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  1. Remember back in 2006 when some people claimed it was the end of the world on June 6th? 6/6/06. Well here we are 14 years later, and though there is turmoil everywhere, God is still in control.

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  2. I’m on a roll – so far, posted on the New thread, Rants and Raves, and the Prayer thread. So I might as well stop by here and say, “Good morning.”

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  3. I hesitate to post this because my memory of the argument is sketchy and I can’t find the source in my library now. But years ago, I read a book by a converted Muslim who says that the words interpreted by English speaking people as 666 is not 666 at all.
    He has a long explanation, but bottom line is”
    The words we interpret as 666 is from the Arabic language and the meaning is”
    “In the name of Allah”
    Makes more sense than “666”.


  4. Good morning. My asthma has finally caught up to me. I worked two 12 hour shifts the last 2 two days, and I could barely drive myself home, my lungs were so constricted. This time of year has always been bad for me, with me being basically bedridden at times but now I have a job that I have been working at for nearly 10 months, I had been hoping it would not happen. I know it is not the dreaded virus, because I tested negative and have not changed the way I do things (which is to stay at home unless I am going to work). No, this is just my allergic asthma causing my airways to swell until it is like breathing through a straw. Well, when I started this job, I told the manager I would be here at least a year, and the reason I said that is because I knew what my asthma is like.

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  5. Chas, Revelation says is a number of a man, not a numerical translation of a phrase. I do not believe the claim of the converted Muslim. Sometimes, converts are tempted to tell Western Christians what they think those powerful and wealthy Westerners want to hear, something Aji suun warned me about. The reason I do not believe the claim is because Arab Christians used Allah, which is just a contraction of al ilah (the God) before Muslims even existed, and those Arab Christians still use the word Allah. So, unless we are going to suggest all Arab Christians are apostates for using Allah, the claim that the Mark of the Beast is the phrase ‘in the name of Allah’ is absurd. Arabic is a Semitic languages and the word ‘allah’ is very similar to the Aramaic word for God, ‘alaha’, which is close to the Hebrew word for God, ‘eloha’ (the plural of eloha is Elohim, used for God in the Bible). The claim by one convert selling their book to the West is not borne out by the wealth of historical and linguistic data available elsewhere.

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  6. Franklin Graham is especially guilty of trying to push the narrative that Allah is a codeword for a false God. I read an article in his Decision magazine in which it was reluctantly conceded that, yes, Arab Christians did use Allah for God and they were not wrong to do so, but, the article hastened to add, Christians who spoke other languages should not use Allah. That was sheer ignorance, because there are a number of languages whose word for God is derived from the Arabic, because they either did not have a concept of a Creator (animistic religions focus more on spirits) or the word they had for a Creator has long been lost. Wolof is one such language, the only word for God is clearly derived from Arabic, Yalla. The Western Church is far too focused on the Islam coming from the Arabs of the Middle East and fails to remember that Christians existed among the Arab tribes for hundreds of years before Muhammad was born, and furthermore, the concept of a Creator God existed among the Arabs long before Christianity. The Arabs are descendants of Abraham, after all, and as God himself told Moses (Exodus 6:3), Abraham knew God by his name El, but not by his name Yahweh/Jehovah (different transliterations of the same four consonants). Both the Arab tribes of the Ishmaelites and Midianites were direct descendants of Abraham, who had more sons than just Isaac and Ishmael, and when Moses fled to the Midianite priest Jethro, Jethro clearly already knew and worshipped the God of Abraham, whose descendant he also was. Job’s friends included and Ishmaelite, who also clearly knew about Abraham’s God. So, the Arabs already knew about God, long before Muhammed. Like the Israelites, they had introduced idols, that they also called gods – the same word, Elohim, is used is the Old Testament for both false gods and the true God. Muhammad, like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses did with the English word for God, simply used the name of God for the purposes of creating another religion.

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  7. Let’s not forget the name ‘El’ is part of many Biblical names: Israel, Michael, Emmanuel, etc. And part of the name Yahweh/Jehovah is in such names as Joshua, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc. So in a sense, we Christians are using a form of “Allah” when we use those names. Does Franklin Graham realize this?

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  8. Pretty Dame’s rocket in the header. We have those everywhere here right now, in several different colors and shades: white, different shades of purple, some leaning toward pink, and an occasional two-toned one. They’re very pretty, but considered invasive in Indiana, and they bloom for such a long period and so abundantly I’m always a little relieved when they’re finally gone.


  9. Peter, there are also: Elijah, Elisha, Elizabeth (and the Latin version Isabella), Elihu, and many more. There is a subtle Judiazing movement among Western Christianity, tied in with the dispensationalist movement that gives too high a view of Israel, that fuels the furor over the ‘right’ word for God. I have a cousin who will only use Yahweh for God, because he is of the view that even our English word is contaminated with paganism. I long to ask him what he thinks Abraham was then, since Abraham used El, and Elohim is used not only for false gods, but also for angels, and human authorities. Remember how Jesus mocked the Pharisees for getting indignant because he called God his father by pointing out that the Psalmist called the judges of the earth gods? The word used in the Psalm 82:6 passage, and also in the Exodus 22:28 passage the Psalm is quoting from, is Elohim. I have also seen insistence from ‘concerned’ Christians that English Bibles should use Yahweh instead of LORD, even though the New Testament translated the Hebrew Yahweh to the Greek kurios, which means Lord. Paul would say those who insisted that we must use the Hebrew Yahweh or we are not referring to the right God were “proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and endless strifes of words.” (I Timothy 6:2). As I have demonstrated by pointing out the various ways Elohim is used the the Scripture, God is not so concerned about which word is used for Him. The key is whether we know Him, not what word we use for Him, and the only way to know Him is through the one mediator, Jesus Christ.

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  10. Morning! We are having a respite from the heat… everything outdoors is covered in yellow pine pollen…..achoo!!! 🤧
    The rain has moved in so we are in hopes it will help wash this yellow pollen away, if but just for today! 🌧


  11. It’s cool and overcast here. I had a long night’s sleep, now I need to get ready to go to the police station to cover the start of the NAACP’s “unity march.”

    I called and sent an email to my doctor late yesterday, hoping we can get moving on a next step for this knee, I’m tired of being in pain, it really wears you down.

    Can these endless demonstrations just please be over after this weekend? I want to cover Covid-19 again, it’s getting that bad.

    Our next sermon series will be on the book of Revelation.

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  12. N.B: Said cousin also only uses the Hebrew version of Jesus’ name, Yeshua, even though the Greek version was good enough for the inspired writers of the New Testament. He also condemns our Christianized holidays as pagan in origin at every holiday – much to our relief, he had to be quiet this year about Easter, because it fell during Passover – and makes a deal about him observing the Jewish holidays instead. I have three cousins whose father was Jewish, this cousin is not one of them. Two of the three Jewish cousins are seminary trained, and none of the three see their origins as giving them a spiritual advantage. This other cousin of ours, however, keeps falling into speculative material that purports that the 10 lost tribes are Europeans, etc., much of it both heretical and racist, though he seems blind to both the heresy and racism. My mother’s side of the family were strongly influenced by dispensationalist theology, and were rather proud of having two Jews marry into the family, but this cousin has taken it to the extreme.


  13. While all you say may be true, Roscuro, the fact remains that when people in the US, at least, hear that Allah and the God of the bible is one and the same, they think of the Allah of the Muslim religion. I have heard people tell me that. Thus, others can be confused and come to think THAT is true and that we all just worship the same God. Perhaps that is the nature of some of the discussion and people are talking over each other’s heads.

    New Agers use the term ‘christ’ and it is not the Christ of the bible. Lots of words are used in ways that were not originally meant. It is good to define terms and names.

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  14. Nancyjill, we are so over pine pollen here. Except I have the one car in the carport that will not crank and is still covered in pollen.

    The header flower is beautiful. For a short season I saw only white flowers blooming here. The yellows started first in spring, then the various colors of azaleas, then the whites, and now the vibrant colors of butterfly weed and others are starting.

    The magnolia is beautiful right now with its creamy white blooms. One of my haiku online friends sent me a little story she wrote about when she was a child that they used the magnolia seed pods as pretend hand grenades. They’d snap off the ends and throw them. I thought that was quite clever.

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  15. K, that is why I explain it whenever the issue arises. Aji suun said American supporters have criticized her for using Yalla. When Christians are ignorant of truth, they need to be taught it. One thing Christians in the West need to remember, they did not invent Christianity. It comes from the Middle East, and there is much the Middle Eastern culture could teach us about the Bible. In fact, the idea that Christianity as we know it is mostly European in origin was an idea propagated by liberal scholars of the last century, who, with their Darwinian view of history thought Middle Eastern culture was primitive and unable to influence the superior European culture. I read a classic history of Europe published in the 1930s that spent a whole chapter insisting that the growth of Christianity was primarily due to an assimilation of Greek philosophy and had little to do with an obscure Jewish Rabbi from Palestine. This European theory is actually weilded as a weapon now against Christianity, with minorities in North America often rejecting Christianity on the grounds it is the religion of white people. It would be good for European origin Christians to re-examine the cultural bias that makes them assume that the Arabic word for God is automatically suspect, while the Germanic and Latin words for God are not, even though the Germanic tribes and Latin people were both pagans originally.

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  16. I would also point out that Paul, when in Athens, uses an altar to the unknown God (the Greek pagan term was theos, from which we get the term theology and which was used for God in the Greek New Testament) to preach the gospel, yet no one thinks he was telling the Greek pagans that he and they worshipped the same God. Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman using their common term for God, even though the Samaritan’s religion was warped. When God’s people encounter outsiders like Pharaoh and Abimelech in the Patriarch’s day, Arauna king of the Jebusites, Jethro priest of Midian, Balaam the prophet, the people of God make the assumption that these other people are talking about the same God – Balaam is even called a prophet of God – even though they are outsiders. So, when I talk to a Muslim, I assume they are talking about the Creator God. I know their assumptions about him are all wrong, and their works based salvation will get them nowhere. But the key to salvation is not in acknowledging the existence of a Supreme Creator, the key is believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That is where Islam, as any other religion, including Judaism, falls short, and that is, as Paul did with the Greeks, where we tell them the truth.

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  17. Without Jesus Christ, God is unknowable. That places the Greek philosopher Plato, the deist Benjamin Franklin, the Hindu guru Gandhi, the Muslim sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, and the Jewish Rabbi Gamaliel in the same position spiritually, no matter how well respected they were or are.

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  18. Janice, I wouldn’t want to be a hospital chaplain. My great uncle was a pastor of visitation for a church, and held a special position at the local hospital as a result, and that gave him opportunities to share the gospel. But being hired by a hospital as chaplain would require watering down one’s faith to be inclusive. I have, however, wondered about becoming a Parish Nurse.

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  19. Dishwasher: I leave a basin with soapy water in the sink to rinse the dishes or soak them if they can’t be placed in the dishwasher immediately.

    Mr. Consumer Reporter investigated the cleaning issues with my dishwasher and determined it has to do with the soap. The best and most effective dishwasher soap is the pellets from Costco, based on his research, so that’s what we use and most of the cleanliness complaints had gone away.

    Last weekend he took apart the dishwasher and discovered the water pressure was not pushing the bottom “wand” around effectively. He bought a new wand and fixed something else.

    I hid in the study.

    It’s now working.

    I am thankful, but still in seclusion.

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  20. I will point out that it was DJ who brought it up, contrary to the rules of engagement decided yesterday.


  21. Mumsee—we had been tentatively planning to spend two weeks wandering around your state this summer since we have relatives, outlaws, exiled friends and others living there. You were included on our map as part of seeing friends in Sandpoint.

    I’ll put a confirmation check beside your name if it comes to pass. 🙂

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  22. My aunt lived in Sandpoint.

    Well, what an interesting morning — although the knee was giving me major grief and still is, I will be calling my doctor asap on Monday.

    So there was a moment before the march began when everyone in the crowd was told to kneel. Yes, told. No excuses, everyone there had to “take a knee,” the one organizer said.

    Everyone was in the street (the lapd police chief was there along with many politicians and probably a few hundred participants). I was standing off along the curb, taking notes, when I see one of the organizers swiftly walking over and calling out to someone behind me “Take a knee. You have to take a knee, knee to the ground.” Well, turns out it was a police officer who was video recording the event (looked like this was his official role, all of this took place in front of the police station).

    He eventually turns and politely says, “Thank you for the invitation” and went back to his job walking along the curbside. She was not happy, muttered an expletive as she walked by me, but I didn’t catch all of what she said under her breath. I included it in my story though.

    Then when I posted our story a while ago on a FB community page, one of our more active gadfly folks in town comments with this:
    “I think a more suitable first photo for this article Would have been this one, with everyone in the group except for one, kneeling in prayer. The man holding the large white sign in your photo, was defiant. He refused to kneel in prayer with everyone.
    There’s always one in the crowd and unfortunately you chose him to make your cover”

    Ok, so it was one of the first 2 photos the photographer was scrambling to post, it was hardly “chosen” with a message in mind (people so don’t understand real journalism). But aside from that … Did I sleep late and wake up in the old Soviet Union or what? When is it ok to force someone to kneel for either a political or religious cause (yes, there was a prayer about to be recited, but this was also the traditional “Take a knee” mantra now mandatory at all of these gatherings)?

    It’s anyone’s right to “refuse” to kneel. Or so I once thought. Silly me.

    What has happened?

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  23. I was just getting ready to read that, michelle, but had to get out of here. Always liked him, i’ll go back and read it.

    So I couldn’t resist, I responded to our little critic on FB, mainly because she was getting so many “likes” on her comment;

    I wrote:

    If I may … On the nuts and bolds — this was a very fast deadline turnaround, we don’t go back to a big office and sit around pondering at great length what image will send the “right” message (and be glad we don’t). Photos are chosen for their visual interest and, in this case, initially, chosen based on photos that were sent in first in a frantic race to calm our editor’s rising angst and insistence on posting things immediately or, if magically possible, earlier than that. Real journalism is often quite chaotic, messy, frustrating; it is, ideally, focused on the news of an event, what happened, both sides, all sides, with the goal of being as informative as we can in a fairly quick timeframe.
    And … people are always, in all circumstances, free as individuals to kneel or not kneel to acknowledge (or not) any cause or religion or political movement they choose. Again, the point of a news photograph is to tell a story and also provide for an interesting visual. Not everyone will agree with what that is, I suppose, but the point is not to try to push a particular ‘viewpoint. At least it’s not supposed to be.

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  24. Well I can now add Covid-19 survivor to my list of accomplishments. 🙂

    I just received my test results back from Quest Diagnostics for the test the Dr. ordered earlier this week. I am positive for Covid-19 antibodies meaning I was infected at some point. I think we all know when that was. 🙂

    Gotta say, this fact is a little disconcerting even though it was what I expected.

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  25. And we are all oh so thankful for your survival Aj! It must all seem so surreal now having it confirmed. How about the ladies in your life…will they be tested as well or will they just assume they too had the virus?

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  26. I will point out that it was DJ who brought it up, contrary to the rules of engagement decided yesterday.

    With only 3 likes and no other mentions of that comment, and the fact that AJ has the final call, I don’t think my suggestion was decided.

    Congrats on surviving, AJ!

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  27. I added a few graphs to my story, couple folks who participated complained it didn’t show the love or unity (and it was turned about in literally 30 minutes as I was in some pretty serious knee pain with editors hounding everyone). OK, got that included. It’ll all pass. I’m avoiding social media for the time being. And now I ache almost everywhere.

    I’m so worn out.

    Prayers appreciated.

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  28. In all honesty, I’m feeling extremely thankful for the mercy God has once again shown my undeserving self. And to my girls as well, who had it first. He has blessed us.


    That will be up to the dr. The test states on it that any and all tests are covered by the emergency medical funds in place from the govt, and that results are anonymously reported for tracing and to get an accurate count of who has and hasn’t had it. If he orders it, they’ll get it, which I’m thinking I might insist on. My daughter leaves for college in the fall (maybe? who knows, the actual apocalypse might be next) and it would be good to know. My wife too, when they eventually return to working in the office.

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  29. Congrats, the real, at getting safely to the other side.

    Cheryl, I read the article and was intrigued enough to click on his name and track down a bit. Found the radiance foundation and several interesting videos. God is amazing.

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  30. Yesterday we had our visit with Chickadee for an early celebration of her birthday (her 28th). It was the first time we had seen her in almost four months. We all did a lot of talking and laughing. Nightingale picked up Chinese food for lunch, which we had with Coconut Margaritas (for the adults), and then a little later, a delicious Chocolate Cake with Chocolate-Orange Ganache frosting Nightingale had made.

    This visit lasted a little longer than some previous visits, and was absolutely lovely. I was so very grateful for that time with my girls and my boy.

    Speaking of that boy. . . Nightingale had gone to a friend’s house last night. As I was watching Boy go up the stairs for bed later in the evening, he turned around and – without me saying anything first – said, “I love you. You’re the best Mimi in the world!”

    Oh, my goodness! I was floating on the warm fuzzies of that moment the rest of the night, as well as the feeling of gratitude for the visit with Chickadee. What a lovely blessing!

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  31. Oh Kizzie what a sweet thing to hear from your little guy…trusting the Lord to gift you with many more moments such as these ❤️
    Dj….they probably checked this but could you possibly have a torn meniscus? My neighbor had surgery on hers the end of January…her symptoms sounded so much like what you describe. A couple of other friends have experienced the same with their meniscus…praying for a respite in pain and healing of whatever is going on….
    Aj I would probably ask the doctor to run the test on the girls…I do get a tad bit concerned at the thought of being traced by a government entity even though they say it is anonymous. Making a “reservation” to attend church, eat at a local restaurant, having one’s hair cut…they have your name, phone number and email. I realize we can be traced just by our phone these days but having to give that info just to attend church or eat out? I don’t like it. The health dept is insisting upon names of who attends a church service…seems to be an overreach to me….

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  32. Wow, we have survivor and a survivor family. Congratulations

    I walked 6.77 miles up and down hills. Then collapsed outside my friends house and called them. Ended up eating dinner with them. I am in a bit of pain and took advil. I think the pain is from trying to do the plank twice today and then walking.

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  33. Tomorrow will be our first church service. We have a sanctuary and a gym so will have two services in each plus an early service. We had to sign up online for which service we were going to. If we want to sing we have to wear a mask. I hope I am not too disappointed as it will be so different.

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  34. Michelle, we don’t have a Costco nearby nor do we have a membership. Could Mr. Engineer tell me what the second-best dishwasher soap is?

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  35. LOL
    I went grocery shopping yesterday.
    Harris Teeter is well stocked with TP and hand towels.
    I caught myself conserving hand towels this morning.

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  36. It’s funny about paper towels. To me, (emotionally?), they’re a luxury item from the days when we lived on such a tight budget. I rarely use them except for bacon grease or damp lettuce.

    Maybe it’s the ecology factor? I have lots of torn up terry cloth rags and dish towels. I clean up everything with towels and immediately toss them in the washer and use them over and over again.

    TP, of course, is another story. :-). The new stuff comes with much thinner rolls; wise but disconcerting.

    We’re all bringing our own packages to the lake. With 8 girls under 11, we may need it. Of course, there’s always the lake . . .


  37. I think dishwasher soap also depends a lot on your water. We use Finish powder with softened well water, my sister uses Cascade tablets with unsoftened city water and my folks use Finish tablets with softened city water.

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  38. I gravitated toward paper towels for sanitary reasons, they’re less ‘germy’ than reusable cloth towels. Also very handy for multi-pets. But I have now gone back to using dish towels more again, paper towels less.

    I use cascade.


  39. Morning! It is a beautiful non strong wind thus far…but the winds will kick up later on…we had a couple branches ripped off of the pines.
    We use Finish liquid and pods in our dishwasher…they work really well and I get a deal on them at Sam’s! We use lots of paper towels and I get a deal on them at Sam’s as well. I believe them to be biodegradable and I am wiping away germs and such then tossing them into the trash. I do use dishcloths to clean off my counters and stovetop…but when I am preparing food..it is paper towels.
    Church is tonight. We are only “allowed” 100 in the sanctuary and will have overflow in the foyer. We had to make “reservations” to attend. Husband is on security and usher duty so I will be sitting alone which is fine by me 😊

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  40. Church is at 11 now for us — our in-person services are at 9:30 and 11 so it’s now the 11 a.m. (rather than our usual 10 a.m.) that gets live-streamed for those of us still attending that way.

    Someone asked last night if I could have pulled my (starts with an ‘M’) ligament or something, so yes, I’m sure that’s a possibility along with others. I was somewhat heartened when a young former reporter texted last night just to see how things were going and she said she’d also badly sprained a knee some years ago, took several months for a full recovery w/PT. (She said they told her she ‘might’ need surgery or it would come around and heal on its own.) But it helped me get some perspective again on these things and how long they can take. She also assured me I’m going through the worst part of it (the severe pain, able to barely walk, which she said also was part of her early experience).

    As for the dustup over the story, I decided to ‘unfollow’ or turn off all notifications on that particular FB page as I kept seeing that so-and-so had ‘mentioned’ me in a comment, etc. I’m out, have no desire to read or partake in whatever’s being said about the protest and our coverage of it.

    What disturbed me yesterday was the one woman’s comment to me (twice, both in her voicemail but also when we talked a little later, she made sure to drive this point home) that she was ‘concerned’ about my reputation in the community as a journalist. It just struck me as a pointed threat or warning almost, like she’d ‘take care’ of that reputation if needed for the overall cause, if I didn’t get with the program.

    Kind of scary times, really. Re-education camps far behind? (only half jesting)

    Forced conformity reigns these days. And I don’t doubt that there could be/probably are spiritual attacks going on.

    So I’m (mostly) withdrawing from FB for now, other than maybe for connecting with friends — no more community page activity, no more posting stories. If people want to know what’s up in their community, they can take out a lousy $10 digital subscription. So there. 🙂

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  41. I would never support BLM because of how many of them have said and done. The young black man, (a minister) I talked about here, supports them and also has links on his fb to revisionist history. Makes me sad, since I doubt he has been exposed to much of the founding documents or accounts to balance his view of our country.

    It is like all the talking about our health care or lack there of. I wonder if people are aware of all the people I personally know who haven’t work hardly a in their lives (not to mention those who haven’t at all) and yet have all the health care they have needed long before the new health care. I know several well into their 60 and 70’s. So much does not grab the headlines and distortion is a result.

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  42. I did Sunday school/life group and church again by phone. My church will have a parking lot service on July 5 and return to inside the church building worship service on July 12 if the Covid numbers are still going down. Funny to consider all the big deal about Georgia being the first state to open up, but my church is being very cautious about resuming. I think for one thing, we have been very well served by Facebook Live and Zoom for our needs and because we have many older people no one wants to risk infection. We have had no one so far in our church infected that we know of, but one couple thinks they had it before it was a known thing. The younger people may vacate for the summer since we have college students who leave the city for summer.

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  43. AJ, I am so thankful you got through Covid without being hospitalized the same as Annms. This group is blessed indeed! I just hate that you and maybe your girls had to suffer that horrid illness. Have you regained all your strength that the illness zapped for awhile?


  44. The problem is I don’t know that it was a threat – or if I’m just thinking it “could” be. The fact that she said it twice concerns me; ok, you said that in your voicemail, can we move on please? Seemed like it was meant to jar me a bit. And no, I don’t actually believe she has my personal interest at heart. She’s a very forceful personality but has influence in the community, owns a restaurant and is very active in community-police relations, well respected and known among the community leaders. I’ve not dealt with her often, but find her difficult to interview as she likes to hold court in a monologue for a long time before you can even get a question in. She likes to control the interviews, in other words. I know one other community person like that (he’s actually much worse) and I avoid calling him because it’s virtually impossible to have a productive (or less than a 45-minute) conversation with him. I come away with next to nothing I can actually use in the story for which I’d called him.

    I’m careful around her and will be much more so now. I may mention it to my immediate editor, I don’t want it to take on more importance than is there or was intended. On the other hand, telling him without overblowing it or making into a bigger deal than it is or may be might be good, in case something comes of it.

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  45. Hubby had been told there was a problem with the meniscus in his knee. After his death, surgery was no longer advised.

    (That’s some “dark humor” for ya. 🙂 )

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  46. I do have the voicemail (which can easily be forwarded) but I also earlier today had mentioned it to my former editor (who now oversees the investigative reporting team chain wide) and he though that it was “her intent” to warn or threaten me, he said people are feeling emboldened (which is true). Maybe that’s enough of a trail for now should something come of it but I’ll see if my current editor says anything about the story or if I decide to bring it up (in terms of what had to be added later, etc.).

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  47. Saskatchewan only has 16 active cases of Covid and we still can’t meet for church. Sigh.

    Kids can’t play on playgrounds or with each other – I feel so bad for the children.

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  48. Well, Kizzie, I often hope that any surgeries I will need will hold off long enough for the Lord to return or until I leave this world to go to Him. 🙂

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  49. Has anyone else here seen the classic British TV series ‘The Prisoner’? Sometimes, reading your posts, all I can think of is the episode ‘A Change of Mind’:

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  50. Received a written reply from my doctor who says she’s requested a referral for physical therapy and should have a response by Monday or Tuesday.

    She said also to let them know if the pain is getting worse, which it seems to have done this weekend, but I’ll see where it’s at in the morning.

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  51. Roscuro – Although I have not seen it, I have heard about it. What is it about that episode you mentioned that our comments remind you of it? (That is an awkward-sounding sentence/question, isn’t it?)


  52. The IMDb synopsis for that episode says, “After a brawl, Number Six is declared ‘unmutual’ and is made to think that he has undergone ‘instant social treatment.’ ”

    Now I am intrigued to hear (read) your answer. 🙂


  53. The wind has kicked up here, I managed to limp out to get the backyard plants all watered. I keep thinking if I’m heading for a surgery or even a non-surgical total “down” time, I need to take care of some things. …

    Left-over pizza heated up for dinner.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. And interestingly, the knee and leg overall feels better after having gone out and used it a bit.

    I took a 2-hour nap this afternoon.

    Liked by 3 people

  55. After a brawl, Number Six is declared ‘unmutual’ and is made to think that he has undergone ‘instant social treatment.

    Number 6, eh? Only one person hear goes by a name like that, but I can’t picture her getting into a brawl. Oh, it says “he”. It can’t be our 6 Arrows, then.

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