15 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-15-23

    Texas sends more migrants to vice president’s house

    Texas on Sunday sent more migrants to Vice President Harris’s Washington residence, just days after the end of Title 42, the pandemic-era rule that allowed officials to quickly expel asylum seekers at the border.
    A video from a local TV station showed migrants getting off the bus outside the Naval Observatory at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, which was also Mother’s Day. The local station reported that the migrants came from Del Rio, a city in South Texas.

    Migrants had started to arrive in D.C. near the Naval Observatory last week, when Title 42 expired. At the time, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) tweeted that Texas had bused Texas has bused more than 17,000 migrants to the “sanctuary cities,” more than 9,200 of whom went to Washington.
    This is not the first time Abbott has sent busloads of migrants to Harris’s D.C. residence, previously doing so last September and on Christmas Eve. Abbott has repeatedly bused migrants to northern cities that he says are sanctuary cities, resulting in criticism from Democrats and local officials.
    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas criticized Abbott’s migrant busing program last week, saying it is a “both sad and tragic day when a government official uses migrants as a pawn for political purposes.”
    Abbott notified mayors of numerous cities earlier this month that he was planning to restart busing migrants to their cities, including New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) blasted Abbott’s move, saying he was “targeting” cities with Black mayors.
    Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor at the time, also took aim at Abbott, urging him to not send Chicago any more migrants. She reiterated that Chicago has “no more shelters, spaces, or resources” to address another flood of migrants to the city.

    This statement is particularly rich!!!
    Hypocrisy much Alejandro????

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas criticized Abbott’s migrant busing program last week, saying it is a “both sad and tragic day when a government official uses migrants as a pawn for political purposes.”


  2. https://www.dailywire.com/news/afghan-national-on-fbi-terror-watchlist-crossed-border-report?utm_campaign=dw_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=housefile&utm_content=member

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday rejected the criticism. “It’s extraordinary what we’ve done over the past 18 months or so,” Mayorkas said during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    Extraordinarily stupid and dangerous!!! Not to mention treasonous to our citizens!!!!


  3. Lots of links…..

    “Losing Control of Our Own Country Week at Legal Insurrection

    All the news you may have missed.”


    “At this point, the border crisis seems entirely intentional. How else could it be interpreted?
    “The sense that we are losing control of our own country, by the design of politicians, is creating a fury”
    Drone Catches Hundreds of Migrants Crossing Into Texas Days Before Title 42 Ends
    “Illegal Crossings Continue to Surge to Record Highs Ahead of T42 Drop in 2 Days”
    It gets worse every month and Biden does nothing.

    Migrant Shelters in El Paso, TX, Already Stretched to the Limit Before Expiration of Title 42
    Migrants Leave Piles of Discarded Clothing, Trash in Their Wake at the Border
    ‘They Will Leave Us to Fend for Ourselves’: Texas Border Residents Lash Out at Biden for Ending Title 42
    When the Biden administration talks about it, all they do is lie.

    Mayorkas Blames Congress for Border Crisis as 10,000 Migrants Crossed on Monday, Tuesday
    Mayorkas Says Border Isn’t Open But Biden Admin Authorizes Release of Migrants Into America Without Court Dates
    Unaccompanied Migrant Child Died in U.S. Custody But White House has Press Briefing on Infrastructure
    New York is starting to feel the pain.

    NYC Mayor Adams Temporarily Eases Housing Requirements to Accommodate Migrants, No Guarantee of Shelter

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  4. And yes, it’s completely intentional.

    But no mean tweets, right?

    That’s what’s important…..

    ““The sense that we are losing control of our own country, by the design of politicians, is creating a fury”

    I wrote that in July 2015 about how Trump alone among candidates at the time understood the power of the illegal immigration issue: “Illegal immigration and open borders have made voters increasingly angry because they reflect the growing lawlessness of society and the willingness of Republicans to capitulate to leftist identity politics.”


    “I wrote this at National Review on July 13, 2015, about how Trump alone among Republican candidates at the time recognized the growing fury at illegal immigration. At that point Trump was polling in the teens, and no one gave him a chance, but he saw what no other Republican in that cycle saw, Trump’s Lesson: Voters Are Furious about Illegal Immigration.

    Donald Trump has rocketed to the top, or near the top, of the Republican-primary field by focusing on illegal immigration and border security…. Trump is in the driver’s seat, and his vehicle is the lawlessness reflected in our failure to control illegal immigration in general, and violent illegal-immigrant criminals and gangs in particular….

    The media fell all over itself to denounce Trump, as did many Republican candidates and pundits. Trump was called incendiary, insensitive, a clown, not serious, damaging to the Republican “brand,” not what “we” are about, and so on….

    Some claim that the rate of murder and crime by illegal immigrants is no higher than for those here legally, but that’s an obfuscation. Any murder or crime by an illegal immigrant is one too many, because that person should not be in our country in the first place….

    Sure, Trump mentions other issues such as trade, but it is illegal immigration that motivated at least several thousand people to turn out for what was supposed to be a modest campaign stop in Phoenix. One section in Trump’s Phoenix speech jumped out at me as capturing especially well what is happening on the ground:

    When I started . . . I didn’t think the immigration thing would take on a life like it has. I made some very tough statements about people flowing through, because that’s one of the things, to make our country great again, we have to create borders, otherwise we don’t have a country [italics added].

    Any Republican who doesn’t understand what Trump was getting at is hopelessly out of touch with the most motivated portion of the electorate, Republican and otherwise.”



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  5. Here’s your “must read” article for today.

    “It Was Lawless Chicago Politics That Killed CPD Officer Aréanah Preston”


    “Chicago made steel once. And business, both small and big business. It was a town for traders, men who took risks and didn’t care what others thought of them.

    Chicago was once the hog butcher to the world, the place where cattle and grain fortunes could be made.

    It is not the same town now. The public schools raise the children, many of whom lag grades behind standard reading comprehension levels. And in mathematics they lag farther behind already substandard national averages. The standards will be lowered again, lest the Chicago Teachers’ Union members develop hurt feelings.

    The CTU elected Brandon Johnson as mayor even though Johnson advocated defunding the police during this latest violent crime wave. The left wing public employees unions, the CTU and the Service Employees International Union now run the show. They control the city’s politics with their iron progressive fists.

    And Chicago’s kids are set up for failure–crime, violence and prison.

    But Chicago did raise four young men who allegedly murdered 24 year old Chicago Police officer Aréanah Preston. She was gunned down outside her Southside home as the four teenagers were on a robbery spree targeting women.

    You might say Chicago and those four teens– with serious and violent criminal records who should have been locked up and kept behind jail bars– gave Preston’s mom a Mother’s Day she will never forget. The killers left a hole that can never be filled. They took everything from that mom.

    If only they’d been locked up on other numerous charges for other numerous violent acts, they had been charged with, Officer Preston would be alive. And her family would not be weeping on Mother’s Day. But Democrat Party politics in Chicago is all about protecting the feelings of the predators, not the lives of victims.

    It was the thugs who pulled the trigger. They are alleged to have committed the crime. But her death was a direct result of the permissive politics that promotes the wanton lawlessness that leftist billionaire George Soros has wanted in urban areas when he began running hard left no-prosecution prosecutors across the country. It is this wanton lawlessness that I’ve been trying to warn you about for years.

    It is cruel to say, but Officer Preston’s murder is more than cruel. They gunned her down because she was in the way of their work. They had jobs to do. And that job tore the city’s guts out.

    Their work? It wasn’t about flipping burgers, stocking shelves, or working exhausted in a warehouse, getting up early to get to work, but it was work. It was about roving the streets of Chicago with guns. Pointing them in people’s faces, and taking what they wanted by force. Like the Outfit animals of years ago, they’d sleep late and then take what they wanted from their own people by force.

    Who trained them? Who encouraged them to grow wild and feral and murderous?

    You could say the Chicago Democratic Party trained them. The Democratic Party nationally broke Black families apart by replacing fathers with government welfare checks. And recently, as Soros prosecutors took hold here and in other jurisdictions, mass shoplifting without serious punishment was not only allowed but encouraged by Cook County State’s Atty. Kim Foxx and others.

    And the predators understood what the politicians had given them: license to hunt.

    No sanctions is an invitation to the violent to grab what they want. It allowed for extensive unrest in the Loop without meaningful sanctions during the Black Lives Matter riots. And when teenagers and young men ended up killing innocent children, an odd thing happened: They were excused by the Chief Judge of the Cook County Court. Judge Tim Evans has explained that the brains of the killers weren’t developed enough to determine right from wrong. He gave them an excuse for murder.

    I’ve known Tim for years. He’s always been a nice fellow, but also a complete weakling. He caved to the hard leftist politics of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, who became the powerful chairman of the Cook County Democrats once tbe feds began taking out the Irish, Boss Toni has been protected and endorsed by her media champions including the Chicago Tribune. It was the Tribune and its Marxist guild that controlled the newsroom that sought to destroy my reputation, seeking to falselyand maliciously portray me as a religious bigot for daring to warn you about Soros-backed Foxx.

    Speaking about another case, of an 8-year-old girl shot to death by a 16-year old street gang member in a gang fight in Little Village, Evans trotted out the usual progressive claptrap.

    “They don’t have the pre-frontal cortex that is developed, and the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, does not, itself fully developed until you’re closer to the age of 25 years of age,” said Evans at a luncheon at the Union League. “This kid is 16. There’s no way that he would have the prefrontal cortex already developed. So, while I can’t talk about that particular case, I’m just talking about the typical 16- year-old, he doesn’t have that part of the brain developed that makes it possible for him to distinguish between the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do.”

    And out of this fetid left wing ooze, in a corrupt city and county with no educational or behavioral standards, Chicago raised those four four young men who are alleged to have killed Officer Preston.

    The four charged in Preston’s murder are Trevell Breeland 19, Joseph Brooks 19, Jakwon Buchanan 18, and 16 year old Jaylen Frazier, who has been charged as an adult.

    Preston’s mother Dianne Mhoon was congratulated by the Chicago media for her compassion.

    “As I said in that courtroom today, the people I really felt sorry for was those boys,” she said. “I felt sorry for them because nobody obviously didn’t pour into them. Nobody told them that they were loved. Nobody told them that you could do anything like I constantly preach to my daughters.”

    But when Mhoon was asked what justice would look like for her daughter, she responded, “Justice to me is … a life sentence.”

    Aréanah Preston’s family did everything that a close knit loving family is expected to do. They told their children of the many possibilities in life, not the reasons for failure. They were involved with their kids. Preston was days away from graduating with a Masters Degree in criminal justice from Loyola University Chicago.

    But no matter how hard her parents worked to encourage her, political Chicago was encouraging her alleged killers.

    Have you heard about the four furies? That’s what I call them. Their names are Toni, Kim, Lori and Tim. We must never forget Tim.

    Four is the same number of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, but I prefer the four Furies of Chicago.

    It was the departing Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who in a panic caved to the Black Lives Matter rioters back in 2020, Lightfoot took the coward’s way out and turned over the city to BLM violence.

    She was also afraid of Boss Toni Preckwinkle, President of The Cook County Board and Chairman of The Cook County Democratic Party. Lightfoot had trounced Preckwinkle in the mayoral election but by then Lightfoot had completely panicked and lost what remained of her nerve. Boss Toni had selected her protégé to be the chief prosecutor in Cook County and Kim did not betray the faith that Preckwinkle and leftist billionaire George Soros placed in her. And Lightfoot endorsed Foxx for re-election, a move that was widely interpreted as the political signal for the middle class–white, brown and black, to “get the bleep out of Chicago.”

    These four furies created the young men who murdered Aréanah Preston. They don’t want the credit but they should have it. It was Tim Evans who gave them the idiotic left-wing defense they’ll use in court–that they are too young to know right from wrong in the murder of Preston. And Kim Foxx and Toni Preckwinkle have for years been about clearing the Cook County Jail of prisoners. They seem to loathe law enforcement, siding with the thugs at every turn. They are the chief proponents and defenders of the SAFE-T Act that is opposed by 100 of Illinois’ 102 county prosecutors, both Republicans and Democrats.

    And for years these teenage thugs grew up in a county where there were no serious consequences for violence, no guardrails to guide them away from aberrant behavior. Even Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart played the fool for Kim and his boss, Boss Toni. He emphasized pizza parties and tomato gardens at 26th and Cal. If Boss Toni ever wanted salt-and-pepper bobble heads of political weakness, she could model them after Judge Evans and Tom Dart.

    The lead Democrats of Chicago created this mess and don’t want their fingerprints anywhere near it. They don’t want to wear the jacket. They are protected by broken and corrupt legacy media, the same group that protected Brandon Johnson.”


    Read the rest.

    And note that this is the case in most major cities where Democrats rule.

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  6. A gun grabbling Democrat lied?

    Oh say it isn’t so…. 🙄

    Lies are perfectly fine for Democrats, as long as it advances their false narratives….

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  7. Further proof it was all a lie. And the press eagerly slandered the Bad Orange Man….

    ““FBI records prepared by [Peter] Strzok in February and March 2017 show that at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.””

    But the sheep bought the lies, as they intended.

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  8. Of course not.

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  9. Meanwhile, they have actual evidence of crimes by The Biden Crime Family, yet they do nothing about it.

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  10. The media still sucks.

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  11. Biden and Garland both need to be impeached.

    But there’s one thing preventing it….


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  14. Send in the clowns.

    From CNN, the Clown News Network….

    Yes, ignore your lying eyes….

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  15. Vindman slithered out from under his rock I see.

    Once a fraud, always a fraud.

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