34 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-21-22

  1. Ain’t Democrat rule just the best?


    “Michigan business owners in uproar after city decriminalizes public urination, defecation”


    “Kalamazoo, Michigan business owners are furious after city leaders voted to decriminalize public urination, defecation and littering among other offenses, all under the guise of “equitable changes.”

    Becky Bil and Cherri Emery spoke with “Fox & Friends First” host Todd Piro on Thursday, relaying their concerns about the devastating impacts that could result.

    “I don’t have a horrible time outside my shop particularly… but my neighbor has had human feces outside his door,” Bil said. The Pop City Popcorn co-owner also stressed her neighboring store owner’s struggle with an increase in littering, a struggle she says continues despite ambassadors coming to the area to help clean up.

    Emery, who owns a chocolate and coffee shop in Kalamazoo, said she witnessed the consequences of lenient city leaders firsthand, however.

    “One day, we kept smelling something in the back of the store… and it was human feces,” she said.

    “I called my landlord and nobody would do anything about it. This is before we had ambassadors… so I had to clean it up myself.”

    Bil shared that the city recently installed an approximately $100,000 fully furnished restroom near the Kalamazoo Mall – which houses Bil’s and Emery’s businesses – to help curb urine and feces on the streets. She adds, however, that the new bathroom is often locked.”


  2. Once again, enjoy!




  3. Poor thing is triggered. 🙂



    We’re not laughing with you Patricia, we’re laughing at you.


  4. Clowns…..




  5. ———


  6. Some insurrectionists are more equal than others.


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  7. Hero.

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  8. It’s not safe, and it’s not effective.



  9. Own it. You and your party built this.



  10. Because Joe owes China for their investment in his son, and Democrats know it.



  11. “Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy: Biden Will Use “Every Power Available” To Get Rid Of Fossil Fuels…”

    Including selling it to China, so you can’t use it here.



  12. But no charges….

    “Colbert crew’s behavior in Capitol complex caused Democrat staffer to call for emergency help

    Capitol Police chief says “Colbert Nine” were warned “several times” before arrest, slams prosecutors’ decision not to press charges as “unfortunate.””


    “Stephen Colbert’s comedy crew was warned “several times” it could not trespass on Capitol grounds, and its behavior in a congressional office building during an unauthorized nighttime visit was so boisterous it caused a Democratic congressman’s staff to fear for his safety and call for emergency help, police say.

    The description that authorities provided members of Congress this week — loud banging on doors, talk of a “cocaine orgy” and threats to place something under a congressman’s door — is far different than the light-hearted account of “first-degree puppetry” that the CBS television comic offered after last month’s high-profile arrest of his team.

    The decision by the Biden Justice Department to decline prosecution of nine Colbert staffers for unlawful entry clearly upset the department, according to an official letter from the department’s chief obtained by Just the News.

    “It is unfortunate that despite all of the evidence the Department presented, including that the group or its leader had been told several times that they could not be in the buildings without an escort, that the U.S. Attorney’s office declined to prosecute any members of the group for Unlawful Entry,” Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger wrote Republican Reps. Rodney Davis of Illinois and Jim Jordan of Ohio in a letter dated Tuesday.

    Manger revealed in the letter that the nine members of Colbert’s staff who were arrested June 16 for unauthorized access to a House office building had previously been rejected for press credentials by the House Radio/TV Gallery, had been warned multiple times they could not stay in Capitol buildings without an escort, and were ejected by police from the complex just hours before their arrest for violating building rules.”

    The chief also revealed that two of the nine staffers when arrested refused to cooperate, citing their Miranda rights, and that one of the staffers initially falsely told responding police officers the Colbert crew was “credentialed staff.””


    And yet parading GrandMas let in by Capital Police are being charged, because they like the wrong party.


  13. Not safe, not effective.

    “Dr. Robert Malone on Vaccines: “The Whole Narrative Is Crumbling,” This Has Turned Into A Cascade”


    “Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Bannon discuss a new and shocking article from the ‘Wall Street Journal’ which questions the FDA’s decision to rush the vaccines for toddlers.

    “I am seeing multiple indicators that the whole narrative is crumbling, that all over the world people are now increasingly questioning the safety and the effectiveness of both of these products,” Malone told Bannon. “The underline nature of the data, one of the key items was Peter Doshi’s paper reexamining the relative effectiveness of the original Pfizer and Moderna data which showed that they absolutely cause more harm than benefit. This has turned into a cascade.”

    “We’re having people who have been so into the narrative break ranks now that it does cause hope that we’re finally getting there,” Malone said. “Steve, I think you really have put your finger on the big issue which is the administrative state and unwinding the administrative state. That’s why we’re here. That and the influence of the large capital funds through WEF and WHO is what’s led us to this whole massive catastrophe that was avoidable.”

    DR. ROBERT MALONE: So the Wall Street Journal now is coming out and directly questioning the wisdom of the FDA, the integrity and independence of the FDA and the CDC, the decision to proceed with the child vaccines, these infant vaccines, and directly raising the question of whether Dr. Jha, who is the COVID response coordinator, has inappropriately placed pressure on the FDA in order to get them to make these decisions that have no basis in terms of data on safety or efficacy in children.

    The Wall Street Journal story is remarkable, not in the content. These are all things that many of us [who] have been following this knew, but the fact that the Wall Street Journal itself is now enunciating these reservations and directly calling out Pfizer and Moderna, data manipulation, misrepresentations, and the FDA’s failure, basically, to perform their duty in terms of diligence on safety and effectiveness…

    I am seeing multiple indicators that the whole narrative is crumbling, that all over the world people are now increasingly questioning the safety and the effectiveness of both of these products. And the underline nature of the data, one of the key items was Peter Doshi’s paper reexamining the relative effectiveness of the original Pfizer and Moderna data which showed that they absolutely cause more harm than benefit. This has turned into a cascade.”


  14. Broken.

    “Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives”


    “What comes after the end of public schools?

    Anyone who cares about the education of children should be asking that question. So of course it’s one that the teachers unions don’t want us to discuss.

    New York City schools are in trouble. As The Post reported Friday, “the city Department of Education expects to enroll roughly 28,100 fewer students this fall.” Enrollment at the city’s regular public schools already fell during the pandemic, and this new projection suggests it’s not improving any time soon.

    And New York leads a large pack: California, Illinois, Oregon, Mississippi and Michigan have all seen serious losses of students departing their public-school systems.

    Why? A Gallup poll last week showed only 28% of Americans have “a great deal or a lot” of “confidence in U.S. public schools.”

    Much of this is tied to long closures during the pandemic. Teachers unions, with people like American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten leading the charge, pushed hard to keep schools closed for far too long. The shutdowns (and the travesty of remote learning) smashed public trust and it simply isn’t that easy to rebuild. Researchers at the American Enterprise Institute found that the longer a school district stayed remote, the larger its enrollment drop.

    But parents tell me they have many reasons for saying “enough.”

    New York City’s crushing of merit-based admissions under Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed people out, as did general woke nonsense replacing academics. Other parents pulled their kids when toddlers stayed masked after the rest of the city had stopped.

    Mayor Eric Adams isn’t mincing words: “We have a massive hemorrhaging of students — massive hemorrhaging. We’re in a very dangerous place in the number of students that we are dropping.” But the City Council (clearly lobbied by the teachers union) is pushing for schools to retain funding at the old enrollment numbers. That’s crazy: These schools aren’t meeting families’ needs; they shouldn’t be rewarded for this failure with cash.

    Especially because money is so often set on fire in the New York City system. Schools Chancellor David Banks and over 50 other staffers attended a conference last week “at a swanky hotel near Universal Studios in Orlando,” The Post reports. Kids had to zoom to get an education for over a year, but the grownups need to meet up near theme parks to discuss their education plan? Ridiculous.

    Public schools are in a serious downward spiral. The options are fixing them, which hasn’t worked for decades, or letting parents get their kids out.

    Public charter schools are, understandably, booming despite getting far less funding. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently pointed out, “Charter schools educate 7% of all public-school students, yet they receive less than 1% of total federal spending on K-12 education.”

    On average, charters have higher math and reading scores than traditional public schools; Bloomberg notes, “Research has found that the benefits are especially pronounced for Black, Latino and low-income students.”

    But the teachers unions hate charters. They hate when parents have choices for their kids.

    They also hate outspoken parents fighting for their kids. Weingarten called parents showing up to school board meetings “racists” and has argued that school vouchers, which would give parents a way to get their kids out of failing schools, are “the end of public education as we know it.” To which we all should say: good.

    Public education shouldn’t exist to serve Weingarten. It’s our money paying for our children to get an education.”


  15. Also broken….

    “The Crumbling Foundations of the Fourth Estate”


    “Skepticism is a bedrock principle of journalism. “If your mother says she loves you, go check it out,” the old adage goes. So is full disclosure (“the more information the better”) and transparency (“Always tell readers how you know what you know”).

    The board that oversees journalism’s most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, and many of America’s most prestigious news outlets violated all three of those values this week.

    This disquieting episode began on Monday when the board released a short statement saying that, “In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign – submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize.”

    The board said it had commissioned two “independent reviews” of the contested coverage, which “converged in their conclusions: that no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes. The 2018 Pulitzer Prizes in National Reporting stand.”

    As an editor and columnist for news organizations that have challenged that coverage – RealClearInvestigations and RealClearPolitics – I was eager to read those reports to see where their analysis diverged from our own. They were not attached to the statement. When I called the board, I was told that they would not be made public.

    Do I have to explain why this is so wrong? Does anyone even believe that the board members think their refusal to release an analysis of public information is in keeping with the traditions of a profession that celebrates itself for publishing the Pentagon Papers?

    On a more practical level, can anyone believe that reports are being withheld even though they provided persuasive vindications of what the board had described in its prize citation as “deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage”? This alleged reckoning smacks of a cover-up.

    It gets worse. Articles about the board’s statement published by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and many other news organizations eschewed curiosity, context, and skepticism. Instead, they served as echo chambers. They did not inform readers that the reports, and the identities of those who prepared them, were being kept secret. They did not mention any of the questions that had been raised about the prize-winning coverage or acknowledge the clear evidence that the Russia-Trump collusion storyline has been discredited and revealed to be little more than a hoax manufactured by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, disseminated throughout the government and regurgitated by a compliant mainstream media.

    Instead, they misled their readers by slapping almost identical headlines on their articles – “Pulitzer board rejects Trump’s challenge to Post, Times Russia stories” (Washington Post), “Pulitzer Board Rejects Trump Request to Toss Out Wins for Russia Coverage” (New York Times) – that suggested the former president was the only person concerned about the coverage.

    This is false. Last November, for example, Aaron Maté wrote a deeply reported article for RealClearInvestigations that identified several significant factual errors as well as “false or misleading claims” in those prize-winning articles and other Russiagate coverage. To take one of the many examples Maté highlighted, the Times reported on Feb. 14, 2017, that “Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.” Four months later, then-FBI Director James B. Comey testified to Congress that “in the main,” the Times report “was not true.” Documents declassified in 2020 show that Peter Strzok, the top FBI counterintelligence agent who opened the Trump-Russia probe, had described the article as “misleading and inaccurate.” Strzok wrote: “We are unaware of ANY Trump advisers engaging in conversations with Russian intelligence officials.” The Times has still not addressed these statements in the online version of the article.

    I would love to know what the Pulitzer board’s two “independent reviews” made of these and other challenges to the accuracy of the work it honored. The larger question is why the Pulitzer board even bothered with this charade. It could, after all, have just ignored the complaints which would have dissipated over time. Its decision to declare vindication without any evidence should alarm even those who might say it’s not worth getting exercised over the actions of some prize committee.

    The board’s action is the latest example of the authoritarianism that increasingly defines American life. As our partisan divides devolve into moral Manichaeism, as political and cultural differences are increasingly recast not as good faith differences of opinion but contests between good and evil, open-ended discussions are giving way to declarations of truth. The powers that be do not aim to convince but to dominate. Their statements and claims are no longer invitations to debate but sets of instructions, tests of loyalty. The Pulitzer board’s action is really a question – whose side are you on?”


  16. Biden is isolating now due to testing positive for covid. Mild symptoms says the WH…probably that fist bump with the Prince got him…
    In all seriousness I pray he recovers….when you go down the “chain of command” it doesn’t look promising…

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  17. Whether or not public urination or defecation is a crime, it won’t make a difference in its frequency. I’m sure the good people of Kalamazoo or Philadelphia are not running out in the street to defecate now that they no longer will be charged. For the most part, only the homeless and/or drug addicts commit such acts. Fining or arresting them won’t change the behaviour; its a waste of taxpayer dollars. And if nussiance crimes are enforced as means to harass certain social groups, its even worse and will leave the police open to litigation. The real problem is why people are reduced to such a state.

    I don’t know who Patricia Zengerle is but the tweet looks to be sarcasm or trolling on her part. And it seems to work. The right needs to stop trying to draw analogies to Jan 6th; they appear desperate and whining (remind me of some of my middle school students). David Hogg interupted a cmttee meeting and was escorted out — he didn’t obstruct Congress nor did he try to prevent a crucial vote handing over power to a new president. His actions have been done before by countless groups and individuals from all political p.o.v. and they’ve all been treated roughly the same.

    The AOC arrest was of course staged. That’s why they didn’t bother to use hangcuffs. She was processed and fined. It was political theatre and worked — she was on the evening news. Colbert’s group was also engaged in political theatre. The reference to “drug orgy” was a refernce to Madison Cawthorn. A Democrat staffere was scared?? — I thought scared Democratic staffers were just wimps according to the Jan 6th crownd. Now suddenly they care about Demcoratic staffers. There’s a difference between political theatre and an attempt to stop the presidential vote; one altough sometimes annoying is permissible, the latter is not.


  18. Enjoy peasants!

    “Squad Member Spends $400k On Private Security While Supporting Defund The Police…”


  19. Bannon is correct in the first tweet you link — but I don’t think anyone is denying those claims. Reagan/Thatcher set the destruction of middle class into play and its continued uninterupted. He’s still a pompous ………….

    CNN is switching from Covid to Climate Change due to viewer fatigue. Of course they are. Fear puts eyeballs to the cable news screens and eyeballs sell ads. Its the same reason FOX feeds a constant fear of caravans and CRT. Fear sells never mind the damage it does to the fabric of society. Capitalism at its best.

    Of course, democrats voted against a republican proposal. And in other earth shattering news repubicans voted against a democrat proposal for an excessive profit tax on gas companies to bring down price. A tax passed by UK conservatives. The US has plently of oil and prices which are dropping should be back to their 2021 prices if oil companies weren’t so intent on making profits. Selling or not selling oil to china won’t change a thing.

    I see a Covid vaccine not much different than a flu shot — people get reactions from both. I never got a flu shot since its usually based on the prebvious year’s flu and thus not very effective. After the initial twoi Covid shots, I can see the booster shots having that sort of limited effectiveness. I’ve had three shots — keeps my employer off my back — with no ill effects. My 95 year old father just had his fourth shot (he also gets a yearly flu shot) and no ill effects.


  20. American education contrary to popular belief is fairly good by international standards (and their public universities are the best in the world) . In science and reading, they score below Canada, Finland, Japan and South Korea but are in the middle of western European countries. In math, the US is a bit behind with scores similar to Balkan coutnries. The problem in the US is the giant disparity between schools and results. Similar to the income and wealth inequality which is higher in the US, the inequality in their public schools is also higher. Part of the problem is the funding which is quite local with small school boards; which gives us a solution — larger school boards with state wide funding creating greater equity. Currently, those from poorer school boards only option out is a charter school or something similar which has internal gate keeping to keep out the riff raff. Eliminate the need for charter schools by equitable funding.

    Some conservative critics like to blame unions but Finland and Canada also have unions — and they are far stronger than the American unions – yet have execellent success. In fact unions help maintain professionalism and keep standards up by making it an attractive profession for university graduates. There’s rarely a shortage of teachers in Europea and Canada because its a well paid respected profession. If bartending on weekends pays better than working week days at an elementary school, you might not attract the best to your profession.

    And counter-intuitively, unions also cut down on politically and socially motivated non-curriculum additions to teacher expectations. School boards frequently like to add programming which appeals to local parent activists — so anti-racist education, indegenous edcuation, financial awareness, arts, etc (its an ever growing list). The union will step in and basically say, no, teachers should only have to teach curriculum. So we can safely ignore alot of these porgrams. Besides, its impossible to in-service teachers when you are limited to one 70 minute meeting a month.


  21. “The Squard” has a far higher number of threats made against them than most Congresspersons. Hence, the need for security. This doesn’t contradict the argument that the vast amount of money spend on police is a waste of taxpayer funds perpetuating a system of policing that just doesn’t work properly. As your first two items point out, there’s far too much enforcement of what should simply be socital norms not laws. And whether its a law or not doesn’t change the amount it occurs.

    And yeah what were the Democrats thinking?? Hard for me to believe a party so incompentent at elections could possibly know how to cheat.


  22. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on our political discourse these days:

    ~ The problem with ideologues, whether of the right or left, is that they are not liberal minded in the classic sense. They are so filled with self righteous indignation that they will not consider any other point of view. Thus other people become their enemies, to be destroyed. ~

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  23. (cont’d) ~ … those of us who believe in the biblical injunctions to love our neighbor, must always seek to reject such thinking, although we all fall victim to it at times when we let our emotions take control. ~

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