47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-28-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone and especially to the Schull family this morning.
    Yesterday, I was sad on the way to church, so I decided to listen to Jim Reeves Gospel Songs. I wanted to hear Take My Hand Precious Lord. It reminds me of Chas. Behind that was I’ll Fly Away. So with tears I sang along at the top of my lungs and smiled.

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  2. Morning. You know what Chas would tell us this morning? If you have something to get done in February you better get with it!!! This is the last day you can get it done!! We love you Chas ❣️

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  3. Good morning fellow Wanderers. Tears are always on the brink. Miss Bosley purrs, oblivious to what goes on in the human realm.

    One thing I have so appreciated about Chas is that he is a long time Baptist. Since I went a circuitous route to becoming Baptist, I felt I could look to him to bring in the Southern Baptist view on things discussed on the blog. I know AJ is Baptist, too, but he has not been as regular in commenting on the Daily thread as Chas (probably because of the Political thread).
    Anyways, there are no denominations in heaven and all the earthly differences will be filtered out there.
    I’m already missing my Baptist Brother in Christ as he moves onward to the rewards of being a good and faithful servant on this fallen world.

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  4. Up there on that frozen tundra view just one question. Are those walnuts hanging on the limbs of that one tree or is my imagination running away with me?! 😊

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  5. Beautiful header, but glad it is there and not here. It would only kill the flowers budding here. The Birthday Tree is so far behind. I guess it takes more effort each year to put extra candles on the tree😀 The buds look just like the special light bulbs used in a specific type light fixture, tulip shaped, on one of my ceiling fans.

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  6. The book Messy Journey is available for Kindle at Amazon for 99 cents. Here is the book’s description:
    “Messy Journey is for parents walking the difficult road with a wayward child. Be inspired to drink the deep waters of peace as you draw closer to the Father of all prodigals. Author and licensed parent and family educator Lori Wildenberg offers practical grace- and truth-filled ways of navigating your relationship with a detoured child—whether they are rejecting faith, dabbling in sin, or wholeheartedly embracing sinful behavior. There is hope. After all, their struggle isn’t really with you—it’s with God.”

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  7. Chas, maybe somebody will read this to you while you are still with us. I wanted to thank you for all you have been to me in the past many years. You have been an encouragement to keep carrying on. Both in my walk with the Lord and with my walk with these children. You have continually pointed me to Christ. You have shown what love of spouse and family should look like. You have helped me draw closer to Christ. Well done, brother.

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  8. Continuing prayers for our friend and brother Chas and his family. They are never far from any of our thoughts right now.

    So often, lately, those words about Narnia come to mind — “Always winter, never Christmas.” It’s been a hard (and long) season for the past couple years. The world’s an even messier mess right now.

    And it’s Monday. Again! Sheesh. Why can’t that, at least, be stopped? 🙂

    We’re warming up a little here, up into the higher 70s for a couple days, then back down to the low 60s by the end of the week, I think. No rain on the horizon. But that goes without saying, of course.

    I’m a little behind on my yearly Bible reading plan, but only by a few days. Last night’s offerings including portions of Exodus and Job. Good reminders of God’s faithfulness in dark times.

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  9. If Chas is getting these messages, or even just Chas’s family: Thank you for praying with us and hanging out with us all these years. We are praying for you and your family now, we love you, and we look forward to seeing you in person on the other side of eternity, where death and crying and pain will be no more. You will see Jesus soon, brother. You’re exactly 40 years older than my youngest brother, and I don’t think August 17 will ever pass again without my thinking of you. I love you, Charlie.

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  10. Dearest Chas, I would love to write something lovely and touching, but others above have said it for me. I have so very much appreciated your presence on this blog (and WMB before this), and your prayers for all of us. Although we have never met in person, I want you to know that I love you.

    CULOM. ❤

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  11. Well, now, I once again have moisture in my eyes. I thought of CULOM this morning but couldn’t bring myself to type it….It just wasn’t time…but it is.
    After my own father died in 2008, I started thinking of Chas as my surrogate father. I listened for his advice and most of the time took it.
    I know in his own special way he has meant different things to each of us. It is good to read what he has meant to you too.

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  12. Thanks, NancyJill. I sent that link to my two brothers. One is a cartographer and the other was fascinated with me over the moon landings. And so Chas continues to touch people he has never met.

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  13. Sniffling and tears refreshing my face again.

    So glad to see Cheryl post because earlier I thought I needed to send an email but thought for sure someone else had done so. I assume someone sent one to Roscuro? I know with her parent’s ailing that this will hit hard. Love to you, too, Roscuro, if you see this.

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  14. Chas, you’re probably the first person who stood out to me when I waded into these blog waters some 14-15 years ago.

    You were the reliable participant, a man of few words but always important words to read. I liked your photo — which, of course, did look like some kind of esteemed Hollywood actor.

    Your steady, consistent and predictable presence helped ground this random group of folks spread across 2 countries, representing several Christian traditions (and a couple nonbelievers as well), from the start.

    And so it continued.

    Thank you for your faithfulness to your God, your wife — and to us. Thank you for your calm presence, for your lifelong example. I don’t think you ever stirred the (blog) pot like all the rest of us would from time to time. You have been our steady and reliable influence, something we all needed.

    Love you, brother. I’m sorry we never had a chance to meet in person. See you someday on the other side.


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  15. It is a beautiful spring day here. I can’t imagine the beauty on the other side. God does save the best for last . . . just as stated about Jesus’ first miracle recorded in the Boble. I think how often Chas pondered about what it would be like. It is just around the bend now.

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  16. Dearest Chas, so many times husband and I laughed over your wonderful wit! Your wisdom was also very evident and the fact that you shared it with us is a precious gift. We already miss you here and will continue to do so. I look forward to meeting you and TSWITW in the future. CULOM

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  17. The sun is out here, gardeners are here.

    I’m looking for a raised ramp to set outside the doggie door. Cowboy can’t use it at all anymore, but Tess still can, though now she’s having trouble hoisting her back quarters up from the outside (coming back in) as it’s a bigger hop-and-stretch from that side.

    Waiting for a call back from an oil company on a story I’m doing about a proposed oil terminal at the port. And there’s a (virtual) port meeting to cover in about 90 minutes.

    I haven’t caught up too much with the Ukraine news, only just to see that the border meeting between the two countries was underway earlier. But the assault seems to be continuing.

    Putin’s getting backed into a corner on the world stage, however, and that could pose its own dangers out of desperation.

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  18. Yes, Chas is a wise man of God who used his Bible teaching skills, combined with experience dealing with unruly characters as a career GS, to share life with us–imparting valuable skills.

    I never would have learned much about the Schlieffen Plan of WWI without him! LOL

    And, of course, the moon mapping; the example of loving your wife well, and enjoying all those girls. Priceless all.

    It’s the prayers for all of us, their constancy and greater work, that meant the most.

    Thank you.

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  20. (This got posted by accident on yesterday’s thread)

    Saddened to hear that Chas is nearing the end of his pilgrimage, but knowing that there will be rejoicing with the Lord at the homecoming of a faithful servant. Chas embodied kindness to me, sending gifts when I was in West Africa, and clearly caring for all the individuals on the blog community. He will be sorely missed.

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  21. Going back to school today with a heavy heart. So glad that Janice, Art, and I got to surprise Chas with a visit. I hoped to do so again, but will not get the chance.
    It will be lonely here without you, Chas.

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  22. And what great pictures we got of Chas and Elvera based on that trip. Elvera’s smile lives in my heart forever❤
    You all know that Art and I do not travel much except to occasionally see Wesley so it was indeed a special treat/occasion that Art took time to go on that trip simply because he knew Chas has been such an important daily part of life for our blog family.

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  23. AJ, it just says it is from Allan Jackson, and I can not see the actual address. It says you had some photos you had been meaning to share and eventually got around to it with the link following.


  24. Kim, you did send it, and I need to make it sometime soon. I was making beets weekly but then saw they could raise blood pressure because of sodium content so I have not had any lately. I need to recheck that info and start enjoying them again.

    I’ve had the pear and lentil salad the last two evenings. I bought Pom juice to pour over it for that unavailable ingredient substitute. I ate it a bit ago and then went out for a thirty minute walk while finishing up listening to the book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. It’s been a gold star end of the day. Next I need to make salmon patties for Art to have with cole slaw and a blueberry almond bar.


  25. I will need to try that salad as well – except I’ll leave out the walnuts (allergy). So it won’t be quite as good, but I have a great many beets in my freezer – I can just roast them and go from there.

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  26. The real, you are often sending stuff I delete without opening. I figure, if you are sending me something, it will be obvious. My email has been known to do that as well.

    If it is not hacked, what is it? Just somebody who finds our names and uses them?

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