Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 13

It’s week 13. Almost the last week of college football. Almost your last chance to win. Janice won last week, but never posted her choice. So I figured she’s from Georgia, and picked Georgia Southern last time she won, so we’ll have it this time as well.

Have at it! Pick before NOON EST Saturday. And don’t be superstitious about the number this week.

  1. #9 Penn State @ #2 Ohio State

  2. #22 Oklahoma State @ West Virginia

  3. Kansas @ Iowa State

  4. #19 Texas @ #13 Baylor

  5. SMU @ #23 Navy

  6. Nebraska @ Maryland

  7. UCLA @ USC

  8. California @ Stanford

  9. Pillow Fight: UTEP @ New Mexico State (both 1-9)

10. Tie Breaker – pick winner and final score: Georgia Southern @ Arkansas State

6 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 13

  1. Penn State for the upset!
    Oklahoma State
    Iowa State
    Georgia Southern 27-21


  2. Oops! I have been distracted by travel mode lately.

    1. Ohio
    2. West Virginia
    3. Iowa State
    4. Baylor
    5. Navy
    6. Nebraska
    7. USC
    8. Stanford
    9. New Mexico State
    10. Georgia Southern 14-7


  3. Penn State I agree with AJ.
    Oklahoma State
    Iowa State
    New Mexico State
    Arkansas State 31-30


  4. So, on this second-to-the-last week of college football, the top score was 8, a tie between Mumsee and me. The tie breaker game went to Arkansas State 38-33. We were the only two to pick the winning team, but my guess of 31-30 is only 10 off, while her score of 42-16 was 23 away. That makes me the winner.

    Other results: AJ 7; Chas and Janice 6.

    Other than the conference championships Dec 7 and the Army Navy game the 14th, the regular season ends next weekend. Look for the list early, as many of the games are Friday. It’ll be Rivalry Week!


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