Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 11

Okay, sports fans. It’s coming down to the wire. Only a few weeks left until the end of the 2019 College Football season. On the field it’s been wild. But here it’s been fairly even. Everyone has won at least once. Last week there turned out to be a tie, after Kevin found an error in my figuring. I had one score correct, but highlighted the losing team on my spreadsheet. My bad. So, even though both Janice and I had the same number of wins, as well as the same tie breaker score, I gave it to her. So she picked this week’s tie breaker game, and I added a game from the FCS (that’s the smaller big schools that actually have a playoff system set up.) UNI is my alma mater for my MA.

So here are your choices, including two games that have National Championship contenders going head-to-head. Select your teams by Saturday @ NOON, EST. (I like that ‘S’, don’t you?)

  1. #5 Penn State @ #13 Minnesota

  2. Texas Tech @ West Virginia

  3. Florida State @ Boston College

  4. #1 LSU @ #2 Alabama

  5. #18 Iowa @ #16 Wisconsin

  6. USC @ Arizona State

  7. Tennessee @ Kentucky

  8. Wyoming @ #21 Boise State

  9. Indiana State @ Northern Iowa

  10. Tie Breaker – guess winner and final score: Georgia Tech @ Virginia

12 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 11

  1. Penn State
    West Va.
    Florida State
    Arizona State
    Boise State
    Northern Iowa
    Georgia Tech 28-21


  2. Chas’ wild guesses”

    1. Penn State
    2 West Virginia
    3 Florida State
    4 Lou Holtz picks Alabama and I do too.
    5 Wisconsin
    6 Southern Cal
    7 Tennessee
    8 Boise
    9 Indiana State
    10 Georgia Tech 21-7


  3. Chas- Since you preface your picks we know who “Anonymous” is.

    My picks:
    Minnesota (This could be the upset of the week.)
    West Va
    Florida State
    LSU- It’s their turf and turn.
    Iowa – Wisconsin has not been playing well the last couple of games.
    USC – Yes, I root against whomever is playing the Sun Imps.
    Tennessee – Does anyone else remember that this was Anlir’s team? He’s the one who started this contest on the old WMB.
    UNI – It’s my alma mater, and it’s in the UNI Dome, and UNI beats Iowa State every few years.
    Virginia 30-19 (Scientific research on averages for this one.)


  4. Coming in under the wire…
    Penn State
    West Virginia
    Boston College
    Arizona State
    Boise State
    Northern Iowa
    Virginia 28-10


  5. Don’t holler “foul”. It wasn’t close this week. No need for the tie breaker. Yours truly won again. Choosing an underdog (Minnesota) helped. I was the only one who picked that game. So, here are the results:
    I had 8 correct;
    AJ had 6;
    Mumsee and Chas had 5;
    Janice and Kevin had 4.


  6. LSU needs to be #1 on Monday. This is the 5th top 10 ranked team they’ve beaten this year.

    Nobody, including Ohio State, has come close to that type of achievement. And honestly, ‘Bama should only fall to #4. And they should give Hurts the ‘Bama QB the Heisman. He was a beast yesterday, even though the defense didn’t show. That was a good game.

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  7. It was a tough day. Even the preacher mentioned it to me. Youngest GD went to App. as did the husband of middle GD.
    But it is a sport. Gamecock and Boilermaker fans can’t be too touchy.
    Purdue won, BTW. Though neither Purdue nor North Western has a good team.
    I don’t mind that so much. As I said to the preacher, App’s team is made of guys who dreamed of playing for the Gamecocks, Tigers, Dogs, Heels, Vols , or some such, but weren’t chosen.


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