20 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-23-23

  1. This is great. Any chance they had just imploded because leftist juror forewomen the DA selected is a raging loon. 🙂

    And an ice cream party for jurors paid for by the DA? Seriously?

    Can you say “compromised”?

    I knew ya’ could. Remember, grand juries are supposed to be secretive, but Orange Man Bad, so norms go out the window.

    Like I said, loon. She believes in alchemy and transmutation.

    True, and that’s why most will be thrown out on appeal. 🙂

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  2. But we’re supposed to buy there was no fraud?



    “Key Dominion exec admitted company products ‘riddled with bugs’ days before 2020 vote: Fox lawyers

    In 2018 email cited by the defense in voting machine company’s defamation suit against Fox News, Dominion director of product strategy and security acknowledged the company’s technology was marred by a “*critical* bug leading to INCORRECT results.”

    “Dominion is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion for defamation after becoming a target of alleged conspiracy theories regarding its voting machines being hacked and flipping election results.

    In a legal brief made public Thursday, the news outlet cited information obtained from Dominion through discovery.

    In a 2018 email Fox News obtained from Dominion Director of Product Strategy and Security Eric Coomer, he acknowledged the company’s technology was marred by a “*critical* bug leading to INCORRECT results.”

    “It does not get much worse than that,” he later added.”

    “In 2019, Coomer lamented that “our products suck,” adding that “‘[a]lmost all’ of Dominion’s technological failings were ‘due to our complete f— up in installation,'” according to the defense brief.

    In another 2019 email, Coomer wrote, “we don’t address our weaknesses effectively!”

    Less than a week before the 2020 presidential election, Coomer conceded in an email that “our sh-t is just riddled with bugs.”

    Mark Beckstrand, a Dominion Sales Manager, testified in a deposition that “other parties ‘have gotten ahold of [Dominion’s] equipment illicitly’ in the past,” according to the defense brief.”


    But I saw something on Facebook that says it was all lies from Trump supporters, so that must be true, right?

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  3. More Jan6 video the Dems and media have tried to hide is out.

    (coughs) feds (coughs)

    Nothing to see here, just a cop pushing someone off a building, which they do all the time, right?……

    They let them in the building. No one broke in.

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  4. One of Biden’s weirdos is back in the news for stealing more women’s clothes from airports.

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  5. Yep.

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  6. “One individual in possession of 286 pounds of fentanyl nearly 150 miles from Mexico, further indicates that not all fentanyl being smuggled into the U.S. is caught at the border.”

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  7. So hopefully 10% less hackery.

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  8. The poor things, triggered by a differing opinion.

    It must have been so hard for them. 🙄

    CONTENT WARNING for cussing.

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  9. Trump showed up at least, unlike Biden, FEMA, Buttigieg, or the rest.

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  10. I’ve always found it interesting that American jurors can talk about the trial after its over or a grand jury member can talk about the process. We don’t have grand juries but juries here cannot talk about what happened in the jury room nor can they sign book deals. Not sure the mental accuity of one juror on a grand jury has any relevance. Its a jury of your peers…. for better or worse.

    Now AJ is interested in the Dominion libel suit. The biggest takeaway so far has been the admission by FOX that they lied to keep their ratings. They knew Powel and Rudi were lying but promoted their views anyway. As for Dominion voting machines having problems – that’s why Dominion has paper records.


  11. More Jan 6th conspiracies – what was the window washing scaffold doing by the windows? Not cleaning the windows to get ready for the inauguration in 2 weeks? Nope, it was bait. If you see thugs smashing windows of a legislature; you don’t cheer (some did boo) you leave.

    Police took selfies and opened the fence for protesters? No surprise, some police were big fans of Trump. On the other hand, some police fired tear gas and that too was a problem according to Jan 6 supporters. So if they are nice, they are part of a conspiracy but if they respond with force they are also bad? I’m amused that the police can’t win but the congnitve dissonace is breathtaking.

    The doors were opened? Apparently Jan 6 apologists have finally realized the doors should have been secured. Obviously somebody opened the doors. It will be interesting to see who; given some congressmen were giving tours of the legislature to Proud Boys and Oath Keepers prior to Jan 6th, it could easily be a staffer. Or sure the police were so desperate to entrap protesters they let them into the building. Maybe some cops believed the lie told on FOX and wanted the vote counting interrupted. However, it doesn’t matter who opened the door, the protesters should never have been neared the door in the first place – they were trespassing prior to entry.

    This fascination with earpieces is amusing. Anyone under 30 has an earpiece almost permanently in their ear. And at a protest even those under 40 would wear earpieces so they could talk on the phone.

    A protestor is trying to sneak by the cops by being on the outside of the railings and is making his way up the stairs – this is peaceful with no ill intent? And why carry a pole when you are in such a perilous position? The first cop who notices him tries to grab him and pull him up. He shrugs off the cop and keeps moving. The second cop reaches out to him and its either a push or the protester lost his footing. But really why be there in the first place – given the level of violence around you, the rational response is to go home or at least back up. You don’t try to sneak past cops.

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  12. Not sure what Biden has to do with fashion designer theft and plagiarism – something that’s far too common in the art world.

    Mayor Pete should have gone to East Paletine or at least been somewhere on the ground, making sure the feds and the state were working together. Pete pretty much burned his political career there. Biden probably planned the trip to Ukraine and Poland prior to the derailment and given all the logistics involved couldn’t delay or cancel. The Russians had been given prior notice and hence there was only a small window.

    Trump showed up with water purchased by his foundation (so its charity) yet it was purchased from his own company and thus he made a profirt by funneling money from a charity he controls to a company he owns. I’ve never been a fan of politicians showing up at a disaster scene. Clinton was famous for his “I feel your pain” moments and then fly away. Obama probably did these moments better than anyone yet why? Let the pros do their work. I know people expect a visit from their leaders and it some how makes them feel better but I can’t buy what any of them are selling.


  13. Pete should have been there in E Palestine a couple weeks ago. It’s his dern job.
    Trump would have been there whether he was President or not. And I doubt he is calculating how he can write off a charitable donation if water. Love him or hate him he loves this country and her citizens.
    Biden would have been yet another disaster if he had shown up. He probably would have gone over to shake hands with a tree. Seriously he is so far into his mental decline his handlers cannot even hide it anymore try as they might.
    I realize some think that to be mean but it is truth. Not that any mainstream media is going to tell the truth… they would rather comfort us with a lie. NewsMax is seen as a far right news outlet by many but it’s the only outlet exposing the dark dealings happening around here.

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  14. Giving out water with your name on it in the middle of a disaster for political purposes is tacky. And the fact it earns a charitable tax deduction is worse.

    Biden suprises me. He’s far more astute than I thought. He managed to get Republicans to publicly proclaim their support for Social Security and Medicare even though several were on record as willing to defund it. Any attempt for Republicans to back track will be a campaign issue.

    To be fair, both Biden and Trump should not run again. Nothing against old people but the mental and physical endurance isn’t the same. And its time for another generation – the millenials should

    FOX admitted through discovery that they deliberately lied just to keep up with Newsmax; if lying is what’s needed to keep up with Newsmax, their reliability has to be questioned.


  15. Ah Fox lied! We could now just put them in the same category as CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,NBC…oh wait those “news sources” don’t lie. Setzer,Lemon, Tapper etc…..Let’s not forget Andrea Mitchell’s outrageous charge towards DeSantis today.

    None of it makes it right but seems all are aghast when someone on the right side does something wrong eh? NewsMax is a good source and I don’t watch all of their programming just a few of my favorites. I don’t watch it all day as it becomes rather repetitive. They must be doing something right though because DirectTv cancelled them….

    Who has called out Kamala today for her blatant lies? Hmmm Fox and this from NYP:

    This claim:

    “We have reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pocket.”

    — VP Kamala Harris, Wednesday

    We say: Electric costs have soared 24%, fuel oil 69% and natural gas 53% since President Joe Biden and Veep Harris took office. If Harris is referring to the $4.5 billion in federal handouts (an average of $35 per US household) Washington OK’d last year via the Home Energy Assistance Program, it doesn’t come close to offsetting the dramatic spikes in energy costs under Biden. Who does Harris think she’s kidding?

    Obviously the taxpayers are doing a great job at paying her gas, electric, food, etc etc etc because she doesn’t have a clue! And she said we have enough to money left over to take a vacation now!! Delusional.

    And yes Trump putting campaign token of his name on donation of water is tacky. But at least he showed up!

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  16. And since you’re calling out Fox, when can we expect you to start calling out all the Russia, Russia, Russia lies the rest of the networks spread 24/7 for 3 years? You know, consistency.

    Asking for a friend.

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