33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-13-23

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. The cherries alongside the deck are in full bloom, as are the pears, plums, apples, currants, maples, etc. Enjoying the not yet hot weather and hoping my lawn mower gets back from the repair folk before it is a jungle out there! Too late.

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  2. Morning! Beautiful start to the day before the rain clouds move back in this afternoon.
    A big ol’ elk decided to visit us this morning… majestic and oh so beautiful ..

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  3. wow, I didn’t even make it on here yesterday. My yard is a jungle, but I see deer enjoying it.
    oh, just saw a bee inside. Must have come in when I was bringing in the groceries.
    Watched the littles for four hours yesterday. They had been sick and dad needed to go to work. Survived the youngest having a whiny fit. Sorry, that doesn’t work on me. I just held firm and sent her for a three minute quiet time.
    Then I went to Walmart. Shouldn’t have brought printer ink as now I am broke. Just have to be creative. Of course there is food in the house.

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  4. Printer ink is crazy expensive. And working from home, I need to replenish more than usual (I tend to rely on printed hard copies — agendas, printouts for story background information, typed interview notes, etc.).

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  5. Sorry, me @11:12

    Grateful that it’s Saturday, I plan to try the new meatball-treat idea for car training Abby today for the first time, we’ll see how that goes. I think I’ll have to be very patient and this will go on for a while, baby steps.

    And I’m trying to clear some stuff out of the house, it’s been such a difficult year around here with the aging dog care ongoing for so many months and then the loss and mourning of those two, the knee surgery, the loss of the cat; the low spirits that came with all of that off and on; things seemed to always be in a state of transition and difficulty and sadness and the house reflected that.

    One challenge is I need to figure out how to get this really heavy cat “tree” out (which will be a very good thing, it served its purpose well, Annie loved it, but it’s tattered and worn and I’m looking forward to getting some more space with that gone from the front room when it’s gone — just need to figure out how to get it out). More clothes, books, other things to start bagging/packing to drop off/give away also.

    Abby’s dog crate is another space hog in the front room, but she still loves that thing … Maybe I can shift things around to at least get it out of the middle of the room!

    So, corner by corner, time to start addressing the physical chaos that ensued during that very difficult past year. My demanding work schedule and needing some serious down time on weekends to recover from that has been an impediment, but time to start picking away. I have already been going through the closets here and there and getting clothes packed to either keep or give away, so I guess I have gotten some start at it all.

    Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll be warming up, it’s supposed to be 70 today, I think. I read where the Pacific Northwest and parts of western Canada are getting an unusual/unseasonal heat wave this weekend.

    I’m sure we’ll get our share of those again this summer, too; I could do without that. 😦

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  6. We got the garden laid out today. Now husband can put in the pea trellis, stakes for rows and the covering hoops for the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants.

    It’s warm enough to plant and the forecast looks very warm, but I’m leery – we don’t usually put plants out until June 1st or the weekend just before.

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  7. oh, Dj, I can relate. Still a few boxes left. Haven’t even looked at my closet. It is full of clothes. Of course if I lost some pounds maybe more of them would fit.

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  8. We bought new ink just to find we could not get the printer to work. We finally got someone to look at the printer and found one of the inks was defective. The guy who fixed it, thought that was the case, however, we had to buy new ink to test his theory. It is spendy to keep buying ink, I told him. He told me he would make sure we could return the ink if we bought it at the business he worked from. The only ones there were $50.00, so I made sure before I purchased it that I would really be able to return it. They assured me I would; I purchased it and the machine works great. I am still out the almost twenty for the first defective ink. I paid cash and no longer had the receipt. I will be more careful to keep it next time. Defective one was from Walmart. Didn’t bother trying to replace it without the receipt.

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  9. I think it can be cheaper to just buy a new printer some times.

    We planted pea seeds! Before Mother’s Day!!! The two week forecast looks amazing (except for lack of rain). But we could still have freezing temps and snow so we won’t plant anything else for now.

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  10. Looks like Mother’s Day is being celebrated today and tonight (Saturday) in our community — beaches and parks are packed (city park next to the grocery store had a Latino theme going with pony rides, mariachis and people dancing in the grass). Lots of cars parked all along our street, too, looks like neighbors on both sides are doing the holiday tonight.

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  11. And the Tamale Man was wheeling his cart up our street as I drove out to pick up some groceries, I gave him a wave. TA-MA-LES.

    The meatballs weren’t enough to get Abby even poking her head into the backseat of the car. Had to put the dish on the driveway, she ate it then. Sigh.

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  12. Celebrating our mothers today who gave us life. And may those who experience this as a sorrowful day for whatever reason be comforted by God in some new way that eases pain and brings on the full joy of the Lord.

    When I consider the lack of thanks and appreciation for the major group of vomit, pee, and poop cleaners in the world, a day to celebrate them seems quite appropriate.

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  13. A post copied a d pasted from a friend for Mother’s Day:
    “Memories of Mother’s Day! A poem shared with me by Dorothy Baidy, a former Selma teacher who used to go the the Grist Y, then the new YMCA and always gave handmade cards for uplifting people.
    She is the hand that sooths,
    the voice that calms.
    Her song is nighttime’s lullaby.
    She is the spirit of giving,
    the lightness of laughter.
    Her heart dances to the
    rhythm of all life.
    She is the wisdom of the past
    the inspiration of the future.
    Her stories share the pride
    of her people.
    She is a builder of lives
    an advocate of teamwork…
    And for her, with her, and through her,
    you are above all things truly blessed.
    Whatever we are, whatever we call her,

    Wishing you a day that nurtures you with the kind of laughter, love, and joy that are so much a part of the woman and mother that your are! Happy Mother’s Day….(copied from the last MD card I received from Mrs. Baidy)”

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  14. Happy birthday, the real, and happy Mother’s Day to you as well. Where would you be without your mother and where would your daughter be without hers?

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  15. All the ladies got a rose today in church. I ended up getting two so after church I took one to a widow friend who had given her mom a dozen roses but had not gotten a rose herself. Thankful for the God prompt to do that!⚘

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