ties comes from these camps. The corporate world likes to do the superficial display of “wokeness” (ie pressure Redskins to change their name) but in reality they have no problem sourcing goods from the Chinese.

    Sending a tactical border team to conduct urban crowd control. This won’t end well. They’re not trained for anything but harassing and arresting migrants with no rights. Unless they were sent to Seattle to secure the Canadian border — but they need not worried we closed the border.

    The RNC cancelled their Jacksonville convention due to the corona virus but its still safe to send children to school in Florida. This also won’t end well.


  6. The President is at his home cupcake. He can do as he pleases. Who’s gonna stop him?

    And what, no criticism for Dr. Fauci, who took the mask off as soon as he got to the media booth, where most media wasn’t wearing one either? Seems hypocritical….


    “The trust in the police is irrevocably gone.”

    BS. Maybe to the 15% of the US that is the far left, but ask the 75% of people in normal areas who they prefer, the police or the criminals, and guess who they side with?

    Here’s a hint…..


    “The Uyghur concentration camps have been well known for years. In all likelihood the cotton for Trump branded clothing if not the actual hats and ties comes from these camps. ”

    You’re sad, you know that, right? Pathetically so. No proof, just sling the mud, because Orange Man has broken you. 🙂


    Same goes for the next paragraph.


    And this one……

    “The RNC cancelled their Jacksonville convention due to the corona virus but its still safe to send children to school in Florida. ”

    I can’t believe you need this explained to you. The RNC is full of mostly the over 45 crowd, a considerable amount of seniors, and lots of others who would be at risk. We don’t want to pull a Cuomo on them and pack them all together to die. We’re not Democrats, ya know……

    Schools however, are a different animal. There have been to date very few recorded cases of children infecting adults. At this point in time the numbers say a kid is 4 times more likely to die from the flu than Covid 19. You don’t shut down for that, there’s no reason to continue now.

    It’s simply not happening in any numbers that matter. Now I understand some teachers are older, and would best be kept away for their own safety. That’s easily enough remedied. Let them handle the online stuff, or even video teach from home while teachers assistants, numerous in our local classrooms, mind the peace in class.

    Case may be up, they may rise a little more, but deaths continue to decline. With proper safety, teachers can get back to work, kids back at school, and parents back at work.

    But I know, we can’t do that, then Trump might get re-elected, so this will drag out until the election ends at least. It’s become predictable.

    Here’s some doctors…..


    “Children rarely transmit COVID-19, doctors write in new commentary

    Schools can reopen in fall, they say, if safety guidelines are observed and community transmission is low”

    July 10, 2020 Source: University of Vermont

    A commentary published in the journal Pediatrics concludes that children infrequently transmit COVID-19 to each other or to adults and that many schools, provided they follow appropriate social distancing guidelines and take into account rates of transmission in their community, can and should reopen in the fall.”


    Here’s the flu numbers…..


    “Estimating the Risk of Death from COVID-19 vs. Influenza or Pneumonia by Age

    Younger Americans appear have a significantly lower chance of dying from COVID-19 than they do of more common infectious diseases.”

    “As Americans struggle to understand the risks of COVID-19 relative to other infectious diseases, a common benchmark is influenza, commonly known as the flu. So what is the relative risk of dying from COVID-19 vs. the flu? The answer: it depends on your age, and also your assumptions about how deadly COVID-19 will turn out to be.
    However, based on mid-range assumptions, it appears that those under 25 have a significantly lower risk of dying from COVID-19 vs. the flu, while those over 35 are at significantly greater risk. Those over 75, in particular, are at the greatest risk of dying from COVID-19.

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  7. So let’s be clear here. Out of the 4+million cases in the US, that would be less than 11 deaths under 24 years of age.

    That’s less than 0.00025% of total Covid 19 deaths in the US.

    Time to get back to work!


  8. Cupcake? Really?

    I have no idea what Dr Fauci did. I’m just making observations on what you posted. Strangely Fauci didn’t need to wear a mask on the mound — he was far enough away from everyone, but should wear one in the media center. I don’t wear one walking the dog but its a legal mandate to wear one in an indoor space, here.

    Left wing activists have been after major fashion brands for years, but Uyghur cotton is everywhere in the industry and I’m sure Trump brands are invoked. Given his position, he could make a real difference.


    Its easy enough to find a person supportive of Trump if you ask often enough. How many people did they have to ask before they got that clip? And what do you mean by “normal areas”? Is this your way of “canceling” an opposing opinion — ie someone doesn’t trust the police therefore their neighbourhood isn’t normal nor is their opinion.

    DeSanits and governors like him blew it. They opened up far too early because Trump was worried about economic statistics. The ironic and sad thing is if they had waited til now, they could be reopening without the case load you see now and far fewer deaths. The US death rate is 10 times higher than it should be. They could have done the same thing my conservative right wing populist premier did — kept things closed til now and start opening up gradually and by November just in time for the election, the stats would be good. My conservative premier is enjoying his best polls ever. The panic, incompetence and politicization of the pandemic is the problem not gleeful Democrats trying to sabotage the election. Trump and other Republicans need to take responsibility and stop whining.

    Are you admitting the Republican party is full of old people with no new ideas? It seems hypocritical to cancel your convention while pressing for schools to open. Schools have adults in them. Children are disease vectors and will bring it home to other adults. Cornavirus appears to have long term consequences. For both the adults involved and the long term health effects, we should be cautious. I have very few concerns for September nor would I if I taught in Maine or North Dakota but Jacksonville Florida is a different story. One size doesn’t fit all and we must proceed cautiously.


  9. HRW – What do you have against cupcakes? I like cupcakes. 🙂

    When I was pregnant with my first daughter, not yet knowing that she was a girl, and wanting to use a nickname for our unborn baby, we called her Cupcake. 🙂

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  10. It’s strange that supposedly children do not pass on the coronavirus to others. My grandson usually picks up everything going around at school, and brings it home to me. Lucky me.

    Having said, that his mom will be sending him to school in the fall. We know there may be a slight risk, but there is always a slight risk of something bad. (I really don’t mean that as dismissively as it sounds.)

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  11. As I was typing these comments on this news thread, “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays is playing on my music station. That was the theme song to Trump’s show “The Apprentice”. I only watched a couple seasons of the celebrity version, which was mildly entertaining.


  12. Wow those links really explode all over the page. Blackwater of course is the soldier of fortune company established by Erik Prince brother of Betsy DeVos


  13. Blackwater?

    Even if that’s true….. So what?

    Once they’re sworn in, they’re federal police, not private contractors. I know that gives you a case of the vapors, why the idea must send chills down your little spine. But you still haven’t even shown it to be true. Your link is speculation and innuendo. While they may be good enough for you, I require more.

    The federal officers involved in recent events were CBP, the govt admits this. The other day you mocked them for using border agents, and you just did again above. You called them unqualified. But now you have a new meme, that they’re the dreaded “private contractor” and the new worst thing ever. Get a grip.

    Don’t you lefties have any idea how the real world works?

    This is basic stuff and shouldn’t require explaining.

    Oh and your country does the exact same thing, so it wouldn’t be a big deal even if it’s true.


    “Mercenaries and Defence Contractors Are as Canadian as Maple Syrup

    Justin Trudeau promotes a friendler, kinder Canada. But the military-industrial complex remains.”



    “The Use of Private Security Services for Policing”


    Judge not, lest ye be judged by the same standard…….


  14. Maybe you should clean up your own house first……

    From the VICE link…..


    “It was Trudeau casting serious shade on his predecessor Stephen Harper’s Conservative regime for what his Liberal party considers a backwards foreign policy based on neoconservative values. But the reality is, Canada’s foreign and military policy hasn’t really changed that much under Trudeau.

    It just continues doing what it always has: piggybacking on many of the same weapons deals and war trades the public seems to think is either the sole undertaking of Conservatives or the US government.

    While reporting in places like Pakistan or Ukraine, rife with their own internal struggles and in some ways two of the frontlines of western military policy, people there tell me that Canada is a “nice guy” country unlike its American neighbour.

    But the fact of the matter is Canada, under the Liberal government, is simply continuing historical trends.

    Take for example our recent VICE News investigation into major payments to Academi—the latest iteration of Blackwater, widely known as a mercenary company originally fronted by the infamous Erik Prince (the company has since been sold off to private investors and maintains it has zero connections to Blackwater). Under Trudeau, payments to Academi have doubled to the tune of millions.

    In other words, a defence contractor whose previous iteration has a history of war crimes and allegations of an assassination program with the CIA got a bump in payments from the new Liberal government. For the record, though, it was the Harper Conservatives that originally started the relationship with the company, when it was still known as Blackwater.”

    My military sources have often told me about the recruitment of ex-Canadian soldiers into defence contracting companies to provide security for high profile executives or government officials in foreign countries. And who can blame them? In the boom of the War On Terror years, NATO soldiers could suddenly make big bank guarding some oil man in Kurdistan or provide embassy security in Kabul for twice their army wages. And some really have taken those contracts to be armed guards with a serious military skillset or expound their knowledge as trainers. In fact, as I outlined in our Academi investigation, that company advertises former Canadian special forces operators among its instructors.”


  15. I prefer that the government not use military contractors like Blackwater as they are not subject to the same rules of engagement. I don’t think they are using any military personnel in Portland or Chicago. It would raise other concerns if military were used internally.

    It’s mind boggling to see the lack of local response to the riots. This morning I heard on the news that the mayor of one of the cities–Portland I think–had told the police they could no longer wear protective equipment. I guess they’re just supposed to stand there and take it. Just receive the rocks and bottles and lasers in the eyeballs.


  16. I was looking for a link to an article regarding the news headline @6:13 I heard on the way to work about the police protective equipment, and I can’t find one. If anyone sees it let me know. :–)


  17. As you can there I didn’t claim they were there — only it was interesting; note the question mark. But you should be so blase — contractors do not swear an oath to anything, they merely pick up a pay cheque from the company. Many of the mercenaries employed by Blackwater are not Americans — they are also from other NATO countries and more worrisome they may also be former French Foreign Legion, white South Africans, and Eastern Europeans. This later group are not kind you want in your country let alone working in your country. I went to grad school with a former French Foreign Legionnaire, he was a nice guy but he worked with Yugoslavian warlords, former Eastern European secret service officers, Latin American drug dealers, etc The Romanian secret service was so scary the French sent them to deepest part of the Congo where they recreated the Heart of Darkness.

    Debra — because of the presence of federal agents the protesters are fighting against them not the Portland police have been basically told to stand down and return to regular police work. The violence you see on TV is mainly a few blocks around the federal courthouse, the rest of the city is fine. Trump’s actions have changed the focus, broadened the support and escalated the tension.


  18. Notice what’s missing?

    Any sign of a water bottle in his hands, or the woman who is not 6 feet away on his left who is also not wearing hers……..

    All those empty seats you’d think some social distancing would be happening.


    Indeed it does…..


  19. I don’t understand why you keep resorting to “what aboutism” . I have consistently admitted Trudeau and the Liberal party are hypocritical. Like the Clinton wing of the Democratic party, they rule similar to Republicans/Conservative but do it with a smile. In Canada we say the Liberals campaign from the left and govern from the right. As I have stated before I votedfor the NDP (a socialist party). In my current district, the NDP wins by at least 50% in a three-four party race (the liberals will get 25% and the conservatives maybe 10% if they are lucky). My member of parliament calls his constituents, “comrades”. So yeah, not a Liberal supporter here nor is my city.


  20. Yeah Fauci is full of it — in a stadium that empty he doesn’t need a mask especially if the two people with him are close friends he’s been with before.


  21. I do so because you like to call Trump’s actions evil and illegal, always assuming the worst, all the while ignoring the fact that your country and leaders do the exact same thing. It’s hypocritical, and I’m gonna call you on it every time.


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