Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 1

I’ve been busy this week, but here is the list for the opening week of Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks. That’s right, folks. The NCAA College football season begins this week. So here are your choices for Week 1. Let’s see who the weak one is this time.

A reminder of the rules: Pick the winner in all ten games. Also predict the score of the tie breaker.  In case two people have the exact prediction, I will ask the later one to repick. And if there is a tie after figuring in the tie breaker, I’ll put the names in a hat and have Mrs. L draw one out. The winner gets accolades from us all, and the opportunity to pick the next tie breaker.

Have your picks entered on this thread by Saturday, 12 NOON Eastern time/ 11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific. If you live in some other time zone, figure out when that is for you.

 1. Oregon St. @ #5 Ohio State

 2. #23 Texas @ Maryland

 3. Ole Miss @ Texas Tech

 4. #6 Washington @ #9 Auburn

 5. #14 Michigan @ #12 Notre Dame

 6. Idaho @ Fresno State

 7.  #8 Miami @ #25  LSU (Sunday)

 8. #20 Virginia Tech @ #19 Florida State (Monday)

 9. Pillow Fight: Kent St. @ Illinois

10. Tie Breaker- Pick winner and final score: BYU @ Arizona

(Rankings based on AP Top 25 Poll; Pillow Fight based on ESPN Bottom Ten)

14 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 1

  1. Chas’ wild guesses.
    1 Ohio State’
    2 Texas
    3 Ol’ Miss
    4 I never bet against Auburn
    5 Notre Dame (against my better judgment here)
    6 Idaho (I have no idea)
    7 LSU
    8 Florida
    9 Illinois
    10 Arizona 14, BYU 7


  2. Here are my winning picks:
    1- Oh SU
    2- Texas
    3- Ole Miss (spinster?)
    4- Auburn
    5- Michigan
    6- Idaho
    7- LSU
    8- FSU
    9- Ill
    10- Wildcats 28-20 BEAR DOWN!


  3. I don’t get a car? Okay, I can deal with that. I don’t really drive much anyway.

    1) Oregon (hoping the west coast will secede)
    2) Texas (my children)
    3) Texas (come from there)
    4) Washington
    5) Notre Dame
    6) Idaho (because I can)
    7) Miami
    8) Virginia (son and fam live there)
    9) Illinois (husband born there)
    10) Arizona 36-24

    Thinking of KBells, praying for Tim and Chris.

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  4. oops, I did not see that Notre Dame was playing Michigan or I would have gone with Michigan because of little brother. But I will stick with my claims. Sorry little bro.


  5. Football is a stupid game. Just a bunch of guys running around bumping into each other. And throwing a silly ball around.
    And Purdue lost to Northwestern. Who has ever heard of losing to Northwestern?


  6. Score was 31/27. But the cameras did zoom in on a pretty girl who was happy.
    I didn’t know they had pretty girls is Chicago.


  7. No, mumsee. None of the games have been played yet.

    FYI: Since I will be away from computers (except my kindle) for a few days, and the last game isn’t until Monday evening, don’t expect any results until then. I might ask our hosts for their WiFi password and check before then. If I see there is an obvious winner by Sunday evening, I’ll put a note here.


  8. So, I didn’t think it would happen, but it happened on the 1st week. There was a tie between two people and neither of them had the tie breaker correct. In fact, nobody got the tie breaker correct. Anyway, Mrs. L had to draw a name from a hat. (Actually, I held two pieces of paper with the first initials and had her point to one of them.

    So, Congratulations, KIM! You are the winner of the first week of 2018. The other was Chas. I guess it proves those Southerners know their college football better than the rest of us.

    Here are our results:
    Kim and Chas – 6
    Janice and I – 5
    AJ – 4
    Mumsee – 3.

    Game results:
    Oh SU 77!! – Or SU 31
    Maryland 34 – TX 29
    Ole Miss 47 – TxTch 27
    Auburn 21 – Wash 16
    ND 21 – Mich 17
    Fresno 79!! – Idaho 13 (What happened, Mumsee?)
    LSU 33 – Miami 17
    VaTch 24 – FSU 3
    IL 31 – Kent 24
    BYU 28 – AZ 23

    So, Kim, what game is the tie breaker next week? Find the schedule here:


  9. Clearly, I was under the impression we were supposed to select the winners and write the names of the losers, try to be more clear in the instructions in the future. And by my figuring, I won, by the way, but be of generous nature, I will let it go.. Congratulations Kim and Chas!

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