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  1. Remember not to plug in your electric cars, that will just speed the coming blackouts. You need to walk to work, for the planet’s sake….

    “California Avoids Blackouts With Bigger Test Ahead as Heat Looms

    Grid operator ends emergency Monday after several taut hours
    Power consumption forecast to be even higher on Tuesday”


    “California narrowly avoided implementing rotating outages on Monday while officials warned that the state’s power grid will face a bigger test on Tuesday amid a record-breaking heat wave.

    The state’s grid operator canceled its grid emergency late Monday evening after deploying supplies that helped keep the lights on even as electricity use soared to its highest level in five years.

    Power demand is forecast to be even higher on Tuesday, potentially reaching an all-time high as business and schools reopen after the long Labor Day holiday weekend amid triple-digit temperatures.

    “We are moving into the extreme part of this heat wave,” said Elliot Mainzer, chief executive officer of the California Independent System Operator, known as Caiso, which runs the state’s grid. Caiso expects supply shortfalls as high as 3,400 megawatts on Tuesday evening, the equivalent of several large power plants.”

    Just imagine what will happen to the cost of electricity once they have a few million more electric vehicles on the grid.

    And then you see their end game.

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  2. Good.

    “Federal judge hands Trump win, orders special master to review evidence seized from Mar-a-Lago

    Court said the independent master can “manage assertions of privilege and … evaluate claims for return of property.”


    “Afederal judge on Monday handed Donald Trump a significant win, ordering a special master to review evidence seized by the FBI during its raid of the former president’s Florida estate last month.

    U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon said the independent master can “review the seized property, manage assertions of privilege and make recommendations thereon, and evaluate claims for return of property.”

    Trump responded to the victory on his social media platform Truth Social.

    “Remember, it takes courage and ‘guts’ to fight a totally corrupt Department of ‘Justice’ and the FBI,” Trump’s post read. “They are being pushed to do the wrong things by many sinister and evil outside sources. Until impartiality, wisdom, fairness, and courage are shown by them, our Country can never come back or recover — it will be reduced to being a Third World Nation!”

    Cannon also halted the Justice Department’s review of the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago “pending completion of the special master’s review or further Court order.”

    The judge’s order also revealed a significant amount of over-collection of evidence by the FBI, including the former president’s medical and tax records.

    “According to the Privilege Review Team’s Report, the seized materials include medical documents, correspondence related to taxes, and accounting information,” Cannon wrote.

    Trump asked for the special master, claiming documents seized from him were covered by attorney client privilege and executive privilege. The FBI also acknowledged it overcollected evidence, including passports, attorney-client privilege records and even clothing.”


    It’s almost like it was a fishing expedition….

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  3. Uh…. that’s not what that means….

    In fact, it’s the definition of a capitalist you fascist clown.

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  4. More good news….

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  5. And they would be correct….

    “TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System?

    Many Americans, mostly in the center and right, believe they are treated unfairly by the media and the law.”


    “Americans fervently believe in equal justice for all, not just under law but within public institutions such as the media as well, polls in recent years have shown. And yet, one recent poll leads to a disturbing conclusion: That America is increasingly turning into a two-tiered system of justice based on politics and beliefs.

    The Golden/TIPP Poll (TIPP is also Issues & Insights’ polling partner) asked 1,310 voters online this summer the following question: “Generally speaking, do you agree or disagree with the statement: “There is a two-tiered system of justice in America depending on your political affiliation and ideology?”

    The results of the poll, which had a margin of error of +/-2.8 percentage points, were lopsided: 63% agreed either “strongly” (28%) or “somewhat” (35%) that America is moving toward a two-tiered system of justice. Just 17% said they either disagreed “somewhat” (11%) or “strongly” (6%). (Numbers may not add up perfectly due to rounding of the data).”

    “Surprisingly, agreement was broad across multiple demographic categories, with males (68%), females (59%), Whites (61%), Blacks and Hispanics (68%), Democrats (72%), Republicans (63%), and Independents (60%) all in accord. No group was below 50%.

    But the answers changed and the consensus weakens when people were specifically asked whether “people who hold your political/religious/cultural ideas, beliefs and values receive equal treatment in America” for each of three major institutions in American life: “the media,” “social media,” and “under the law.”

    Take the media. Overall, the split was nearly equal, with 42% agreeing they received equal treatment, and 43% disagreeing.

    The political split was far wider.

    Among Democrats, 62% agree that their views receive equal treatment by the media. That compares with just 29% for Republicans and 33% for independents. Conversely, only 27% of Democrats disagreed that they received equal treatment, while 60% of GOP voters and 52% of independents disagreed.

    Just 35% of women agreed that their beliefs and values got equal treatment from the media, compared with 50% of men. Also, just 39% of White Americans said their views were treated equally, compared to 50% for Blacks and Hispanics.

    And a sizeable split could be seen among urban dwellers (55% agree, 34% disagree), suburbanites (40% agree, 46% disagree), and rural Americans (32% agree to 51% disagree).”

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  6. What was that Elvis song, “Caught in a Trap”?


    Wall Street Journal Editorial:

    Joe Biden Holds a Trump Rally
    The President has become his foe’s polarizing mirror image.

    ~ It’s been obvious for years that while Democrats claim to fear and loathe Donald Trump, they really can’t live without him. They need him around, they want him around, because they think he’s their ticket to remain in power.

    Any doubt about that proposition vanished with President Biden’s Thursday night speech that had a single political purpose: Elevating Mr. Trump to the center of the fall campaign. Forget all the high-minded talk about saving democracy, which is hardly in danger in a midterm election in which Mr. Trump isn’t even on the ballot. Democrats want to pretend the former President is on the ballot to campaign against as the great Democratic foil. …

    … His strategy is to out-Trump Trump by polarizing the electorate around the former President because he thinks a majority will come his way. Even as we write this, his own party is running ads in New Hampshire to support the most MAGA Republican in the GOP Senate primary. A group allied with Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is supporting the other main GOP candidate. …

    … It’s possible this will work for Democrats in November, especially if Mr. Trump keeps taking Mr. Biden’s bait. Mr. Trump did precisely that on Thursday night with a typically ad hominem rant in response to the speech, which is exactly what Democrats want.

    But we wonder if the voters will be as gullible. They’ve been able to observe over the 20 months of the Biden Presidency that Democrats have their own authoritarian temptations and have acted on them when they can. …

    … Mr. Biden has become his foe’s polarizing mirror image. It is exactly what he promised as a candidate he wouldn’t do. ~


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  7. Ah yes, the Never Trump editorial board of the WSJ.

    So Biden is bad…..

    But Orange Man Bad too.

    If only we had a milquetoasty, squishy, wussy fence sitter candidate….

    Clutch your pearls…..


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