Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 1

How time flies! Here it is, that time of year again, folks. Time to prognosticate on 10 college football games. The first week has some big games, meaning a lot of the top teams are not starting out with second tier opponents.  

We are starting early this week, so get those guesses in by 7:00 pm EDT Thursday, September 2, when the Broncos of Boise State start their game against the Knights of Central Florida.  

1. Boise State @ UCF

2. Duke @ Charlotte

3. #19 Penn State @ #12 Wisconsin

4. Army @ Georgia State

5. Lafayette @ Air Force

6. #1 Alabama @ #14 Miami

7. #17 Indiana @ #18 Iowa

8. Marshall @ Navy

9. #23 Louisiana @ #21 Texas

10. Tie Breaker: pick winner and final score – #5 Georgia @ #3 Clemson

21 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 1

  1. 1. UCF

    2. Duke

    3. #12 Wisconsin

    4. Army

    5. Air Force

    6. #1 Alabama

    7. 18 Iowa

    8. Navy

    9. L #21 Texas

    10. Tie Breaker: pick winner and final score – Clemson. 48-28


  2. 1. Boise State
    2. Duke
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Georgia State
    5. Air Force
    6. Alabama
    7. Iowa
    8. Navy
    9. Texas
    10. Georgia 35-28


  3. AJ left a comment for me. I didn’t answer right away. Now I can’t find it.
    My eyes likely won’t work well enough to continue this.
    Sorry. That happens when you get past 90.


  4. Revised week one winning picks:

    Boise State
    Air Force
    Georgia 24-18

    Sorry big brother, maybe you will win week two.

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  5. So nice to have PPPP back! Thanks, Peter.

    1 Boise State (Go Boise!)
    2 Duke
    3 Wisconsin
    4 Army
    5 Air Force
    6 Alabama
    7 Iowa
    8 Navy
    9 Texas
    10 Clemson 28-14

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  6. Well, we have our first winner. In a three way tie I had to use the tie breaker, and Chas wins with his low score guess. The final score was Georgia 10, Clemson 3. Chas guessed a 7-0 win for UGA.

    Attaboy, Chas!

    Here are the results:
    Chas, Mumsee and Kim/Mr P – 6
    AJ, Janice and Kevin – 5
    PeterL 4

    Chas- what’s the tie breaker for next week? South Carolina @ East Carolina or Purdue @ UConn? (or some other game?)


  7. USC over E. Carolina and Purdue over Connc
    Tie breakerf: Purdue/UConn
    (Yiy;kk gave ti fukkub tge nustajes, /tgese 81 tear ikd etes dib;t fybctuib wekk abtnire,)
    That’s 91 year old eyes.


  8. Petr. These 91 year old eyes may not be up to it.
    You may have to filol in.
    As I’ve said before: I see themistakes. I just can’t see to correct them.


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