Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 12

Twelve. One dozen. Ten plus two. Twelve months in the year. Twelve tribes of Israel. Twelve apostles.

One of my favorite numbers is twelve. So this must be my favorite week of college football, no? Actually, week 14 is. That’s when most of the rivalry games are. So here are your ten choices for week 12. I (Peter) won last week and was going to choose the Arizona game as the tie breaker, but since the Wildcats are on the road against a Top 10 team, and are likely to be blown out, I decided to go with a game closer to where I live, and one that has importance for the two teams.

Make you picks by Saturday, NOON EST.

  1. Michigan State @ #14  Michigan

  2. Syracuse @ Duke

  3. VMI @ Army

  4. TCU @ Texas Tech

  5. #21 Navy @ # 16 Notre Dame

  6. #5 Georgia @ #13 Auburn

  7. South Carolina @ Texas A&M

  8. #10 Oklahoma @ # 12 Baylor

  9. Stanford @ Washington State

10. Tie Breaker: pick the winner and the final score:  #7 Minnesota @ #23 Iowa

14 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 12

  1. I see where AJ and I are almost the same. But I won’t change anything. Though I almost never vote against Auburn. But I hate Tigers. Can’t think of a Tiger I like.

    1. Michigan
    2 Blue Devils
    3 Army
    4 TCU
    5 Irish
    6 Bulldogs
    7 Gamecocks
    8 Oklahoma
    9 Stanford
    10 Minnesota 21-7


  2. Here goes. I’ve purposely picked a couple of underdogs.
    So. Carolina
    Iowa 27-24


  3. When I was in high school, our football team was the Cooper River Blue Devils.
    It wasn’t really fair because it consisted of players from both North Charleston and Chicora high schools.
    OTOH Charleston wasn’t either. Charleston, at the time had separate schools for boys and girls. All the boys in Charleston who didn’t attend the Catholic (Bishop England) school went to Charleston High.
    Anyhow, the Blue Devils were a champion team. This coming Friday night they were playing the Bishopville team. I read in the paper how good the Bishopville QB was. So I made a bet with someone.
    I bet a guy $0.50 (fifty cents was a lot of money in 1948) on the Bishopville team. Blue Devils won. But all during the game, I was worried about my bet. It ruined the game for me.
    That’s the reason I never bet against my team. Since I never put money on a bet, it doesn’t matter. But as a policy, I never let my mind rule over my heart in choosing a victor.


  4. The Blue Devils, in 1948, were a championship football team. They beat Camden for the state champion ship and beat the Georgia champions in the Peanut Bowl in Columbus, Ga.
    That is the only time I know of a HS team playing in a bowl game and the only time I’ve heard of a “Peanut Bowl”. It likely didn’t bring in enough money.


  5. Where’s Mumsee?

    Here are mine:
    Texas Tech
    Notre Dame
    Texas A&M
    Washington St
    Minnesota 28-17


  6. It was close this week, too close. We either got 6 right, or 5. I got the tie breaker automatically, since I’m the only one to pick Iowa over Minnesota. But I’m one of two to get 5 (the other was AJ). Chas, Janice, and Kevin all got 6. Since none of them got the tie breaker winner, Mrs L had to draw a name. She drew Janice. So congrats to Janice!

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