15 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-11-23

  1. Morning!
    Thunderstorms through the night and we will have them all day long! Predicting over two inches of rain today. So thankful for the warmer temps ! If this was snow we would be buried under ⛄️ 🌧️


  2. Good morning! That is a lot of rain, NJ.

    Miss Bosley was a nuisance this morning. She messed with the blinds and tried tOP get on the bedside table. I have been up since 5:30, but that was good to get an early start on a busy day.

    It was quite warm yesterday, in the 80s, but humidity was low so it felt very pleasant. I expect the same today. Finally putting away all the flannel shirts!

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  3. My closet is quite mixed right now. Today we have a prediction for 80 degrees! Way too hot for me. I am enjoying to early blooms, however, and the green grass. The trees are just barely budding. I have water standing in the front yard from all the rain. The pine trees still look tired from the long winter. The deer look quite thin this spring. These are the days you begin to see a whole lot of sunburn on people. I am quite happy to have a day to accomplish things at home that need doing.

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  4. I hope we get some rain. Normally the caves are dripping water this time of year, but due to our drought there’s nary a drop.

    But our peonies are in bloom! Last year only one of the three blossomed but it looks like two of them are going to have flowers this year.

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  5. Good morning, all. Sunshine on the docket for today and warming. Should be up in the eighties later this week.

    Our peonies are reaching for the skies but no sign of buds yet. Lilacs have leafed out, maples are flowering, hummers are humming and husband is still coughing as he enters yet another round of antibiotics.

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  6. a sunny day here with another little league game to finish out the day.

    From today on it will be getting warmer, have to rethink my wardrobe.
    Trying to finish my deaconness application and then head off for my dental appointment for a crown.

    Oh I gave my granddaughter, 5, the silver plate I had from college that said princess on it. She was thrilled. no one has even looked at it for fifty years.

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  7. oh, Janice, the first thing that I did here was to get new doors. Especially got rid of the two with those glass panes. I feel so much more secure and did not move in until that work was done.

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  8. @3:59, so you’re holding on to that? lol

    I love my 1923 mostly glass front door w/wood framing and original, patina-bronze hardware and tiny bottom mail slot (and an inside glass door knob). But that’s me and my love of all things original! Blame my mom for passing that passion down to me. 🙂

    (Mail slot way down just above the porch — a tiny slot in the old door — remains but someone also had added a wall mail slot that’s replaced it. Still, some substitute mail carriers get confused, one left me a note saying my mail slot (the old one) was too small!!!

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  9. When we replaced our front door we got a 3/4 window with various textures of glass and lead with a long leaf style. You can barely see through it and not at all clearly, but the light is wonderful. I love the new doors we put in last fall. So grateful for them.

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