39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-9-22

  1. Well hello there little goldfinch!
    And a most blessed Happy Birthday dear 6…we love you!!

    Cool air moved into this forest. It was 43 when we awakened at 4:30. High will be 58? We shall see!

    Having brunch with my bestest friend today. I have not seen her in months due to her health issues and family complications but today we will talk for hours upon hours. Friends…life long friends a treasure for sure.

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  2. Good morning!
    Happy Birthday, Six!🎂
    Do you play the birthday song on the piano while others in your family sing?

    Art is all flustered because while he was home he did not have connections to do his work here and now for two days all systems have been down at the office. It looks like a wide area is down. I feel the stress of the looming deadlines with no ability to help.

    I overdid it yesterday in trying to have a more normal day running from early shopping at Publix to finishing up cooking salmon patties around 9:30 p.m. Also made egg salad and potato salad. I walked for about twenty minutes on the driveway and did some more household chores. I was feeling some pain last night maybe because I did not have as many ice pack breaks. So I am again hugging the ice pack this a.m. I am also having countdown on the days left until I get this tube out.

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  3. So Peter is walking around exclaiming “Squirrel!” every few moments this morning.

    Last night’s outdoor temp didn’t get below 80 from the looks of it, I had to get up and turn on the little AC and just sit in the living room, could not sleep in that heat (it was 84-83 in the house all night long).

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  4. We are humid, rain and cool with green, green, green out the windows. The green is already punctuated by some yellows and oranges. That is not unusual, nor is the weather. Much preferable to Southern California right now. I can’t say that often, I am sure.

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  5. We’re going up to the 90s yet again today.

    But, also today, we are supposed to start getting the remnants of that storm moving up from the Baja Peninsula that’ll finally chase away this heat wave, at least according to the forecasters. I hope they’re right about that.

    Meanwhile, I’m off to PT again this morning in a couple hours, then I have a couple errands to run before coming home.

    And I see some money from my regular pay made it into my bank account overnight. Still haven’t gotten the first state disability payment that supposedly was sent out on Sept. 1.

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  6. 74 and raining here. Then it has been raining almost every day for months. I didn’t get my walk in.
    Yesterday Snuggles or Cuddles went home with Little Miss. Today Tigger came back to spend the day with us. He slept at her feet last night.
    BG, Nana, and I went to dinner last night. Today she is 25.

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  7. Twenty-five!! Still praying for her, Kim. Sorry about your rain, rain, rain. That gets old even if it doesn’t bring damage.

    That’s a long time for the check to reach you, Dj. Is it supposed to go straight into your account?

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  8. Kathleena, no, they do debit cards now (well, they give you choice of that or paper check, I went with the card); and my personal message link on the website said my first payment was sent out 9/1. Seems like it would have reached me by this time.

    It’s impossible to connect with them personally to ask a simple question, though, as you might imagine.

    I’ll give it a couple more days.

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  9. 90 here and supposed to get up to 101. It feels slightly cooler because of the cloud of smoke from a nearby fire, but not too close.
    But, as Dj said, the forecast for the ten day is all 70s and 80s. I think I will go get my car washed and vacuumed. It will be hard to be outside while they vacuum.

    Yesterday I ordered an enlargement of the picture of me with the whole school and my fellow teachers. Hope it turned out. I got three as I want one for the missions house, as they have asked us before to leave something. I also want one for the school. I should see someone when I am in Orlando to send it with. I am easy to find in the picture, but it doesn’t just feature me. We rarely do a picture of the whole school, so I thought it would be something that the school would enjoy.

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  10. That does sound nice for the school, Jo.

    Happy Birthday to BG, too. Sweet 25!

    I totally forgot that tomorrow is Miss Bosley pickup day. Sadly, during this time I have not missed her, and wish she could stay there all month. The bill will be very big with her Senior cat well check, blood work, med to sedate her for exam, etc.

    They had none of her regular cat food when Art took me to Publix. I decided I had to go this afternoon. They still did not have her food so I got elderly cat food in the same brand. I hope that is okay with her (Blue Wilderness dry).
    My friend, Karen, tried to make me feel guily over leaving her boarding for so long, but K’s three cats are not so needy or fighty-bitey as Miss Bosley is since Art played with her like that and created bad cat habits.

    The parking lot was packed so I had to park on the far side. Got in some walking. I am sure I exceeded my five pound limit but it is what it is. A lady I passed wanted change. I told her I couldn’t this time . . . I needed to get on to the store while I felt like it. There are so many advantages to shopping at 7 a.m.

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  11. A FB friend across the pond wrote:
    “A moving service of Thanksgiving from st. Paul’s cathedral.

    I think the most moving part for me was when they sang God save the King at the end. I’ve never sung God save the king before. 😢”

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  12. Haha, discussion on Fox just now on whether King Charles is going to wind up with all those corgis.

    So PT went well, therapist took some time off to go to Chicago where friends live, he said it was actually cooler there than it is here.

    The gym has windows that look out over one of our several ravines that slice through town from the peninsula hillside going east down toward the Port of LA. I was lying there looking out at the scene — they had me hooked up to the nerve stimulators on the knee, the final thing we do after all the exercises — and I thought how cold it looked outside with the dark sky and the trees being blown by a wind.

    But when I left at 11 a.m. it was 97, of course.

    Poor Miss Bosley. You’ll be very happy to see her, I’m sure. And she’ll be very glad to be home with her people.

    Some people play with cats as if they are dogs which I’m thinking can make them behave more aggressively. Cats and dogs are so different. I grew up with cats but had only dogs for so many years that I had to re-learn how to relate to a feline when I adopted Annie.

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  13. Also heard a commentator call Queen Elizabeth “the last adult” (referring to her staying above the chattering-class partisan fray that so characterizes our age now).

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  14. Thank you to all who continue to pray for BG. I really do appreciate it and one day whatever is supposed to happen will.
    I watched the celebration at St. Pauls. Because the Anglican church I attend when back under the Bishops of South Africa when they formed and have since become the Anglican Church is America which is mostly like the Church of England. (One of our now deceased members use to tell us he was the only one of us born Anglican)….I followed along with the Prayers of the People and said, “Lord, hear our prayer” each time and recited the Lord’s Prayer with them. I did cry when the piper played up the aisle. I will have to check into it. I am sure it had something to do with a piper waking the Queen each morning when she was in Balmoral.
    I found it telling that King Charles has been heard to remove “the” from the title, Defender of the Faith (Head of the Church of England) to Defender of Faith to be all inclusive.
    Of course the news is trying to stir people up over the imperialistic history of Great Britain. My view is if they weren’t imperialistic WE wouldn’t be here.

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  15. Happy birthday, 6 Arrows, and Happy Birthday to BG.

    I should be able to remember those are today because it’s also my brother-in-law’s birthday, but by the time it rolls around next year I almost certainly will have forgotten that.

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  16. We went to the vet today. Time for rabies vax. Espn is still too heavy. Jake is ideal. They did well. Jake was her usual incredibly laid back self. Espn was waxing puppy at eight years. Jake is much more mature as she is nearly ten.

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  17. Mumsee – Tomorrow Nightingale is taking Janie over to her best friend Stephanie’s house for Janie to meet Steph’s new puppy, Chewy (named after Chewbacca from Star Wars). Nightingale joked that Janie probably has more energy than the puppy, and I joked that Chewy would be traumatized by Janie.

    There’s a reason I call her Zany Janie. 🙂

    But she’s not a bad dog. She is fairly well-trained and obedient. She’s just a bundle of energy. It’s funny when Nightingale let’s her come downstairs with her, and then makes her sit and wait before giving her the okay to go through the open door. You can see the energy coursing through her body as she trembles with excitement, eyes intent on Nightingale, waiting for the okay. And when it comes, she is off like a shot!

    Janie’s magic trick is making our cat Rudy disappear. Merely hearing her at the door causes Rudy to dash away to hide. 😀

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  18. Our seventeen year old cat let our daughter’s eighteen month old golden retriever know that not all cats like to play her games. She learned quickly.

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  19. All this hot weather you are having. It’s going to be just above freezing here overnight. We just covered the veggies in the garden that we haven’t picked yet (except the carrots and beets – they’re always better with a bit of frost)

    Happy birthday, 6 and BG!!

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