25 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-20-21

  1. See. It’s not just me.

    There is something wrong in his brain.








  2. But no mean tweets!



    Yes. Yes he did. He always does. It’s his go to, like John Kerry and his “did you know I sered in Vietnam?” line that he pulled out whenever he was in trouble. Pathetic really.

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  3. So what’s a staff to do?

    Call a lid! 🙂

    Of course!


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  4. This is fine, as long as it’s “inclusive” per our State Dept….

    “Kinder, gentler Taliban threaten to kill families of collaborators unless they surrender”


    “So much for amnesty, eh? That was among a series of promises made by Taliban leaders after they waltzed into Kabul a few days ago, along with respecting women’s rights and freedom of speech. So far they’ve reimposed the burqa, shot demonstrators, and according to a UN report are threatening to murder entire families if those who worked with the US and NATO don’t surrender immediately:

    A UN document says the Taliban is intensifying its hunt for all people who worked and collaborated with Nato and US forces.

    The confidential paper was produced by the Norwegian Centre for Global Analyses, which provides the UN with intelligence information.

    “The Taliban are arresting and/or threatening to kill or arrest family members of target individuals unless they surrender themselves to the Taliban,” the document, seen by the BBC said.

    Thanks to the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the American security apparatus, the Taliban have a pretty good idea where to look, too. In fact, they’ve been working on this project for a while:

    “The Taliban have been conducting advance mapping of individuals prior to take take-over of all major cities,” it said.

    In that effort, they have gotten some assistance from the US. Thanks to the rapidity of our retreat and the concomitant collapse of Afghanistan’s security forces, the Taliban have captured tens of billions of dollars’ worth of American equipment. Much of that is military, but Human Rights First warned on Monday that it likely also included biometric systems that will allow the Taliban to find our allies with remarkable precision:

    The militant group has been seen with an array of stolen firearms and vehicles. There are also growing fears about the biometric systems that they’ve seized.

    “We understand that the Taliban is now likely to have access to various biometric databases and equipment in Afghanistan, including some left behind by coalition military forces,” said Human Rights First, a US NGO, on Monday.

    “This technology is likely to include access to a database with fingerprints and iris scans, and include facial recognition technology.” …

    Biometric data on Afghan citizens was reportedly widely collected and used in ID cards. Activists fear that the information will be used to identify US collaborators and attack vulnerable groups.

    In other words, when the Taliban threaten the families with murder unless the collaborators surrender, they know almost precisely whom to target. The threat of murder makes it very clear that the Taliban are not interested in simply registering the collaborators for an amnesty program, either. The reprisals may go on for years, and could run into the hundreds of thousands — thanks to the materiel the US left behind.”


    Joe Biden built this.

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  5. Hey, guess who has an Air Force and Army thanks to US equipment and poor leadership?

    The Taliban!






    And that’s what’s important…..

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  6. Oh NOW you’re concerned?


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  7. Don’t feel bad folks. I’ve held him in contempt for decades.


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  8. Well look at that. Jake Tapper trying actual “journalism” for a change.


    Some lefties tried to silence it with a reference to the discredited Duke “study”….

    Problem with that is…..

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  9. Yet another Oooops…..

    “It Turns Out All Those Plastic COVID Barriers Might Have Made Things Worse”


    “They were elementary and homemade at first before becoming commercialized and mass-produced, but plastic dividers became as commonplace during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic as the paper masks that now litter city streets.

    Put up with the aim of blocking droplets from the noses and mouths of the COVID-infected among us, they became a sort of virtue signal for businesses to show that they cared about the safety of their customers and employees. Plastic dividers popped up to separate Uber drivers from their passengers, supermarket cashiers from customers, students from teachers, and virtually every place there used to be unimpeded face-to-face interactions.

    Now that we’ve had more than a year of life peering through plastic at our fellow citizens, the science is starting to catch up with the craze and it turns out those measures may have actually increased the chances of people contracting the Wuhan coronavirus.

    As The New York Times recently reported, “scientists who study aerosols, air flow and ventilation say that much of the time, the barriers don’t help and probably give people a false sense of security. And sometimes the barries can make things worse.”

    How is that possible, you may ask, that one of the most prevalent forms of COVID theater aimed at preventing the spread of COVID was actually doing more harm than good? The Times explains:

    Under normal conditions in stores, classrooms and offices, exhaled breath particles disperse, carried by air currents and, depending on the ventilation system, are replaced by fresh air roughly every 15 to 30 minutes. But erecting plastic barriers can change air flow in a room, disrupt normal ventilation and create “dead zones,” where viral aerosol particles can build up and become highly concentrated.

    The New York Times admits that in some situations, such as a person sneezing or coughing, a plastic barrier can prevent large droplets from making direct contact with another person. But because the Wuhan coronavirus “spreads largely through unseen aerosol particles” barriers typically trap such aerosols until they’re so concentrated they end up spreading beyond the clear walls aimed at keeping them in.

    And there are studies to back up the theory that our supposedly impenetrable plastic walls did more harm than good, as The New York Times reports:

    A study published in June and led by researchers from Johns Hopkins, for example, showed that desk screens in classrooms were associated with an increased risk of coronavirus infection. In a Massachusetts school district, researchers found that plexiglass dividers with side walls in the main office were impeding air flow. A study looking at schools in Georgia found that desk barriers had little effect on the spread of the coronavirus compared with ventilation improvements and masking.”


    Follow the science!

    Or something…..

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  10. Joe Biden did this.


    But Joe Biden isn’t doing this.

    Why is that?

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  11. Where’d all the feminists go? I guess they’re too embarrassed to show their faces after crying about how horrible it is for them in the US. Now they’ll soon know what actual oppression is.

    “Afghani Women Protest Against the Taliban Amid Crackdown

    Where are the feminists? Afghani women face actual oppression unlike the fake oppression women supposedly endure in America.”


    “Protests erupted all over Afghanistan the last few days against the Taliban. Those protests hit Kabul on Thursday on Afghanistan Independence Day.

    They celebrate their independence from British rule in 1919.

    Brave Afghani Women
    Women took charge in some of these protests. As we all know, the Taliban treat women like crap. We know the Taliban will cut women off from education, make them completely cover-up, etc.

    Afghani women face actual oppression, unlike the fake oppression feminists supposedly endure in America.

    The United States and the rest of the world demanded the Taliban respect women. The insurgents promised “to provide women with [an] environment to work and study” and place them in the government. However, they will only do this “according to Islamic law and in accordance with our cultural values.”

    In other words, oppression.

    As the Taliban close in, some women choose to hide. They’re terrified. Some sources said insurgents go door-to-door to find the opposition.

    I cannot blame them. I do not fault the women who hide and stay home:

    “I do not believe the Taliban,” said a senior female broadcaster in Kabul, who said she remained in hiding Tuesday at a relative’s house.

    She said she was too frightened to return home much less to work following reports the Taliban had a list of journalists and had knocked on some of their doors after entering Kabul on Sunday.

    Her father told her to stay in hiding until the security situation becomes clearer. Speaking to the AP by phone, the 29-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said the situation is unclear for women in Afghanistan.

    But some women emerged and protested the Taliban.”

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  12. A loss for the Deep Staters and their activist judges.

    “D.C. Circuit Rebukes Lower Court On Indefinite Detention Without Bail Of Jan. 6 Protester George Tanios

    ““The record reflects that [George Pierre] Tanios has no past felony convictions, no ties to any extremist organization, and no post-January 6 criminal behavior that would otherwise show him to pose a danger to the community.””


    “In the Roman pantheon, the goddess of justice is often depicted wearing a blindfold – an allegory representing the ideal that law should be applied impartially, without regard to a person’s status, position or wealth.

    We like to pretend that our judges can administer such blind justice, but the truth is that courts are neither impervious to narratives spun by the media nor immune to political favoritism.

    The detention without bail of George Tanios – a 39 year-old restaurateur and father of three from West Virginia – in connection with the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6 is a case study in how leftwing media propaganda influences the courts and subverts the rule of law.

    The Relevant Facts (from Tanios’ appellate brief)
    In early January 2021, George Tanios – who planned on attending the Stop the Steal rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 – purchased two canisters of “bear spray” (a chemical irritant) and two small keychain bottles of mace for self-defense because he had heard about Trump supporters being violently attacked in connection with similar political events by members anti-Trump groups.

    On January 6, 2021, Tanios – along with a friend named Julian Khater – attended the rally. Afterwards, the two men proceeded to the Capitol where they witnessed “chaos unfolding.”

    At some point, the two friends separated. But at approximately 2:14 p.m., Khater reunited with Tanios and claimed that someone – Khater did not say who – had sprayed him with a chemical. Khater “appeared upset and wanted to retrieve [the] ‘bear spray’ from Tanios’ backpack.”

    During this interaction, Khater grabbed one of the containers of “bear spray” from Tanios’ backpack. Tanios, however, argued with him and refused to relinquish the spray to Khater.

    The can was returned to the backpack, but Khater managed to get his hands on a smaller bottle of mace from the backpack. He then proceeded to the line of officers protecting the Capitol, and sprayed three of them – one of whom was U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

    There is no evidence that Tanios knew that Khater accessed the smaller bottle of spray or that Tanios knew that Khater sprayed people.”

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald has aptly noted that the media “portrayed the events of Jan. 6 as a “murderous orgy carried out by savages so primitive and inhuman that they were willing to fatally bash in the skull of a helpless person or spray them with deadly gases until they choked to death on their own lung fluids. None of it was true, but that did not matter.”

    The aim of the left, according to Greenwald, was to “exploit[ ] the tragic death of [Officer Sicknick] to achieve their tawdry goals.”

    And it seems plain that one of those goals was to pull the blindfold off the eyes of Lady Justice.

    By repeating the falsehood that Brian Sicknick died at the hands Jan. 6 insurrectionists, the left strove to eliminate impartiality by the courts – it endeavored to promote a falsehood that would seep into the public consciousness, color judges’ perceptions of the Capitol riot cases, and permanently stain their ability to apply the law evenhandedly in these matters. Perhaps even to prod judges to create new, flagrantly unconstitutional rules to justify prolonged incarceration of those who were present at the Capitol on that fateful day.

    And in the case of George Tanios, it appears that the left accomplished all of these objectives. Until last week, that is.

    Whether the D.C. Circuit’s decision in Tanios’ case marks an inflection point in how the courts will approach Jan. 6 cases going forward remains to be seen. But at a minimum, the decision tightened the blindfold, even if just a bit. And for that we should be grateful.”

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  13. Finally. Now the key is to pass a proper voting law in Texas – the wayward and immature Dems just delayed the inevitable.


    “A 38-day standoff in Texas over a GOP-backed election reform bill came to an end on Thursday when some House Democrats, who fled the state, returned—a day after it was ruled that they can be arrested if they refuse to return to the state Capitol to conduct legislative business.

    The return of Democratic state Reps. Garnet Coleman, Ana Hernandez, and Amanda Walle paves the way for Republicans to resume work on voting overhaul bills that they argue are needed to safeguard future elections and would restore the public’s confidence in them.

    Last month, 52 state House Democrats broke quorum when they absented themselves from legislative business in order to block the measure and others like it. Democrats have argued that the GOP-backed election reform bill would place unfair restrictions on minority groups when they cast their ballots.

    While only three Democrats returned to the Lone Star state, Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan said enough were there to achieve a quorum, which in the House is normally 100 present legislators.

    While Republicans control both legislative chambers in Texas, as well as the governor’s mansion, two-thirds of lawmakers must be present to constitute a quorum. Republicans only hold 82 seats in the 150-seat lower chamber.

    “It’s been a very long summer. Been through a lot. I appreciate you all being here,” Phelan said. “It’s time to get back to the business of the people of Texas.””


  14. Stating the obvious….

    But you’ll have to wait until Jan. 2023 when the new Congress is seated.

    “Graham: Biden Should Be Impeached If Americans Are Left Behind…”


  15. Yet they’ve flown over a half a million non-citizen, illegal invaders all over the US for free to the destination of their choice.

    What is wrong with these people?



    “A report published on Thursday alleged that the Biden administration was charging U.S. citizens for evacuation flights out of Afghanistan, and even more for non-citizens.

    “Even though U.S. officials tell NatSec Daily and others that evacuation flights from Kabul will be free, people trying to catch a plane in the Afghan capital say differently,” Politico reported. “One person said State Department staff were seeking large payments — up to $2,000 — from American passengers and even more from non-U.S. citizens.”

    Politico says that it confronted the State Department over the matter, which they said did not deny that it was happening.”


  16. A look at Joe Biden’s Afghanistan hellscape.



  17. ——


  18. Joe Biden needs to own this.



  19. Meanwhile……


  20. That’s racist!

    Or accurate……

    “Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says ‘African Americans who have not been vaccinated’ are driving covid surge”


    “When Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was asked about the surge in coronavirus cases during a Thursday night appearance on Fox News, the Republican said “African Americans who have not been vaccinated” are “the biggest group in most states” contributing to the spike.

    Laura Ingraham had asked Patrick to respond to criticism from Democrats that covid-19 cases and deaths were on the rise in Texas due to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s policies. The governor has resisted public health mandates aimed at mitigating the highly contagious delta variant’s spread and announced on Tuesday that he had tested positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

    Patrick acknowledged that “covid is spreading” and that infections are largely among people who have not received the vaccine.

    “Democrats like to blame Republicans on that,” Patrick said. “Well, the biggest group in most states are African Americans who have not been vaccinated. The last time I checked, over 90% of them vote for Democrats in their major cities and major counties.”

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  21. And here come the forced mandates….


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