18 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-12-23

  1. These Democrats are disgusting people. All so they can groom children and hide the sexual assaults of others….

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  2. Thanks Joe!

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  3. Of course.

    They knew all this, yet Trump is who they targeted with their Russia lies instead.

    “Nat-sec sellouts: Biden Inc knew their “clients” were CCP intel fronts — and so did the FBI”


    “Yesterday’s presser by James Comer and House Oversight raised a lot of questions about the Biden family’s business affairs — and especially what exactly they were peddling for $10 million or more. No one yet can explain what legitimate products or services got exchanged for that cash, nor has anyone offered any explanation for why legitimate compensation would have to get run through the labyrinth of LLCs and the Biden Inc pattern of structured payments.”

    Of course, some people just don’t want to know — especially our Protection Racket Media:”

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  4. They’re just releasing them. No vetting, no background checks, no deportations and no court dates.

    This is treason. And #USELESS GOP aren’t doing a thing about it.

    “‘Mass Catch And Release’: Biden Admin Releasing Migrants Into U.S. With No Ability To Track Them”


    “The Biden administration will reportedly direct Border Patrol agents to release illegal migrants into the U.S. with minimal processing and little oversight.

    The administration is preparing a memo for Border Patrol agents that would direct them to release migrants into the U.S. interior without assigning them a date in an immigration court or coming up with a plan to track them, according to NBC News. The move comes as the administration struggles to contain a growing surge of illegal immigration prompted by the court-ordered repeal of Title 42.

    “We’re already breaking and we haven’t hit the starting line,” one DHS official told NBC News. The U.S. hit a record on Tuesday, tallying more than 11,000 migrant apprehensions at the border in a single day.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) called the strategy “unacceptable.”

    “Instead of enforcing U.S. immigration laws, Biden is enabling mass catch and release,” Abbott tweeted. “America is a nation of laws. This must end.””

    But no mean tweets, right?


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  5. Look at all the white supremacists….

    Oh wait….

    They won’t. Their useless “leaders” won’t allow it.

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  6. Biden will just ignore laws and legal decisions he doesn’t like, as usual…

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  9. Dems don’t like Reality Cooper. 🙂

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