23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-30-22

  1. Good morning, to Wanderers near and far, and Good evening to Jo in the far, far distant PNG.

    It’s a cool feeling this morning after the warmth felt late yesterday. We had a power outage around 10 p.m. last night. No clue as to what caused that.

    I found out that the Easter event at church will have a petting zoo which will be fun. The event coincides with my Word Weavers meeting so I won’t attend.

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  2. Morning…..
    Icy morn around here and puppy seems to be regressing with potty training 😡 She is back on the leash and isn’t too happy about it all….such a willful child she is!!

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  3. I don’t “hear” Chas, but I am reminded of him every time I open this and see someone say “Good Morning”.

    Also, today through Sunday, Dan Walsh is giving away his romance/historic fiction The Discovery for free for Kindle.

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  4. Also, today is Jeopar-DAY!, which is the anniversary of the very first Jeopardy episode 58 years ago. They’re letting people take the test today. I didn’t do so hot this time.

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  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Dan Walsh book….Janice introduced me a while back to his writing and of course I have since then purchased several of his books. That one I had not! 😊 now if I can just find some time to sit down undisturbed to read!

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  6. All’s quiet at the neighbor’s house this morning but I do expect to see the son back at some point today as soon as he’s released from jail and can get here; the mom is off at work.

    I went in to see a cardiologist this morning, a referral from my GP for heart palpitations. So far there seems to be no medical cause they can see which takes us to non-medical (as in stress or anxiety, which is my own diagnosis). EKG, echo cardiogram, extensive blood work by the GP (and a followup EKG today in the specialist’s office) have been done, everything’s good, n red flags in any of it.

    I will have to wear a small heart monitor for 48 hours, they’ll call me later to set me up with that. But so far I’m feeling relieved. Heart disease runs in my family and doctors have told me much of that is driven by genetics.

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  7. After having a certain dream last night, I was crying on and off throughout the morning. In the dream, Nightingale and Chickadee were young (maybe around eleven and eight respectively) and were having a sleepover with a couple of younger girls whom we were apparently taking care of for the evening and night.

    Then as I was in the process of getting ready for bed (in the dream), I was walking around turning off lights, Hubby got out of bed and was giving me a long, strong hug. I could see into the kitchen (as usual in dreams, the house was different from our real house) where Nightingale (now her current age) was getting a drink of water, and we waved and smiled at each other.

    Well, remembering that hug (which I could swear I could feel!) had me missing Hubby so much, and crying. But I was also crying about missing Chickadee as she was before she lived with the McKs, and missing us as a family. Did a lot of praying as I did my various chores this morning.

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  8. Thanks, Aj. I love that picture above by Janice. She catches the little things, while I seem to see the far off views. Love them both.

    Not sure what happened last night. I didn’t get sick, but when i was going to bed I had some sharp pain in my middle. In case it was what I ate, I will be giving away the rest of that meal. I don’t remember having that ever before.

    And, before you tell me to go see a doctor, our doctor leaves tomorrow for a month. There is another one here, but she is a mom and won’t be there all of the time.

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  9. As long as it is not appendicitus, Jo, it’s probably okay!🙏

    I love both forms of photography, too, Jo. I do not get many big sprawlling landscape photos because I am rarely in areas with a vista. I do like closeups of flowers because the photos take me to worlds I have never seen (the bug-eyed view, lol).

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  10. Remember me saying that my phone number would not switch over to my new phone? (IOW, photos and such switched over, but I could not make or receive calls, nor could I text, but I still could do those on my old phone.) The service on my old 3G phone is due to end tomorrow, so Nightingale – after having tried another time in a call with customer service to get it fixed – finally took it to the Boost store a couple towns over to see what they could do.

    It turns out that the SIM card was not working right, so they put a new one in, and now my phone finally works! And Boy helped me find how to choose the ringtone and notifications tones. 🙂

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