41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-15-19

  1. You three are silly and boring. Sorry
    Just got home. They came and installed a new battery in my car today. I walked to school, but someone picked me up at the top of the gravelly hill, so I missed the worst part. Then I went to the weight room after school and walked over to the autoshop to get my keys and the singles van which was in for a safety. A bit of a walk, but I got to drive on the uphill part.

    I am reading the Francis books to my class and they love them. We have done ‘Bedtime for Frances’, Bargain for Francis, and the one where she has a new little sister. Oh, I forgot ‘Bread and Jam’ for Francis. Such fun

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. Today will be the last day of the new agent class I teach. It hasn’t been a good class. I started out with five students and am down to three and one is taking another class on Mondays. Class is better with more students. These are adults and aren’t taking the class seriously.

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  3. I see on FoxNews that a 12 year old girl was arrested fro drunk driving.
    Probably driving without a license too.
    I don’t know, I don’t have the sound on. I just watch the pretty girls they have.

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  4. Good morning. I was so asleep when I made coffee that I forgot that I was making only one cup so I put enough water for two cups. My coffee is ‘different’ this morning.

    Our heat came on this morning. It is in the 50s. By Sunday it will be near 90.
    Very. Strange. Weather.

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  5. Janice @ 8:26
    Not likely. I-40 connects Asheville to I-81 and Knoxville. It is often closed for rockslides.
    Not a fun drive because the driver can’t view the scenery. His eyes stay on the centerline because it changes abruptly.

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  6. Prayed Janice.

    A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Looks like we got some rain last night. Roosters are crowing, hummers are humming. Yesterday, the three cherry trees just off the deck were loaded with butterflies. I have been working toward butterflies around here, neat to see. We used to see maybe four or five a year. Yesterday there were probably close to forty painted ladies fluttering about the blossoms on the trees. Bodes well for the cherry harvest as well. Lots of bumble bees and mason bees on the currant bushes too.

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  7. Morning! That looks like somewhere in PA? The layers are quite lovely 😊
    It’s a lovely day in this forest and the garden bed has been de wintered….hoping we don’t get the snow over the Palmer Divide our weather guy just predicted for next week…. 😳
    Mumsee the description of your farmlette sounds so delightful…just makes me smile!
    Praying for Karen…He knows and hears our petitions on her behalf….you have been a wonderful friend to her Janice and I suspect she knows that…praying she feels His presence about her even now… ❤️

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  8. Is that the Blue Ridge Mountains? Does that qualify as a QOD?

    Jo’s service was lovely. I took 7 bags of clothes to the Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift Shop after the service from her closet. Today the family continues to pack, and I’ll go over and tote more boxes.

    I’m as tired today as I was a week ago, but I’ve been sleeping like the exhausted person I am for the last two nights! 🙂

    Today’s reading in My Utmost for His Highest (utmost.org) includes his signature comment about being made “broken bread and poured out wine,” and also includes an admonition not to whine.

    So, it was aimed at me, as usual. 🙂

    Finally got some good news around 5 o’clock after a day of awful news along with the grief hangover: after 8 years of working in this direction, a friend’s husband finally was hired as a firefighter.

    We’re rejoicing with her, but I’m also sobered. He survived fighting our Tubbs fire, saving countless people’s lives. That’s a dangerous job for a man who has really grown up since I first met him 15 years ago (when he was maybe 20).

    One of the benefits/blessings of being out of the military is finally living in a place long enough to watch children grow up and teenagers mature. It’s a blessing and I’m grateful.

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  9. Kizzie, on your link about I Corinthians 14:34-35, I had already come to the conclusion that the passage was speaking in the context of verses 27-30, and that the women, or more properly, wives (the possessive pronoun ‘your’ in the context indicates that the word gyne – meaning either woman or wife – is more accurately translated wives) were only being commanded to keep silence in the context of judging prophecy. But I disagree that it was a prohibition of women in general judging prophecy in general. The CBMW is incorrect in its position of there being a general male headship. The husband is the head of the wife. Period. There is no general headship of the male sex over the female sex in humanity. The article rightly cites I Corinthians 11:3-12 in support of the idea that women could prophesy. The Scripture shows that unmarried women (Philip’s daughters in Acts 21:9), wives (Deborah in Judges 4:4, Huldah in II Chronicles 34:22), and widows (Anna in Luke 2:36) could all fill the role of prophet, and that they prophesied to men and women alike. Paul himself listened to Philip’s daughters.

    What CBMW does not recognize is that I Corinthians 11:3, where it says “the head of the woman is the man”, Paul is speaking in the context of the relationship between a husband and wife, not between men and women. John Chrysostom, who as an early church elder writing during the 300’s was not in any way influenced by modern liberal views, makes this observation about the phrase in his Homily (sermon) on I Corinthians 11:3: “For had Paul meant to speak of rule and subjection… he would not have brought forward the instance of a wife, but rather of a slave and a master. For what if the wife be under subjection to us? It is as a wife, as free, as equal in honour” (For more context of the quote: https://travellerunknownblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/analogies-of-god-and-humanity/). Thus, in I Corinthians 11: 3-5, Paul is saying that wives who pray and prophecy in public should do so with the headship of their husbands. He is not saying that all women should be covered by their head. Clearly, as in the case of Anna, who had no husband, that was not always possible, while the mention of the husbands of both Deborah and Huldah is an indication that they carried out their ministry with the headship of their husbands. So, I Corinthians 14:34-35 is commanding wives, not women in general, to refrain from judging, not all prophecy, but rather refrain from judging their husbands’ prophecy in public, and instead to speak to them about it at home, as part of the submission (the word translated ‘to be under obedience’ in the passage is exactly the same as the word ‘submission’ in Ephesians 5:21-22) that wives show to their husbands. This suits the context of Scripture, not only of I Corinthians 11:3-12, but also the role of women serving the Lord as related in both testaments.

    Speaking of I Corinthians 11:3-12, this recent article is worth reading: http://www.mortificationofspin.org/mos/housewife-theologian/strachans-rebranding-of-ess-is-not-thunderously-good#.XNwbT45Kjz0

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  10. It is a lovely day to mow. Soon I will be finished without breaking a good sweat! The weather is perfect.

    I just got a book I ordered. Has anyone read Inside Out and Back Again? It is a Newberry Honor book and a National Book Award Winner. It is a children’s chapter book done as a diary in verse from the point of view of a ten-year-old girl refugee from Vietnam. It sounds like a fun and humorous/serious read. It might make a good read aloud for those who like such things.

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  11. Thank you, Nancyjill ♡
    I did not submit but was asked by the editor if she could use these I had posted on her Tanka website for her online publication. It was nice that it happened when other less positive things have been going on.

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  12. I didn’t understand some of the links.
    But I’m glad Karen is recovering well. (As it seems. I prayed for her.)
    Thanx for the newsletter Michelle.
    Not much else going on around here. Regular Wednesday stuff.
    Carry on (as much as you can).

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  13. Grateful to have slept through the night. I finally figured out what meds to use before sleeping. Sounds like it is raining lightly out there. We have been praying for rain to fill water tanks, especially those at the school. My aide and other employees at the school will not be there today as they are taking a trauma healing course.

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  14. I just talked to Karen, and she sounded good!
    The study on the new monitor system for the first round showed it helped reduce heart failure hospital admissions by 80%. I am thankful she had no complications. Thanks, Chas, and all for praying.

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  15. I’ve had a fairly productive day thus far. I got all of my milk and eggs orders ready for delivery this evening. We fixed the portable poultry pen and moved 21 chicks to the pasture. I went through all milk in goat milk fridge and skimmed cream to make butter. Other milk put on to set and currently have two batches of cheese hanging to drip whey out. I have cut a few weeds in the garden and done other regular household duties. I need to get ready to head up the mountain , as I work night shift. I hope it is not as busy as we have been.

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  16. Roscuro – I must not have been paying close enough attention, because I did not pick up the part about them saying that women were subject to men in general. Or maybe I was assuming they meant husbands and wives.


  17. I remember being surprised at the talk of whether it was acceptable to vote for a female for vp (back when Palin was running) among Christians on the world blog.

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  18. I’ve had a busy day with a port accident that caused the death of one worker and severe injuries to another early this morning. So sad for their families. Imagine just going to work and then not coming home? Of course, many jobs have that kind of danger and the docks have become actually much safer over the years so this is not a common occurrence. But it can and does still happen.

    And I woke up this morning to the sounds of the cat hacking on my bed. I tossed her off and she threw up on the floor. By the time I got back with the wads of paper towels, Cowboy had eaten half of the mess.


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  19. That’s sad about those dock workers, DJ. A college friend of mine, after leaving behind school music teaching, took work as a mechanic, and ended up dying in a freak accident at work. A terrible combination of an oddly-shaped sports car that didn’t fit on the hoist as securely as other cars do, and in a shop on a busy city street with heavy truck traffic, causing vibration. The car fell off the hoist as he was working under it, and he died instantly.

    It was his and his wife’s wedding anniversary that day. Such a sad and shocking loss.

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  20. Today we had “Mothers Day, Part 3”. You may remember that Part 1 was our pedicures and then a stop for lattes and baked goods at our local coffee shop.

    Part 2 was on Sunday (the actual Mothers Day). I must admit that I did not go to church, as Nightingale planned for us to start early, so we three ladies could enjoy the day before The Boy got home from his dad’s place. Next year, I will make sure she knows that I’d rather not skip church.

    We had donuts and coffee as we watched one movie in the morning, then Nightingale spent some time making homemade pizzas for our mid-afternoon lunch. We ate our pizza as watched another movie, and also snacked on some special M&Ms (coffee flavored ones and caramel ones). It was a very enjoyable day with my girls.

    (I was surprised, though, while lying in bed that night, thanking God for the blessing of the lovely time with my daughters, I thought of Hubby and then burst out sobbing.)

    Today’s Part 3 was our Tea Party Picnic at Wickham Park, a large lovely park a little more than half an hour away. First, we walked about the park, and many of its different gardens, for about an hour, then settled down at a picnic table to enjoy the delicious lunch Nightingale had packed, along with Sparkling Pink Lemonade and tea. Dessert was Cherry-Oatmeal Bars. Very yummy!

    I feel so incredibly blessed – and spoiled – by Nightingale’s delightful efforts, and by spending this quality time with both my girls. Twice in one week! Later, as I expressed my gratitude to God, with grateful tears, I told Him I know I don’t deserve this. And that’s what makes it so extra-special.

    (I sent Nightingale a message, jokingly asking what we are going to do for Mothers Day Part 4. 😀 )

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  21. Kizzie, the CBMW (Center for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood) has published articles that support the Eternal Subordination of the Son (called ESS) teaching in order to say that women must submit to male headship (a phrase used repeatedly in the article you linked yesterday) because, they claim, the Son eternally submits to the Father. Now, in the early church, the concept that the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father was debated with the Arians, who argued that Jesus was not fully God, and ruled heresy. John Chrysostum’s quote that I used was, in context, directed against the arguments the Arians used to say that the Son was inferior to the Father (by misquoted I Corinthians 11:3). Only in the capacity of his humanity did Christ submit to the Heavenly Father; in His divinity, the Son, the Father, and the Spirit are equal in power and authority. This fundamental Trinitarian teaching is encapsulated in the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.

    Two modern theologians have questioned this basic teaching of the Trinity, Bruce Ware, and Wayne Grudem, and these men are not liberals – they are conservatives, and Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology textbook is used in conservative seminaries and Bible School across North America. The few times I was able to attend Sunday School in the city church during this past semester, I heard a young man mention ESS as if he thought it was a settled doctrine. They then use their ‘doctrine’ that the Son eternally submits to the Father to argue that women eternally submit to men. I am not exaggerating. I once read an article on the CBMW website that argued that women would still submit to the men who had been their husbands on earth in the New Creation – a teaching that would flatly contradict Christ’s words to the Sadducees on the topic of the resurrection (Matthew 22:23-33). So, despite the fact that ESS teaching has been sternly rebuked by other, conservative, theologians, organizations like CBMW are doubling down on it.


  22. Cargo ships are dangerous places to work when it is unloading time. While I was in Nunavut, two sailors from the cargo ships that came up the fjord to bring supplies were injured by getting caught between heavy loads and were medically evacuated.


  23. Chas, they think it makes a difference because they think they are contradicting modern day feminism in the church by bringing in this teaching. As others have pointed out, it is no good contradicting one false teaching with another false teaching.


  24. Roscuro – Either I was reading too fast, or I assumed the writer meant “husbands and wives” and I read “men and women”. That went right past me. 😦


  25. Some of the cargo dangers also start weaving into the automation argument the port is grappling with right now. In some cases, automated cargo handlers, “straddle” carriers, etc., take humans physically out of harm’s way.

    But it also cuts down on jobs, sometimes drastically.

    Automation is coming either way, though.


  26. My sister’s husband went to work one day and didn’t come home again–he went to the hospital from work and died in the ambulance. Though he hadn’t gotten injured on the job at work that particular day, his death would seem to be the side effect of a workplace injury from a few months before (blood clot). So we’ve experienced that in my family, and it is indeed shocking. (The original injury was shocking, too, but no one expected it to lead to his death.)


  27. I’m getting back–sort of–into the swing of things on here. My husband and I went away for Mother’s Day (visiting his mom and our kids–and granddaughter), and we brought his mother home with us to spend a week here. She hadn’t seen the condo before, so this was a good chance to see it and visit us. It also gave us incentive to finish as much of the work as possible before she came.

    We’ve had a good visit so far.

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