28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-30-23

  1. Such a great capture of the upside down hungry bird. It looks very determined, probably because of that angle.

    We have things blooming earlier than ever despite this cold snap. It is in the 40’s this morning. The clematis has begun to bloom and more azaleas have popped out. Our bloom season has actually been extended by this yo-yo weather at least for now. The lilacs have been hanging in there but starting to fade a bit now.

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  2. Morning! Upside dow nuthatch…if they would just stay on the feeders and their specially made houses on the trees I would like them better!! For some reason they like my house to nest! But they do have the sweetest little chirp…even when they are angry with me for shooing them away

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  3. It took me a while to figure out volume control on this thing. I think yesterdays song was the first listening to anything on here. Excellent first choice by the way. Now to figure out how to make an apostrophe appear.

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  4. Good morning all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with snow misting. The grandchildren are not here today so husband has a much needed break.

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  5. More rain throughout throughout the night here, with reports also of more snow at higher mountain levels.

    This is turning into an epic year for us for what’s been much needed water, but it’s not come without problems — flooding in some areas, massive snow levels for mountain residents (used to snow but not quite this much), some LA and surrounding area homes now sitting precariously atop scenic hills that have sheered off right below them, pot holes and sinkholes galore.

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  6. But what a beautiful spring bloom it’ll be, should spring ever actually break forth.

    Had to fix a quick online typo in my story that posted a couple hours ago, but looks like it’s getting lots of hits so far. I have an online port meeting to cover this morning.

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  7. https://www.wsj.com/articles/californias-winter-storms-25-atmospheric-rivers-near-record-snow-billions-in-damages-2a4bd219?st=688jd4rchmuvxr4&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

    California’s Winter Storms: 25 Atmospheric Rivers, Near-Record Snow, Billions in Damages

    The state braces for even more rain and snow: ‘This is not a normal year’

    Severe storms that battered California this winter are set to continue into spring.

    Atmospheric rivers and cold fronts have brought near-record rain and snow to areas that have been battling drought-like conditions for many years. More storms are predicted to make landfall in coming weeks.

    The storms have led to flooding, road closures, power outages and fatalities. They have caused billions of dollars in damages. …

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  8. California’s central valley–where many of the nation’s vegetables are grown–is now a lake.

    It last had this large lake 100 years ago. They don’t anticipate the water going down for at least a year.

    Start planting your vegetable gardens.

    Even my backyard is too wet to touch the soil. 😦

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  9. It’s been a good morning to finally get involved with a group at my new (one year) church. I already knew a few of the people on the library team, and I got to meet a few more. Thankful to find my peeps.

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  10. I’ve started most of my vegetables. Still over 2 feet of snow in the garden and severe cold over night so they won’t be planted until June for sure. I may start some lettuce to just grow inside…

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  11. Wow, kare2012, it sounds early to plant already! Plants can get so leggy if you have to wait so long. I should plant my own, but don’t anymore. I just hope I will be able to buy my plants before the ones I want are gone. If it can’t get them into the ground and have to be gone, there is no way to keep them watered in the small containers. If I wait to buy too many are gone. If that is my biggest problem, though, I will be happy. I won’t plant before the end of May.

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  12. I’m just happy the weeds that make up most of my front “lawn” are now bright green!

    Spotted 2 humming birds zooming around the tall flowering plants out front this morning.

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  13. 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost… That’s what I’ve planted. I am lucky because we transformed the former basement wood storage room into a ‘greenhouse’ where we have a bunch of grow lights and a fan going to keep them from getting leggy. I will likely need to transplant the tomatoes to slightly larger pots this weekend.

    Once it’s warm outside, I have a large yard wagon that I load up with the plants and wheel it out in the morning and back in in the evening until it’s warm enough to plant. This is why we are attempting to build a greenhouse this spring – if they could just stay out there, it would be so much easier.

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  14. While walking on the driveway an older man walking by asked if he could smell the lilacs. Of course, I said yes. He said he is from Indiana and does not see lilacs here often. So glad he could enjoy what was left of the lilacs. I had already stopped and smelled them several times as I passed thrm.

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  15. Well, I was feeling anxious, so I called my tax office and told them that I had no idea what I might owe and would it be possible to get a rough estimate. The secretary gal is so sweet, so she talked to the boss. He called me today. Yup, I owe, 1300 to the fed and 1700 to the state. Yikes!!

    Then I got a message an hour later that said on his final review he found a way to take the state payment down to 300. Whew, what a relief.

    I took a minute to tell him that I was now retired and had no idea about what taxes I might owe going forward. He was very helpful and said that I would owe nothing on social security and very little otherwise.

    Time to get some rmd funds to take care of my bills. So glad that I am debt free.

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  16. My daughter’s mother in law came over today. Together we got that last bookcase put together. So nice, now I will begin to go through my books.

    As we were finishing up we heard a pounding on the back door, something I have never heard before. It was the friend doing my bedroom. She brought the bookcase her husband had made me, it is a work of art, so well made with even baseboards along the bottom. I complimented his work and she said he just made what I asked for. I believe that they even painted it to match the accent wall. She returned my key and said a chair would be coming next week. I am so blessed.

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  17. Gardeners had left my large green bin — filled to the brim with wet leaves and cuttings — in the backyard when they were done working last Monday. They usually wheel it out to the driveway spot where they sit until trash night.

    I did manage to get it turned around and pushed through the mud, over a couple rocks, and out the gate, down the 2 small steps, and down the driveway to the curb. Yay!

    All 3 bins — trash, recycles, garden — had to get wheeled out this week.

    Abby’s being weird tonight, I was ready to get her leashed for the walk but she ran into the bedroom and wouldn’t come out. Sigh. I love this dog, she’s so sweet, but she has the strangest behavior quirks sometimes.

    And I miss my little black-and-white cat 😦

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  18. @ 8:30 — familiar with all of those, I’d say 1-4 are sung somewhat regularly in our church services, the others not as much if at all for some of them. But they’re all familiar to all of us, I’m sure.

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  19. Oh precious Abby. ❣️

    I know all of those hymns!
    When my husband gets all curmudgeonly in his thinking I sing this to him
    “Grace, grace, God’s grace,
    Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
    Grace, grace, God’s grace,
    Grace that is greater than all our sin!”

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  20. Yes, Abby, Abby. She just has these strange quirks. Just when I think we’re over the hurdle, she takes a couple steps back again and baffles me, not wanting to go for a walk (which she loves).

    I’m feeling a little under the weather tonight, maybe something I ate, who knows. I have an early call tomorrow for an assignment at the beach in town for a sea lion release. It’s close to home so I can get there quickly, but being somewhere/anywhere at 8:30 a.m. is a tad early for my personal time clock these days.

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  21. I only knew of 5 of them. Of course I was Episcopalian and there is not a lot in their hymnal that is singable.
    I’m not sure where we get our music for the Anglican church- it’s printed in the handout and we only have a guitar and harmonica at the 8 am service. Sometime we get the piano too.


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