Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 14

It’s RIVALRY WEEK. All these games are big rivalries, some new, most are old. Some date back 100+ years. My team, Arizona, plays in the 93rd Territorial Cup game, proclaimed by the NCAA in 2001 as “the oldest trophy for a rivalry game in America”, dating back to 1899!

Territorial Cup History is here.

Too bad my Wildcats aren’t having a great year, but then, neither are the Sun Imps. We’ll see.

But since the Iron Bowl is also this week, I decided to make it the tie breaker.

Anyway, get your guesses in before the turkey dinner makes you forget, since the first game is NOON Friday EST.

  1. Texas Tech @ Texas

  2. Iowa @ Nebraska

  3. South Florida @ Central Florida

  4. Ohio State @ Michigan

  5. Wisconsin @ Minnesota

  6. Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

  7. Arizona @ Arizona State

  8. Missouri @ Arkansas

  9. Indiana @ Purdue

10. Tie Breaker: guess winner and final score: Alabama @ Auburn

18 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 14

  1. 1. Texas

    2. Iowa

    3. South Florida

    4. Ohio State

    5. Minnesota

    6. Oklahoma

    7. Arizona

    8. Missouri

    9. Indiana

    10. Tie Breaker: guess winner and final score: Alabama @ Auburn

    Alabama 27. Auburn 24


  2. With Ohio State at #1 now, Michigan fans are fantasizing a repeat of 1969 when Bo Schembechler’s Michigan team upset his mentor Woody Hayes’s #1 Ohio State team. It would be a cool 50th anniversary event, especially with Michigan playing at home.

    I don’t expect it though.

    Central Florida
    Ohio State
    Arizona State
    Alabama 28-21


  3. No I still think Auburn will win. It’s called hedging your bet and supporting your husband and his team. He was with me when I made my choices.
    Without Tua Auburn will see a chance and will fight hard


  4. As of this moment, Kevin is in the lead with 7, but Kim and I have 6. The last game will decide the winner. Right now, Arizona State is up 13-7 in the 3rd quarter. Kevin picked them to win. Kim and I both picked Arizona. If Arizona stops throwing interceptions (3 so far) and turns this around, there will be a 3 way tie. I came closest on the tie breaker, so I would win. I’ll let you know in the morning. I’m going to bed.


  5. It’s official, Kevin is our winner this week, getting 8 of the 10 games.
    Kim and I had 6.
    AJ and Janice 5
    Mumsee and Chas 4

    Congrats Kevin. Pick one of the conference championships for the tie breaker.


  6. Let’s go with B1G (silly logo for the Big 10, which actually has 14 schools – go figure).

    Ohio State vs Wisconsin


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