51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-1-21

  1. □Good morning
    □Good evening
    Check off the greeting box that applies!

    Great photo of a cardinal, I assume. Special to catch an action photo showing the feathers all spread out.

    I heard a bird calling outside which could be a cardinal. It keeps repeating a sound like chirpity chirpity chirpity chirp . . . over and over. If anyone knows which bird does that, please inform. My inquiring mind wants to know.

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  2. Morning! It’s still dark out there but the school bus just went down the road so I suppose it’s time to get this day started! One cup of coffee finished and more to come!
    That is the most gorgeous photo up there! The wings appear so soft and perfectly appointed…our Creator has blessed us with so much beauty in what can be such a dark world…keeping our eyes peeled to spy the beauty surrounding us….
    Janice we have had birds around here that I call The Three Blind Mice birds….the first three chirps sound like the first three notes in that childhood ditty. I do wish they would come back…

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  3. Chas, sometimes it is better to not be smart enough. Thinking that old cliche, “Ignorance is bliss,” was made for times like these.

    I tried to find my bird song on the web. I had to stop. My search caused great frustration for Miss Bosley. A bird outside the window is worth two in the phone.

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  4. Missouri has a higher gasoline tax today. Every July 1st until 2025 it will go up 2.5¢. I hope they actually use it for roads and bridges, unlike in 1992 when a bunch of it went to other things.

    But the State is going to refund the tax for those who don’t drive big trucks, as long as we keep receipts and file a form every year. Oh, the paperwork! Fortunately I get my receipts by email, so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep them.

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  5. Husband took the children off at about six, to be in Lewiston for his car repair. Then speech therapy at eight thirty, but they will be changing the time on that again. Anyway, that means I should be heading off to visit my dad. I did get all of the chores done, in my pursuit of exercise.

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  6. Mumsee, it may sound odd, but be thankful that you have something to do.
    O OTOH have nothing to do. Nothing I can do.
    Just sit here and pester you.

    Rose came to fix me some stuff to eat.

    And left.
    LindaS came over to check on me.
    And left. Now it’s just you and me.And it looks like you are headed somewhere.

    I’ll be here when you get bacdk.


  7. Janice, I have watched some of Frankie Drake. They have been on our PBS channel. I see now that Ovation has them. They are not my favorite, but don’t have a whole bunch of garbage in them. That seems to be scarce these days in spite of having a zillion channels.

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  8. The replacements are here to fill in for Mumsee, Chas!

    I just cancelled the planned short jaunt to FL in Oct. I tried to find people to go with me and nothing was working out. Art said he would go, but more thought made me realize that with him not being able to walk much that I’d have to help get meals to him, etc. and it would not be a good situation for me to enjoy being at a one day writing event. God knows and He will provide in the future if it is meant to be. If I use three days to travel with Art. I want it to be somewhere we both can enjoy.

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  9. I made the mistake of reading the news thread first. I appreciate it, but it sure is depressing. What country will I be returning to. Not sure how long I can stay in California

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  10. Grocery shopping done, birthday present for friend found and placed in a pretty basket and I finally got my ring back from the jeweler! He did an amazing job. I am going to be careful not to loose the diamond this time! 💎… but how gracious was the Lord to me having found it 5 years later under the car seat!

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  11. Nice visit with my dad, but I learned he tripped over the exercise bike I gave him. Fell down flat and bumped his head. I offered to take it out, he said no. That says, he is using it!

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  12. oh, kayaking, I am ready!!
    oh, Windhester has a lake!!
    But what about Waha or, even better, Slickpoo!

    Can you just imagine telling your friends that you are moving to Slickpoo?

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  13. I just called brother to see how he is doing. Things went well until he asked if I was still thinking of going on a trip with him in November to a special event in another state. I told him I would only go with Art if he goes. Silence. I then told him it never works out when he and I travel together, that I am always treated in hurtful ways. His reply: “If you didn’t always say such ugly things.”
    Enough said. I remain sad over this situation. But I will not set myself up for more verbal abuse when I can’t get away from it as in a traveling a distance from home situation.

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  14. I am friends with a lady in one of my writing groups who is in a very similar situation as I am in with not being able to drive very far, and her husband is basically working long hours like Art in a small business doing the jobs of two people so she does not feel she can ask for his help in getting places. They live out away from the city. The Covid mandate is affecting their business much more than ours which is a really bad situation for them. So sad to watch the unraveling of our nation in every little way.
    As much as I wish we were not in similar situations, it is nice to know someone going through such unique yet similar difficulties.


  15. Winchester!

    Getting the fringed items ready.

    Hopeful news re Covid with an ever-growing immunity, It’s all good. Let’s hope it sticks this time. Plus a new treatment which looks really promising. We’ll get through it.

    I had an eye appointment early this morning so my eyes weren’t completely back to normal after dilation until early afternoon. So I just called in sick for the day.

    It gave me a chance to pick up dog meds later this afternoon and then do some grocery shopping. But I got home without the sourdough loaf. Figured it fell out in the car, but it’s not there. Maybe I’ll find it 5 years from now like Nancyjill’s diamond. Story of my life.

    I’ll need to double check the receipt. I’m sure I bought some … ?

    Never heard of that movie, Kathaleena.

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  16. I’d probably trip over the bike, too, mumsee. Right after I find the stale loaf of sourdough in the car. Will there be a diamond inside the bread, maybe? 🙂

    Ah, I can hear the announcer at the high school football field a few blocks away. It’s Friday night in fall, already. I also noticed bales of hay being delivered at the corner lot where the pumpkin patch will be in full swing by tomorrow, most likely.

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  17. I have never heard of the place of Slickpoo, though I drove by Culdesac twice today. I have heard of people with the name of Slickpoo. It is actually a big name in the Tribe.

    Shell Licks is quite close to where we were camping this summer but I had never heard of it either. Waha, I have heard of and been by the road to it but never actually went there. Sounds like a teen party place from what my children tell me. I am sticking with Winchester.


  18. We have an Almost Heaven (of Bo Gritz fame) above Kamiah. It may have had that fire a couple of years ago go through.


  19. I live a 30-mile drive from Hell. It doesn’t sound like there’s much there. It’s not on a major highway and I’ve never had any reason to pass through.

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  20. Shells Lick, Idaho, The article says: As far as we know, nobody in Idaho was licking anything. Nobody anywhere was licking anything. This little town is in the Lewiston / Moscow area where there’s actually a beach, with shells. That’s most likely where the first part came from… we’re still trying to figure out the second part.

    That reminds me of Boone’s Lick State Park, MO. It’s a place where Daniel Boone and his sons extracted salt from salt springs. That might be where the name Shells Lick came from.

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  21. Wow, Kevin.

    I’m loving the sounds of the football game, the announcer the cheers of the crowd. It occurs to me there must not have been any of those sounds in 2020. Life is slowly returning, if cautiously.

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  22. I don’t live far from Hell’s Gate.

    Or from Colgate lick. That is a salt lick that draws animals, and Colgate was the name of a man who basically committed suicide by hunting. He went into the wild with a group of hunters but did not mention to them that he had a serious medical condition that required a catheter type solution. He left his solution at his house. Deliberately. They ended up leaving him rather than staying in the mountains and starving, a rather heart wrenching story.


  23. On to La Brea.

    I’ve been to the tar pits numerous times, the last time was maybe 5 years ago when a friend from Colorado (but a native of Manhattan Beach here) took a road trip along Route 66 (she began in Chicago) and wound up in Santa Monica where the route formally ends. So we were going to get together and she suggested meeting at the tar pits. Very cool as I hadn’t been there if a while.

    So now, according to the TV series …


  24. I have also been to the tar pits several times. It was my favorite place to go in LA other than the beach. But the beach was not much fun, going with cousin and the crowds of people.


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