18 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-1-22

  1. Good morning, Wanderers. For some it is Back-To-School Day. I saw a school bus go by, but not sure if our county starts back today. It may have been a practice run.

    Wishing our retired teacher well in his isolation and praying the Covid will be mild.

    I got tears watching the news and seeing the school police officers doing simulation training in case of an active shooter.😥

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  2. Morning!
    I have seen school buses on practice runs around here but school doesn’t start in our district for another couple of weeks. It’s good to see they have hired bus drivers as last year they were sorely hurting for drivers.
    Praying still for your healing and recovery Peter…..


  3. I looked up to see when our county schools start, and it is next Monday. Atlanta Public schools start today and are extending the school days to try to catch up on academic time lost the past two years because of the pandemic. Elementary studends add 30 min/day, middle school adds 45 min/day, and high schoolers add 90 min/day. We will see how that experiment works. Any thoughts about that, Peter?

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  4. I agree. And we all know when you are done, you are done. Teaching Kinder, it didn’t matter how much more I had in my lesson to teach, you could see their eyes glaze over and their bodies fidget, they were done and needed to move.

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  5. I think the addition of 90 minutes to the high school teachers’ days is just not right. There are already teacher shortages so why make the position even less desirable. And it is too much on the teachers of younger children, too, but at least maybe they can use more active learning games to fill that time. The high schoolers need time to move, too. Wondering, also, if all that time is added to teach the extras that go with CRT, SEL, and sexual indoctrination.

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  6. LA district’s internal email system has been down for a week or more, so none of the teachers can get through for their assignments (my friend “floats” so is waiting to find out what school she’ll be assigned to; but for now, no one can communicate).

    No one seems to know why the system is down which must make things especially hectic just 2 weeks before school starts.

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  7. Good afternoon all. We spent the morning, weeding, watering, and schooling outdoors but now it is about eighty five indoors and outdoors it is much warmer so we are in for a bit. Everybody is sort of taking a down day. The cows are still running around but not in our yard anymore. They appear to be nice milk cows. The owner came by for them but decided to leave them another day. They have food and water and another neighbor’s wheat crop.

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  8. Grrr . . .on that ‘neighbor’ Mumsee.
    We are under cloud cover with sprinks so probably cooler here than in Idaho. Odd how we have swapped weather with places in the northern parts. We have showers predicted again for all week long. I will need to mow soon. Art remarked how everyone around here has lawn services (i told him I heard mowing at 8 a.m.).I also told him that I and the two ladies next door seem to be the only ones still doing our yards but then remembered a guy katty-corner who does their yard. I told Art I had sedn him this week putting bins of yard trimmings on the street and was surprised to notice how gray his hair was now. Gray happens!


  9. Nineties here, with thunderstorms just coming by.

    The neighbor is probably doing the best thing for the cows. Moving them in this heat is a lot of stress on them. Tomorrow he can bring a trailer instead of walking them the two miles home in the sun.

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  10. Oh, thank you, Mumsee, for explaining that. I thought he was just taking advantage of the food on your property and letting the cows becone wheat hogs. Glad y’all both feel compassion for the poor suffering cows in that heat!


  11. Our church is doing a tour of Israel next April. I think they want you to sign up in September. I am thinking of going. I need a roommate???

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  12. Day 2 of isolation. Fever maintaining ~100, but at least I still have an appetite, albeit not what it normally is. At least I might lose a little weight.

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  13. Jo, everyday lately I have been listening to a cd of a concert by Paul Wilbur recorded live in Jerusalem, Shalom Jerusalem. You might enjoy it as you wait to travel there.

    I use to want to go there, but these days getting to do a few things in my own vicinity seems like a really big deal.

    I walked 45 minutes on my little driveway late today while listening to Bonhoffer on Audible. I felt transported to Europe. No luggage, plane tickets, or Covid risk.

    Did you ever read the book Accidental Tourist? I read it long ago before I was truly saved.


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