22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-20-22

  1. Finally, a bit of cool today. Still have a high of 80 predicted. We have a bit of rain falling this morning and a cool breeze coming through the windows.

    My husband has his week check-up for his cataract surgery. He will have the lens from his glasses removed. I can’t believe he didn’t have it removed last week. So grateful for a good doctor and clinic where we can have this done.

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  2. Morning all! That doe is up to no good I tell you! Close your eyes Michelle!
    It is a beautiful capture though…did you have some sort of filter to cause the the pines at the top appear to be almost opaque? Just lovely!

    It is coolish this morning and I was thanking the Lord for the rainfall we saw yesterday. It is good to walk upon a moist forest floor and the aroma of wet pine is amazing when paired with a steaming hot cup of coffee!

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  3. Goos morning. I went to Publix just after 7 and got home just before 8, in time to cook eggs for Art before he left. Next I need to go to another store to pick up his med. These are little things, but so grateful I can still do them as I thought I might not be able to just a little while back.

    There will be another good program tomorrow night from a lady who left New Age Movement to follow Christ. If anyone is interested, here is a link:

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  4. Here ya go Janice…..it’s a winner!
    Yes, goos is a valid Scrabble word.

    GOOS: GOO, a sticky or viscous substance, also GOOK [n]

    The word “goos” scores 5 points at Scrabble

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  5. Enjoyed the pics from last night, DJ. Sadly, in our down sizing, we mentioned to a daughter that we were downsizing and she said she wanted the horses. We thought, that sounds good, they will be in good hands But later she mentioned she was selling the older one (we have had her for twenty three years and daughter in law had her before that, trained her as a one to two year old) to a lady in Moscow for her grandchildren to ride on occasion and the other one will move with them to Kentucky if she can train him for her husband to ride (we have had him for about fifteen years). So, their little family will be broken up and they are attached to one another.

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  6. I’m sorry about the horses 😦

    Nice photo!

    Kevin, yes, that is very true — and this one being on the water will be even colder. One can only imagine the conditions.

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  7. Wednesday Wisdom:

    “On the whole it is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.”
    Mark Twain 1902

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  8. We are back in the heat unless we get a scattered shower. 😀
    90° feels like 99°
    But we do have cloud cover when I look out the window so there is hope.

    I feel sad about the split up of those horses, Mumsee. I have a few peeps in my life right now who are big into horses. One is doing a nonprofit mini horse farm and the other is a tax preparer who works during the season. I always give her horse themed calendars each year. It is terrible after those animals have been together for so many years to split them up. But hopefully they can adjust with good care and treatment to ease their sense of loss. May they meet up with some horse whisperer types who know just what they need.♡


  9. That’s funny, Kizzie. When I read about Mumsee’s horses being split up I immediately though of times that happened on Heartland. Probably most of what I know about horses comes from that show. 🙂

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  10. Home again. The last part of the drive, I drove 3 1/2 hours nonstop. The gas tank is pretty close to empty.
    Janice, I have been gone so haven’t been to the post office since Sunday.
    Almost couldn’t get on the blog as nothing was coming up.
    It was 61 at the coast and 109 in Redding. I just stayed in my air conditioned car.


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