25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-22-23

  1. Gemma is a puff ball!
    Beautiful coat/cat♡

    We are going into the chance of record breaking warmth today.

    Last night I had the second Bible study of Tuesdays with my new church ladies group who are in reality all younger than my old church ladies group from the former church.😀 Funny how that has worked out.

    The older group lasted two hours plus and the younger gtoup was only for 45 minutes. That was the shortest session I have ever been in, but I am tired at night so it was good for me.

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  2. Good frosty morning! Gemma is all snug and that is what we all want to do on a day like today! Snow is falling and so are the temps. Right now we are at 7 with a feels like -2. That would be a warm up temp for Kare!

    It will be a stay inside with coffee in hand kind of day. I will probably head up to my sewing room and get some work accomplished on my project. I will read some then try to remind husband of things he can do around the house so he won’t be following me around!! 😂

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  3. Happy 291st Birthday George Washington!

    Did you know about his many dogs and other animals?
    From 11 Little-Known Facts About George Washington

    Washington wasn’t just America’s first president, he was also its first mule breeder. (Mules=a mix of horse and donkey.) Recognizing the value of the mule for farmers, Washington is believed responsible for creating the mule stock that powered American agriculture in the South for generations.

    And mules weren’t the only animals he bred. In addition to many varieties of birds, Washington kept many canine breeds at Mount Vernon, including Dalmatians, English foxhounds, French hounds, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, mastiffs, Newfoundlands, pointers, spaniels and terriers. A huge dog lover, he selectively bred hunting dogs for speed over the years and gave them endearing names like Sweet Lips, Venus, Trulove, Taster, Tippler, Drunkard and Madame Moose.

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  4. Abby’s “shelter” name was Moonshine.

    She had a rather spooked day yesterday, too much stimulation on the walk (2 barking beagles in their front yard as we walked by even at a distance across the street), the barking Labs next door who loudly interrupted our car desensitizing training.

    So probably no surprise I wound up with my leash hand black and blue after it was slammed by the gate as she raced, me still hanging on to her, into the backyard in a frenzy.

    She decided (again) that this is clearly an unsafe and very scary place to be.

    We had some strong winds most of the night, trash cans pitching off their ledge and loudly crashing onto the driveway, things going bump on the roof and front porch. It’s still windy this morning, but a little calmer. We’re in for about 4 days of this, with rain coming by tomorrow where we are.

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  5. From Paul Tripp this morning:


    ~ … So how do you love your neighbor with your vocabulary? Well, the key is getting beyond and below the specific vocabulary – Here are some gospel principles from Ephesians 4:

    “Only such as is good for building up.” Your motivation for communication should not be you, but the loving consideration of another person. May God help us to stop and think of the person we’re speaking to as a human being, made in the image of God, and in need of love, mercy, and redemption—just like us!

    “As fits the occasion.” Before you speak, consider the moment you’re in. Situation, location, and timing matter. If you truly want to love your neighbor, you will pay attention to the circumstances and speak with awareness. Rattling off what feels good to you because you can is selfish. “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:19).

    “That it may give grace to those who hear.” Grace is the goal. But biblical grace does not mean cultural niceness, being permissive or passive, or avoiding difficulty. Grace is the transforming power of Jesus Christ. The goal of your words is to be part of the transforming work that God is doing at that moment.

    To achieve this holy standard of communication, we ourselves need rescuing, transforming, and empowering grace. Our toxic talk is never caused by the person we’re talking to; it’s always caused by us.

    I must confess: I like to talk more than I like to listen. I am not always sensitive to the situation. I have flashes when I let anger and selfish ambition shape my words.

    We have a problem. It’s harming us, our unity, our ability to grow together, and our witness. But there is help for the taking in the powerful grace of Jesus ~

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  6. We are happy to miss the worst of the coming storm. Our winds will be horrible, but we will not get the bulk of the snow. My daughters will. Some Schools are already called to be closed and the governor has declared a state of emergency. My youngest works today. My grandson will be out and about with a wrecker, no doubt. Our prayers multiply as our family grows.

    We need to be at the regular jam, too. Weather is fine, but cold right now. I am full of the bacon and eggs husband made us and the orange cranberry muffin I baked last evening. Blessings!

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  7. Blessed to hear of such a wonderful breakfast, Kathaleena! I could taste it in my mind.

    With it so warm here, it is difficult to fathom all the cold hanging on elsewhere, but it could still boomerang back here, I suppose.

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  8. Hmm. We have a rare blizzard warning in our mountains. Going to be a big “snow event” for us (everything’s an event now) this weekend.

    There could even be some graupel here and there in the coastal and valley lowlands.

    For today, high surf, riptides, boats and ships a-bobbing and pitching; everyone’s being told to stay out of the water. I can only imagine how cold it must be anyway.

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  9. Good morning, all. A beautiful sunshiney day here but we won’t be going out for our walk just yet. Son and I got the deck shoveled but the sun has some work to do to get it down to the deck material. It is sixteen out, feeling like six so we may not stay long when we do get out. Daughter and son and son in law worked on the driveway and got it cleared. We got about a foot of snow last night so they worked well. It is cold so the snow was light and fluffy but not too much so moved fairly easily.

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  10. ok, silly, I do know how excel works, but I had forgotten!
    Actually I used excel to create my form and printed and put in my data by hand.

    Another day with trying to sleep off this cold.

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  11. Mumsee – How are things going with your daughter who was living in a motel for a while? Are you and Mike still her legal guardians (or whatever the legal term would be)?

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  12. Kizzie, as it happens, her court date is set for tomorrow according to what she has told me. I doubt very much that anything will change though it might. She is actually doing fairly well. Still firing her workers and then putting them back to work. She is supposed to go shopping with one of her workers today but that may be delayed until tomorrow.

    Meantime, we got grandpa out for his walk today. He commented that it was not cold at all on the deck and it was mostly cleared so he had a good walk. He was well bundled though he may not have noticed.

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  13. A few hours outside did me good. I did prayer on the porch. Had a friend stop by to pick up info on what she needs to bring for a tax appointment. We proceeded to have a nice chat. Then I did some driveway walking and saw what looked to be a beautiful white dog wandering. It acted friendly and wagged its tail and came to visit, but I was afraid to pet it. I snapped a few pictures and it went over to another neighbor’s house before it ended up in the driveway where the librarian was pulling in after work. I found out the dog was one from the goat and sheep protection squad. It was not the world famous Casper but probably a close buddy. The neighbors called the owner and I saw the truck come to pick up the dog. Now I wish I’d petted that dog!

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  14. Janice, thanks for getting that dog back to its owner. 🙂

    I’ve had people give me a heads up in the past on the rare occasions when one (or both) of my dogs have gotten out. Cowboy’s photo once showed up on a FB community page under “whose dog is this?”

    Yikes. Mine!! I raced home and wrangled him back in.

    I took a walk down to the corner where I heard a palm tree had blown down, it’s already chopped up and in a heap. It’s companion, another very tall, skinny palm, is blowing wildly in the wind that still hasn’t let up.

    It’s cold out there. Rain tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Monday.

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  15. No walk for Abby today, we took a day off after her spooked ‘Moonshine’ day yesterday when too many distractions discombobulated her back into her ‘old’ jumpy self.

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  16. we just had a 15 minute snowfall, but now we are back to sunny skies. But it is cold out there.
    I haven’t been out today, just resting all day.
    My friend brought me soup yesterday. I didn’t eat any last night and just discovered it is frozen. So I will have some later.

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  17. Ordered a new microwave from Amazon today, I’ve been happy with the one I have (so I got the same kind, in the updated model) but I noticed today the coating on mine is starting to ‘peel’ off on the inside which can’t be good. It’s lasted forever (and still works), but I think I’ve had that thing for at least 10 years, maybe longer. Bought at Costco.

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  18. Dj we have had our microwave for about 13 years. For the past 3 or 4 years the paint has peeled under the glass plate and looks awful . I wanted to get a new one ( they aren’t that expensive) but husband says no because “it works just fine”!! I think I will ask for a new one for Mother’s Day!

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  19. NJ, do it! 🙂

    I may have had mine over 10 years, I really don’t know. But a very long time, it’s actually surprised me how long it’s kept going. And yes, microwaves, good ones, aren’t nearly as expensive as they once were.

    When I saw the peeling I thought it couldn’t be good or healthy, right? But maybe I overreacted.

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  20. I don’t think it’s an over reaction. Researching this issue reveals advise to “stop immediately “ to advertisements for microwave paint to repair it!
    Ours has never shown any signs of sparking or weird smells but it definitely is age worthy of replacement 😊


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