61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-5-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. I got up five times to look for the lights, but not a sign of them. But the stars were beautiful and proclaiming the Glory of the Lord.

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  2. Good morning from the East. It’s rained a lot here. In NW Georgia they got 12 inches yesterday and the governor declared two counties in a State of Emergency. They have terrible flooding but almost miraculously there have been no injuries reported.

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  3. I talked my husband into staying out until midnight. A little over fifty years ago that wouldn’t have been as difficult. 😀 No lights to be seen. We were just down the road from the house, but no big trees in the way. Then I looked out at the sky from the windows just before one. Nothing to see except stars. The moon was so bright last night, too. All beautiful. Yes, God’s creation reflects His might, power and beauty.

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  4. Those dragon flies or Black Hawk helicopters up there ?!! 😊

    I will be sort of laboring today. We are having two couples over later this afternoon and now I must tidy up this house and prepare food! A quick run to Sprouts for fresh fruit then I must get this day in gear!

    The owls were hooting loudly early this morning which always is unsettling to these dogs. I love hearing the owls but the whining of the unnerved dogs not so much!

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  5. My local owl hoots around 2 AM and sounds so forlorn–like he/she is looking for who?

    I went to bed at 8 last night–wiped out by the heat. I’m running all my appliances this morning per governor directions–and charging the phones because we have a 4 o’clock Zoom call and can use the phones as hot spots.

    Of course the seminar is with a guy who lives in LA so maybe his electricity will be curtailed too?

    (The engineer: “We have a generator.” I’d forgotten.)

    Interesting times, aren’t they?

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  6. It’s the 300th day on a row the maid hasn’t shown up. She is definitely fired.
    I had someone lined up to take care of the dogs and clean the house while Mr P am so were in Barbados. She got confused on the dates. Luckily BG was staying here too so ex-husband filled in while she was at work. Remember we shared custody of Amos too. I used to joke about taking him back to
    Court for puppy support.

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  7. I was able to sleep well last night, despite the house still being 82 degrees at 11 p.m. Lovely. It won’t last forever, I keep telling myself, and it was better than the 91 degrees the night before! Someone on FB posted their house was 99 degrees. Sheesh. This is some serious heat in an area that’s not well air-conditioned when it comes to homes.

    We’re “only” heading up to 90, according to the forecast for our immediate area, today. Much hotter still in other areas more inland — and strange weather overall in the region with the heat combining with sporadic downpours, wild winds, and even hail in some cases.

    Funny clip on the local newscast last night — a young couple had their phone video rolling as a very strong burst of wind and rain descended on their home. At one point the woman gasped in shock, “Oh NO!” — one of their patio chairs had blown into the swimming pool.

    Oh the horror.

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  8. Kim, I just looked that up a little earlier as I had no idea what a whippoorwill even was (though I’ve heard of them). Impending death, I saw, was associated with their calls.


    I would have been laboring today as I’d volunteered to work the Labor Day holiday this year — but when my surgery was scheduled I realized I probably wouldn’t be back in time so I traded with another reporter for her New Year’s Day shift (’23) shift.

    We all have to sign up for at least one holiday every year and the shifts are bare-bones — three reporters (and 3 editors) working overlapping shifts throughout the day using staff from all 11 papers/outlets which stretches a pretty good distance all throughout LA — north, central, coastal, Inland areas and the OC to the south.

    Regional heat, fires and any breaking news/crime typically dominates on Labor Day, especially so this year, I’d guess.

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  9. I laboured today. Got the shredded zucchini into the freezer, washed all the dishes by hand (the new dishwasher will be picked up tomorrow) and vacuumed part of the house and washed all the dog towels.

    We will be dog sitting a Great Pyrenees puppy over Thanksgiving. So nice to be able to help friends out and a huge pup!!

    The appliance saga continues. So far this year, washer, dryer, stove (X2), dishwasher, pool heaters, pool chlorinator and yesterday I managed to break the food processor – it was 38 years old. Now I’m shopping for a new one… they are so expensive!!

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  10. The house is starting out rather warm today (not like Donna’s though) since we decided to lock all our doors last night. Usually we just lock the screen doors and have a large fan blowing out the front door. It’s been a scary couple of days up here. Two fugitives on the loose who stabbed and killed 10 people and injured 15 more. No one knows where they are…

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  11. Kim, this bullet point made me laugh about the whippoorwill”
    A man could rid himself of an aching back if he turned somersaults in time to whippoorwill calls.

    His back ache would leave because his life left him!

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  12. Kare, I bought the 10 cup Hamilton Beech food processor, one for Wes and one for me, and it it a pleasure to use. It was not very expensive and works for our needs. I looked at many before going with it. But you may need a bigger and more heavy duty one for larger projects.


  13. It’s 82° and feels like 87°. It’s so humid after all the rain. I walked again late yesterday and determined it is about 100 steps to do a lap on our small driveway. I need to find out how many laps I need to do to make a mile. A wonderful math problem!


  14. Free book for Kindle at Amazon:
    The Bridge Between by Lindsey Brackett.
    I enjoy this author’s work. She lives north of Atlanta, and I have met her at conference. I have not read this book but thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series.

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  15. My cleaning lady is taking a break but there is much to do before 5:30! She wants to hire a cook.
    Kare I read about that horrible killing spree and asked the Lord early this morning to place a hedge of protection about you and your husband. And praying those young men are captured quickly…

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  16. How close are you to that knifing incident, Kare? Don’t blame you for locking things up for now.

    It’s been a lazy morning, I had to download new software for my newish Mac Air (bought on sale in the spring but not used a lot yet as I remain tied to my 2012 Mac Pro which is on its last legs). Took two tries as the first time the applications weren’t closing so it could restart; so I had to start over, but that time it all worked.

    I had shredded wheat (Sprouts’ version) for breakfast for the second day in a row.

    Bill pay time is approaching, I should be getting the first payments from the state this week, though. And only one PT appt, on Friday — therapist is taking the week after Labor Day off for vacation.


  17. We’re about 2 hours west of the stabbings, and now there is shooting on a reserve about 2 hours west of us! The emergency alerts are heart attack inducing. Thankfully, daughter moved from the nearest community a few years ago or she would have been one of the first responders. I’m glad she can help, but I don’t want her mind and heart hurt.

    We have a reserve that borders the quarter we’re on and many more to the south and west. They often run to hide on another reserve, but we’re not in the direct path of any (we’re sort of tucked up into a corner, off main grid roads)

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  18. My washing machine is running so the maid must be somewhere in the house. Oh, she is right here with me! The first symbol that I am inching toward routines. I will have to take handfuls at at time to the dryer to meet the five pound weight limit.

    I switched over to ibuprofen this morning so as not to overdo Extra strength Tylenol. The fro,en pea bag is under my arm again this afternoon.

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  19. Dj, I use to love to have those large shredded wheat rolls with warm milk over them. It was a texture that really appealed to me. Something I’ve not eaten in years. You are making me think I might like to try that again.


  20. Often when we’re watching movies we’ll hear someone order, “Fire at will”, and we respond in unison: “Poor Will!”

    I didn’t know until today that there’s a bird that likes to whip poor Will.

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  21. That’s close, Kare, as they’ve been on the run and could easily make there way quite a distance — I heard one was found dead today, however, the other injured?

    Using warm milk on shredded wheat, is that a way to make it more of a hot cereal? I use cold-cold milk. But I hadn’t had that cereal in ages either, I’m liking it. They made for good dry snacks, too, in the days after surgery when my appetite was so low.

    The cat just wandered out into the front room — today is the opposite of yesterday; the heat started slow and is building to peak at late (around now, 4 p.m.). Yesterday it peaked early and dropped early.

    It should be OK to sit on the porch by around 7 p.m.

    I have mosquito bites on my right ankle and a few fingers. Must have gotten them last night. I’m low on repellant so just ordered some from Amazon. ‘Tis the season.

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  22. Sorry. It was what he was hatched for. Spend his days eating bugs (poor bugs) and his early morning crowing, and then…. We have about thirty more to go. We just waited until it cooled enough to make it easier on the guy who has to do the work.

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  23. Donna, it is close. In Saskatchewan, anything under 3 hours is “close” as we all regularly travel long distances for groceries, doctor appointments, dentist, etc.

    It’s also hard to monitor roads as there are many, many back roads that don’t go anywhere near a town and the RCMP is spread pretty thin over the province.

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  24. Kim, did you ever order a Ruggable? I’m wondering if it’s worth it. We have a runner in front of our sink because Duke’s nails just trash the old spruce hardwood floor. We just shampooed it and it was quite grossly dirty. I can’t shampoo it myself, but I could throw a rug in the washer by myself.

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  25. I never put sugar on that shredded wheat cereal. Just the warm milk that softened the large rolls and they had a unique consistency unlike the small shredded wheat bite size pieces. I also like Trisket crackers which have a similar texture but are salty.

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  26. Big day for me tomorrow, it appears. I will need to go to the credit union to transfer some cash to my checking account (I have a state payment on the way but not sure it will be here that promptly, so just in case … ).

    And I’ve realized I didn’t renew (maybe didn’t originally install) the Webroot anti-virus program that came with my computer; now I’m not able to renew it as the link is expired. So I’ll have to contact Best Buy for that.

    And pick up a few groceries.

    We’ll see how the knee does with all of that, I’ll try to go easy on it.

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  27. Janice, yeah, surgery does strange things to our sense of time.

    I went to bed but am up again, just can’t sleep in this heat (on top of mosquito bites that are so itchy). So I got up to turn on the little A/C machine again in the living room where I’m just now sitting, trying to shake off this heat.

    It’s 1 a.m. and 83 degrees in the house.

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