51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-19-22

  1. Waffle House. Once when we were traveling with the children, we saw a WF in Oklahoma City and stopped for breakfast. I wondered why it wasn’t called Pancake House, since there were only 3 varieties of waffles, but several ore of pancakes.

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  2. When daughter was here, she contacted the farrier to come see to the horses so we are looking at that this afternoon. Nobody has worked with them in years. Should be interesting. Then, next month, she plans to take both of them away to other homes where they will get more human interaction. It will be good for them.

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  3. Morning! Lots to get done this day before the cold front moves in. Have to cover my tender plants that are just now popping their green little heads above ground! We are supposed to get down to 21 degrees tomorrow night….brrrrr
    Now I’m hungry for pancakes!! 🥞


  4. Another hot day here. I’m headed out to walk early.

    Deadlines keep piling up!

    I showed Bible Project videos on The Prophets; The Temple; and an overview of Haggai on Tuesday, so we didn’t finish the whole lesson (it’s a two-chapter book).

    The videos, however, were golden and helped frame the discussion beautifully. I don’t always agree with BP’s theology, but I always learn something from the videos. They’re priceless.

    (Our Hill went to Multnomah with the two founders, so we’ve been hearing about them for years).

    We’ll finish the lesson next Tuesday, watch the Zechariah video, and start lesson 2.

    Which means more prep for me.

    Writing out a list and giving the deadlines helps me work through things–and my list is long already.

    I’ll be speaking in June for the first time in 2.5 years, pretty much since I saw Janice.

    As the Bible study teacher at an Lutheran Women’s Missionary League regional convention, I’ve been so careful with the study, I wrote out my notes with links.

    Now, I need to practice it–it’s 2 one-half hour teachings–and make sure I can lead the entire study in the right amount of time.

    I haven’t had time to practice before.

    Everything was on schedule until a friend called wanting to visit for five days the end of the month.

    For the first time ever, I had to limit them. I just have too many things to do the first 8 days of June!

    They were very nice about it, but that’s why I have to get everything else done, organized, and ready to go–if not scheduled–pretty much before they arrive.

    And, of course, the excitement of our daughter moving and needing to paint, etc. I’m tired already.

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  5. Busy, busy, busy . . .Michelle!

    We got to Waffle House at 8 a.m. and brother pulled up at 9:15 beside us. He gave me the ugliest glare I’d ever seen from him before he got out of the car. He was there at 8, too, had already had breakfast there, been by our house to check for us, been by another Waffle House, and came back to this one. We’d past his car right as we had entered, and he’d past our car as he’d left on his search for us. At one point Art and Wesley had gotten out of the car looking in the lot for him but did not see him because he was on his hunt. He uses a phone card with minutes which were up so we were unable to be in contact with each other. I was on my phone checking traffic reports when he pulled up.

    But it is, as usual, all my fault.

    My grits and scrambled eggs with black coffee were sweeter given the long wait for them.

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  6. The farrier comes by today. The youngsters have been prepping for him. Well, fourteen went out and did her task, mucking out the stable. Fifteen was supposed to clear out and prep the gate so they could be closed into the smaller area. Last I saw, he was heading to the wood shed to read newspapers. I guess he will be going out in the wind and snow and hail to do the task. Opportunity missed. She is glad her part is done.

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  7. Kim’s comment reminds me of this question, which could be a QOD – Which do you prefer – hash browns or home fries?

    Although I do like home fries, I prefer hash browns.

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  8. NancyJill – Your Colorado is expecting a lot of snow this weekend, and my Connecticut is expecting high heat (90s) and humidity. I’ll trade ya!

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  9. Reading last night’s comments made me think that you folks with the footboards on your beds should wear steel-toed boots while making your bed. You are welcome for this tip. 🙂

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  10. Art loved his hash browns scattered and smothered😀 I don’t eat nightshade plants so I can’t enjoy a favorite food, but the advantage is I don’t wear calories from potatoes😀

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  11. I have not been to a Waffle House in thirty years and when I did, I never had hash browns. Nor would I use Heinz 57. French’s mustard. But since I don’t eat hash browns, that would be on the french fries which I don’t eat either but used mustard when I used to. Same thing on salads if they must be eaten.

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  12. The former associate with World Magazine (may still be with them in some capacity), Warren Cole Smith, is doing a presentation by Zoom for the Aeropagus Forum at 7 p.m. Eastern.
    His talk is titled, “The Three Greatest Challenges Facing Christians Today.”

    If interested, you need to register at the Aeropagus website.

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  13. I guess I don’t go barefoot around the house, can’t remember ever jamming a toe into a bed post as I walked around it. (And even without a headboard, wouldn’t it still need a “leg” back there?)

    Hashbrowns I think, it’s been so long since I’ve gone out for breakfast.

    I was working on the my front porch with the computer and all my campaign notes this morning when a volunteer came up to ask if I’d voted, she was canvasing for one of the City Council candidates I’m writing about. I told her no, hadn’t voted yet, but planned to do so and I thanked her for doing the foot-soldier work of going door to door.

    I’ve stepped on a cat paw twice so far this morning when she was underfoot demanding food.

    Thankfully I did get a reprieve on the election story I still have to turn in, it’s now not running until next week but I still have all the interviews to do today.

    It’s another cool, May Gray day here on the coast, marine layer is providing a full cover.

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  14. Now that the five year old is no longer visiting, I have taken out the Mom’s Day gift from second son. 200 pieces: The Clearly Impossible Puzzle. Should be fun. The back of the package says:
    The Clearly Impossible Puzzle is a clear puzzle that is uniquely designed, Although pieces may look alike, there is only one way to solve it, This untraditional puzzle contains false edge and corner pieces throughout, With no way of telling top or bottom, it creates a challenging assembly for even an extreme puzzler.

    Because the pieces are clear, you cannot tell which is right side up is what they mean by top from bottom.

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  15. I’m not a gravy-“smothered” type.

    Even at Thanksgiving, I make sure my gravy is all in a separate little side dish and not poured all over the meat, stuffing, potatoes, etc.

    Just a little bit on the potatoes is plenty.

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  16. Oh dear Kizzie you can keep the heat! It is actually quite warm here today. 77 degrees and windy. Walking out on the property and hearing the crunching of very dry pine needles gives one pause. We so desperately need moisture. And if cold temps accompany all that foot of snow..so be it…we shall deal with it. We are Colorado after all! 😂 (the Christmas tree is in the basement all set up still from Christmas…perhaps I should just lug it upstairs for a couple of days!! 🎄

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  17. And my favorite breakfast would be biscuits and gravy. I cannot choose between hash browns and country potatoes. I have such a weakness for potatoes…any form of preparation. And bread…let’s not forget bread…carbs carbs carbs!

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  18. It is supposed to be warm here today, at forty three. But there is a cold wind blowing and lots of snow flakes in the air. The farrier comes today so we have been out catching horses and penning them in a small pen to make it easier when he gets here. I do not do horses so I have supervised while fourteen does the footwork. Fifteen was assigned a task but he shirked and hid in the wood shed to read newspapers. So I told him to stay out there until I have another chore for him to attempt. Meanwhile, daughter is doing school work again now that granddaughter has gone home.

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  19. hmmm… I have waffles in the freezer, but mostly have them for snack or dinner.
    Hash browns mixed with two fried eggs are great.

    Time for market. I will probably skip next week.
    Hopefully the van is out there.

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  20. So, I googled “scattered and smothered”. One article on Waffle House explained:

    “. . .True Waffle House devotees have their hash brown orders committed to memory, but for everyone else, the menu translates each esoteric term: “Scattered” refers to spreading the hash browns out across the grill so they get crispy all around — otherwise, they’re cooked inside a steel ring — and is one of the mostly commonly heard terms thrown around at WH; many also order them “well-done.” The other topping options are smothered (sautéed onions), covered (melted American cheese), chunked (bits of ham), diced (tomatoes), peppered (jalapeños), capped (grilled mushrooms), topped (chili), or country (smothered in sausage gravy).”

    I would have thought that “smothered” meant smothered with gravy, but I guess not. I think I would have mine smothered and country, but not scattered.

    A local restaurant that has since closed had Biscuits and Sausage Gravy on their menu, and I loved that with a side of scrambled eggs.

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  21. Chas would be horrified at you all getting your hash browns smothered and I am too!

    Made it through market, though the pickings were slim and I will skip next week. My freezer is pretty full.

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  22. Gravies on anything are an abomination. Exception: sausage gravy made by husband once every five to ten years.


  23. What? Mumsee lives in Idaho and doesn’t like potatoes? Inconceivable! That would be like a Georgian not liking peaches, wouldn’t it?

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  24. mumsee, but you live in Idaho. Don’t you have to like potatoes?

    I’m not crazy about sausage either, but love bacon.

    Gravy, as I’ve said, nah, maybe just a little bit on appropriate foods.

    Scattered would be the way I’d like hash browns, well done. Onions OK too.

    Interviewed an unpleasant candidate for city council which prompted me to look up an email I’d received last week from a retired FBI agent doing private security for a company who says they had some issues with him, so I’ll bite.

    Just learned in a company tweet I’d gotten a 3rd place California Journalism award for business writing (for port coverage).

    And I met a new neighbor, Olivia, who was walking her cattle dog Turbo by my house, cute dog. She just bought the house two doors down, former owner moved to Texas (where else?)

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  25. Thinking of butter on mashed potatoes reminded me that when my mom would make oatmeal, she would serve it to me mixed with milk and sugar, and with a pat of butter melting right on top, in the center. Yummy!

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  26. Congratulations on your award Dj!! 😊
    Oh a new neighbor with a dog! Cattle dogs are great dogs….loyal and so focused on their human….

    When I meet one of my friends for breakfast we meet at Cracker Barrel…her favorite place in this world. I get the biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon…and a side of the hash brown casserole. I never eat there unless this friend calls which is maybe once a year….

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  27. The absolute worst potato is mashed. Very disturbing childhood memories of needing to leave the table abruptly….


  28. I am not a gravy fan. I like my hashbrowns crisp. I have one daughter who never was a potato fan either. Not even for French fries. I just don’t understand it any more than I understand my friend who is not a fan of chocolate. 🙂

    I have gotten black and blue marks on my thighs from my footboard, if I round the corners too close. Not sure I have stubbed my toes, although I may have.

    We will be getting cold again and many areas are having a lot of damage from flooding. Last year drought; this year flooding.

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