49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-22-22

  1. I won’t eat the cake because of my diet and all, but I will take one of those chocolate bunnies on the side. 🙂

    The cake is cute Michelle, who made it?

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  2. Oh my, that beats pie!!!

    Dealing with getting a rental car this a.m. Art was scheduled to be picked up at 8:30. No show. Much frustration about the lying from Enterprise regarding the reservation Art had made. I told Art it goes with where we live. The rental location is only a mile away. There is such a denial of service to people like us in this area. We have gotten rentals there in the past. Now he is spending time again with the insurance claims agent.

    We have to go to the impound lot to get things out of the car.

    And we need to look for another car.

    And the tax business waits. Poor clients who can’t reach Art.

    Moral of this saga: don’t have a wreck!

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  3. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, though it is nearly Saturday.

    Heavy fog here this morning. Another day of school starts in a bit. I enjoy it. It gives structure to the day. And I enjoy that we have developed more flexibility over the years. Well, we have always felt comfortable racing off to the tide pools for school or camping or dog shows or…..so I guess we have always had that.

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  4. If only we could only make up our minds not to be in a wreck! So glad he was okay, Janice, and sorry for all the headaches of the aftermath. Ditto for AJ.

    The book signing, I attended was very nice. The author has written poems since she was eight years old. She has eight notebooks full. This is her first book. She also shared a poem written for the woman who hosted the book signing for her. She had it framed and then read it aloud along with several others. It was one of my favorites, but not in this book. She is working on a second book, and it will be in that volume. The book is, “I Choose Joy,” by Darlys Jacobson and it is on Amazon, if anyone wants to check it out. I am enjoying it. I did spot a typo, unfortunately. I just can’t help that. I know how many edits she did, so know she will not be happy about that. Maybe it is like those who do blankets and feel a small error just shows our humanness as opposed to God’s perfection.

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  5. Morning all….such a pretty cake and I do believe that sheep was consumed already 😊
    Oh Janice what a headache! And you are right….in an accident the victim of other’s actions always lose. Sadly the offender in your case lost her life….it is a terrible tragedy with lasting effects for so many.
    We are under an extreme fire danger situation today and everyone around here is in panic mode. I have gotten important papers together and have inventoried/taken pictures of what we have inside the house. Praying neighbors and people in general will be smart today and not spark a fire!

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  6. Okay, here’s the story–possibly in several parts.

    When you live in a family with 14 math/science types, it’s important to keep them on their toes and guessing.

    Engineer: “I just come for the stories.”

    Fortunately, God gave me a foursome of whimsical girls and that rogue daughter.

    So, when we discussing Easter dinner, my daughter said she’d like to make a duck in the crock pot.

    Great. But it wouldn’t be enough for all of us–even assuming certain family members (the majority) would touch it. (It also turned out to be expensive and she practically had to shoot herself. $30?)

    Daughter-in-law #1 volunteered to roast a lamb.

    I, of course, was already slated for a ham.

    As I read through the men, I started to laugh. “That should be a song! A duck, a lamb, and a ham!”

    We were on a Zoom meeting. The three other adult women looked at each other.

    I went on.

    “This is totally fun! I should require everyone coming to dinner to had a piece of artistic work on the theme ‘A duck, a lamb and a ham!’ Don’t you think that would be fun?”

    They looked at each other again.

    And we were off.

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  7. Correction: menu.

    Fortunately, I have that quartet, who this year will be 12, 11, 10 and 9.

    The cake was Adorable 12’s attempt on the theme.

    It’s multi-colored inside and because they couldn’t buy powdered sugar in the store (Why? I also can’t find Grape Nuts or egg noodles, not to mention Supremely Spicy Sabra hummus. But I digress), they mixed Cool whip with strawberry yogurt, thus the slightly runny texture.

    The animals are Duplos making a cameo appearance.

    Ah, but then Adorable 11 and 9 rose to the occasion at their house. Adorable 10 joined them to rap the lyrics of the following “music.”

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  8. A Duck, A Ham, and a Lamb
    By S and A

    A duck, a ham, and a lamb lived on a farm in an eastern land.
    A duck, a ham, and a lamb and very good friends they were.
    One day the farmer came
    To pick some things to slay.
    He chose the duck that day.

    A ham and a lamb lived on a farm in an eastern land.
    A ham and a lamb and very good friends they were.
    The farmer came the next day
    To pick more things to slay
    He chose the ham that day.

    The lamb lived on a farm, a very lonely farm
    The farmer came the next day and took the lamb away.
    Away from the farm they went to a store
    They were butchered and bought
    Three different animals went to two different places
    Duck and ham at one and lamb at another
    One to be cooked by an angry cook
    And the others by kind cooks

    The day they were cooked
    They saw each others’ looks.

    A duck, a ham, and a lamb on a table in a western land.
    A duck, a ham, and a lamb and very good friends they were
    It came to dinner time
    And they were ready to be carved
    The family sat down to eat
    Then there was a scream
    From all the animals on the table:

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  9. S & A’s dad was in tears from laughing so hard (male child most like me), Adorable 10’s father was trying to find the rap beat, and well, who knows what Stargazer thought.

    S & A’s mom: “That’s a pretty morbid song.”

    Well, we let them eat cake.

    What can you do with such a theme, anyway?

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  10. The final comment got lost?

    Anyway, the proud fathers were nearly in tears from laughing.

    S & A mom: “That was a pretty morbid song.”

    I applauded them for their artistic attempts.

    And then, we all ate cake.

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  11. Art and literature to celebrate a Friday morning. Thanks for the smiles and chuckles. 🙂

    And for a cake for breakfast.

    Janice, that all reminds me of what I went through following my 2020 accident. My neighbor drove me over to pick up a rental care first thing the next morning, my beloved Jeep Liberty had been towed off to the insurance-approved lot the night before. A few days later, my insurance company said it wouldn’t be fixed. Tears. Cleaning it out, More tears. A finally pat goodbye.

    And then the hassle of finding a replacement car to buy — for a car payment I really didn’t need. Sigh. The credit union was great — and I got more for the Jeep from the insurance company than I anticipated, it was ‘old’ but I really did keep it up and take care of it through the years which paid off.

    The credit union car hunter found something quickly for me, and a newer model than I anticipated. A Jeep but meh. But it’s been a very sufficient car for my needs and I’m grateful I was able to get a “new-to-me” car so quickly.

    Accidents happen, probably less often than we might anticipate considering how we’re driving around in this heavy, potentially fast machinery with so many other pieces of machinery zooming around us every day.

    We’re thankful Art is physically OK (though the mental trauma will linger, be gentle). Other families are struggling as well, especially those who incurred injuries — and the family and friends of the woman who died. Grace and mercy to all.


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  12. We had our adventure at the police impound lot. It took GPS to get us there. I felt a bit nervous on 285, the perimeter expressway on which the cars crashed.

    I ended up using the wait time fot walking. We finally got to the car near thd front of the lot. Art does not walk a lot so that was a blessing. We had a lot to get out of the car. Thankful we found a tote bag to use for emptying out the glove compartment. I did not realize how much stuff was in the car. A big down coat for one thing. We got the jack and wrench, a latge golf size umbrella, two ponchos, a refective accordian front window shade, some books, small container of coins for toll roads, a ziplock bag of old food put together to give to thrd homeless, and more.

    Now waiting on a rental car from a location about twelve miles away. I will help Art get it. I will be challenged to drive back from there.

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  13. It’s amazing how much “stuff” we ride around with in the cars we’ve had a while. lol

    Dog fetch balls, books, at least one Bible, grocery bags, emergency kits, other assorted stuff.

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  14. I used ‘a lot’ a lot in my comment!

    I did think back on that I bought the Corolla by myself while Wesley was at homeschool classes at a nearby church. I sat in that car and did Bible study workbooks several days a week for hours. It was like a sanctuary. Also got surrounded by two ‘lady’ cops who thought I might be a bad guy casing the church. There I sat with my Bible in my lap.

    That car also saw us through Covenant College days. Many trips to Chattanooga and back.

    I just made lunch. Baked potato with diced onion, egg salad, and garbanzos for Art, and an arugula salad with garbanzos, onions, and egg salad topping for me.

    He has been reading Dilbert funnies to me. It’s a very pleasant waiting time for the rental car call.

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  15. I do carry a Bible in my car which was transferred from the Corolla to the Accord. Many times I have recyclables. This morning Art carried me by the fire station for recycling two types of glass bottles, and aluminum cans, and then we stopped at Publix to get rid of the collected plastic bags. I carry two fold up chairs in the trunk with a large beach size umbrella. I have a nice warm throw in thr back seat. Sometimes I have containers of motor oil, and I forgot that the other car had jimper cables.

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  16. Yes, I have a car emergency kit that I bought when I got the Liberty in ’08; it’s now in the Cherokee.

    And I *had* take (from the Liberty) the small cross on a cord that has gone on my rear-view mirrors for a couple generations of cars now.

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  17. Cars have such a history that goes with them, which is probably why I shed a few tears when I turn one in, even on the happy occasion when I’m ready to replace it. This last time was harder as I wasn’t ‘ready’ at all!

    But God …

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  18. In the glove box registration and insurance proof. Masks! Pens, tissue, scissors, pocket knife, pepper spray, flashlight, pkg Colgate Wisp disposable mini toothbrushes, hairspray, eyeglass wipe packets, change purse with coins, disposable knife,fork,spoon.
    Grocery reusable bags, roll of paper towels, pkg hand wipes, antibacterial spray, CD’s, breath mints, blanket, emergency kit, jumper cables, doggie poo bags, collar, leash are in the back. Gloves, hat, charger in the console.
    When the last two girls were little food was an issue in the car. When I would pick up husband from work to have a quick lunch he would remark “let’s just stay here in the car. There’s plenty of food on the floor to have a fine feast for us both”!!! Smarty pants!

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  19. And gloves, but rarely needed out here especially now that I’m not commuting anywhere in early or late hours. I think this Jeep also has a heated steering wheel but I’ve never used it. I have used the heated seat once or twice.

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  20. I might be able to outdo NancyJill:

    dog bed
    dog towel
    grocery boxes
    2 winter hats
    2 scarves
    extra mitts/gloves
    Large down coat
    water bottles (both full and empty)
    pkg. of plastic straws (I abhor the paper ones)
    dog poo bags
    Off (never go anywhere without it – I can’t imagine changing a tire in summer with no off)
    Sanitizer wipes
    Hand sanitizer
    snow brush/scraper
    2 wrenches
    Safety kit with jumper cables, flares, etc
    pad of paper
    old church bulletins
    Glove box stuff: registration, insurance, car care book
    old leather gloves for filling with gas
    Bird ID book
    roll of toilet paper
    paper towels
    fast food napkins
    loose change
    extension cord (right now there are 2!!)
    plastic cutlery from fast food (still in packet)
    sharp knife in sheath
    dental floss

    I think it’s time to clean out the car…

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  21. I clear out my car whenever I come home. Can’t stand a cluttered car . . .

    But, I have a ballcap (in case I forget mine on a walk), sunscreen, masks, water bottles (in the doors), phone charger, kleenex, hand sanitizer, pen, post-it notes, glove box stuff, a few maps, county parks parking membership hanger, gum, tire gauge, coins for parking (pretty much obsolete now).

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  22. I forgot the Happy Meal toys…

    I don’t like a cluttered car, but I also don’t want to be out in -30 clearing it out, so it gets super messy and as soon as it warms up, I will get all the winter safety gear out and that will inspire me to get the other junk out too. But most will stay as it has a use.

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  23. I’d be carrying plenty, too, if I were you in the winter, Kare. I think you commented once you had a sleeping bag in the car, and I remembered thinking that was wise but also a horrible thought you might need one.

    Even I, here in CA, have heated seats . . . but they came with the car, weren’t a choice!

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  24. Our minivan has several reusable shopping bags so we don’t get all those plastic ones from Walmart. Plus, Aldi (regional chain) doesn’t give bags, you have to buy them or bring your own and sack the groceries yourself. Also a quarter or 2 (Aldi charges “rent” for the shopping carts). It’s part of how they keep costs so low.

    We also have a blanket, flash light, CDs, a box of tissues, maps, pens and pencils.

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  25. Nice to be able to get on this morning. Our internet was down for maintenance, but is already on again.
    Time to look into booking some flights home.


  26. Husband takes the shopping bags in whatever vehicle he is taking shopping. I have things like a space blanket and flashlight and book in my bag I take with me and my water bottle. In winter, I will take a heavy blanket but don’t leave those things in the vehicle usually as I don’t want to give anything to encourage mouse habitation.

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  27. Lol, I just had a conversation, while waiting in line at a store, about missing a CD player in our car. The woman I was talking with just finished a new CD, so that started the conversation.

    I have a lap quilt and small pillow in our car. There are lots and lots of reusable bags and an emergency kit, extra blankets in the trunk. The emergency kit is so old that I hope I never have to use it! In the summer there will be portable chairs. There are often musical instruments, mic stand, amplifier and a small suitcase with music stand, cords, music notebooks. I usually have a hat in the car, too, in case I forget one and need it. And face masks. I do have a small New Testament in the glove box.


  28. Our minivan (2017) has a CD player and an onboard hard drive. It has a USB port for uploading music to the hard drive. So I’ve got ~450 Christian songs of various styles on that and classical CDs for when we travel.

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