20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-1-21

  1. Morning! That is a beautiful flower and I immediately thought “hibiscus”…now I have seen an “Althea”…. 😊
    Hoping we get some rain today and tomorrow…things are looking a tad bit dry out there

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  2. Good morning. The sun is up, the roosters are still crowing. I suppose I should go feed some things but still need to provide valet service to the indoor dogs sleeping on daughter’s bed.

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  3. I have sneezed about twenty times. Miss Bosley hid under the quilt!😃

    When I went to Publix there were no grocery carts and a lot of the bins in produce were empty. One wonders . . .
    Good thing I only picked up a few items which all fi in a hand basket except for a large container of yogurt I carried in the other hand.


  4. I just got back from the mail box. It is indeed quiet around here. I was just telling God, this is like going on my own personal retreat without ever leaving home! Not hearing a human voice for several days. Not seeing a human being for several days. Unless I wait out at the end of the driveway and wave at the neighbor passing by.

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  5. Mumsee – May it be a time of rest and refreshing for you.

    I will have my own little at-home retreat for a little over 24 hours this coming weekend. Looking forward to it. (Unless Chickadee actually does accept my invitation, in which case I will not mind giving up some of my solitude for her.)

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  6. every evening and morning is my retreat. Thanks for your prayers, yesterday went well. The fellowship time in the evening was sweet.
    We are having some rain here. Which is wonderful as it was getting dusty and water tanks were drying up.

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