20 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-10-22

  1. Clowns, the whole lot of ’em.

    Democrat killed by Democrat, so you know who’s fault it is, right?

    There is simply no end to Trump’s evil powers, or their TDS.

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  2. This is what’s happening in Democrat Utopias all over the US.


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  3. Of course he didn’t, because it was unnecessary. People knew it was bad and evil, unlike today where it’s revered by the left, and squishy RINOs.

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  4. Their latest “Get Trump” hoax continues to collapse under scrutiny….

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  5. Gee, and what do all of these horribly racist places have in common there Robert?

    Bingo, Democrat Utopias, i.e. modern day plantations.

    And really, we give billions to Ukraine, but our Dem controlled House, Senate, and President have no money for clean water for US citizens.


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  6. Oh goody.

    “Will a Rail Strike be the “Black Swan” of the 2022 Midterm Election?

    Biden administration takes a break from Trump-Rage to negotiate with the union.”


    “Last July, I noted that a looming rail strike that could see over 100,000 railroad employees walk could severely stress the strained supply chain.

    Should a strike occur, there are some supply chain statistics to keep in mind. About 1/3rd of American exports are transported to rail. Freight rail is part of an integrated network of trains, trucks and barges that ships around 61 tons of goods per American every year. Many of those goods include essentials, like energy and food.

    As of July 12, over 99% of union workers have voted to authorize a strike.

    The Biden administration demonstrated its typical level of competence and effectiveness in dealing with this crisis. Which is to say, a rail strike is now poised to be a “black swan” event ready to lay an egg during the upcoming midterm election.

    A potential nationwide freight rail strike is looming, threatening to cripple the U.S. economy ahead of the holiday shopping season and November’s midterm elections.

    Roughly 115,000 rail workers could walk off the job as soon as Sept. 16 if they cannot agree to a new contract with railroads.

    That’s the first day workers could legally strike after a White House-appointed panel released collective bargaining recommendations aimed at ending years of contentious negotiations.

    Five of the 13 unions representing rail workers have reached tentative agreements with railroads to enact the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) recommendations, which call for 24 percent pay raises, back pay and cash bonuses.

    But the bulk of railroad workers belong to unions that haven’t yet agreed to a deal. It’s also unclear whether workers would vote to ratify PEB recommendations that don’t address their concerns about punishing hours and rigid schedules that make it difficult to take time off for any reason.

    The administration is taking a break from Trump-Rage, as Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is meeting with the National Mediation Board to resolve the situation.”

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  7. They are seeking to target anyone connected to Pres. Trump over a mole hill, yet ignore the mountains of obvious crimes of the Biden criminal enterprise. This government is totally corrupt and out of control – they are seeking to create chaos and a larger conflict…


    “Former Trump administration strategist Steve Bannon said fresh New York state charges against him over a scheme to raise money to build border barriers on private land are an attempt to silence him ahead of the November midterms.

    “They’ve got a populist revolt that’s out of control, and they’re trying to take me out of this election,” Bannon, host of the “War Room” podcast, told The Epoch Times.”

    “They were trying to de-platform me and shut me down. It’s not gonna happen.”

    “Bannon also claimed, citing an unnamed “very senior” source, that over Wednesday and Thursday, at least 35 “MAGA leaders” and Trump associates were “raided” by the FBI.

    “Most of them had lawyers that had been already in touch with DOJ or working with DOJ,” he said. “These people came to their homes and hassled these people in a show of force and trying to intimidate people.”

    The FBI served subpoenas on these people, and in some cases took their electronic equipment, Bannon said.

    Bannon’s comments corroborate reports by the Washington Post and New York Times that a federal grand jury in Washington on Sept. 7 issued subpoenas to a range of former campaign and White House staffers requesting information about the Save America PAC, Trump’s fundraising vehicle set up after the 2020 election. The Epoch Times could not independently verify the claims.

    The subpoenas form part of a federal investigation into the events surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol breach and efforts by Trump to dispute the election results. This investigation is separate from another DOJ investigation into potential breaches of record-keeping laws, which saw the FBI raid the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home in early August in search of classified records allegedly held by Trump.

    The targeting of Trump and his allies is part of an effort to “shut down all opposition political voices,” said Bannon.

    “The elites in this country have taken over and have assumed the same techniques of the lawless Chinese Communist Party.”

    “They have to be defeated at the ballot box,” he added.”

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  8. Schellenberger creates quite the twitter rant just to promote his book. Cynicism aside, his rant is off the mark. He discounts the homeless as addicts and mentally ill prior to being homeless yet uses their testimony as primary evidence. You can’t or shouldn’t discount your own eyewitnesses before they testify.

    It’s generally thought that mental illness and addiction operate in a loop with homelessness. In many cases, homelessness came prior to mental illness and addiction and now prevents a return to stability and shelter. Its a feedback loop that makes it difficult to assert which is the cause and which is the effect – much like the chicken and the egg; which comes first.

    Even his history is a bit off – psychiatric reform started in the 70s after people were rightly shocked at asylum conditions and lack of patient rights. However, the process of closure without community support was sped up in the Reagan era as neo-cons used “reform” as a means to save money and shut down institutions.

    Jurisdiction shopping among the poor, homeless, addicts, etc is well known and is practised just about everywhere. Toronto used to give free bus tickets to my city until the practise was banned by the province. However, just because the more tolerant and generous policies of a jurisdiction attract people doesn’t mean they should cut back and race to the bottom with other jurisdictions. I have no problem with my city providing help to the poor and homeless whether they were here originally or came on the bus from Toronto. After all, they are my neighbours both metaphorically and literally. Fighting a war against the poor, the addicts, and the homeless ignores the criminal behaviour of the elites that deprives our neighbours. I’ll direct my anger at those who have more but do nothing as opposed to the poor among us.


  9. Joe Scarborough is right — Jesus never mentioned abortion. Then again, there’s a lot of modern social and economic issues Jesus doesn’t discuss but we can extropolate his opinion rather easily. I am amused somebody thought quoting the Old Testament was a rebuttal to Joe’s claim.

    The traditional Catholic position was abortion was permitted until “quickening” ie fetal moverment or about 16-20 weeks. The Jewish position on abortion is fairly open ended — its up to woman. Historically then, the early Christian church was probably more liberal on abortion than American evangelicals.


  10. To blame the decline of city infrastructure on the political party that usually runs cities is to misunderstand and simplify the issue. Almost every major city in the US is run by Democrats whereas most rural counties are run by Republicans. Thus do we blame rural shortcomings on Republicans and urban shortcomings on Democrats? For example, life expectancy, maternal deaths, and infant mortality are usually worse in Republican dominated states – should we blame the Republicans party for this failure? or should we blame rural health care issues?

    Reich has a point. There’s always been a racial element to city infrastructure and funding.


  11. Not being willing to provide answers to reasonable and important questions shows us all that we need to know. Only the guilty would withhold such information. This is the least transparent and most corrupt administration in American history!

    It seems that they want to hide their culpability now that they’ve realized that they are responsible for the deaths and injuries of so many…


    “U.S. drug regulators are refusing to provide key analyses of a COVID-19 vaccine safety database, claiming that the factual findings cannot be separated by internal discussions protected by law.

    The Epoch Times asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July for all analyses performed by the agency for the COVID-19 vaccines using a method called Empirical Bayesian data mining, which involves comparing the adverse events recorded after a specific COVID-19 vaccine with those recorded after vaccination with non-COVID-19 vaccines.

    According to operating procedures laid out by the agency and its partner in January 2021 and February 2022, the FDA would perform data mining “at least biweekly” to identify adverse events “reported more frequently than expected following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines.” The agency would perform the mining on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

    In a recent response, the FDA records office told The Epoch Times that it would not provide any of the analyses, even in redacted form.

    The agency cited an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act that lets the government withhold inter-agency and intra-agency memorandums and letters “that would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency.”

    The agency also pointed to the Code of Federal Regulations, which says that “all communications within the Executive Branch of the Federal government which are in written form or which are subsequently reduced to writing may be withheld from public disclosure except that factual information which is reasonably segregable in accordance with the rule established in § 20.22 is available for public disclosure.”

    It’s not clear why the FDA could not produce copies of the analyses with non-factual information redacted. The Epoch Times has appealed the determination by the records office. The FDA declined to comment, citing the appeal.

    Kim Witczak, co-founder of Woodymatters, a nonprofit that advocates for a stronger FDA and drug safety system, said the agency’s refusal to provide the analyses was not acceptable.

    “The secrecy is unacceptable for an agency that said it is transparent with the public about vaccine safety,” Witczak, who sits on one of the FDA’s outside advisory panels, told The Epoch Times.

    “What’s the point of having VAERS if you’re not releasing it to the public?” she added.

    Witczak said her concerns about vaccine safety were heightened by a recent paper from Dr. Joseph Fraiman and others that found a higher incidence of serious adverse events in vaccinated participants in the original Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials than in placebo recipients. She noted that the FDA’s 2004 warning for antidepressants that the drugs could increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior came over 10 years after the trials on which it was based.

    “If this data is available, shame on you for not making it known to the public,” Witczak said. “It’s as if they don’t trust the people to make their own best decision for what’s good for them and their families.””

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  12. “To blame the decline of city infrastructure on the political party that usually runs cities is to misunderstand and simplify the issue.”

    Let’s see….

    Democrats have run these cities for decades. The Mayor, City Councils, and water depts. are all Democrat controlled and maintained. So who is responsible for the poor maintenance and deplorable water quality?

    The same Democrats who put the people in to run, maintain, and bill for the city’s water. That’s who.

    You’re making this way harder than it is in order to protect Democrats for their deplorable stewardship of the cities voters entrusted to them.

    Own that…..

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  13. Biden’s brown shirts have been busy, as have their Pravda offices….

    And where’s the Republican “leadership”…..?

    Staring at their feet and pretending they don’t see anything.

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  14. You know what she is, even if you don’t want me to say it.


  15. He’s not wrong, but half the people on the right seem incapable of grasping the plain truth.

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  16. It’s a clown world, ruled by clowns, and we’re just livin’ in it.

    Truth. ⬇


  17. In the English speaking world, municipal gov’ts are at the mercy of either the federal or state/provincial gov’ts or both. Infrastructure spending is funded by higher levels of gov’t who often fund on the basis of electoral needs. In states or provinces where the ruling party is usually based in rural/suburban areas, the urban cities will be neglected. In a state such as Mississippi which is predominately rural, it’s easy to neglect the one major urban centre especially if race is also an issue. Thus to blame the urban gov’t without acknowledging the funding issues is to be far too simplistic.


  18. Bannon playing victim is amusing. It’s fairly obvious his build the wall fund was a scam. MAGA supporters have nothing to fear if they haven’t committed a crime -they are rounding up rioters and fraudsters. As people have said in the past, if you behave yourself you don’t have to worry about the police. The irony is omnipresent.

    Safe injection sites and free methadone are fairly common in the urban core. The vending machines appear to be an adaptation of an urban solution to a rural area. These rural areas traditionally vote Republican – can we blame the increase in rural poverty and drug use on the Republican party?


  19. Quoting a friend’s synopsis/preface:

    “The police have admitted they lied in the search warrant application about packages being left for Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend at her apartment. They had no evidence of a connection to her ex-boyfriend, the actual target of the investigation, which is why they found no evidence at her apartment.”



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