Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 7

It was a wild week in college football last week. Two top 10 teams lost to unranked teams. What will happen this week?  Here are the choices you’ll have from which to pick. Janice picked an easy tie breaker. The hard part will be deciding how much of a blow-out it’ll be. I’ve made a few comments to maybe help those few who haven’t done too well lately.

  1. Florida State @ Duke

  2. South Carolina @ Tennessee

  3. Kansas @ Iowa State (ISU knocked off Oklahoma last week in the biggest upset of the year so far.)

  4. #10 Auburn @ LSU (Tigers vs Tigers. It’s hard to win in Baton Rouge if you are the visiting team.)

  5. #12 Oklahoma @ Texas at the Cotton Bowl stadium (The Red River Rivalry continues. Can Oklahoma come back from the embarrassment?)

  6. Navy @ Memphis

  7. Appalachian State @ Idaho

  8. Boise State @ San Diego State

  9. UCLA @ Arizona

10. Tie Breaker: Baylor @ #14 Oklahoma State – Guess the score and the winner. (Hint: Baylor hasn’t won any games this year, though they almost beat Oklahoma. If they win this, it’ll be the biggest upset of the century.)

I think this will be a fun week to see who can guess the best, as most of these games are hard to pick. Sorry. It’s the end of the quarter at my school, and the middle of the season, so consider this the midterm exam.

37 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 7

  1. 1. Duke
    2. Tennessee
    3. Iowa State
    4. Auburn
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Navy
    7. Appalachian State
    8. San Diego State
    9. UCLA
    10. Oklahoma State 28-7


  2. Chas’ wild guesses

    1. Florida State
    2. Gamecocks
    3. Kansas
    4. Auburn (I’m tempted to pick the Tigers here, can’t loose)
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Navy
    7. Appalachian State
    8. Boise
    9. UCLA
    10 Oklahoma State 21-Baylor 7

    Aj didn’t pick Duke because smart people don’t bet against the Seminoles. .

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  3. Mumsee’s ‘You gotta be kidding me’ pig skin picks:

    1. Duke
    2. South Carolina
    3 Iowa
    4. Auburn
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Memphis
    7. Appalachian State
    8. Boise State
    9. Arizona
    10. Oklahoma State 45 – 17


  4. Duke
    Iowa St.
    UT (Hook ’em)
    App. St.
    SD St.
    Okl. St. 48-27

    “… the biggest upset of the century.” That’s some hyperbole, folks.


  5. 1. Florida State
    2. Tennessee
    3. Iowa State (Thanks for hints)
    4. LSU
    5. Texas
    6. Navy
    7. Appalachian State
    8. Boise State
    9. Arizona
    10. Oklahoma State 35-7


  6. You’d think a teacher would remember to post the “due date”. Get your entry in by 12 NOON EDT tomorrow (Saturday, 10/14/17).


  7. I’m glad I didn’t have to make a choice on the Clemson-Syracuse game.
    I would have certainly picked Clemson.
    Syracuse not only won, they really beat Clemson. Worse than the score shows.

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  8. It was Syracuse 27-24, BTW with Syracuse taking a knee for a minute on the Clemson 30 yard line.
    Every coach will end his pre-game instructions with, “Listen guys, it won’t be easy, Clemson is a good team, but they can be beat.”


  9. Kidding about what, Kevin?

    Well, this week the woman from Idaho wins. She not only got 8 correct, she was closest in the tie breaker score. But since no official prize was offered other than braggin’ rights and the choice of the next tie breaker, there will be nothing to send her way. Chas will give her the ATTAGIRL when he reads this. All of us will marvel at her ability to randomly guess the winners of a few upsets. She only missed the Florida State and LSU games.

    Here is how the rest of us did:
    7 – Janice
    6 – AJ, Chas, Debra, and I
    5 – Ricky
    4 – Kevin and Tychicus

    It was a hard week, for sure. Mumsee- Let me know which Idaho team will be the tie breaker. Or choose some other game from this schedule:

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  10. One must take the time to examine the possibilities and potential. Some of you, I fear rush in with your prejudices without fulling weighing the facts as we know them.

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  11. I understand enthusiasm, of course, and realize the weight of my years is not on all of your shoulders so it is clearly possible you will neglect the time honored treasure of considering all details before jumping in.

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  12. It stands to reason that the young and flighty would just makes some wild guesses, but one would think, the older ones would be more responsible. But, we all know people who have grown old while remaining in their ignorance. I don’t say any of you are there….just that it is really worth our while to deeply ponder on such a momentous decision as we are being offered here. In other words…..

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