15 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-31-22

  1. Joe and liberal Democrats built this too.

    “States vs. Biden’s Prison-to-Streets Pipeline for Illegal Immigrant Convicts”


    “The Biden administration has allowed a more than eleven-fold increase in the number of illegal immigrant offenders let out of Texas prisons and into the general U.S. population, despite federal immigration law requiring ICE to take convicts into custody after serving their time, usually in advance of deportation.

    The disclosure emerges from state-initiated litigation that is beginning to shed light on what critics call the administration’s secretive and lenient handling of immigrants beginning last year – treatment that is imperiling public safety, alarmed state authorities say.

    Soon after President Biden assumed office a year ago January, agents of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement began dropping their usually automatic requests to take custody from Texas authorities of immigrant convicts set to be released from the state’s prisons and jails, so they could be deported.

    In the past, few such convicts were exempt from the process. From 2017 to 2020, ICE had declined to take into custody from Texas no more than a dozen such so-called “detainers” a year – typically those in poor health or with unresolved immigration issues.

    But from January 2021 to February of this year, Texas law enforcement officials testified in federal court last month, ICE declined to take custody of 170 – a number Texas persuaded ICE to winnow down to 141, but still an exponential increase over the years of the Trump administration. That increase reflects the impact in just one state of the new nationwide policy.

    Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, whose state has joined Texas in suing the Department of Homeland Security and other federal immigration agencies over the issue, said testimony in the case being heard in U.S. District Court in Houston makes clear the Biden administration does not want the public to see how similar releases unfolded nationally in its first year.

    “I’m appalled the Biden administration has adopted a policy of releasing alien drug cartel members, human traffickers and child sex abusers onto American streets,” Landry said.

    Arizona, Ohio, and Montana are pursuing a similar lawsuit in Ohio. Last week the judge in that case, U.S. District Judge Michael Newman, appointed by President Trump, issued a preliminary injunction favoring the three states. “Can the Executive displace clear congressional command in the name of resource allocation and enforcement goals? Here, the answer is no,” Newman wrote.

    Perplexed and irate Texas authorities said they learned about the new ICE policy on Feb. 5, 2021, just 16 days into the new administration, upon being informed that ICE in a single day would drop detainers on 11 released inmates – a typical annual number in previous years. ICE for the most part brushed aside their complaints, Texas officials said.

    “They said, ‘It’s coming from above and we’re just following the orders,'” testified Jason Clark, chief of staff for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “I was alarmed by the changes that they had made,” Clark said, “and whether those persons were going to be released back into the public.”

    ICE did not respond to inquiries from RealClearInvestigations. “


  2. It’s OK though, Joe has a plan….. to turn them all loose on America.

    He wants deep state bureaucrats to do the jobs of judges, to speed the releases.

    What could go wrong?


    “A new rule issued by DHS on procedures at the border didn’t garner much attention, given the other stories dominating the news. The Department of Homeland Security announced that asylum officers will determine asylum claims of migrants at the border rather than immigration judges. The decision was made entirely because of the overwhelming backlog facing immigration judges assigned to asylum cases.

    The purpose of the new rule is to shorten the time between when a migrant crosses the border and the ruling issued on whether or not they should be deported. If an asylum officer allows the migrant to remain in the United States, he or she can bypass the immigration courts. If an asylum officer decides that a migrant isn’t eligible for asylum, the case goes to an immigration judge. The judge has 90 days to make a determination on whether or not the immigrant should be deported.

    The administration has not yet decided how many migrants will be allowed to use the new process because of a limited number of asylum officers. Like the number of immigration judges, the Biden administration has failed to increase the number of asylum officers working on the Biden border crisis. This new rule simply shifts the initial decision-making system from immigration judges to asylum officers.

    There is a backlog in immigration courts of over 1.2 million cases. There is a two-year wait for most migrants to receive a decision on asylum. DHS Secretary Mayorkas said, “The current system for handling asylum claims at our borders has long needed repair.” Yes, obviously. Too bad there is no desire from the White House or the DHS secretary to handle the mess that this administration created on the southern border. Since the onset of the border crisis when Biden was elected, the flood of migrants to the southern border has required more resources. Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement working on the border have pleaded for more personnel, more resources to handle the crisis.

    None of the new plan affects unaccompanied minors crossing the border. They are given special protection and not deported, they are allowed to remain in the United States. Those planning to illegally enter the United States know this and that is why so many unaccompanied minors continue to show up at the border, waiting for law enforcement to take them into custody. They fall prey to human traffickers and drug cartels, left on their own when they are dumped at the border by adults.

    The plan was first discussed in July 2021 as a means to speed up the process and take some of the workload off immigration judges. At that time, the administration also considered providing families crossing the border legal counsel but that idea didn’t make it into the latest plan.

    The new rule goes into effect in May. The hope is that the process will be one that resolves asylum claims in months instead of years. Mayorkas said, “Through this rule, we are building a more functional and sensible asylum system to ensure that individuals who are eligible will receive protection more swiftly, while those who are not eligible will be rapidly removed.” Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the change will reduce the burden on immigration judges. There are only 500 judges to handle more than a million pending cases, not to mention new cases arriving every day.

    All of this comes as the administration prepares for a new wave of illegal migration that is expected to come to the southern border when Biden ends the use of Title 42 at the border. There will be no more automatic expulsions due to public health concerns, one of the tools used to mitigate the overcrowding at the border. The new rule will allow those who have been expelled to seek asylum again.

    The administration has not said if the illegal migrants will be placed in detention centers but that is unlikely, given the push to close them. DHS wants less facilities, not more, to be available to take illegal migrants. They are released into the United States until their asylum claims are decided, often without any monitoring. This is deliberate. Biden doesn’t want a secure southern border. It has been clear since he took office that he’s happy to ignore the humanitarian crisis he has created.”


  3. Of course…..

    More lies from the CDC and Biden admin, all to give the unions what they wanted. Feel the science people…..




  4. The left continues it’s plans of institutional capture.

    They already have public education, most colleges, the media, the deep state bureaucracy, and are working on the law schools and med schools.

    All while Republicans do little to stop the spread of this disease that’s infecting America.









    There’s more….. click a tweet and keep reading.


  5. The Anti-Groomer Bill seems a more accurate title than Don’t Say Gay.






  6. Enjoy Apple and Facebook users.

    “Apple and Meta Gave User Data to Hackers Who Used Forged Legal Requests”


    “Apple Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, provided customer data to hackers who masqueraded as law enforcement officials, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

    Apple and Meta provided basic subscriber details, such as a customer’s address, phone number and IP address, in mid-2021 in response to the forged “emergency data requests.” Normally, such requests are only provided with a search warrant or subpoena signed by a judge, according to the people. However, the emergency requests don’t require a court order.

    Snap Inc. received a forged legal request from the same hackers, but it isn’t known whether the company provided data in response. It’s also not clear how many times the companies provided data prompted by forged legal requests.

    Cybersecurity researchers suspect that some of the hackers sending the forged requests are minors located in the U.K. and the U.S. One of the minors is also believed to be the mastermind behind the cybercrime group Lapsus$, which hacked Microsoft Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Nvidia Corp., among others, the people said. City of London Police recently arrested seven people in connection with an investigation into the Lapsus$ hacking group; the probe is ongoing.”


  7. Read it and weep.

    The people pushing these mandates are un-American monsters. This is how they rewarded his decades of service.

    “What a Terrorist Could Not Do, This Did…”


    “A flight surgeon has been forced into medical retirement, thanks to injuries sustained as a result of the Moderna jab. Now this Purple Heart recipient, who survived multiple attacks and battlefield injuries in Afghanistan, is speaking out on the dangers of “trusting the science” and Joe Biden’s unlawful mandates. We must defeat these shot mandates and Vaccine Passports IMMEDIATELY before more people are permanently disabled.”

    “Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, a medical doctor, is one of only six flight surgeons attached to the legendary “Green Beret” Special Forces. For 39 years, Dr. Chambers served fearlessly throughout multiple harrowing combat tours.

    In Afghanistan, he survived a direct artillery hit to his Humvee and got an AK-47 7.62 round through his left arm that lodged in his rib cage after dragging the men from his shredded vehicle out of enemy fire.

    As the only survivor of that dreadful attack, Dr. Chambers earned the Purple Heart and chose to return to full duty. His love for God and America drove him to continue his sacrificial service in the United States Army.

    Dr. Chambers had every intention of continuing to serve his country and his fellow soldiers until he reaches the 40-year mark of his career in 2023, at which time he would finally retire to civilian life. But Dr. Chambers will not reach that 40-year milestone because side effects from the Moderna shot did what neither an artillery shell nor a round to the chest could do.

    Dr. Chambers has been diagnosed with “demyelination,” a side effect that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the shot makers themselves KNEW about but failed to tell the world until a recent court order forced the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to release the COVID shot safety testing documentation. “Demyelination” as a side effect is listed on page 9 of the side effects document.

    Each of the nerves in your body has a protective coating surrounding them. Much like the plastic coating on a lamp cord, the myelin sheath protects the nerve fibers. Just like a lamp cord, if the myelin sheath is damaged or worn, the nerve fibers “spark,” creating intense, unmanageable pain throughout the body.

    When demyelination hits the nerves and synapses in the brain, it can cause severe migraines as well as cognitive impairment. As demyelination continues, the body suffers unspeakable and often unmanageable constant pain. Demyelination victims often report that their feet, hands, arms and legs feel as though acid is burning through their every muscle.

    Thanks to the documentation the courts forced the FDA to release, we now know that both the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA KNEW about this injury and other debilitating and life-threatening side effects from the shots. But they told no one, and instead allowed the shot mandates to go forward.

    No wonder the FDA wanted to wait 75 years to release the data! Thankfully, a federal court has ordered the data released at the rate of 55,000 pages rather than 500 pages per month—as the FDA requested. On March 1, a Pfizer document listed 1,291 adverse injuries from its shot—including demyelination.

    Dr. Chambers says he “trusted the science” and trusted his government’s “safe and effective” narrative when he was pressured to take the Moderna shot as per Joe Biden’s military shot mandate. Had Dr. Chambers known the shots were neither safe nor effective, or had he known about the aborted fetal cell link, he would not have succumbed to the pressure.”


  8. Nope, nothing to see here…..

    Why would Republicans focus on this?

    It’s not like “The Big Guy” was getting 10% of it all.

    Oh wait, he was!


  9. Lapdogs lap, it’s what they do.



  10. Reality….



  11. Good. That will help cut down on the misinformation and propaganda they spread.



  12. I am curious about something in your 7:40 post. The photo on the left is of Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when he was on Dancing With the Stars doing a dance based on a dance his character did.

    I didn’t watch Fresh Prince but have seen clips of that scene. Chickadee used to like DWtS, and I saw that performance. It was cute.

    Anyway, my question is why that photo is included. Was that mentioned in the Twitter thread?


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