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  1. The NYT and their readers are clowns.


  2. Good thing…

    Oh wait….

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  3. Once again Cali enables the perverted.

    “Thousands of California’s Convicted Pedophiles Released after Serving Less Than a Year

    A shocking and disturbing exclusive from the UK Daily Mail.”

    Yes. because our media is corrupted too, so they won’t mention it.


    “I sometimes refer to California as the 10th circle of hell in reference to Dante’s Inferno. Now a British publication confirms my assessment.

    The UK Daily Mail published a shocking exclusive detailing how thousands of California’s convicted pedophiles were released after serving less than a year in prison.

    Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

    Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are ‘terrifying’ and ‘shameful’.

    More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated, data from the California Megan’s Law database says.

    Others who committed some of the worst child sex crimes on the statute books served similarly short sentences, including 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child who spent less than 12 months in prison, 39 cases of sodomy with a child under 16, and three cases of kidnapping a child under 14 ‘with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts’, according to the data.

    Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told DailyMail.com he was ‘shocked’ by the statistics and described them as ‘frightening for society’.

    Daily Mail senior reporter Josh Boswell was interviewed by FNC host Tucker Carlson. Boswell indicated that he had to bypass limitations on California’s Megan’s Law website to gather statistics on registered sex offenders in the state.

    Apparently, the California Justice Department refused to provide him with the data. During the interview, Boswell cited some of his most troubling finds.

    BOSWELL: So we’re looking at someone like Noah Holt who we highlighted in the story. From Santa Cruz County, he was convicted of those lewd and lascivious acts with an under 14, child porn, indecent exposure, and he pled no contest in 2013.

    He was out with a job in 2014.
    You’ve got similar examples, Carlos Nahue, continuous sexual abuse of a child he was convicted of in 2015.

    He spent two days in jail, and he now lives one block from a daycare, according to the database, which is in California, run by the California Department of Justice.

    We asked them to give us the data, but they refused, and so I had to write the script to put this all together so that I could show the public this information.

    CALRSON: So just to be clear, these are not technical sex crimes. This is not a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old getting frisky at the prom and getting arrested.

    This is child molestation. It’s molesting little kids…pre-pubescent kids.”


    Keep voting for those Democrat enablers, it’s working so well for you.


  4. And I would point out that Dems took 40 million plus from this fraud who bilked investors, and the only Dem with enough decency to return the scammed money was Beto O’Rourke. So golf clap for him.

    Republicans took 23 million from his partner, and like most swamp dwellers, pocketed it like the Dems sans Beto.

    “Beto O’Rourke returned $1 million check from FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried
    O’Rourke’s campaign said they gave the money back before the company’s scandals became widely public, because they were taken aback by such a large unsolicited donation.”



    “In total, Bankman-Fried donated $40 million to Democrats, according to Open Secrets, while another FTX executive, Ryan Salame, donated $23 million to Republicans.

    Aside from O’Rourke, a number of Texas congressional candidates also received money from Bankman-Fried or his affiliates.”


    Never mind, Beto is scummy just like the rest on both sides.


    “Maybe O’Rourke just operates a tighter ethical ship than other politicians. This remains a possibility. Another possibility? O’Rourke’s people, and possibly other Democrats, knew something before SBF’s investors knew it. We do not know the answer. We should ask the questions to find out what they knew and when did they found out. Insider information should not benefit elites, but we know in other cases it does. We should assume that O’Rourke and his people operated ethically here until evidence, rather than just strange circumstances, prove otherwise.

    The answer from O’Rourke’s spokesman would make a whole lot more sense if O’Rourke had not already received an enormous amount of money from SBF. In fact, he received $1 million from SBF during the third quarter before strangely refusing $1 million during the fourth quarter.

    “Bankman-Fried was O’Rourke’s top donor during the fundraising cycle spanning from July 1 to Sept. 29,” the Texas Tribune explains, “but even without his donation O’Rourke was a formidable fundraiser, coming in at around $77 million for his entire campaign.”

    If O’Rourke had already accepted at least $1 million from SBF, why would he suddenly rebuff another $1 million from him — after a 24-day delay since receipt of the check — four days before the election?

    This does not make any sense. But neither does giving your life savings to a millennial plagiarizing Justin Guarini’s haircut, nervously tapping his feet, and reflexively responding “good question” during interviews, and showing up to important events in a T-shirt and shorts.”


  5. Good question, and once again, Dems run cover for the deviant criminal.


  6. Nobody’s fault but yours.

    Remember, the Biden admin and Dems are never to blame. Only you are. Well…. and Putin.


  7. This made me LoL. 🙂

    Reality is it’s the rush to switch to electric is unsustainable at this point, unless you want to produce power thru nuclear power, and the greenies will never allow that. Enjoy walking, public transportation, or just don’t go to work. It’ll be fine. Big Govt will save you….. for sure this time.

    “Swiss look to ban use of electric cars over the winter to save energy”


    “The European Union jumped on the electric vehicle craze well ahead of other parts of the world, particularly after the Paris climate accord. But in typical socialist fashion, they weren’t content with simply encouraging people to switch to EVs. Many European countries almost immediately started making plans to ban gas-powered cars and trucks and make EVs mandatory. Lots of Europeans wanted to get out ahead of the curve and began snapping the newer models up. But then came the start of the war in Ukraine, cutting energy supplies just as Europe was trying to wean itself off of fossil fuels. Now, in a rather embarrassing reversal, Switzerland is considering legislation that would ban people from driving electric vehicles except in urgent conditions over the winter because there simply might not be enough juice on the grid to recharge them. (From Der Spiegel. Original is in German but Google Translate can convert it for you.)

    Switzerland could be the first country to impose driving bans on e-cars in an emergency to ensure energy security. Several media report this unanimously and refer to a draft regulation on restrictions and bans on the use of electrical energy. Specifically, the paper says: “The private use of electric cars is only permitted for absolutely necessary journeys (e.g. professional practice, shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, attending court appointments).” A stricter speed limit is also planned highways.

    Most of the electricity in Switzerland comes from hydropower. However, the country also imports electricity from Germany and France . If there are bottlenecks there, electricity could also become scarce in Switzerland. Energy security in Europe is considered endangered because of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine .

    Switzerland has various “escalation levels” for its energy crisis. The ban on recharging electric vehicles would only go into effect when they reach level 3 according to the draft copy of the legislation that reporters obtained. Prior to that, the government would impose limits on how hot the water can be in washing machines (yes… seriously) and they would ban the use of leaf blowers and seat heaters in chair lifts. Bizarrely, they will also limit videos from streaming services to only be shown in SD resolution. (Huh?)”

    So much the same as we saw in California earlier this year, the government pushed everyone to switch over to electric vehicles to save the planet. But now they’re warning them that they won’t be able to recharge their vehicles except for “urgent travel requirements.” The crazy part of all of this is that the major energy corporations have been warning everyone about this for several years. The power grid doesn’t produce endless electricity by magic. You have to produce enough energy to power it or it fails. But nobody wanted to listen.

    To put this story in context, consider the fact that in June of this year, the EU proposed a ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035″


  8. Shame he has to beclown himself like this to prop up the Biden Regime….


    “When hypocrisy bites you in the butt”



  9. Indeed they are….

    Yep, I’m sure it’s fine, and this will get a thorough looking at in their Court of Clowns Congress.


  10. Sanctioned for filing a lawsuit – sounds like a Facebook or Twitter mindset. Interestingly, they use the word ‘baseless’ before any evidence has been presented. (Sound familiar?)

    Also interesting and ironic that “undermining trust in the system” is a justification for blocking the people’s ability to address their grievances… which is the real reason why the people’s trust is eroding.


    “As Arizona’s Cochise County on Thursday moved to certify the results of the Nov. 8 election, lawyers for GOP candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem were sanctioned by a federal judge.

    Judge John Tuchi of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, imposed sanctions against lawyers for Lake, Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, and Finchem, the GOP candidate for secretary of state. Both candidates had filed lawsuits against Maricopa County, alleging the election was mishandled on Nov. 8.

    Sanctions, he wrote (pdf), would “make clear that the Court will not condone litigants” and claimed the pair were “furthering false narratives that baselessly undermine public trust at a time of increasing disinformation about, and distrust in, the democratic process.” Tuchi was appointed by former President Barack Obama, a Democrat.

    “To sanction Plaintiffs’ counsel here is not to let Plaintiffs off the hook,” Tuchi said, according to local media. “It is to penalize specific attorney conduct with the broader goal of deterring similarly baseless filings initiated by anyone, whether an attorney or not.”

    The judge stated that their campaigns need to pay attorneys’ fees for Maricopa County because its lawyers had to “spend time and resources defending this frivolous lawsuit rather than preparing for the elections.”

    On social media, Lake did not appear to comment on the sanctions. Finchem, meanwhile, wrote that no Republican National Committee (RNC) “lawyer is calling me to help.”

    “Arizona will NEVER be taken over by the forces of darkness. We will defeat them at the precincts. We will defeat them at the counties. We will defeat them in the courts. We will defeat them in the legislature,” he also wrote. “We will defeat them with the people. We will defeat them statewide.”

    The attorneys being sanctioned are not directly named in Thursday’s order, but according to the court docket, Harvard Law School Prof. Alan Dershowitz is Lake’s lead attorney in the matter. Also on her legal team are co-lead attorneys Andrew D. Parker, Jesse Hersch Kibort, and Joseph Alan Pull of Minneapolis. Further listed as a member of her legal team is attorney Kurt B. Olsen of Washington, D.C.

    The initial complaint from Lake and Finchem in April sought to question Arizona’s usage of vote machines. It came long before the Nov. 8 midterms were completed.

    “This is a civil rights action for declaratory and injunctive relief to prohibit the use of electronic voting machines in the State of Arizona in the upcoming 2022 Midterm Election, slated to be held on November 8, 2022 (the ‘Midterm Election’), unless and until the electronic voting system is made open to the public and subjected to scientific analysis by objective experts to determine whether it is secure from manipulation or intrusion,” the suit said.

    In August, Tuchi dismissed the suit and stated that Arizona election equipment is tested before it is used to count votes.”


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