15 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-20-22

  1. Not surprised there would be a lawyer pro-bono. That is one reason to question what the lawyer is saying or slanting the discussion.

    I don’t blame any of these people for coming here. However, I don’t know why we would not question the cruelty of letting them think they can do this? That we are allowing drug cartels and gangs make a fortune off other people’s misery? I don’t know why we do not question the fact that others (like my SIL) had to pay a lot of money and make a lot of effort to come her legally, while these just force their way in. Or why others have to wait and wait to do it legally? Many of these people paid dearly and unless they say the proper thing, they will not be legally staying. That is, if they attend the hearing that will be long in the future. Even Bill Clinton mentioned that many people are taking advantage of the law.

    Perhaps you objected to all these things, too, Kizzie, and spoke of the cruelty of that. Maybe I missed it?

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  2. Kathaleena – The current situation is certainly a crisis – for us and for the immigrants themselves. My pointing out the cruelty of that stunt does not reflect on my concern about the other issues.

    (And as HRW reminded us, those folks taken to Martha’s Vineyard were legal asylum seekers.)

    Somehow, we should try to deal with these issues while also having compassion for the immigrants.

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  3. Have any of you heard of this? Some guy has written a book, and is giving it out at Trump rallies, saying that Trump is the Son of Man, a kind of messiah. A quote about the book says:

    “Author Helgard Müller said that he believes there are two Christs, with Jesus being the son of God who was betrayed by Judas, and Trump being the son of man who was “betrayed by [former U.S. Vice President Mike] Pence.” He also claimed that his book, “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ,” was not satire.”

    Amazon says this book is already at #10 in Christian Commentaries.


  4. Here is the synopsis on Amazon:

    “During the presidency of President Donald Trump, it became evident to me that the prophecies about the Son of Man, as predicted by Jesus in the Bible were, to a significant extent, fulfilled at the hands of Mr Trump. The Bible speaks about two different Christs-or Messiahs. Jesus, the Son of God is the one Christ, whereas the Son of Man is the other. Jesus always referred to the Son of Man in the third person. The greatest distinction or significance between the Son of Man and the Son of God (the Lamb) is their respective positions at the throne of God. There are numerous differences between the Son of God and the Son of Man, but overall, people read these scriptures and they do not realize that the Son of God (the Lamb) stands in front of the throne of God, whereas the Son of Man, is positioned on the right hand of God. Jesus spoke about two different killings in the four gospels of the New Testament. People read these scriptures and are unaware that Jesus (the Son of God) predicted his own killing in the first person, as opposed to the several prophecies that He made in respects to the Son of Man who will be crucified. The New Testament speaks about “two Kings;” Jesus, the Son of God, is the “King of the Jews,” whereas the Son of Man is the “King of Kings” who will be a world-ruler, and He will rule all the nations (the tribes) of the earth with a rod of iron. This book will explain in depth how “Donald John Trump’s” full name literally means: “The Ruler of the World, graced by Yahweh (the LORD) and a descendant of a Drummer.” Upon reading this book, the reader will be captivated when they realize how President Donald John Trump fulfilled most of the prophecies as the Son of Man. It speaks about End Time Prophecies and Biblical revelations regarding “President Donald J. Trump, the Son of Man. The Christ.”


  5. That book’s premise is chilling Kizzie. Hoping discerning minds prevail when such is thrown out there!

    So Biden has open border policy. Massachusetts declared themselves as a sanctuary state for the most part. The view from my vantage point would be these Governors must force the hand of those who cry out “we” must care for any and all walking across out borders. And now we see “not in my backyard” mentality of these bleeding heart liberals. These southern states are taking the brunt of this idiocy of the Biden administration ignoring them! And yes we are seeing an influx of illegal migrants in our state as well.
    And now all one must do is to declare themselves “asylum seekers”….that gets them an immediate foot in the door and fast track to jobs, housing,healthcare, financial security….all those things millions of tax payers have and are working for their entire lives! The government gives us nothing. The legal citizens break their backs to provide for themselves and pay the ever increasing taxes and “fees”! Now we must provide for the world while all they have to do is break our laws as their first action being in our country illegally.
    I have read where “asylum seekers” wanted a better life for their child. The inflation, taxes, government heavy handed ness and control was just too much for them. Well “welcome” to American the land of liberal Democrats and wanna be socialists…..not land of the free much longer.

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  6. What bothered me about that book is that it is supposedly selling fairly well. I am hoping that the people who are buying it are doing so out of curiosity, but not “buying it”, so to speak.


  7. So what, you’re surprised theres a lot of idiots out there that would buy such nonsense? How do you think Osteen and the other grifters got rich?

    There are millions more who buy way worse than those particular lies Kizzie.

    If you look at any man as that “author” does Trump, you’re theology is questionable at best.

    But again, fringes fringe. It’s not at all mainstream Trump voters, just some trying to broad brush us. The old guilt by association. Folks need to try harder. Thats just low hanging fruit.👍

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  8. The legal asylum seekers are a relatively low number. Last year slightly over 11,000 refugee claims were accepted compared to 85 000 in 2016. Most claims of asylum are denied within 180 days of the claim being made. Refugees are entirely different group than the illegal migrants who sneak over the border for work etc. When you claim asylum you can simply walk up to the border and make a claim. Statistically the drug smugglers are mostly American citizens driving across the border since they are the least likely to be searched. Its important not to mix the different groups when making policy decisions or being an informed voter.

    Lest Americans think their southern border is an issue, Turkey had 3.8 million legal refugees arrive in the last 10 years. This doesn’t include Russian draft dodgers who overstayed their visas and illegal migrants. In terms of western countries, Germany hosts the most refugees at 1.3 million. Right now there are 4.6 million people seeking asylum worldwide and 27 million refugees already granted asylum. It’s a worldwide crisis in which North America is largely insulated from.


  9. Although Trump as the Son of Man is truly fringe, there is far too much hero worship on the Trump side of the ledger. Heroes and great men of history are more often a right wing concept than a left which emphasizes groups and social movements. Thus there is far more invested in Trump the person than there is in Biden the person. When the time comes, the Democratic party will move on from Biden, but the Republican party is trapped by Trump in much the same way as they were Reagan.


  10. Well Americans do know we have a southern border issue. It’s not a “think” thing. And honestly I’m not in Germany or Turkey….I am in the USA and it’s a problem. I am a taxpayer…it’s a problem. And the current administration are sticking their collective heads in the sand….because they don’t live near the border don’t ya know….they won’t even go there…ahem..Kamala in charge.

    While there is a fringe element to the Trump following it is unfair to broad brush all Republicans and conservatives. And while we’re at it….at least Trump loves this country. The same cannot be said about the current President. He is hell bent on destroying us. And I have this feeling that the Dems will gladly “move on” after Biden…he is an absolute disaster.

    Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents of this nation and he in no way could be compared to a Trump.


  11. I was trying to point out migration and refugees is a world wide problem. And its not going away no matter who is in charge of the respective countries. The underlying issues; climate change, totalitarianism, resource deprivation, famine, etc will still be there. And numerically North American is escaping the brunt of the crisis.

    Reagan destroyed the middle class. His continued adoration among the right of centre only illustrates their weakness for heroes and great men of history.


  12. The reason I shared about that book is to alert us that it is out there and getting some attention. And sadly, there are those who are assuming that a lot of Christian Trump supporters are going to believe it. It is beneficial to be aware, so we can make our views known, that no, the vast majority of Christian Trump supporters do not think that he is another messiah.

    Remember the Starbuck’s Christmas cup “controversy” from a few years ago? A very small subset of Christians (and I’m sure some were merely trolls) made a fuss about the cup not being Christian or Christmas-y enough, and people all over social media were convinced that a lot of Christians were making a fuss about it. Many of us repeatedly had to comment or write our own posts to inform others that no, we’re not upset about a plain red cup (or whatever it was), and neither were the other Christians we knew.


  13. Our pastor has said how bothered he’s been in more recent years to see banners with the faces of politicians on them — started perhaps with Obama? But Trump was also featured prominently in that way.

    Reminds one of some other countries and how they revere their “leaders.”

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