Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Bowl Edition

Who’s up for one last college try?  🙂

I thought we’d try something a little different this holiday season. A Bowl Edition of PPPPP, with a few added twists.

First up, a selection of games with ranked teams playing games starting Wed. 12-26. But there’s a catch…..

This time you will have to pick 2 games where #1 Alabama plays #4 Oklahoma and #2 Clemson plays #3 Notre Dame. Pick the winner of these games and then pencil them in for the last game finale, which will be the winners playing for the National Championship. Tell me who wins, with the tie breaker being the final score. And remember, even if you get 1 or no teams right for the title game, you still need to pick the final score, as it will remain the tie breaker. Do well enough in the first part and you might be able to win without getting the title game correct.

How’s that for a wrench in the gears. 🙂

Get your guesses in by 12-26-18 at 12:00 noon. 

First up….

12-26-18 Boston College vs. #25 Boise State in the First Responder Bowl

12-28-18 #16 West Virginia vs. #20 Syracuse in the Camping World Bowl

12-28-18 #24 Iowa State vs. #13 Washington State in the Alamo Bowl

12-29-18 #10 Florida vs. #7 Michigan in the Peach Bowl

12-29-18 #3 Notre Dame vs. # 2 Clemson in the Cotton Bowl Classic

12-29-18 #4 Oklahoma vs. #1 Alabama in the Orange Bowl

12-30-18 #11 LSU vs. #8 UCF in the Fiesta Bowl

12-31-18 Oklahoma State vs. #23 Missouri in the Liberty Bowl

1-1-19 #14 Kentucky vs. #12 Penn State in the Citrus Bowl

1-1-19 #9 Washington vs. #6 Ohio State in the Rose Bowl

1-1-19 #15 Texas vs. #5 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl

1-7-19 The National Championship – pencil in your winners from the above games in blue and the final score


Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 1

I’ve been busy this week, but here is the list for the opening week of Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks. That’s right, folks. The NCAA College football season begins this week. So here are your choices for Week 1. Let’s see who the weak one is this time.

A reminder of the rules: Pick the winner in all ten games. Also predict the score of the tie breaker.  In case two people have the exact prediction, I will ask the later one to repick. And if there is a tie after figuring in the tie breaker, I’ll put the names in a hat and have Mrs. L draw one out. The winner gets accolades from us all, and the opportunity to pick the next tie breaker.

Have your picks entered on this thread by Saturday, 12 NOON Eastern time/ 11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific. If you live in some other time zone, figure out when that is for you.

 1. Oregon St. @ #5 Ohio State

 2. #23 Texas @ Maryland

 3. Ole Miss @ Texas Tech

 4. #6 Washington @ #9 Auburn

 5. #14 Michigan @ #12 Notre Dame

 6. Idaho @ Fresno State

 7.  #8 Miami @ #25  LSU (Sunday)

 8. #20 Virginia Tech @ #19 Florida State (Monday)

 9. Pillow Fight: Kent St. @ Illinois

10. Tie Breaker- Pick winner and final score: BYU @ Arizona

(Rankings based on AP Top 25 Poll; Pillow Fight based on ESPN Bottom Ten)

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 14

It all comes down to this, folks. The final hurrah of the regular season. Conference Championship Week is upon us. So, since there are only 7 conference championship lined up, we’ll have to wait another week to decide our final winner, as the winner of last weeks effort, yours truly, decided to make the Army-Navy game the tie breaker. So here are the 7 big games, and a couple of games from the FCS (the Division 1-AA), for you to pick. Get those guesses in by Friday night, December 1, @8:00EST, when the PAC-12 decides its champion.

  1. PAC-12: Stanford vs USC

  2. American Athletic: Memphis vs Central Florida

  3. Big 12: TCU vs Oklahoma

  4. SEC: Georgia vs Auburn

  5. Mountain West: Fresno State Vs Boise State

  6. ACC: Miami vs Clemson

  7. B1G Ten: Ohio State vs Wisconsin

  8. SWAC: Alcorn State vs Grambling

  9. FCS 2nd round: Northern Iowa vs South Dakota State

10. Tie breaker (December 9)- guess winner and final score: Army vs Navy

This looks to be the most challenging week of all, since most of the teams are in the Top 10, and all the games mean something. Some of the winners will be in the national Championship Series. Stay tuned!

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 13

It’s time for Week 13 of Pigskin Picks. So, along with the leftover turkey, have some football. Pick early, folks. The first game is Friday afternoon when Mizzou takes on Arkansas. This is Rivalry Week, and I find it interesting that these two schools in states that border each other haven’t had a rivalry until Mizzou joined the SEC a few years back.

So here are your 10 picks. If you believe in luck, pick away. And even if you don’t, it’s all for fun anyway.

Remember, choose by Friday, November 24, 2017 @ 2:30 EST.

1. Mizzou @ Arkansas

2. South Florida @ Central Florida

3. Iowa @ Nebraska

4. Virginia Tech @ Virginia

5. Georgia @ Georgia Tech

6. Purdue @ Indiana

7. Florida State @ Florida

8. Alabama @ Auburn (the Iron Bowl)

9. Arizona @ Arizona State

10. Tie Breaker: Texas Tech @ Texas. Pick the winner and the final score.

PS- Since this is being sent before the new rankings come out, you’ll have to guess which teams are in the Top 25.

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 12

It’s the dozenth week in college football. There are dozens of teams playing, and a few are on their dozenth game. For some reason (think $), a few top ranked teams are playing teams from a lower division this week, getting a break from the tough competition (Alabama vs. Mercer, for instance). So, in honor of that, I’ve thrown in a game from the FCS, which are the mid-major universities that actually have a playoff to determine a national champion. Both those teams are doing well this season.

So, make your picks by the dozenth hour after midnight, Eastern Time, Saturday (that’s 12 NOON).

  1. Georgia Tech @ Duke

  2. Syracuse @ Louisville

  3. Northern Arizona (7-3) @ Southern Utah (8-2)

  4. Nebraska @ Penn State

  5. Texas A&M @ Ole Miss

  6. UCLA @ USC

  7. Arizona @ Oregon

  8. Air Force @ Boise State

  9. Pillow Fight: UMass @ BYU (both teams are at 3-8)

 10. Tie breaker (pick winner and score): Texas @ West Virginia

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 11

Another week of upsets has come and gone. This week looks to provide more excitement as some Top 10 teams go against each other. And a few lower ranked teams hope to move up the ladder to have a chance at the National Championship. Here are your chosen ten games. Chas chose the tie breaker, after winning for the first time in Pigskin Picks history (and maybe ever since Anlir started this way back when in the old WMB).

Pick by 12 Noon EST Saturday. Make sure you get the score of the tie breaker as well as the winner.

1. ​ #12 Michigan State @ #13 Ohio State

2. ​#15 Ok State @ #21 Iowa St

3. Duke @ Army

4. Florida @ So Carolina

5. ​ ​Indiana @ Illinois

6. ​ #1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn

7. ​ #20​Iowa @ #8 Wisconsin

8. ​​#6 TCU @ #5 Oklahoma

9. ​Pillow Fight: San José State (1-9) @ Nevada (1-8)

10. Tie Breaker: ​Purdue @ Northwestern

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 10

Here are the ten teams for the 10th week of college football. Some of these games are important to the post season playoffs. Others are just excuses for people to go and act joyously crazy with thousands of their closest friends as their team gains a victory, or cry when their team gets beaten by a lesser foe.

And it’s an opportunity for my blog friends to show how much they know about college football. Or how well/badly they are at guessing.

Choose before 12 NOON Saturday.

  1. #7 Penn State @ #24 Michigan State

  2. #14 Auburn @ Texas A&M

  3. Florida @ Mizzou

  4. #5 Oklahoma @ #15 Oklahoma State

  5. #15 Iowa State @ West Virginia

  6. #21 Stanford @ #25 Washington State

  7. Army @ Air Force

  8. #22 Arizona @ #17 USC

  9. Pillow Fight: Baylor (0-8) @ Kansas (1-7)

10. Tie Breaker: Pick winner and final score – Clemson @ NC State 

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 9

Okay, folks. Here are your picks for the 9th week of the college football season. There are a few Top 25 matchups this time. And AJ chose the tie breaker.

Have fun! Chose by 12 NOON Saturday, 10/28

1. ​ #11 Oklahoma State @ #22 West Virginia

2. ​Kansas State @ Kansas​

3. ​Air Force @ Colorado State​

4. ​#2 Penn State @ #6 Ohio State​

5. ​ #3 Georgia @ Florida​

6. ​ Vanderbilt @ South Carolina​

7. ​ ​Nebraska @ Purdue

8. ​Georgia Tech @ #7 Clemson​

9. ​Pillow Fight: Texas State @ Coastal Carolina (Both 1-6)​

10. Tie Breaker- Pick winner and final score: ​U​niversity​ of A​labama- B​irmingham​​ ​@ Southern Mississippi

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 8

It’s getting to be crunch time. Most teams have played half their games. Many are out of contention for anything but bragging rights in a rivalry game. The Top 10 teams keep losing, so the playoff picture looks interesting. And we have had only one repeat winner.

So without any further ado, here are your choices for Week 8. Mumsee picked the tie breaker since she won last time. Or should I say, since Idaho Mike won for her. Send in those entries before 9:30PM EDT Friday, 10/20/17.

  1. #10 Oklahoma State @ Texas

  2. Purdue @ Rutgers

  3. Louisville @ Florida State

  4. Idaho @ Mizzou (Hint: Both teams are really bad this year.)

  5. Temple @ Army

  6. Pitt @ Duke

  7. #20 Central Florida @ Navy*

  8. #11 Southern Cal @ Notre Dame (This is the only big showdown this week. Should be exciting to watch.)

  9. Pillow Fight: BYU @ East Carolina (Both teams have records of 1-6)

10. Tie Breaker – Pick the winner and the score: Air Force @ Nevada

Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 7

It was a wild week in college football last week. Two top 10 teams lost to unranked teams. What will happen this week?  Here are the choices you’ll have from which to pick. Janice picked an easy tie breaker. The hard part will be deciding how much of a blow-out it’ll be. I’ve made a few comments to maybe help those few who haven’t done too well lately.

  1. Florida State @ Duke

  2. South Carolina @ Tennessee

  3. Kansas @ Iowa State (ISU knocked off Oklahoma last week in the biggest upset of the year so far.)

  4. #10 Auburn @ LSU (Tigers vs Tigers. It’s hard to win in Baton Rouge if you are the visiting team.)

  5. #12 Oklahoma @ Texas at the Cotton Bowl stadium (The Red River Rivalry continues. Can Oklahoma come back from the embarrassment?)

  6. Navy @ Memphis

  7. Appalachian State @ Idaho

  8. Boise State @ San Diego State

  9. UCLA @ Arizona

10. Tie Breaker: Baylor @ #14 Oklahoma State – Guess the score and the winner. (Hint: Baylor hasn’t won any games this year, though they almost beat Oklahoma. If they win this, it’ll be the biggest upset of the century.)

I think this will be a fun week to see who can guess the best, as most of these games are hard to pick. Sorry. It’s the end of the quarter at my school, and the middle of the season, so consider this the midterm exam.