28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-20-22

  1. Good morning. Been awake for an hour, just not hanging out with you. Instead, I have been hanging out with God. I will not be asking your forgiveness.

    Good morning, all except goodnight Jo, though it is nearly Thursday morning there. Where has the week gone.

    Heavy fog here today. Waiting to see what unfolds. The neighbor is on tap to come take the sheep away today. I hope he takes the goats as well. Downsizing. As husband prepares to hatch out another hundred chickens.

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  2. Last time I saw a whole lot of vultures and ravens circling in the back of our property was when the wolves had killed a two-year-old steer. I guess there was enough left over for the birds. How clever of God to give us birds to clean up these messes!

    I had to kind of chuckle yesterday when we got a phone call from our neighbor who lives across the road from us. He noticed the truck in the driveway and called to make sure we were home. I imagine it was because my youngest tends to post a whole lot of photos on social media which means people know we are there and not home. The neighbor wanted to make sure we were home and that someone was not here helping himself to whatever. I suspect he may have been curious as well. At any rate, it is comforting to know he will act if he thinks we need help. He always has been helpful to watch out for our place when we are gone on a vacation. I am grateful for good neighbors.

    OTOH, the cost of new doors and labor is appalling. If we had gotten them when I first suggested it, the cost would have been so much less. My aunt always told people that if they don’t buy something now, it will cost more later, and they will have less time to use it. There is some truth in that. We will not get the new doors until fall as it is.

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  3. Ok, Ok, I’m up now.

    Only five more hours before I can get this contraption unhooked from my body.

    None too soon.

    Yesterday the story was a cruise ship that came to port with an uspecified number of Covid-infected passengers on board. Covid isn’t quite gone, not just yet.

    Today will be more enjoyable with a story on the waterfront redevelopment and plans firming up for the outdoor amphitheater (is that redundant?) that will anchor the southern end of the development, along with a balloon that will take folks skyward to take in the views, drinks in hand.

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  4. I was out and about early on a trip to midtown to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I went with my retired missionary friend. The coolish weather with sunny skies was my kind of weather for such a venture. Then went to the restaurant I took Kim to on her last night here. Next we have a church program this evening. I am feeling like a tourist this week. This is not the same friend I went to church with Sunday. Now I need to look at all the photos I took.

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  5. Couldn’t sleep last night, which will make today a very long day. Finally I just went through any scriptures that I could remember and then sang hymns in my head. Got my brain settled down to sleep.

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  6. De-wired.

    They said if they find something “really bad,” they’ll call me immediately.

    Otherwise, it’ll be a week or two, from the sounds of it.

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  7. We did have a couple of ramlings in the flock but I think it was the ewe I grabbed. And there were some jumpers. I got one of those in the face years back. Ouch.


  8. I find it humbling that the Bible calls us sheep. They are the most helpless, defenseless animals ever.

    Yeah, sounds a lot like us in many ways.

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  9. Hopefully it will be nothing NancyJill. I went through that heart monitor and the worse was the hives I got where it was attached. I do have a leaky valve, but nothing to worry about I was told.

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  10. So this morning I decided that it wasn’t good to take advil daily. So I didn’t take any for the first time in months. By the end of the school day I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. I came home and had some food and then took three advil. Feeling good now, but it took awhile.


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