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  1. I found an interview with our governor interesting. The widow of a policeman asked him not to come to her husband’s funeral. He sent his condolences (family and as governor) and honored her wishes. I can understand why she did not want him there. I am horrified by the legislation being passed in my state. It is truly sad.

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  2. AJ – from yesterday

    You missed my point – not all male “dress up” stories have to fit the current outrage narrative. Sometimes it’s completely different. I agree the “walk in her shoes” is virtue signalling but it’s harmless.

    I remember the Unabomber manifesto and the ethical discussion it raised so I thought there was a change in policy

    The Democratic position on trans gender in sports is simple — let the different athletic associations or groups make their own decisions. You know, small government.

    The issue has some nuance — post-puberty transitioning allows the M to F to have some structural advantages, on the other hand, there are females with high natural testosterone counts. Two women who are biologically female were found with an extremely high count of natural testosterone and were banned from the Olympics. Now that I would consider unfair. Sure the high testosterone gives them an advantage but high level athletics is almost always the result of natural advantages.

    Agreed on the CIA sexual assault story. Canada had similar issues in the RCMP and armed forces. Its part of a larger problem in militarized organizations to ignore sexual assaults or harrassment. Police, the military and defense organizations all have a bad record in this issue. The old boy’s club is strong.

    I believe the issue with MTG was not her comment about who had sex with who but rather calling someone a liar. In paraliamentary rules, that is a big no-no. You can say a lot of things but you can’t call someone a liar.

    I generally ignore the Biden laptop stories because I know it won’t go anywhere. However, the Morell story you presented came up elsewhere and the actual transcript suggests Jordan and the Republicans are misleading people. Blinken never asked Morell to coordinate a response to the laptop story. In Morell’s disposition, he said Blinken just asked what do you think and that was it.


  3. Morell seems to have stated in testimony that he acted only after receiving emails from Biden’s campaign, and he acted for the purpose of helping Biden win. Politicians lie all the time. We are unfortunately accustomed to that. What we are not accustomed to is the active interference or ‘weaponization’ of alphabet agencies, their directors or former directors with current security clearances. We are not accustomed to having debate censored under the authority of these people. But I agree that it seems unlikely that the laptop issue will go anywhere. Mostly because we are a very corrupt people ruled by a very corrupt government. We have made bad choices over many decades and so are currently reaping the fruit of those choices. Bitter fruit.

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  4. Abandoning another embassy under Biden’s watch.

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  5. Awww, poor fed, needs the media to run cover for him now, which they will dutifully try to do.


  6. Like

  7. 😂🤡😂🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡😂🤡😂🤡


  8. More media simps….

    The propagandists are in CYA and damage control mode for The Senile One.


  9. Once again this fool leaves Americans behind.


    “On Saturday evening in Washington, President Biden announced that the U.S. military had conducted an evacuation of official personnel from the embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, while admitting he had again left Americans behind in the country after a week of escalating violence.

    “Today, on my orders, the United States military conducted an operation to extract U.S. Government personnel from Khartoum,” Biden said in a statement issued late Saturday night. “I am proud of the extraordinary commitment of our Embassy staff, who performed their duties with courage and professionalism and embodied America’s friendship and connection with the people of Sudan,” he continued. “I am grateful for the unmatched skill of our service members who successfully brought them to safety,” Biden said. “And I thank Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia, which were critical to the success of our operation.”

    According to Pentagon officials, the operation began at 9:00 a.m. ET when U.S. forces that had been pre-positioned in Djibouti lifted off for Ethiopia before refueling for a roughly three-hour flight to Khartoum where the evacuation was conducted “in one movement via rotary wing” — including three MH-47 Chinooks — with service members “spending less than an hour on the ground” before successfully evacuating the diplomatic personnel to a “safe and secure” location.

    The mission, according to the State Department and Pentagon, was conducted by “just over a hundred” special operations troops and resulted in “under a hundred people” being evacuated. With the completion of the airlift, there are no longer any U.S. government personnel in Khartoum, nor any U.S. Marines at the U.S. embassy, officials confirmed Saturday night.

    But, as usual with the Biden administration, there’s a catch.

    “I am receiving regular reports from my team on their ongoing work to assist Americans in Sudan, to the extent possible,” Biden said in his statement that glaringly neglected to mention the death of a U.S. citizen that was confirmed on Friday, adding his administration is “also working closely with our allies and partners in this effort.”

    That is, Americans — as many as 16,000 according to media reports — were not among the less than 100 diplomatic personnel evacuated by Biden, and his administration’s latest updates from Sudan suggest there’s not much that can be done now to help them other than hope for a ceasefire to hold and violence to subside.

    As the Biden administration pulled up stakes and announced that “the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum suspended its operations” due to “armed conflict, civil unrest, crime, terrorism, and kidnapping,” the State Department reiterated after the evacuation of official personnel that it “cannot provide routine or emergency consular services to U.S. citizens in Sudan, due to the current security situation.”

    “Armed conflict is ongoing throughout Sudan and includes heavy fighting between various political and security groups,” the Biden State Department noted again as it left Americans behind. “The situation is violent, volatile, and extremely unpredictable, particularly in the capital city Khartoum,” a State Department bulletin issued overnight added. “Electrical and communication disruptions, including internet and cell phone service, can occur at any time.” ”


    He just absolutely sucks.


  10. Do you know the origins of the word “simp” — it’s usually a guy who is overly desperate for the attention of an uninterested girl doing anything for her and degrading himself in the process. It’s usually used in a misogynistic sense by other men.

    The question from the Post is simple — did Morell say Blinken asked him to write a letter and coordinate a response to the Biden laptop allegations and to call it Russian misinformation. Thankfully in the disposition, Morell was asked that exact question and he said no.

    “Q. When he called you, did he direct, suggest or insuiate in any way that you should write a letter or statement on this topic

    A. My memory is that he did not, right. My memory is he asked what I thought”

    Its not corruption which will kill the laptop but incompetence. First, the information taken from the laptop was stolen. The laptop may have been left to the repair shop but he could not use anything stored on the laptop including software, photos, and information and since the latter two are usually stored in the cloud; its definitely not the property of the shop. If a repair shop finds illegal activity on a laptop (say child porn) the shop has an obligation to turn it over to the local police. The laptop made its way to the Trump campaign who then politicized it and shared it with the media. No chain of custody equals no way of knowing what was originally there. If there is evidence of illegal activity on the laptop there’s no way to assert if it wasn’t planted.


  11. Not sure how the need to evacuate an embassy due to civil war is the fault of the president. As for the 16 000 Americans in Sudan, they knew the risks and short of a full scale invasion, there’s little any western nation can do to protect their citizens in places like Sudan. When you travel in countries with a Level 4 warning from the State Department or even Level 3, you’ve been told of the danger and you as an individual need to assess the risks instead of relying on the gov’t to bail you out. Just like the banks, they knew the risks and should not rely on the gov’t to bail them out. Why is the socialist in the group stating the obvious – you shouldn’t do risky things and then expect gov’t help.


  12. Ray Epps is a weird story. It’s not that easy to instigate a riot. And I don’t think he was the only one who suggested marching on the capitol that day. Why he isn’t charged is maybe something the Republican Judiciary Cmttee can look into as opposed to chasing a laptop.

    It’s a legitimate point to ask – Is Ron Desantis actually governing the state? or is he running around whining about woke policies? It appears to be the latter. As for litter in the streets, you can find a dirty street in any city, state or province and you can find clean streets everywhere too. Anecdotal comments mean nothing in regards to whether DeSanatis is working for Florida or running for President.


  13. Sure, incompetence is a factor in the laptop story. But 50 former officials with current security clearances using their power to censor Americans and American media to assure a Biden victory is most definitely corruption at a high level. That the people would passively allow it, is evidence of corruption at lower levels. We are a corrupt people governed by corrupt leaders.

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  14. Re DeSantis: So Fetterman can represent PA from a psych ward, but DeSantis can’t work for Florida from DC, or another state, or from an airplane? If the citizens of Florida don’t like it, they have the power to impeach and remove him. If they don’t impeach him, he is, in fact, working for Florida. And I think Floridians are still fairly happy with him. Whining from the outside notwithstanding.

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  15. I don’t think the Hunter laptop had any effect nor did the 50 people signing a letter. People voted against Trump not for Biden. The Democrats could’ve run a yellow dog and still won the election. The same will be true in 2024 – if Trump is the Republican candidate, Biden will win a second term. Anyone else it will be too close to call until all the votes are counted.

    Florida has a resign to run law and even the Trump campaign has called DeSantis on it. At a certain point, he needs to resign or the Florida legislature needs to amend the law.


  16. A yellow dog would have done a better job of leading the country.

    Biden won’t win anything (and probably won’t even be a candidate) except, hopefully, a one-way trip to the slammer to pay for his treasonous crimes.


  17. LOL! Tychicus, that’s true, unfortunately. But I don’t think Biden is leading even now. It’s the people behind him, and that
    is worrisome.


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