21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-1-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with snow falling. Husband will run the meds in this morning.

    We thought grandpa was leaving us as he slept the last two days. I went in to clean him up for the morning and he started talking the same as ever and is now eating a hearty breakfast while chatting with his wife on the phone.

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  2. Good morning. I am glad there seems to be little wind so far today. Yesterday’s below zero windchills were not fun!

    We have a friend who sings a song with the jam group when he is able to do so. He has had Parkinson’s for quite a while now. My husband has sung in various shows throughout the years at the same time he was in them. He also lived in the building where the weekly jam takes place before having to move to a place with some assistance for him. His wife died a few years ago, but he has a girlfriend who still lives in the building where the jam takes place. Sometimes he doesn’t have the voice strength to do a song. Yesterday he sang. I was surprised when he mentioned hospice. He is now on hospice! He is a believer and is very settled in that regard. His name is Jim if you want to pray for him for wisdom and a peaceful passage in God’s timing, of course.

    I remember those days of thinking the end was near (with my dad) and then finding so much strength and normalcy other days. Difficult times, but precious.

    Off to a dementia place to do music today. I will do my roadie duties. December is so busy for performers. That is good and bad. Pray the group lifts people up in their day and ultimately towards the Lord. They do a variety of music, both secular and gospel.

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  3. Good brunch time!

    God created the first leaf blower😃 All we ever do is imitate Him.

    Art is trying to get some office work done here. I hope it goes okay for him. He had to get a loaner PC since his died and needed another repair. At least Miss Bosley sticks with me and does not get all over his papers and keyboard as she makes effort to take charge of “the office.”

    How is Kizzie’s family doing with that virus?🙏

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  4. Morning all! Dec 1st? How can it be??

    We are back from the hospital and I will be heading to the doctor’s office in a bit.

    As we were walking into the hospital a young Mom and her young man of probably not even two years were walking in behind us. Paul opened the first set of doors for them and I opened the second. This little man all bundled up in his down jacket, knitted cap and snow boots looked up at me and I greeted him with a “Good Morning”. He waved his little hand towards me. I smiled and then lo and behold he blew a kiss to me! I complimented his Mom on her precious little one as they went through the doors.

    This was a sweet reminder to me of the preciousness in our world this day. Even when faced with difficult moments there is preciousness. And sometimes you don’t have to look for it…it greets you in the most unexpected ways ♥️ May you all find a glimpse of it today…or tomorrow

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  5. Janice – I am still sick, but getting better. Thanks for asking.

    NancyJill – The story of that cute little boy reminds me of how cute Boy was when he was little. (Remember when my nickname for him was Little Guy?) Now he is a preteen, with that too-cool attitude. I love the kid, but sometimes I miss my Little Guy. (He can still be sweet at times, though.

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  6. Nancyjill, that little boy sounded so cute 🙂 Thanks for that little life vignette, we need that these days.

    My physical therapist also was saying that the US advancing in the Soccer World Cup playoffs maybe will give our divided country something to come together on, for a (oh, so much needed) mood-and-public-discourse change?

    One can only hope.

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  7. One of our editors is out with Covid, the spread continues out here, hospitalizations rising again; those who haven’t had it before are certainly getting it now. But that maybe has a silver lining? Or is “herd immunity” not a thing anymore now that the virus is mutating so frequently? I can’t keep up.

    And I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, stories are piling up, photo assignments also to get in (all the community celebrations, boat parades/tree lightings/trucked-in mountain snow fun, etc are happening this weekend and next), we have a new councilman being sworn in (which means exit and entrance interviews & stories to get done within the next 10 days).

    And I have a prospective dog to meet who’s an hour’s drive from me. Was hoping to get out there this Saturday but foster had planned to go on a horseback ride (yes, she has a horse, lucky girl) so now I’m aiming for a vacation day on a weekday I can take but that’s already complicated …

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  8. Janie is smart enough to do that kind of thing, but I don’t think Heidi would think of it. Hubby and I would often say that what she lacks in brains, she makes up for in heart. ❤

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  9. Mildest case of shingles my doctor has seen. Since the one bump is close to the eye I will be on medication. Already scabbed over as is the one in my nose! Sheesh!

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  10. Haha. And just in time for the holidays! Nice timing, NancyJill. lol

    I’ve never had shingles but have known folks who have, hoping yours stays domesticated and mild and leaves you quickly.

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  11. Shingles? I am glad they are mild! It’s the time of year for jingles, not the shingles. 😃🛎 I hope they leave quickly. I think my brother was told to take lysine (or something like that) for them.


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