29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-18-19

  1. Brrr. That looks cold. Long busy day today.
    I did manage to put two properties under contract last week. Maybe just maybe I can afford Little Miss’s Christmas. Papa is worse than any over indulgent grandmother out there. Last night he told me his plans to go find her different size boxes since she likes the one she found in my office and has had so much fun climbing in and out of it. He has also put foam corner guards on every piece of furniture he can

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  2. The header is from last week’s snow before fall had finished falling. The snow fell on the evening of the 11th, and the morning of the 13th these little “snow caves” were everywhere, where apparently snow had fallen on top of grass and leaves and left a pocket of air. As snow shifted or the pocket warmed the snow from underneath or something, we ended up with all these ice-crystal-edged mini caves with frosted grass and/or leaves inside. I was walking all over photographing all I could see in my “yard” (in a condo we don’t actually own anything outside our walls) and the one behind me. Our yard has a silver maple (they don’t have pretty leaves), and the next one over has lovely colored maples, so I mostly shot in the yard of the unit behind me.

    This is why I went out again and again last week even though it was only in the teens and even though I had to be careful of my footing when I went out–I knew I wouldn’t get many opportunities in my lifetime of photographing while snow fell when autumn leaves were still on the tree. I only saw it once in Chicago, maybe 20 years ago, and I didn’t have a good camera then–I might never see it again.

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  3. Morning! The photo is absolutely lovely! The intricacies of the snowflakes with the maple leaf and blades of grass jutting out are simply captivating! We are supposed to get some snow later this week…we need more!


  4. I was reading John Ch. 16 this morning. I came across v. 13, something I had never noticed before. “He shall show you things to come”.
    I haven’t paid much attention to prophesy. But Jesus says that it is possible.
    Some of te teachers at Southwestern Seminary, when I was there, godly men, were non –millenialists, /Some of them believed that there is no unfulfilled prophesy in the Bible, except the return of Christ and a judgment. I remember Dr. Naylor, in a sermon, saying,
    ”Jesus is coming again, to bring a judgment”. True fact. However my Bible speaks of a millennium. (OTOH, many, talking about future battles, want to include Gog and Magog, when clearly Revelation says that it is post millennial. They need to bring Russia into it. America’s fascination with Russia is astounding.)
    Anyhow, it is an is interesting insight.

    I have, for years now, been fascinated by thee prophesy of Zechariah 12f. It is a battle that hss not yet been fought. Some say the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, but Zechariah says the governors of Jerusalem will be like a blowtorch in a woodpile. (12:6). That hasn’t happened yet. I don’t see how it can happen with the Sixth Fleet in the Med. However the Middle East is ripe.

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  5. Good morning! Bible reading always brings new insights and things we never noticed before. Thanks, Chas, for that comment. God rewards those who spend time with Him in His word.

    Art was in a Christmas concert yesterday. It had to be moved up because so many would have been out of town if they had waited. It was a full house. Since it is a community group they did a secular medley of songs, a Hanukkah song, and the rest Christian. It was really good. I got to see the former pastor’s wife who was me at the hospital when my mother died. She is the one who told Art about this community choir.

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  6. Can we have a blanket impeachment of everyone in Washington, D.C.? Probably not, but the thought is intriguing.

    I linked to a column on the political thread that I suspect speaks for many of us.

    God judges nations. Kingdoms will come go. Only one kingdom, the one over all, will endure to the end. Look up.

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  7. Seriously, i think the nation’s leaders have all lost their heads. This is a ridiculous (and dangerous) period in our nation’s history, a perfect storm of the scoundrels we’ve elected all being thrown into a smoking caldron being continually stirred by our yammering social media, an untrustworthy mainstream media & all fueled by the culture’s already spinning and out-of-control moral compass.

    It does seem as if there’s a larger point God is making in ordaining this moment to come to pass.

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  8. A Mr. Rogers film review:



    … He never pretended that the bad things in the world didn’t exist. His neighborhood wasn’t one of fantasy. The good and the bad exist together. What matters is how we deal with it. “There’s always something you can do with the mad that you feel,” he says. It takes Lloyd the entirety of the movie to realize that and figure out what to do with his own “mad.” As we look around at the encroaching nightmare that surrounds us, we wonder how long it will take us to figure it out now, too. …

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  9. Happy to be able to read the thread at 6am. The header did not come up. Please don’t take it away before I get to see it. fervent prayers for mumsee and family.


  10. The header came up, yeah.
    Please pray for Todd, the father of my student who last year survived the fire in Paradise. They are operating on his leg today, the worst beak the doctors have ever seen. a 12 on a scale on 1 to 6.

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  11. So I made my way up the lane to get Boy from the bus stop. (Felt almost like climbing a hill.) The bus comes. Children get off. The bus goes. No Boy! What a shock!

    Denise called the bus company and gave me her phone. They said he had been picked up. Since Nightingale is working today, I doubted she was the one who picked him up.

    I came inside to find a text from X that he was picking him up from school. And then one came in from Nightingale asking if I had gotten a text from him, as she had just heard from the school about it.

    I guess it is okay for him to pick up his son, but a little more notice would have been nice. I had a feeling of panic for a brief moment when the bus pulled away and Boy was not on it.

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  12. We got out to see the sandhill cranes this morning. Good sightings, mediocre photos. It simply wasn’t bright enough, but overcast. Still, it was fun to see several hundred in one field, eating, dancing, flying in and out, walking around. They are lovely birds.

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  13. Well, the Chick-fil-A news is being warmly (though still cautiously) greeted by some in our area. Activists & many residents were ready to lock arms to block one of the restaurants from coming in not too long ago.


  14. Chick-fil-a needs to be careful. They have a devoted clientele that bypassed McDonalds to go there. They could lose them.
    You don’t have to be a Christian to go to Chick-fil-a. But lots of them do. It isn’t unusual to see diners bow for a blessing before eating.

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  15. If Christians stop eating at a restaurant because it stops donating to two specific charities that most of us don’t donate to, that’s a fickle crowd indeed. Personally, I don’t object to either of the places they donated to (and dropped), but neither would I donate to either. Salvation Army is a denomination; giving to them is giving to a church. They do some worthy charity work, but they are fundamentally a church, and I disagree with their doctrine, and they simply wouldn’t be my first choice as a place to give. (I’d give to my own denomination if I want to do denominational giving.) I haven’t heard any reason that either of those charities is controversial, actually, but I definitely won’t lose sleep over their stopping donating to either one.

    But is anyone going around telling us what charities other company owners donate to? Surely there must be others that are more objectionable . . . but it would have to be really, really objectionable for me to stop buying from that store based on their charitable donations. (If they were a really major donor to NAMBLA or Planned Parenthood or the Ku Klux Klan, then sure, I might reconsider my purchases. But owners of companies can donate to whom they choose with their profits–it’s their money. And it doesn’t surprise me if liberals spend their money like liberals.)

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  16. My take-away is more about how absolutist the gender issue has now become. No other view will be tolerated. At all.

    As to researching companies for whom they donate to before I patronize them, that’s way too exhausting (and most will be liberal, frankly).

    The Salvation Army has done exceptional work with the homeless and victims of global disasters; I think you can support their work without supporting the church per se — and they’re always my first choice for disaster relief, frankly, because they have a far reach & get very high ratings for giving the most directly to the cause (rather than paying execs in their administrative offices). It’s one of those areas where I accept that the visible church varies from denomination to denomination; but unless we’re talking Joel Osteen, I don’t have a problem with donating to an otherwise steady evangelical church that may not be exactly the same as mine.

    But either way, I don’t generally patronize places because of their political beliefs. I buy items that are well made (or cooked) by companies that stand behind their products.

    Chick-fil-A is following the middle course — but so interesting to me how it is the gender issue that’s packed so much influence, pressure and social power in the past few years.

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  17. I’ve only had Chick-fil-A food a couple times and that was years ago, there just isn’t one that’s really very close to where I live or work. It’s good, but not good enough to go out of my way, to be honest.

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  18. Yeah, I’m not really “anti” Salvation Army: I just think it would be better if they were a parachurch organization (as most people think) and not a church; if they were, I could probably give to them. But I do hear almost exclusively good things about them.


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