21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-21-23

  1. I heard the birds this morning doing their part to open up the day. I thanked God for the new day He made.

    I have been praying for AJ to feel better real soon.

    Tha top of my dresser had gotten cluttered. When cleared off, Miss Bosley jumped from the bed to the top of it. One proud cat! Until . . . she contemplated if she could get down. After much hesitation and gyration into angles from which to jump, she landed safely on the bed.

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, the grass is growing. Delighted to hear my dad every time we go out for our walks, “we sure have a nice view here, don’t we?”

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  3. We have a whole lot of snow again. ‘Tis the season of people being weary from the snowstorms. Husband’s group will play for the third day in a row. We were wondering if we would get there yesterday and today. Yesterday was very nasty driving, but we made it with no problems, as did the rest of the group. The few people who come to listen in that particular home are just so grateful, the group hates to not go. Today should be fine by the time we are on the road. Grateful for those who care for the roads.

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  4. Morning! Praying for AJ first thing along with others.
    Cloudy and cold. Waiting for the 8 inches of snow to fall this evening. We long for Spring but find ourselves thankful for the moisture….rain would be nice! It’s those 20 degree temps and ice that weary us so!

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  5. We’re finally getting our long-promised “warm up.” Weather folks on the local news have been almost giddy telling us, night after night, that it was on the way.

    Should cool down again by Monday, however. Looks like we’ll be in the upper 70s, maybe around 80 along the coast — valleys in the high 80s.

    I think our rain is over, but it was wonderful! And we are hoping this will be a little trend going forward, more back to normal. I have heard rumblings about how the Pacific now has entered an El Niño pattern, which means more rain until that breaks.

    Ah, phone says 79 here today but then temps go back down to 73 tomorrow, then to the mid to high 60s Sunday through all of next week — so it’s a brief “warm up.”

    Flowers and weeds are a-blooming!

    Flies and mosquitos along with them. 😦 Boo.

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  6. I made my first purchase through Poshmark, a Coach leather satchel/briefcase messenger bag to give to son as a replacement for the one he has used daily for the last ten years. The bag seems barely used and it was a really good deal. I am pleased with their service so far. Of course, my email is now flooded with news of sale items.

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  7. Son in law has taken the grandchildren off to town. Husband will be taking the children off to town this afternoon. I was in town this morning. Now I am hanging out with my dad. Life.

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  8. Forty five here today but should be warming up to the fifties and then snow and up into the sixties. Summer is fast approaching.


  9. Of course, we all have different towns to go to. Mine was the local one to take groceries in to daughter, who did not come out to get them so I left them on the table on the sidewalk. Her worker got back from dropping off brownies for her son for a bake sale and made daughter go down stairs to pick them up herself.

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  10. Son in law was just taking the grandchildren out for a break. Husband needs to go help set up for the VFW sausage feed in the town to the east.


  11. Church is having a women’s fellowship event with brunch and then painting a picture of the church guided through by an artist. Promise is: anyone can do it.. The cost is $25 which covers the meal and painting supplies. The activity does not so much appeal to me, but I still need to get to know more people at church Feeling undecided.

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  12. Cowboy had that issue, Janice.

    I had to really watch and stay on him at the dog park sometimes when he’d get an “eye” for a particular dog.

    One of the guys who worked on my house was at the dog park one day and, as Cowboy started chasing another dog around, he cracked, “Cowboy, go get a magazine.”

    Dog parks are ‘earthy’ places in more ways than one.

    Cowboy was neutered at about year old by the rescue group that got him out of the shelter (former owner hadn’t done that), so that’s kind of later in a dog’s life. And, as my vet said, they still have hormones …

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  13. 77 degrees here as I was out covering the former governor, the ex body builder and actor, at a big solar panel demonstration project at the port. But it was so sunny, it really did feel almost too warm.

    Good weather for solar panels, though.

    Now I’m stalking a tiny mosquito that’s stalking me.

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  14. And the mention of coach bags — I’ve resurrected (for the umpteenth time) an old one (from the 1980s??), a small saddle-bag style they don’t really make anymore (or if they did it would look too fancy or dressy for me). But some of the seams on the flap are a bit worn and rubbed open. I need to condition it, too, but not sure those seams can be fixed. They don’t show that much, I still love the bag, and it’s on the outside flap so doesn’t really matter a whole lot.

    Strap is also long enough to wear as a cross-body. And it’s compact, lightweight, but carries “just” enough.

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