89 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-11-21

  1. Jo just wants to make me jealous.
    Cheesecake for breakfast?
    I guess I’ll have Cheerios.
    Good night Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    Looks cold and dreary outside.
    One of the things i’m thankful for is that i’m here, ot there.

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  2. Last night Mumsee asked what kind of birds those are. They are white ones with black wing tips. Wingtips are fashionable shoes, but wing tips are what’s at the end of a wing.

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  3. Morning! I didnโ€™t realize the Monkees had a Christmas album! I do recall their TV show..goofy as all get out!

    We were praying last night for all in the destructive path of tornados last evening. One young woman who is very close to our hearts had just moved to Louisville to work with Catholic Charities. She will be very busy in the coming days reaching out to help those in the areaโ€ฆ

    Well Chas I too am now hankering for some cheesecake..I guess I will join you in having a bowl of Cheerios!!

    The sun is shining this morning and it is bitter cold out there. Snow on the ground and rather slippery roads. We only saw about an inch of the fluffy white delight but weโ€™ll take it!! โ›„๏ธ


  4. I was about six years old, playing at a friend’s house when a neighbor girl ran over carrying a magazine.

    “Look! My mother wrote an article in this magazine!”

    We gathered around to see the mom’s name and I remember being so awed that a “normal” person, this girl’s mom, could write something people would read.

    That was the first time I realized maybe someone like me could write an article in a magazine (or even a book!)

    I thought of that memory the other day when a blog post I wrote ten years ago was used in The Revivalist Magazine this December. (https://www.gbs.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Gods-Revivalist-2021-DEC-web.pdf).

    They’ve published me before, but still, THIS was the magazine that published Oswald Chambers, Lettie and Charles Cowman, and possibly even Juji Nakada.

    And me.

    But more fun awaited when the Adorables came over to decorate Christmas cookies. I showed them the article.

    They peered closer at my name. “You wrote this?”

    Their awe reminded me of that day so long ago.

    It never gets old.

    (Full story here: https://www.michelleule.com/2011/12/23/christmas-god-on-earth-in-a-baby-the-first-time/)

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  5. We’re picking up Adorables (see previous) to take to the Living Nativity rehearsal and costuming at our church this morning.

    J-the-younger needs to come with us since there isn’t a babysitter at his house otherwise.

    Not a major issue except he played the role of Toddler Jesus last year.

    And they’re lacking a Toddler/Baby Jesus this year.

    I know he’ll want to try on a costume, but we’re not in that scene.

    And as a curious three-year-old this year, he may well remember his part.

    I figure we’ll cross that tantrum, er, bridge when we come to it, but once again Grammy may have her hands full. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is 33 degrees here. They’re forecasting another mammoth storm starting tonight–maybe “only” 5 inches this time.

    Our daughter is currently in LA and flying in at 11 o’clock tomorrow night.

    Maybe the flight should be on the prayer list?



  6. I am probably the youngest person you know who saw The Monkees in concert. Mama Ruth’s husband—Daddy Jim used to work at the auditorium sometimes and they played in Mobile, AL sometime around 1985-ish

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  7. The Beach Boys was my first concert, I was probably around 12 or 13 and my girlfriend’s parents took us. We were all dressed up in matching outfits. They’d grown up in the town nextdoor to us but before out time so I’m not sure we even realized that then. They were still at their peak during that concert, though already getting eclipsed by the British wave of bands led by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

    We watched The Monkees when they first came on TV in the mid-60s and liked the zaniness and upbeat music.


    Seeing something you wrote — I’ve been a journalist forever now, but was surprised when I walked into my drug store one day recently and saw a print edition for the first time in ages as the website has so taken over and is all I really see anymore.

    A story I’d written (I write usually 5 a week) was stripped across the top of A1, the front page. It sort of stopped me in my tracks as I stared at that, somewhat surprised at the visual image.

    Prayers for those so impacted by the overnight tornadoes. It all looks devastating.

    We have “weather” coming early in this coming week by way of much needed rain, but more to the north of us first before it comes down our way, as “gm duty” mentioned.


    I didn’t sleep well the night before so I made up for it last night with 9 hours of sleep. Now I just need to get moving, so much to do around here.

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  8. We write letters to the editor in the local papers. Fun. Especially when somebody stops you on the street and says they read it. I have a friend up in Moscow, she does not get the paper. So another friend calls her and reads my letters to her. I guess more people read the letters than I had thought.

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  9. I knew who DJ was the first time she posted on WV.

    I remembered her name from the newspaper my parents read daily (and which I would pick up when visiting).

    Famous before she even knew . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. I got an email from my sister as she was trying to mail me a calendar. No mail coming this way, but I gave her my friends address who is returning.

    Can you imagine being somewhere that mail cannot find. It is because Australia is closed.

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  11. There is an occasional seagull mixed in, but most of those birds are white snow geese. We get thousands of them come thru twice a year.

    And every artist worth their salt has a Christmas album, the Monkees included.

    Even Twisted Sister has one, but I’ll save that for another day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. Congratulations, I think.

    Power is out everywhere now.
    I have power because I had a system installed when I had Elvera. It cost #13.00, and I wouldn’t do that now.
    But I’m glad I have it.

    It is warm in my house and getting cold in others. I hope they fix it quickly. I really do.

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  13. It makes me very happy you invested in it for her, Chas. If needed, your family could come join you. Or neighbors. Or church folk.

    I would like it if I could convince my dad to get a chair for stepmom that has a back up for the electric raising and lowering. She has been stuck in it before.

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  14. I could get a rechargable battery pack that recharges with the original power cord. That sounds perfect. But convincing my dad…..


  15. As I sit here listening to strong winds outside and reading about the decimation to the east, I think of Revelation. Son and I were just discussing that a couple of days ago. I believe it was Rev 7: 1-3 where it talks about the four angels charged with holding back the four winds. One wonders if they were told to let go.


  16. I had a Christmas album from the Partridge Family when I was young. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Monkees and their TV show were on when I was still pretty young, but a friend and I discovered them when we were teenagers, and the show was in reruns. Even today, I like a lot of their songs. (And yes, I especially like the ones that Mike Nesmith was the lead on.)

    Many of you probably already know that Nesmith’s mother invented Liquid Paper when she was an executive secretary. She died fairly young, at age 56, and left Mike, her only child, a fortune.

    Some people have derided The Monkees as a pretend band (“The Pre-Fab Four”, they were dubbed), but all four of the guys were musicians already.

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  17. We ended our service with singing Unto Us a Child is Born
    I need to get our the Messiah and spend the day listening. That is my favorite music of all.

    I guess I can use my computer to listen. But the cd player is at school. I ordered a new one for my class and it came. Mine is at school. It is very funny as the lid will not stay closed so I have a wrist weight on top to hold the lid closed. Whatever works, you know….

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  18. They
    They will be
    is all I got, then I got lost.

    Chas, you know how to type by memory. You just are starting off one key to the left.


  19. Mumsee – Liquid Paper was in a little bottle with an applicator (somewhat like in a nail polish bottle) to fix typos when using a typewriter. Also known as White Out, which was a different brand of the same thing.

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  20. No, I don’t think these storms are the angels releasing the four winds. That sounds like major destruction everywhere, not limited to a small region.


  21. I agree with Mumsee, Chas. You’re doing well with remembering which finger of which hand to use when typing. It’s just hard to see where exactly to place your hands.

    My keyboard has little raised protrusions at the front edge of the “f” key and “j” key as guides for where to set your pointer fingers. Do you have those little guides to feel where the pointer fingers go in the home row, Chas?

    I think what happened in the 8:29pm post was both of your hands were one key to the right of home position. So this:

    Yjru eo;; nr. dp,rfsu z,i,drr/

    is translated

    “They will be, someday Mumsee.” (A reply to Mumsee’s 7:59pm post about Revelation 7:1-3.)

    Likewise, RAOM from the other day, can be translated RAIN, a response to an earlier one-word comment that said “RAIN!!”

    The musings of a piano teacher, who analyzes hand positions a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  22. Oh I love how 6 knew what happened with Chas keyboard! My guess was that he was somewhere to the left or the right of normal positioning because I have certainly done that a time or two! Then I would look at the screen and think to myself โ€œwhat in the world?!โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  23. My friend and I left the luncheon just as the storm was cranking up. We had a great time. I ordered a black bean burger which was pretty good but no match for the Beyond Meat burger.

    We have the greatest group of ladies in this small writer’s group. Two of them are from my Bible study group. Christian friends are tops!

    Art is passing kidney stones tonight. So much for doing something on my birthday tomorrow,lolwc.
    Laughing Out Loud While Crying
    I am thankful he has no constant pain, only in the passing.
    We are becoming pros at the routine.


  24. Thank you, Six! I knew it was there, just could not figure it out. I kept telling my children to wait, I was decoding. Should have just waited for you!


  25. Agreed, big brother. They just remind me of it. Like when wild beasts attack people it reminds me of Revelation when wild animals and others are allowed to destroy one third. A lot of things point me back to God and His Word. I consider it a good thing.

    Yes, it will be much bigger when it happens. Birth pangs. They start small and build up.

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  26. Change of plans. Fifteen is sick. Again. Third time in the past month. Struggling to breathe. I will nebulize him today but probably take him back in tomorrow.

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  27. Happy Birthday, Janice!

    NancyJill, 11:03pm, I’ve done that, too — getting one hand on the wrong keys. ๐Ÿ™‚ The funniest was the time I wrote an email, and when I signed with just my first name, after I used the right-side Shift key to capitalize my name, I accidentally shifted my whole right hand one key to the right. So it looked like the email was signed by a fish with a semi-colon at the end. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Mumsee, your 9:16pm post helped me when you identified the first word of Chas’s mystery post as “They.” I couldn’t figure that out when I was puzzling over it before you posted. You gave me the assist I needed to go from there and get the rest of the sentence. So thank YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  28. Today we had a photographer friend of Pastor Nathan’s taking photos of the sanctuary, and some of Pastor Nathan as he preached. He was also there to take photos of whoever would want their picture taken in front of the Christmas tree in the foyer after service. The photos will be sent to us via email.

    Before service began, he took photos of a family that was there early. Then my friend Cindy started gently pulling me towards the tree, saying, “Come on. Let’s get a photo together!” I initially resisted, but she urged me on (in a friendly way), so we had our picture taken together. Then we had our friend Christine join us for another one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hate having my picture taken, and am always self-conscious about how my “smile” might look. But I was touched that Cindy wanted to do that with me.

    (Btw, I realized that some do not approve of Christmas decorations in a church. To my way of thinking, they are similar to other seasonal decorations that a church might have.)

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  29. Happy Birthday, Janice!

    I had another restless night — general anxiety, I’ve concluded — so was up through much of the pre-dawn hours reading. Cowboy had to go out a couple times but recently Tess is stretching herself out in doorways and otherwise blocking Cowboy’s route through the house to the back door. He not only feels a bit wobbly but is somewhat reticent to “cross” Tess as she is the Alpha dog and can be snippy with him.

    But she’s also having rear-end struggles so getting up can be stressful for her, too.

    So that all requires shepherding by me — shepherding the sheep dogs — and it’s never a quick resolution. But we got there.

    Then the cat started to throw up after we got back to bed — she was on the bed, of course — and when I tried to lift her off, her nails dug into the blankets while she’s hacking away so I could not separate her … I finally got her dropped off the bed and she barfed on the floor which then needed cleaning up …

    I finally got back to sleep probably around 6 a.m. and had a strange dream about a snowman outside my bedroom window (this seemed to be my first apartment bedroom in the dream, a tall slider window). I think I was just cold, so I flipped the heat back on after that.

    Anyway, I had to livestream the sermon today, I don’t think I woke up (for real) after all that until 9 a.m.

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  30. I was sorry to see Chris Wallace is leaving Fox, but not overly surprised.

    I search and search, sometimes in vain, for good sources of televised national news that provides different perspectives and not a left or right echo chamber.

    Fox’s news lineup has been pretty good at providing that, but I fear it’s drifting more toward complete echo-chamber status.

    Hopefully they’ll get a good replacement show that offers guests and ideas from other perspectives.


  31. I agree, Chas, Sunday afternoons can be hard.

    But yesterday I wrote thank you notes and then took them over to a family that is leaving who will mail them somewhere, sometime.


  32. Everyone was so excited that they upped the number of folks that can be in church. But they still had to wear masks and be in separate rows, so I stayed home.

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  33. Praying that will help to heal the lining of his lungs Mumsee. Our youngest had an inhaled steroid for a couple years and that method of treatment led to healing by the time she exited teenagehoodโ€ฆ


  34. Donna: You have to search and find one that suits you.
    There is no such thing ass real ofjective reposrting.

    Sorry for the typos. I can’t see to fix them.


  35. Sundays can still be hard for me. This was the day when Hubby and I would have the most quality time together, and had our special little routine. My own Sunday routine still goes along those lines.

    As I type this, Nightingale is about to dissect the pig fetus on my dining room table. She has put down a couple layers of puppy pads, but the box also included a styrofoam tray and absorbent pad on which to lay the piggy.

    It looks like it was full-term, or very close to it. It is almost a foot long, and has some hair on its body, and pretty much looks just like a little pig.

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  36. Thank you all for the many birthday wishes! It has been a good day. The Sunday school class sang Happy Birthday to me and thrn we sang to another member whose birthday was a few days earlier.

    Art is still trying to pass his kidney stones. He decided to NOT take his diruetic today.

    We went to Bruester’s for hot fudge sundaes. It was too complicater to order takeout from my phone. That’s partly because my better reading glasses broke this morning. I tried to call in a pizza order but all the lady coulf say was “You are incoherent.” That was my ticket to go get filled up on ice cream and brownie. Art spilled part of his as I handed it through the car window to him. I reminded him we use to get these treats at Shoney’s when we were first married. There were no dinner crowds at Bruester’s.๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  37. Had to laugh when I realized what I was doing: As Nightingale was dissecting the little piggy, I was making a ham and cheese sandwich for my dinner. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  38. “You are incoherent.” LOL Great line, and I suspect I could be on the receiving end of that one sometimes!

    I finally realized I had what was probably a sinus headache that I woke up with and could not shake all day despite some Excedrin and Bayer. I took a brief nap late in the afternoon and woke up feeling better. I went to the grocery store to get some things I was out of and also picked up some cold meds. My whole face was hurting, it’s mostly gone but still lingering a little bit. No wonder I was in such a really BAH, HUMBUG kind of mood and got nearly nothing done.

    I don’t think it’s my imagination — seems like a lot fewer Christmas lights in our neighborhood this year. Either everyone’s late or just pandemic-ed out and can’t get the enthusiasm going.


  39. Yes, dj. I thought how clever of that worker to get paid to tell customers that all night long . It cut down on any other work she would have to do. Why make pizzas when all you have to do is tell everyone three words!


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