23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-19-22

  1. Monday. A new work week.

    And new mercies – Lamentations 3:22-3
    “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
    Because His compassions fail not.
    They are new every morning;
    Great is Your faithfulness.”

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  2. My husband’s sister’s funeral for us. It will be a difficult funeral for us. Lots of memories. I am sorry, though, for those who do not have any service at all. I have had an aunt who was buried that way and I see others in the obituaries. These things are not fun, but they do fill a need for closure.
    I think those who tell their loved ones not to have a service are trying to save them effort and pain, but I think they may be taking an opportunity away. Isn’t it interesting that God tells us to grieve with those who grieve?

    My husband wants to try to also make the birthday party for the 103-year-old at the assisted living facility. I am not sure that is possible, but we shall see.

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  3. I need prayer today. I have a very delicate accusation between one of my agents and another of my agents. One is young and inexperienced. May have had a somewhat sheltered life and the other one is a laugher, joker, and affecionate. It’s a powder keg.

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  4. Good Monday morn. Sweet Pea! Just the sight of them takes me back to a home in which we lived when I was a small child. Victorian flowers planted alongside of the old house. Oh the beauty a child can behold and remember so many years ago….

    Praying for you and yours Kathaleena as this day unfolds for you. Saying goodbye and remembering your loved one…trusting the Lord to give to the strength and comfort.

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  5. Good morning! Interesting to see Peter’s Bible quote directly after listening to my Glority app which had a declaration about God’s faithfulness. It was in the afterwords bonus section where I chose what to listen to. I picked the declaration over music because my incision looked better this morning, and I and others had prayed a lot for its healing. God was faithful to answer our prayers.

    I was also thinking about Jo’s post on yesterday’s thread and how she considers the church elders to be her Head of Household. One of my good friends here, younger than I and a widow, considers Jesus to be her husband. I think that really helps her to consult with Him first on anything she thinks about doing. She is still in my former church and there are no men there who would act as Jo’s elders do to help a widow. All churches are diffrrent, some much better at shepherding than others. My new church is good on shepherding.

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  6. Kathaleena, I agree on the importance of a service. It is a really good thing. Still so thankful to Kim that we got to represent the Wanderers at the wonderful service for Chas. Blessings on your family, Kathaleena, as you go forward in your time of grief and remembrance.

    Watching the procession for the Queen’s funeral this morning almost brought tears. I loved seeing the street lined with the flags and seeing that the cross was overlaid on top of all else on the Brittish flag. It was quite striking with the flags all hanging downward. I had never paid attention to that before.

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  7. I don’t really consider the elders the head of my household (and I don’t think they’d presume to be in that role), but I do value my elder’s checking in with me so frequently and having him as a resource. It was good to see him and his family at church yesterday, he was marveling that I didn’t even have a cane.

    I have to say this knee recovery has gone very smoothly and rather quickly. I’m not back to 100% yet, but am so relieved to have it behind me, as it were — though there’s still a lot of work to do to get back to decent walks. I have quite a ways to go still, but such a good feeling to be on the mend after 2+ years of struggling with all of that.

    The trend toward no services probably has to do with the breakdown of common religious connections and of family and geographic ties in our culture. Folks are so much more mobile now, church attendance has been going down for a while.

    But while a person may request no service, it doesn’t prevent those loved ones left behind from gathering on their own for a time of remembrance.

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  8. Speaking of services — I can’t help but think how utterly exhausted the Queen’s family and others must be by this point. I understand, she’s the Queen and it’s the way things are done. But my goodness.

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  9. A funeral oh I’m going to use a tired phrase…. Brings closure. The funeral is the last thing on earth for the deceased.
    I can’t imagine not having one.
    As much as I don’t like it I also think seeing the deceased one last time is a good thing. Otherwise poof they’re gone.

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  10. Husband I were discussing this subject of “closure” once we are gone.
    The family will do what they do but I want to be “poof” and be gone. I certainly do not want my body in a casket for others to look upon. I won’t be there.
    If someone wants to have a gathering of those who knew me then they can do that but I don’t want to be in attendance.

    When my sister in law passed away last year my brother in law had the three children and their children come to the funeral home. She was cremated and her ashes are entombed in a vault at the cemetery where her parents are buried. They grieved together and brother in law has visited us all to discuss and share memories of her. I like the way he handled it all. It was good for him, his family and extended family. We are all different and I respect those differences when it comes to saying so long.

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  11. I have prayed twice today for the Anon request and hope it all got worked out.

    I went to Kosher Kroger at noon. Wow! It was really hot out in that parking lot. Another reason to shop early.
    They use to have about 2 aisles devoted to health food. They took it out, and I miss it. I suppose it was not profitable to have it segregated, but it was convenient for those who just wanted those type items. Now I guess they decided to make health devotees wander the aisles of temptation.

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  12. Nancyjill, I’m of the “poof” and keep it simple variety, too.

    My first funeral was in Iowa when my uncle, a farmer, died unexpectedly while we were back there on one of our summer trips. I was maybe 12? It was the first funeral I’d ever been to and it went all day long with all the various visitations, the service, the trip out to the cemetery and a big meal at the church. Not something I was eager to experience again, to be honest.

    Took my car by the Jiffy Lube this afternoon as I thought sure it must be time for an oil change — I can’t keep track anymore, I drive so seldom. But it had only been 3,000 miles (and I wasn’t due for an oil change for another 2,000 miles). Who knew. This time they provided a sticker for my windshield since I’m so easily confused.

    They also filled the tires which were getting a little low again and did top off the oil as it was a bit low. No charge.

    Who knows anything about 4-wheel-drive service?

    Today I finally heard back from the 2 breed (border collie/Aussie) rescue groups that I’ve used and who know me — after I’d sent inquiries out to them about a week ago but hadn’t heard a word from them. So I was glad to hear from both today. They now have me on their radar as dogs come available.

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  13. Doesn’t sound like fun K.
    I am sitting here with an ice pack on my foot, knee, and upper leg. It feels so good on this stormy day.
    It is 60 degrees and raining.

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  14. K – that does not sound like fun. Praying for wisdom for you.

    Kathaleena, praying for you and the family

    DJ, good news on your continued recovery

    Closed casket for me, but yes, a gathering of loved ones to reminisce and even to tell tales and laugh and cry together – but I won’t care at all, I’ll be with my Jesus.

    I remember when our pastor came to talk to us about the arrangements for my mom’s funeral. We were talking about how she loved to play games and how she just loved to win. I said “She did it again!!! She made it to heaven before all of us!” We all laughed and then got teary. It was very good to have that time.

    Janice, I pray those incisions heal well for you.

    I didn’t watch any coverage of the funeral of the Queen as I was waiting for husband to come out of his arthroscopic knee surgery. She was a believer and now when I sing God Save the King, I mean it as a prayer. He needs saving.

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  15. I will be hogging the blogging for a bit – lots to share:

    Apparently husband’s knee is ⅓ gone! He will need knee replacement within 5 years. No wonder he had such difficulty with stairs!

    We were at our son’s church this Sunday because J and K were having the twins dedicated. In reality, it is a dedication of the parents and those around them to raise the boys to know and love the Lord. It is so amazing to see your child dedicating his children to God. He chose two Scripture passages for them that he said would likely be appropriate for them on different days, depending on their behaviour: Joshua 1:9 and Philippians 4:5-6.

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  16. We’ve been getting pictures of all the puppies in our pup’s litter. They are so cute! There are 11 puppies and 7 are male. We have 2nd pick of a male. It’s fun to look at them and wonder which one will be ours. I have a few favourites just from their markings and colouring. I want one with more white so I don’t think it’s a bear coming out of the bush when he’s older. 😳😊

    They will be temperament tested at 7 weeks and then on week 8 we will pick our boy!

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  17. When we wanted a puppy, Nightingale told us about X’s friends (she and he were still together at the time) whose two dogs (the female a Miniature Schnauzer, the male a pit bull) had mated and had a litter of five puppies. Hubby wanted a male, but when he finally got around to meeting them, there was only one puppy left, a female.

    But I am happy that we ended up with our Heidi. I am sure that one of the others would have been just as lovable, but I hate the thought of “my Heidi” being with someone else. 🙂

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  18. Re: Funerals or memorial services. As believers, we can make prior arrangements for our own service, and make sure that the gospel will be preached in some way, as one last way to reach our unsaved loved ones.

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  19. The same pastor that did my husband’s recent brother’s funeral preached at this funeral. He is very good at speaking the gospel, comforting the family and telling stories about the decedent. We did get to visit with many in spite of having to leave before the meal was served.

    My husband got to the birthday party just in time to set up and get ready to play. It was a very festive birthday. The 103 yr. old was quite happy and so complimentary to the group. She had a large group of family visiting. You can imagine all the children, grandchildren and so on you have when you reach that age!

    We visited the cemetery after it was all over. SIL’s urn was buried on top of her mother. Their brother is next door with no marker yet. It was ordered but not in yet. Another brother is also buried there. The inn is full. The lots were bought more than half a century ago.

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  20. What a day. When God begins to work, hold on to your horses. Well, the contractor called during my haircut. and when I called him back, he was ready to meet today. So we met at 3. It was so good to talk to George, he is great. I told him lots of my plans and what I wanted him to do. Since he knows what he is doing, I defer to him. So we will be widening the main back door but not the laundry room door. We will just replace that door as it is half glass and has a dog door cut into it. As soon as we have the doors, he will do the work. He measured everything. I also will probably get a screen for the front door. When we looked at it, he said it was an extra large door, and it was 42 inches!!

    I also asked him about replacing my wood stove with a propane stove that just looks like wood is burning. He said we are too old to mess with wood and he puts them in all his houses. So I went over to the store and ordered the one I want, it comes from Canada.

    Then I called my friend that I went to the coast with and asked if she wanted to go shopping. I need someone to help me pick out things. So we will shop on Thursday. I may need the fans this weekend.

    and on it goes…

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