Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 15

It’s here, folks – Week 15: Conference Championships. All these games matter. All these teams get a bowl game, winners get a good bowl game, some go to the national championship playoffs. With Alabama out of the playoff picture, who will win it all? Make your guesses by Friday, 8:00PM EST. That’s when the PAC12 Championship starts.

PAC12 – #5 Utah vs #13 Oregon (Friday 8PM EST)

Big 12 – #7 Baylor vs #6 Oklahoma

Sunbelt – Louisiana @ #21 Appalachian State

MAC – Miami, Ohio vs Central Michigan

C-USA – Alabama-Birmingham @ Florida Atlantic

AAC – #20 Cincinnati @ #17 Memphis

SEC – #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

Mt. West – Hawai’i @ #19 Boise State

ACC – #23 Virginia vs #3 Clemson

Big Ten – Tie Breaker: guess the winner and the final score – #1 Ohio State vs #8 Wisconsin

10 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 15

  1. Chas’ Wild Guesses

    1. Oregon
    2. Baylor
    3. Appalachian State
    4. Miami Ohio
    5. Florida Atlantic
    6. Cincinatti
    7 Georgia
    8. Boise
    9. Clemson
    10. Ohio State 14-10


  2. I am making a projection that AJ wins. He has 1 more game than anyone else, and all of us picked the same teams for the 2 remaining games. That means regardless of the outcme, AJ will still have one more than the next best.

    Congrats AJ. I’ll post the final results later.

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  3. Here are the results:
    AJ 8
    Chas and I 7
    Mumsee and Janice 6. Mumsee won the tie breaker with 5 points off the score.

    Are we doing the bowl games, beginning with the Army – Navy game next week?


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