45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-6-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. Roosters are crowing and presumably eating lots of grasshoppers. Off with the younger two to Moscow. Husband will remain home as his brother and sis in law are stopping by on their way home to Reno. See? We are on the same to some place!

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  2. Morning! Pretty butterfly on the softest part of the thistle?! We are seeing many monarchs around here and I am trying to keep Pip from chasing them!

    It is a beautiful morn here and the temps are predicted to be not so warmish. Rain a possibility today and tomorrow.

    I am hoping for a not so busy weekend as the next two weeks will be nuts around here. Husband’s friend coming for two weeks…this has been a bone of contention around here and I am trying to not overreact but this one is hard for me!

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  3. My doorbell rang last night, which was wonderful. My youngest daughter was still at work and her family came to see me, even her mother in law. They were impressed with this house which is offered free to missionaries from our church. I love to show it and tell about it. little boy is really getting addicted to screens, Not sure if he even looks out the window. They are getting ready to move across the streets in two weeks. I think I will go buy them some boxes.

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  4. It’s a pleasant day here. I am making soup today. I sent slaw, a chickpea patty and watermelon to work with Art. My brother enjoyed the chickpea patty, so yay! I have a recipe that everyone in the family can enjoy. Sometimes I have felt like a short order cook trying to get meals togrther.

    I saw a gulf fritillary butterfly by the mailbox today, too. So very thankful to see them again.

    I hope Peter and wife are better today and working up to full speed ahead.

    Glad you have a lovely place to stay, Jo. Did you ever receive my card? Are you at the address you gave me to send the card?

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  5. Jo’s on the move, we’re just chasing her around now 🙂 But she and her mail will eventually find each other.

    It always feels so good to wake up and realize “It’s Saturday.” I went back to sleep and have had a slow morning, which I’ve needed — I’ve been ‘puttering,’ had a shower, am drinking some coffee, threw some more laundry in and am listening to the WSJ guys and gals pontificate on the week’s events.

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  6. I’ll need to run a couple errands and then get back to clearing out and reorganizing the hall closet and what seem to be too many towels, start a new bag of laundered clothes to give away. I did find a handy gadget on Amazon — a long strap that loops around your foot to help you get in and out of bed post knee surgery.

    So I’ve talked to two people who have been through total knee replacement — former colleague had what has to be the worst-case scenario for recovery (but he still says it’s definitely worth it); the other, a church friend, insisted it was “not bad” and that she didn’t really need any help once she came home, managed to get herself in and out of bed and do what she needed to do.

    Work colleague, who messed his knee up by playing too much friendly basketball with his pals and complicated w/arthritis, said he was really completely out of commission for a very long time, needed help from his wife for just about everything. But his knee was super messed up, too, with ligament damage and tears.

    And I keep recalling the sheer joy in my neighbor’s voice yesterday when she told me she may “get to” have TWO total knee replacements! Best news she’s had since the stroke.

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  7. And I just got an unexpected offer from one of the former dog park crowd, a retired nurse, to come stay with her if I need post-surgery help. What a nice offer.

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  8. I have misplaced a cookbook that was recommended on here that had lentil recipes in it. Can someone refresh my memory as to the name of the book? I think maybe Jo and Peter both mentioned it.


  9. DJ mentioned towels which reminds me of this:

    The towels we have down here are grey, but one has large lighter splotches from a product of Nightingale’s, which had hydrogen peroxide in it, and the washcloths and hand-towels all have a little of that. Since this towel set is not that old, it would be silly to replace them.

    But. . . I gave myself a little “have hope” gift of a couple sets of new towels (one is dark blue, the other is cranberry) which I will begin using when Nightingale’s bathroom is finally repaired and renovated. She can have the ones we currently use, or buy new ones.

    They sit in my closet, still in their packaging. I have no idea when I will finally be able to unleash them and put them in my bathroom, but they give me something to look forward to. 🙂

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  10. DJ – After one of our “conversations” about what kind of help you might need, I thought about how God anticipates our needs, and has an answer ready to go when needed that we often or usually cannot see coming. In my own situation, if before Hubby died I had wondered how I would make it without him, I would have had no idea. And yet here I am, with enough financial provision, along with Nightingale’s help, to “make it”, and health insurance, too. (You may remember that I had no idea about the Teamsters pension until Social Security alerted me to it.)

    There’ve been other situations in my life in which God’s answer was a compete surprise.

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  11. Funny how new towels in new colors can be such fun. Probably a female thing.

    Retail therapy lapse for me during the pandemic was discovering towels in a color I’ve always wanted — sort of a light bluish/geen, sea-foamy (can’t remember the actual name); but not blue, not green, very soft and muted. Oh, just checked, Sea Sage was the name of the color.

    I also have a few cranberry towels and other new ones were a tan color (never thought a color like that, it’s sort of a warm, deep tan, would look so nice) and charcoal and dark turquoise.

    With a simple white w/black trim bathroom it’s fun to have prettycolors hanging on the towel hooks. I also discovered the joy and convenience of “bath sheets.”

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  12. Kizzie, how true. I owed Mary a call as she’d called a couple weeks ago and I hadn’t gotten back to her yet. She’s in her 80s now (has had a hip replacement) but still plays tennis every week 🙂 . She also didn’t know yet about my having to put my dogs down.

    So talking about my upcoming surgery she just enthusiastically (truly) blurted out “Come stay here!” She has a downstairs bedroom w/attached bathroom — we’ve all been to her house, she throws a massive Christmas bash for all her former hospital friends every year. I even did a story on her rather epic decorations (it really is pretty remarkable and she leaves most of it up through the whole year).

    Anyway, out of the blue, but she lives somewhat close to me and I got the feeling she’d actually enjoy the company. And I’d be around a dog again :-), though she said she’d keep her upstairs and out of harm’s way.

    So yes, I, too, though of God’s provision when (and from where) you’d least expect it.

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  13. Janice: I believe you asked about this: More-with-Less Cookbook

    I stayed home again today to be on the safe side. In one way I’m glad. It was the busiest day ever recorded. Of course, when it’s over 100° outside, and there is a company picnic of over 400 factory workers on the property, you’d expect them to want to be a a 52° cave to cool off.

    Oh, and Mrs L feels much better today. But we plan on joining church remotely tomorrow.

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  14. Grammar question? The new thing on my email is to underline errors in spelling and grammar. I just wrote, “It’s their favorite recipe.” The word their was underlined. Did I make a mistake in using their in that manner? I have noticed if I use the word ‘my’ in a similar manner that they underline it, too. So I am wondering if the grammar police are going to do this with pronouns to make us think twice about every pronoun we use. Thought patrol on advance!


  15. Good Morning Everyone. We are taking it easy around here this morning and I will go 10 O’Clock service instead of 8. Yesterday Amos got me up at 3:30 to go out, but I convinced him to go back to bed and we slept until 6:30. He is doing much better. Thank you to all of you who prayed for us.
    The new house will have us scaling down. I have identified things I am willing to let go to bless someone else. Mr. PackRat has stated we will have a garage and an attic and we can always get a storage unit. Why pay to store stuff I really don’t want????? I am willing to let my mother’s china cabinet go. It is 1950’s-60’s French Provincial. His mother’s is 1950’s modern. Luckily it is in two pieces so I have figured out the bottom part can go in the living room under the TV. The glass part will have to go into storage. The F’Hope house is an open concept plan and I already don’t have enough wall space. The P’Cola house is much more open. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are really one big room with two walls in the living area, the kitchen is taken up with counters and cabinets, and the dining area with double French doors and a window. The whole house will have Luxury-that makes me laugh-vinyl flooring, so I have been online looking at Ruggables. The reviews aren’t that good for the price of the rugs.
    On towels, I only buy white towels these days. Years ago BG would brush her teeth with whitening toothpaste and then wipe her mouth on the towel and it would bleach it in that spot. White towels can be bleached if they have a stain and they match everything.

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  16. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here. I have not seen our guests yet as we did not get home until ten. Well after dark I might add, but we survived. God has blessed me in putting me in a place with very little traffic so flashing headlights are not a problem. But we went slowly the last twenty miles as the deer do tend to wander.

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  17. Janice- if you click on it you find out what the program wants you to say. “Their” is correct there. Probably the AI thinks it should be a singular since “recipe” is.

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  18. As to the visit yesterday, it was interesting in so many different ways. My cousin came by for a visit but of course, then the folks can’t understand the conversation. Finally, mom told us both to leave and she was going upstairs to nap. I figured she would forget in a few so stepped outside with cousin, sent her on her way, and when I returned about three minutes later, she had started back down the stairs and was her usual jovial self. Though she spoke a lot about her mom maybe being in the “compound” down the street for homeless old ladies. And her brother and sister might be there as well.

    Then the new caretakers arrived complete with husbands and four small children that were wild and crazy. Their behavior sent the longterm caretaker into a tizzy and she had to leave. But the visit went well. I escorted the women around and tried to point out what we were looking for and then escorted the husbands and children outside. They are from Haiti and speak French with very little English but as the folks can’t hear anyway, may not be a problem. They seemed like nice caring people and that is what we need.

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  19. I think I have a (1) white towel, too 🙂 but my mostly all white bathroom likes a splash of muted color here and there.

    Kim, I’m confident you’ll work your magic on the new house. Will you still have a fireplace?

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  20. I’ve been organizing and rolling towels as I redo the hall closet.

    I have a system (I think) in putting everything back — towels all rolled and put into various wire baskets from Target, based on size and use (bath/hand/wash cloths).

    Good sermon today touching quite a bit on our calling for humility, a message needed in our age.

    Speaking of which, I ordered a walker from Amazon yesterday.

    It’s come to this. 🙂

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  21. Our lead pastor did the sermon today. It was on a passage in Deuteronomy 6 about repeating Scripture to your children and keeping God’s word ever before you and your family. It was the first in a sermon series entitled “Helpful.” Great start!

    Our new Christian classical school opens tomorrow so it was a good passage to preach from.

    We had four black young guys who had been to our summer program, Camp Grace, to do video testimonials and then were baptised. The pastor said over twenty gave their hearts to Jesus at the basketball camp. It is super encouraging to be in a church where things like these salvations are happening. I have never been in a church like this before.

    I took in cans of black beans, bags of rice and a box of crackers for the food pantry. Many are in need now.

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  22. We’re still in the midst of a hot and humid heat wave which is expected to last through Tuesday. This has been one of the longest that I can remember. The air is so thick outside, it feels like it isn’t even breathable.

    I am feeling down today – “bummed,” as we used to say. Church was fine, and I looked forward to (was hoping for, at least) a nice quiet, restful Sunday afternoon. As I walked through the door after church, Boy immediately told me that my refrigerator had stopped working. (We suspected that we would need a new one soon.)

    Not only that, but Nightingale had spent the time while I was at church doing meal prep for her work lunches, so the kitchen was a mess. She had done much of the clean-up, but there was more to do, including drying and putting away a dish-drain full of things to make room to wash more. Since she was in the midst of moving stuff from my fridge to her upstairs fridge, I jumped into finishing up the clean-up. I will also have to wipe down the floor (she makes such a mess!) but left that for tomorrow.

    After all of that stuff (fridge/freezer emptied and kitchen clean up) was all done, they left to spend the afternoon and early evening at a friend’s house for a cookout. I asked if they could take Janie, but the answer was no. That bummed me right there. (Sometimes they can take her there, but not often.)

    Well, I’ve had her downstairs and outside to go potty, and now she is upstairs with a full food bowl and water. I am hoping that will keep her quiet and happy for a long while.

    After work tomorrow, Nightingale will be going to PC Richards to buy a new fridge. They not only deliver a new appliance, but they take away the old one, which is a big help. Before a new fridge is delivered (I don’t know how long that will be), I have to go upstairs for anything I need from the fridge.

    After they left, I thought about treating myself by ordering pizza for dinner. But then I remembered that the upstairs fridge is stuffed to the gills, so there’d be no room for the leftover pizza. 😀

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  23. Janice, I am so excited for you and where you have been put by our loving Lord. You have blossomed before our eyes in the love of the Lord and it is a sweet thing to observe.

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  24. Kizzie, I know what I would do with the leftover pizza! I would eat it! So sorry to hear about the fridge. It’s always such a big hassle when that happens. What a relief you have a place in the house to put the food. Another option is to buy bags of ice to keep in the none working one to keep food in like a big ice chest. We once toted things across the street to a neighbor’s freezer. Now we would have to transport it to Art’s office refrigerator. I hope you get the new refrigerator real soon.🙏

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  25. Thank you, Mumsee. All I can figure is that God had to keep growing me in Christ before I’d be qualified to be in a real soul saving church. I’ve only been at this church for about 6 months, and I have seen more people being saved than in all my previous years in church.

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  26. We just watched Thirteen Lives on Amazon prime–the new Ron Howard movie about the Thai boys soccer team trapped in a cave in 2018.

    It was fine, but we really liked the National Geographic Documentary better–it included the actual Thai Navy SEALS video–The Rescue.

    Ah, just looked it up. So sorry, it’s on Disney+ https://films.nationalgeographic.com/the-rescue.

    We saw it at the movie theater last year.

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  27. This must be “bad” appliance day (so M may be weighing in, too?) — the light is out in my refrigerator, and I can’t find where the bulb is, it must be under a compartment on the top shelf ceiling; and a heavy comforter didn’t drain well in the washer. I re-ran it on the spin cycle and it seemed to do the trick. at least it’s not entirely soggy and dripping wet. I’ve had issues with that before.

    I keep meaning to also comment, beautiful butterfly shot.

    I’m killing a lot of house moths, meanwhile, found some traps that really work well.

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  28. I also got around to reading the latest edition of World Magazine.

    There I was, reading through the letters to the Editor and when I got to the end of one, I was surprised to see I wrote it.

    Life is moving WAY too fast!

    BTW, Lynn Vincent is becoming the new Executive Editor of World starting in the next issue.

    We knew her here! (Or, near here!)

    I should have expected to see my letter–I got an email from Mickey McLean (remember him?) asking me where I lived again! They always include the city and state when they print your letter.

    Funny world, tired brain.

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  29. When at the reunion one day, we hiked up the mountain to the top of the chair lift and saw an amazing gathering of butterflies. I do not know what they were though I heard monarch said. But there were hundreds of them and they kept landing on the walkway. One girl lay down on the path, hoping some butterflies would land on her but it did not happen.

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