Our Daily Thread 1-13-22

Good Morning!

Today is Kizzie’s birthday.


The header is from Peter.


Anyone have a QoD?

47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-13-22

  1. It is cold here this morning. I was relieved to log in to my exercise program this morning and find that today is a rest day. I have 2 doctors appointments today. One is just a regular check up to get a prescription refilled. The other is with an orthodontist to pick up my invisalign “braces”. They really pushed those and they were also the cost of old fashioned braces. Then it struck me. Invisaligns take less maintenance than regular appointments and adjustments for the metal mouth braces, so it makes financial sense. They can handle more patients. Just how my brain works these days.

    In other news, I asked you to pray for R&R and Mama R that they would get their house. We did the walk through on Tuesday. Yesterday we got those three magic words, CLEAR TO CLOSE!!!!! We don’t have a closing scheduled so far today and if we do it will be tough for me to make it. If we close tomorrow it will be almost impossible to attend. I have made arrangements for someone else to attend because these are people that I just can’t let go to closing without someone there.

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  2. Ok, some of you got it. Adam was the only other man without an earthly father. It can be argued that Eve does not count as she was taken from man. It was all part of the First Sunday in Epiphany sermon last Sunday.
    Adam was perfect until the fall. Jesus was and is perfect. Jesus was the redemption of Adam. Father M drew the parallels. He used a story from his middle school years where he was the scrawny, short kid on the middle school basketball team and how the coach made a difference in his life by sending him to the locker room to shower and change while he kept the rest of the team on the court to practice. Father M was worried he had done something wrong. The coach told him “No. You are good”. Good is GOOD.
    I am really enjoying being “back home” in my own church. As you may remember part if the reason I left and started attending at the Baptist church was first because Guy and his family started attending my church and I couldn’t sit in church with him as angry as I was with him. Second, there was a Sunday school class that I very much felt like I needed to be in. It is led be a licensed therapist and our class of all women operated under therapy rules. What was said in Sunday school class was private and not to be repeated outside of class. I did a whole lot of healing there.
    I am no longer angry with Guy. I have come to realize that as much as he pushed my buttons I pushed his. I have decided he is probably the closet I will feel to having a sibling. I love him and hate him to the same degree. Now I probably feel more love for him than hate. I even call him every now and then to ask a question. This week I sent one of my agents to him to give a referral. I like being where I am right now.

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  3. I am with you concerning Word Press Kim…it was nearly impossible for me to log in yesterday afternoon and it kept kicking me off!! I just gave up after a while 😞
    Praying that this transaction will go through smoothly for your clients. I have found closings to be so stressful..and I have only sat through three!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear KIZZIE!! We love you and celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU!! 🎂 🎉

    We are preparing for a couple inches of snow tomorrow with much colder temps. This roller coaster of a winter has been interesting. Almost 60 one day and 20 the next…this is our new norm… 🥶 ☀️

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  4. Happy Birthday, Kizzie!
    May you be blessed today with a multitude of treats, some expected and others unexpected. May you feel the loving presence of God in your heart and surrounding you all day long. May the joy of the Lord bubble up inside as you realize His goodness to you. Somehow I think you will have a cake, so enjoy every bite, and don’t forget to tell us all about it. We can enjoy all the virtual calories!

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  5. Kim, so glad you can get back to your church, and what a wonder of forgiveness and love the Lord has worked into your life. It’s great to hear your testimony.

    We are expecting snow and ice on Sunday. The weather reporter said it’s been a record of nothing like that for four years.

    This morning I ordrred an undated appointment book for the upcoming tax season. It is a monotonous job to go through and put the tax preparer’s name and the dates at the top of the columns. Art continues to do things the old-fashioned way. At least doing it this way we don’t encounter the inability to set appointments because the system is down.

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  6. A short lesson on stalagmites:

    They are a type of cave formation that grows from the floor, usually below a stalactite. Geologists say it takes about 100 years to grow 1 cubic inch on average. The ones in the photo are made of ice, not stone. It only took one week to grow up to a foot tall. I won’t be back to the cave util Saturday, and since the weather warmed up, those icicles will probably be gone.

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  7. Morning Chas! You have been prayed for too!

    Let’s see if I can log in now…Word is driving me nuts! I cannot like anything and if I try I am sent to a blank page. If I log in it takes me to another page to log in again…can I blame Biden on this one…I’m gonna anyway 😂

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  8. I almost always only comment from my computer. Anything else is too much work. I guess I am not alone. I see better on my computer anyway.

    I kind of chuckled at the ‘nippy cold weather.’ Yesterday everyone around here was saying how nice it was outside because it was a bit above 20 degrees. We all whine in the fall when it is that same temperature. Human nature is so interesting.

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  9. Happy Birthday, Kizzie!

    Good to get filled in by KIM (I like the all-caps).. And I also am glad you’ll be getting back to your home church, it seemed like a good fit.

    WP had some major glitch yesterday that knocked our work platforms out as well, but it was resolved fairly quickly apparently — but it was down for a while.

    Our temps are dropping again today, it was a somewhat chilly night. But my gas heating bill was $300 for the past month. (Partly I’m trying to keep the house warm as much as possible for Cowboy, also, as the vet said keeping him warm is important right now). So I usually have the heater on all day (it automatically shuts off, but I also have to keep the back door open for the dogs, so … ). I turn it off overnight.

    We do have a 1% chance of rain today.

    I have a virtual port meeting that starts in about an hour and am trying to get a story about longshore absences spiking due to covid, so a busy day. But I’m off tomorrow and Monday, yay. Just in time as my vacation time capped out earlier this week, meaning I hit the maximum time I can keep on the books; now I stop accruing any new time until I get those hours down which means using some of it.

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  10. Veith writing about a WSJ piece today:



    Dealing with the COVID epidemic has been taking a toll on nurses and other health care professionals. The overtime shifts, the staffing shortages, the triage of patients, the grief at losing so many, exasperation with the healthcare establishment, and firings due to the vaccine mandate are leaving frontline medical workers frustrated, exhausted, and emotionally drained. …

    … The term “calling,” along with the Latinate form “vocation,” of course, has become commonplace even in secular circles. But it derives from the Christian doctrine of vocation, a preoccupation of my recent writing (see the links below) and of this blog.

    Though the Wall Street Journal doesn’t discuss “calling” in terms of the One who calls us to love and serve our neighbors in all of our stations in life into which He has brought us, it raises some important issues that are worth thinking through theologically. …

    … We can expect trials and tribulations in our vocations, the “bearing of the Cross” that forces us to rely more and more on God, who inhabits and works through our callings. Could your burnout really be a Cross instead, one that by driving you to desperate prayer and a more intense reliance on Christ your cross-bearer, can actually increase your faith? …

    Continued prayer for those in the medical field on the front lines as the situation, again, becomes more tense and difficult. I can’t even imagine.

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  11. Let’s see if I can do this on the phone. Errands done now I will take my sweet neighbor her flowers and gourmet cupcakes to celebrate her 78th birthday. They are still quarantined so on the porch they will be placed! Hopefully her husband will retrieve them before being discovered by squirrel or deer!

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  12. I’d say the unknown there (2:17) would be the rapidly changing virus with new variants, the vulnerability of the people involved — and the old adage that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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  13. Morning all. Friday here. This first week of school has been long. It is interesting to have so few students. And I have had one or two absent everyday. So five or six students. A preschool teacher was making playdough and made some for me. So nice, that is one of the things that Wendy always does.

    I think that I am going to try and go into the finance department today. I went to give money to the hospital where Wendy’s son is, but not sure how to fill out the form.

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  14. One pod got moved out from next door, and one remains. It’s just feeling too hard to say goodbye to someone I hardly got to know.

    And I just heard that a lady at church who recently had surgery has passed away. We are all in a bit of shock. But I also got good news that a couple we prayed much for are going to adopt a four year old boy. So much sadness and gladness packed into one day.

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  15. This morning I did errands. I went to Sam’s to get gas, pay our bill, and shop, and then went on to the library to return dvd’s and pick up a requested book. While out, I began thinking how many extra steps there are to anything we do these days. It makes me weary considering it all.

    Because of employee shortages I think it took four times as long in line at Sam’s. I did talk to the clerk about her cute polka dot sweater and she seemed happy to tell me all about it. I felt sure she needed a break from the grocery checking out routine if only for a two minute chat. I considered talking to others in line, but chose instead to keep wiggling my legs and feet because just standing still for so long was getting to me. There was a man by himself in front of me and a Hispanic family with several children behind me, not ones I would naturally strike up conversation with.


  16. Thank you all for the birthday greetings! It has been a nice, fairly relaxing day, as I made sure to do my usual Thursday housework earlier in the week. 🙂

    Tomorrow, being a day off for Nightingale, we will have our family celebration (including Chickadee) for my birthday. Nightingale will be making her version of Taco Bell’s Crunch Wrap Supremes, at my request. She made them last week, and they were delicious! (She was probably surprised that I did not request pizza, which is my favorite food, and usually what I ask for. 🙂 ) She will also be making an Amaretto-flavor cake.

    And tonight we are having tacos. 😀

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  17. Great news.

    Now all the people fired should sue the employer that did it.

    BREAKING: SCOTUS has struck down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private employers.


    — Townhall.com (@townhallcom) January 13, 2022


    BREAKING: #SCOTUS puts OSHA workplace on hold, allows vaccine mandate for health care workers.

    — Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) January 13, 2022

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  18. Kizzie, that sounds like a great meal plan where you are! So glad Chickadee will be joining you, too.

    It’s been a full day on my end, I’m writing 4 stories which is a lot in one day. So I’ll be working a little late — part of this is because I’m taking a day off tomorrow.

    Sewer repair done combined w/county files a lawsuit over stench in one of our channels, port extends its dwell time fee on containers that stick around too long, port officials are hoping open up part of the new waterfront development walkway ahead of schedule as construction continues on the overall project, and covid is causing some absentee surges among dockworkers.

    That be the only news I have time to deal with today. 🙂

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  19. So. I picked up my Invisalign braces today. I have 48 sets and will change them each week. I have good old fashioned rubber bands to put on them but it is much harder with plastic braces.
    You all should have seen Mr P and me in the bathroom trying to get them hiked where they were supposed to be. 🤦‍♀️😬😫

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  20. Happy birthday, Kizzie!

    Good luck with the braces, Kim.

    😦 vaccine mandates…Many of our workers who were guilted into taking the shots are now having serious second thoughts about the boosters. They are no longer eligible for exemptions due to accepting the first doses. Each person should make their own, informed decision.

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  21. A four-story day. Haven’t had one of those in a very long time, if ever (?); usually a 3-story day is our limit and those do come along from time to time.

    But how good to know I’m “off” tomorrow.

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