28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-19-21

  1. There is no good way to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.
    We should never have gone there. Once there, they depend on you.
    It’s a mess. And we can’t clean it up. Stay out of Afghanistan.

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  2. Morning! Again I have been up since 3:30am….coffee and prayer….
    So much going on in this ol’ world and most of it appears to be not good but we know our Lord is watching over us and He is most certainly over all….trusting in Him and His care is a comfort to us.

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  3. Good morning! I have a cup of coffee and my Bible so all is well for the moment if I focus on Him and His plans.

    I told Art while we watched a few minutes of news that Biden seems to be taking on an orange glow of health. Maybe he is drinking too much carrot juice. Then again, if may just be my vision playing tricks.

    A friend said yesterday that she loves listening to people talking about their strong and healthy background of growing up in a solidly Christian family. She mourns for what she did not have and lives vicariously through their stories told. I found that thought to be a way of making lemonade from lemons.


  4. Good morning.

    As horrid as we see things in Afghanistan, and it is, the horror is not limited to there. Still wars and rumors of wars in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria, Syria, Egypt, etc.

    And God is still on the Throne and we are safely embarked in eternal life. To know God is eternal life.

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  5. Daughter is twenty today. She bought herself a birthday cake. They will pick it up and then drive to Lewiston for speech therapy. They will have the cake at the China Buffet.
    I have told her we don’t really do birthdays for adults. Nor do we do big birthdays for children. A couple of small gifts, cake and ice cream maybe. But we try to celebrate each other every day. She has been making lists of things she wants for her birthday. She never gets anybody else a gift. I am not getting her one. Trying to treat her normally. But in three days, her sister will turn fourteen and she will get something and some cake and maybe ice cream. She has not been making lists of things she wants.

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  6. I received a live Facebook feed of students moving into dorms at Baylor. I did not see anyone wearing masks. I assume er everyone is vaccinated. But still, we had 8,000 new cases just yesterday in GA.


  7. My brother said a lady neighbor died last night from Covid, and another neighbor’s dad recently died from it. It’s again all around us. Art is glad I got my first vaccine. I am still adjusting to being in this new status, but right now I am like a half breed.


  8. Hybrid Janice.

    Yes, we’re getting reports of deaths as well. And apparently many of the longshore workers aren’t accepting of the vaccine, one of the officers, about 50, died just recently.

    Long day already for me, found out early this morning that fleet week is canceled due to covid (that was set for Labor Day, everyone was very excited it was coming back after last years blackout).

    Hard on the businesses and restaurants and bars that were feeling such a boost from the prospects of a packed house for 4 days running again.

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  9. Yesterday was the tenth birthday of the student that I tutor three days a week. She was so excited. I gave her a card and a book on cute animals that I had. But in Kinder I had a klutz book of how to make things from pipe cleaners. I took that to class along with pipe cleaners. She made a parrot and was so excited. So I will bring the book to each class and will let her make something. She felt so proud of herself and it was very cute.

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  10. Visited my dad this morning. Asked him if he wanted me to stay away as I am unvaccinated. He said if I could live with my conscience for killing him, he could.

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  11. This is an amazing post from Facebook written by Don Green. God’s perfect timing . . .

    “This true story from yesterday is impossibly mundane and the earthly subject irrelevant to all of you.

    It is also impossibly perfect and illustrates profound biblical truth.

    But it happened. Just like I’m about to tell.

    Flash back 50 years ago.

    My third grade teacher was a tiny, kind woman whom I only remembered as Mrs. Phillips. I’ve often wondered what happened to her over the years though my memory of her has faded.

    Flash back 15 hours ago.

    My dear mother and I were driving slowly through the historic Vernon Cemetery in Vernon, Indiana where several generations of my family and past friends are buried.

    It’s a huge, serene place with thousands of graves. Ninety-five percent of the headstones are of similar color, height, and width.

    Mom remembers stories about many of the lives those stones represent. She’s lived in the county for most of her 88 years.

    So we drove for a while past many rows of headstones, talked, got out and walked, drove some more—you get the idea.

    We were spending simple, pleasant time together after Mom’s friend Harry passed away the prior day.

    In such a time as that, my gracious Lord did something amazing. It all happened in 15 seconds, and the timing had to be perfectly precise.

    We were going down a slope at 5 MPH.

    The road came to an end. I turned left when I could have turned right.

    I asked a question at that moment that had nothing to do with what we had previously been talking about.

    It. Just. Popped. Into. My. Head.

    “Mom, do you remember the first name of my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Phillips?”

    I turned left to go up the next driveway.

    “No, but her husband’s name was Herschel. He used to work with your dad at Webster Chevrolet.”

    Literally two seconds later, I looked, not to my right but to my left.

    It gives me chills to write this.

    Out of the thousands of headstones in a cemetery of multiple acres, my eyes fall upon the back of a headstone.

    It read simply:


    This cannot be happening.

    “Mom. There’s a Phillips headstone.”

    In another two seconds we were on the other side of that headstone.

    No way.

    Herschel and Virginia Phillips.

    Friends, that was not a miracle.

    Everything about that moment occurred in the oridinary course of nature.

    My question to Mom was not divinely inspired as are the written pages of Scripture.

    But it was an uncanny act of *providence*.

    God works all things after the counsel of His will (Ephesians 1:11).

    Without supernatural intervention, God perfectly orchestrated the thoughts of my mind, the turns of my car, the turns of my head, and the timing of our conversation so that at precisely the right moment my idle curiosity about a long-past teacher would be answered.

    If the timing has been off by five seconds we would have unknowingly passed the headstone.

    If I had asked about my fourth-grade teacher, Miss Frazier, none of it would have mattered.

    Instead, on a day in which we were mourning together a significant earthly loss, God effortlessly unveiled a glimpse of how He controls and directs His creatures and creation to accomplish His purposes.

    He guides the stars and planets with mathematical precision.

    He guides the minute details of life.

    His silent hand is in it all.

    Normally we don’t recognize it so plainly.

    Once in a while, He graciously pulls back the veil.

    My friend, whether joyful or painful, simple or complex, nothing comes to your life but by the sovereign hand of God.

    He is not responding to human events.

    He is actively controlling and directing them.

    Even when men intend and do evil, God has His separate and overriding purposes of good that He is accomplishing (Genesis 50:20; Acts 2:23).

    You can trust Him to do all things well.

    “Great are the works of the LORD; They are studied by all who delight in them” (Psalm 111:2)”

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  12. “The Invisible Hand”


    Long day, finished a second (long) story. Tomorrow I’m off to a 9 a.m. news conference at the Port of Long Beach. We have to show vaccination proof — or submit to a test. Now to find that card, I put it in a ‘wallet’ in my bag with so much other ‘stuff.’

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  13. I suppose you have all gone to sleep again. Good reminder that God, the one true God, is still in charge. He knows and He cares.


  14. I just got a call from our aviation department. They have changed our booking for Monday to go see the dentist. Instead of flying in the Kodiak, a fixed wing aircraft, we are now scheduled to fly by helicopter. Helicopters are always more fun!! Okay with me.

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