13 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-15-23

  1. Son is into showing practical love to Mom. He had in his mind to mow the grass after church. I told him that another day besides Sunday would be best. I said, “Some people consider mowing to be work.” He is an apartment dweller and does not think about such things.😀

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  2. I was recently told that a local church was having its members come to church in work clothes and then doing all the yard work after the service. I was a bit shocked and mentioned that it is a day of rest. I got a lecture about all the people who have to work on Sunday. Of course, my own husband had to do so, and I have worked, when necessary, as well. Of course, our Sabbath rest is really in Jesus Christ and his completed work.

    Still, I remember when the blue laws were first struck down in my state and stores were allowed to be open on Sunday. In the large department store where I was employed, working the day was voluntary. The further we have gotten from God, as a society, the more Sunday has become an ordinary day to others. Our weekend reflects our Judeo-Christian beginnings as a nation. Such things must seem quaint to many and are not given a thought to even more.

    I can almost smell those beautiful lilacs.

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  3. Managed to turn the mattress yesterday (it’s one of those really thick ones that you don’t turn “over,” but you do have to rotate by turning it fully every so often).

    And took off the last of the flannel sheets to be replaced by cooler ‘bamboo’ sheets, cheap on Amazon but they work well for me.

    Got the car moved down to the curb for neighbors and ordered some decent slippers as these super-market ones w/no backs I bought in January are getting too flopsy. But they were only $10 I think.

    Another Monday has arrived.


    Good “Monday” thoughts from Challies this morning:

    ~ We are weak creatures—little, frail, and lacking in wisdom and knowledge. But all is not lost because the Bible assures us that God is fully aware of our weaknesses and, even better, cares about them. As the author of Hebrews says, “We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses.”

    What does it mean that we have weaknesses? Certainly it means that we are morally weak, that we are prone to sin and that we face constant temptations to rebel against God. But it means more than that. It means that we are physically weak, embodied beings who get sick and get tired, who are prone to illness and who eventually die. It means that we are intellectually weak, limited in our understanding and, therefore, in our ability to make sense of circumstances and make good decisions. It means that we are emotionally weak, that our minds and hearts easily grow weary and downcast, and are sometimes even diseased and afflicted. All this and much more.

    And then all of these weaknesses accompany us through the toughest of circumstances. We most certainly do experience many great joys in this life, but also many deep sorrows. We face bodily diseases and mental traumas, we face relational discord and friendships that are cut off by death. We have children who disobey and spouses who betray, we face the fires of persecution and the consequences of our own poor decisions.

    And as if all this was not already hard enough, every sorrow, and every pain, and every trial brings with it the temptation to sin. It is so often when we are at our weakest that temptations are strongest, when we are most broken that sin promises to make us whole. It is right then that the world entices us, the flesh ensnares us, the devil incites us. Our enemies don’t fight fair. We can never for a moment let down our guard.

    We are so weak. Life is so hard. Our enemies are so vicious. But God is so good. For it’s to weak people, not strong or self-sufficient people, that the Bible assures us that Jesus knows. He knows the facts of your weaknesses, and even better, he knows the experience of your weaknesses. … ~


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  4. Good morning all. Turns out I am the cause of daughter’s need to divorce her husband. Poor example. I married a man who would get the world for me and she married one who wants her to give him the world. Or so she says.

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  5. aargh, got another call from a lady in Orlando about my rmd request. Now it turns out that I didn’t sign the form. and they don’t accept electronic signatures. Not sure if my printer can scan, but I will try.

    Now I need to go get some more thistles out before it is too hot.

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  6. Oh the smell of them was fantastic, let me tell ya’…..

    I had to walk thru them to get a good whiff, so I took a pic too. 🙂

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  7. So I got some more thistles out, boy are they tall and those thorns go through anything. But my friend said that her grandson knows how to use the tool. He could probably do the rest in an hour. Hoorah!!

    I knew I needed help, I got most of them next to the driveway, but the rest are below the driveway. It is not level at all and I knew that my balance is not good enough to do those.

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  8. Since I’m allergic to dandelion pollen, I’m not going to try eating any part of them😳

    Husband planted our new apple tree today. It’s the start of a little 4 tree orchard – we plan to plant a tree a year for the next 3 years. It’s hard to find fruit trees that hardy for our winters but not impossible

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